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Have you ever dreamed about taking a trip to the Australian Outback and getting lost in the history and majesty of this amazing continent and country? Well, your dreams can come true when you actually take a vacation to Australia. One of the cities that you need to visit is Alice Springs. Alice Springs is situated smack-dab in the middle of the country. Alice Springs is a quaint little town with all of the charm that you would expect from an Australian town. Alice Springs is considered the "outback". The region has pretty good weather, but spring time is a great time to visit. This is one experience that you do not want to miss out on.

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Things to do in Alice Springs, Australia

  • Emu Run Tours
    Emu Run ToursWhether you are short on time or are looking for a day filled with activity, then Emu Run Tours is perfect for you. The experience and friendly guides at Emu Run Tours know how to fit the most amount of sightseeing into a short amount of time. The signature “back in a day tours” consist of several famous and highly visited locations of Central Australia that only last one day. You are picked up at your lodging location in Alice Springs in the early morning and take a trip to the beautiful destinations such as Uluru, Ayers Rock, Olgas, Kings Canyon, Palm Valley, Rainbow Valley, and West Madonnell Ranges. Although the day tours can last 18 hours (more or less), they provide more than any sightseeing you could do alone. A continental breakfast, a filling lunch, and a warming sunset BBQ dinner are all provided with these all-inclusive tours. If one day trips seem too short, Emu Run Tours also offer 2 and 3 day trips that – based on the specific tour – provide lodging at a motel or under the stars at a campground that offers quality bathing facilities. With the comical tour guides who are knowledgeable about the area, you are assured to have a great time learning something new, soaking in nature’s beauty, and enjoying time with others.  

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Taking a vacation to Alice Springs, Australia could be a once in a lifetime trip, so you certainly want to make sure that you take in everything that this great city has to offer. The easiest way to make sure that you see everything in and around Alice Springs is to get yourself into a discount car hire from Budget and you can find great car hire coupons and specials right here at When you take advantage of  Budget Coupons you will save the most money on the web.

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  • Pyndan Camel Tracks
    Pyndan Camel Tracks A truly incredible experience that will be unlike the common excursion is Pyndan Camel Tracks – a camel ride adventure through parts of Central Australia. Located just 15 minutes from Alice Springs, guests can choose from a free shuttle that will pick you up or you can make the short trip yourself. The small, family-operated business is led by Marcus Williams – “the camel man.” He has spent many years handling camels by catching them, breaking them in, and treating them with the most respect and love for more than 26 years in locations such as India, Malaysia, Brunei, the Simpson Desert, and currently in Central Australia/Alice Springs. Several different tours are offered through Pyndan which include one hour rides that take place at various times throughout the day (including sunset) and half day morning rides. The camels are friendly and love interacting with people. They love “smooching” and will make your experience relaxing and enjoyable. You can feed the camels during the one hour sunset tour or at the Pyndan Camel Tracks home. It is an enjoyable experience that you don’t want to miss. You’ll be able to capture some of the most beautiful scenes of Central Australia with the perfect photo opportunities.

Things to do with a car hire in Alice Springs, Australia.
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    Denver NuggetsIf you head over to the Pepsi Center during the winter months, you’ll be sure to find the Denver Nuggets battling it out with another team in the NBA. Franchised in 1967, the Denver Nuggets started out as a charter team in the ABA, but remained after the ABA and NBA merged. Today you’ll be surely entertained with the likes of Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups on the court. The team is pretty prominent in the Western Conference, having been to the playoffs every season since 2003, and consistently doing well in the postseason. This success was brought about by a successful draft class as well as some changes to the front office. Tickets are relatively cheap and would definitely give you half of a day of great fun. The Denver Nuggets are always a great team to watch play some basketball when they happen to be in town.  

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When you are traveling around the world, you know that you are going to need reliable transportation when you get to your destination and there is only one company that you can count on and that is Hertz. Hertz Car Hire discounts are the way to go when you want to save the most amount of money on the hire car that you need while you are on vacation in Alice Springs, Australia. When you use car hire coupons from and Hertz Discounts, the savings that you will see will put you on the road to a great time and smile on your face.

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  • Bojangles Saloon and Dining Room
    Bojangles Saloon and Dining RoomAfter the many hours of inspiring sightseeing through the “Outback” of Central Australia, Bojangles is the perfect place to unwind in the comfort of its casual atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for exciting nightlife or just a place to relax with the friends, Bojangles Saloon and Dining Room offers beverages of all sorts and for any occasion as well as delicious meals in both the Saloon and Dining Room. The Saloon also offers smaller a la carte items such as nachos or steak sandwiches for a lighter fare while at the bar. The restaurant is decorated with a historic theme, bringing out the best of the past. Life size replicas, bat wing doors, and 18th century memorabilia are featured throughout the bar and dining areas – adding a great touch that does a good job in producing a theme. The selections from the restaurant are delectable and offer the best of what the area has to offer. Bojangles has camel, emu, barramundi, crocodile, and kangaroo on the menu as a delicacy for some and something new for others. The Saloon and Restaurant has received many awards for its atmosphere, food, presentation, and the way it fits for tourism. Stop by while you are in Alice Springs to see why it is so highly acclaimed. 

avis discount hire car Alice Springs, Australia

If you want to take a vacation in a special and unique place, well, then you have to plan a trip to visit the amazing city of Alice Springs, Australia. Upon your arrival you will notice that you will need reliable transportation to get around the city and the best way to get around is to get into a discount car hire from Avis and With these amazing Avis Discount Offers and car hire coupon specials from, you are going to save the most amount of money while you are in Alice Springs and anywhere on the internet.
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  • Alice Springs Reptile Centre
    Alice Springs Reptile Centre Touring the Outback of Central Australia can become an exhausting experience just like many all-day activities. Days to stay in the local area and participate in trips and adventures that don’t take up the entire day are often needed in order to keep a vacation from becoming overwhelming. The Alice Springs Reptile Centre, the largest of its kind in Central Australia, is located in town just a short distance from many of the popular locations and lodging locations of Alice Springs. The centre opened in the beginning of 2000 with more than sixty species of reptiles compiling a total over 100 animals. One of the greatest additions to the Alice Springs Reptile Centre since its opening was the saltwater crocodile exhibit that offers above water and underwater views of Terry the crocodile. This up close view provides the perfect views and photo ops to remember your visit to the centre. If you are visiting Alice Springs Reptile Centre via coach with a group (or are trying to go with a large group), the helpful staff will do the best they can in tailoring your specific needs. Everyone who goes can ask detailed questions to the “locals” who work at the Centre and are knowledgeable about the reptiles. Get hands on and play with a python too, all at the incredible reptile centre. 

Thrifty Car Hire Alice Springs, Australia

 If you want once and a lifetime experience, then you have to plan a vacation to beautiful Alice Springs, Australia. While you are there, you definitely want to make sure that you are able to get around to all of the unique things to do and see, so you want to make sure that you have a high quality discount car hire. If you want to see everything that you can and make the most out of your time in Alice Springs, then you should put yourself into a car hire from Thrifty. You can save the most amount of money when you use hire car coupons from right here at and Thrifty Car Rental Discounts while you are in Alice Springs. You will have great time in Alice Springs.

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  • Sounds of Starlight
    Sounds of StarlightLocated in the heart of Alice Springs, Australia, is an intriguing venue for anyone with an interest in music, culture, diversity, or just looking for an exciting time. Established in 1996, Sounds of Starlight is an exceptional show of live performances that involve the music native to Central Australia. This music includes the use of instruments of the Aborigines such as didgeridoos and percussion. Founder Andrew Langford has spent more than 20 years working closely and often living with the Aborigine people to better understand their music and its significance to this people group. The performance takes place from April to November on select nights during the week in the theatre. When the theatre is not being used for performances, it is transformed into a sort of studio that helps to educate others about art, music, and culture that is native to Central Australia. You can try your hand at a didgeridoo and even purchase one right there at the store that offers different types of items that reflect the traditional Australian lifestyle. CDs of music much like the shows at the theatre are also available at the store or online. While you’ll be seeing the wondrous sights of the Outback, you don’t want to miss the incredible sounds of Central Australia while in Alice Springs.

  • Bluegrass Restaurant
    Bluegrass RestaurantOnce the intense and jam-packed tourism activities are accomplished, an appetizer quickly escalates, and you are in the mood for something mouthwatering. If you are in the Alice Springs area, then you are in luck. Bluegrass Restaurant offers the utmost quality, service, and flavors in the Northern Territory and much of Australia. The customer is always a priority, and they prove it with prompt, courteous service and perfecting meals that will result in your highest satisfaction. The food is always fresh, as freezing is viewed as unacceptable and a hindrance to the quality and taste of the meat. The atmosphere of the location is also another plus that many patrons consider one of their favorite features. The defining colors bring the rooms to life while softer lighting creates the perfect soothing mood for romantic evenings, family dinners, or a night out with the friends. Enjoy the interior culturally-inspired dining room that reflects aspects of the Mediterranean or dine under the stars anytime of the year thanks to gas heaters. You won’t be disappointed with the service or food at Bluegrass Restaurant. It provides a world of taste that combines a mix of inspired foods that is a must try.

National Hire Cars Alice Springs, Australia

You will be glad to know that wherever you decide to take a vacation in this world, National Car Hires will be there to get you into a quality and reliable discount car hire, so you can get out on the road and experience everything that your host country has to offer. National professional and courteous staff in Alice Springs, Australia, realizes the importance of your time and they will get you passed the counter and into any car in your isle and all of this at a great discounted price. You can trust that with National Rental Car Coupons, you will have more money your pocket to spend it on the most important things while you are visiting Alice Springs.

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  • Outback Ballooning
    Outback BallooningA truly spectacular – and what many would call a “once in a lifetime” – experience is Outback Ballooning. This unreal adventure takes you in a hot air balloon in the stretch of Central Australia known as the Outback. Pick up and drop off to and from your accommodation plus transportation to the lift site is included in the pricing. The early morning lifts provide the most inspiring colors of the sunrise over the remote Australian desert below. Wildlife native to the Australian continent can be clearly seen from the tremendous view out of the hot air balloon. This is the perfect way to spend quality time with someone special, especially with such a breathtaking location and view. The popular option of visiting the Outback is by bus/foot, but through Outback Ballooning, you will get an exceptional experience that is out of the ordinary. Spend time getting to know the crew and helping with set up and take down of the hot air balloon. It’s a great way to get hands on fun during your adventure. After the flight, refreshments and snacks are offered along with the option of purchasing photographs taken during the experience. Fly high over the vast expanse of the outback with Outback Ballooning.

  • Alice Springs Desert Park
    Alice Springs Desert ParkDo you want to see the incredible wildlife of Central Australia without having to take a long tour into the middle of the desert with a limited possibility of actually seeing anything? Alice Springs Desert Park is a must for anyone in Alice Springs. This wildlife center, located just 10 minutes from the heart of Alice Springs, is amidst the remote desert surroundings that are home and habitat to the rich wildlife native to the area. Parking is free and admission is very reasonable. The park offers some of the most intriguing exhibits, presentations, and tours in the Northern Territory. The staff at the Alice Springs Desert Park is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to desert wildlife, how they live and survive, and many interesting facts that are unknown to the average person. This is especially great for families with children. Unlike anything of its kind, the park now offers the Nocturnal Tour which allows you to spotlight the desert wildlife that are only out and about during the nighttime. It gives you a great opportunity to see these animals live, which is typically uncommon. Check out special events, the newest tours, or educate yourself about these special animals all at the Alice Springs Desert Park.