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Alamo Rental Cars is one of the leading rental car companies in the business.  Let Alamo Rental Cars help you and your family while vacationing in Allentown. With Alamo, you will get some of the best deals in the rental car business. Alamo offers a large selection of vehicles to choose from for a great price.  Be sure to check out Alamo Discounted Coupons to see our online discount specials.
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Allentown Airport Alamo - 3311 AIRPORT ROAD

Things to do in Allentown

  • Dorney Amusement Park  Dorney Amusement Park in Allentown
    Is a popular tourist attraction, and a great family destination offering something for everyone even the little ones.  Dorney Amusement Park is loaded with thrill rides & exciting water rides and slides.  If rides aren't your thing, Dorney Amusement Park hosts a variety of fun activities and special events for the whole family.   A popular favorite is the award winning live entertainment featuring many talented dancers, singers and musicians who perform throughout the day.  There is also the Midway Games & Arcades- put your gaming skills to the test and try your hand on the challenging arcade games.  If you enjoy shopping, there are several opportunities for you to pick up the perfect souvenir.  The Park is beautifully landscaped as you  stroll along the walkways you will notice how everything is manicured to perfection. You can feed the trout in the historic fishpond dated from the 1920's.  For all adrenaline junkies & thrill seekers, take a ride on some of these popular thrill rides:  The Hydra- is the only floorless roller coaster in Pennsylvania full of exciting twists & flips.  Meteor- brave riders are suspended & seated face-to-face as the Meteor thrill ride loops forward and backwards..  Thunderhawk- is an exciting wooden roller coaster, and has been a part of Dorney Park since 1923.  This authentic wooden coaster was patterned after a 1930 figure-eight pattern.   The Talon- is one of the tallest & longest inverted roller coaster in the Northeast.  The Talon sends riders on a 135 foot hill launching you through four inversions, a zero gravity roll, a vertical loop and corkscrews.  And the Steel Force- if you want thrills the Steel Force is for you!!!! this is the first roller coaster in the East to break the 200-foot barrier... Featuring a 205 foot drop sure to have you screaming, two tunnels, steep banks reaching speeds of seventy five miles per hour.  The Steel Force is the world's best steel roller coaster.  Dorney Park is full of fun and exciting rides just for the kids.  Kids favorites are: Antique Cars, Charlie Brown's Swing, Dune Buggy, Kiddie Merry-Go-Round, Woodstock Express, the Mini-Jet and many more.  The whole family will enjoy the scenery while on board the Steam Powered Train.  A visit to Dorney Park is a must on your visit to Allentown, this is a great place for family fun and excitement...

Budget rent a car Allentown, Pennsylvania

Visit Budget and get top quality vehicles for a discounted price.  Budget is one of the leading car rental companies in the industry. Customers receive top quality vehicles for a great price along with friendly customer service.  Save money today with  Coupons for Budget Cars, we will have you on the road in no time...  Check out some great discount deals on your next rental with Budget.
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Allentown Airport Budget - 3311 Airport Rd 
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- 2443 Leigh St

Dorney Wildwater Kingdom in AllentownDorney Wildwater Kingdom
Is the perfect water destination full of thrills and excitement for the entire family.  Wildwater Kingdom has several rides offering something for kids of all ages.  Popular water rides include: The Wildwater River- is a family favorite, everyone floats on relaxing tubes for 1,000 feet of slow, winding water that runs through tunnels and water falls.  Wildwater Cove- is a 355,000 gallon wave pool providing ocean like waves.  Another family favorite is the Aquablast- this is one of the longest elevated water slides in the world.  The Aquablast stands seventy feet tall !!!!  Your entire family can take a ride in the large multi-person raft while it twists and turns making it's way to the pool below.  For the visitors who are wanting thrills & excitement will enjoy the Speed Slides- you adventure begins as you drop forty feet on two high speed slides.  Challenge your friends or family members to an exciting race to the finish!! grab your mat and get ready to slide to the finish line on the Aqua Racer.  And for the younger visitors, they will have a blast playing in the water in their special areas like Island Water Works- offers three levels of fun with more than seventy water activities for the entire family to enjoy. Kids Cove- is loads of fun !!!! the kids can pretend to be scrubbed as they make their way through  this fun and exciting miniature car wash....  The little ones will also enjoy the Lollipop Lagoon- this is perfect for the smaller guests, they can discover fun frog & turtle fountains... The Lollipop Lagoon is full of squirt guns and eleven mini water slides the little ones will have a blast!! And last is the Lily Pads- kids and adults will have fun hanging on suspended cables to walk across lily pads floating in the pool.  While you are visiting Allentown, grab the entire family and head over to one of the most exciting water Parks in town.....

Enterprise rent- a- car Allentown, Pennsylvania

Choose Enterprise Rent-A-Car for your next vacation, Enterprise offers their customers discounted prices along with a large selection of vehicles to choose from.  Enterprise has several convenient locations.  Visit our web site today and start saving with Enterprise Locations

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Enterprise Rental Cars Allentown
- 1713 LEHIGH ST
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Local Favorite Restaurant of  Allentown
  • Mountainside Restaurant & Lounge
    Is well recommended for escaping the busy city  and for serving some of the BEST Prime Rib in Lehigh Valley !!!!  The Mountainside Restaurant is nestled in the lush forest of South Mountain offering a nice secluded atmosphere.   When you dine at the Mountainside Restaurant you are escaping from daily, hectic schedules.  Come in and relax next to a cracking fire, sip delicious wine and experience a mouthwatering meal.  The Mountainside has a couple of different dining rooms and reservations are suggested for dining.  Especially in the Algonquin Room this is one of the most popular dining rooms featuring a Baby Grand Piano.   The Mountainside Restaurant offers an extensive wine list, offering a large selection for pairing.  The menu offers a little bit of everything from Pasta choices, Chicken dishes including Chicken Parmesan,  Chicken Alfredo, Chicken Cordon Bleu and more.  Other menu favorites include: Veal Parmesan, Broiled Pork Chops, Filet Mignon, New York Strip Steak, London Broil,  Surf & Turf, Maine Style Lobster Tail and a large selection of broiled seafood including Lobster Tails, Haddock, Shrimp, Scallops and much more....  While you are visiting Allentown, treat yourself to a wonderful dining experience at The Mountainside Restaurant.

Prime rib cuisine

Main Lobster Tails Allentown


Hertz Car Rental Allentown and Hertz Rental Car have partnered together  to offer their customer's fantastic deals in the car rental business. Hertz Discounted Car Coupons offers their customers some of the best deals while you are visiting Allentown. makes it simple and easy for you to book your next car rental.
Allentown Airport Hertz - 3311 Airport Rd

Hertz Car Rental of Allentown - 4950 West Tilgham Street

  • Da Vinci Science Center  Wind Turbine Allentown
    Is full of amazing hands on exhibits, all visitors will be entertained & amazed with all the fascinating science stuff.  The Da Vinci Science Center has several fun activities from brain teaser puzzles, a large tank where you can touch shrimp, sea urchins, starfish, snails and many other interesting sea creatures.  Another favorite is a real beehive enclosed in a glass box with a tube opening to the outside, there is even a huge  wind turbine reaching heights of 102 feet tall !!!! the Wind Turbine is the tallest structure in Lehigh Valley...  The Da Vinci Science Center offers a variety of interesting and fun activities for the kids they will have so much fun they won't even know they are learning.....  Popular exhibits the kids will enjoy is the how to make paper airplanes you can even fly them around and down the hall..  The Science Center has a fun exhibit teaching about the sense  of sight you can wander your way through a completely dark maze.  The Museum offers several special events and demonstrations one of the favorites include a demonstration class about liquid nitrogen everyone will thoroughly enjoy this demonstration.  Visitors will have the opportunity to see just how Cold liquid nitrogen can get...    Other favorites of the Da Vinci Science Center include: The Bug Experience- where visitors can come face-to-face with creepy, crawlers from all around the world.  These amazing bug exhibits showcasing creatures from five different continents.  Discover what's on Earth- Earth is a very active place, here you will learn about Volcanoes, earthquakes, storms, floods, plants and animals. Earth is a product of over 4.6 billion years of history.  The Da Vinci Science Center is full of amazing exhibits... On your next visit to Allentown stop in and discover the many wonders of Science...

avis discount rental car Allentown, Pennsylvania

Avis wants to make your visit to Allentown, Pennsylvania as smooth as possible. At Avis, car rental has never been easier. Avis offers top quality customer service along with a large selection of vehicles to choose from for a GREAT price. Save money today and log on to our easy to navigate web site and see the great deals offered from AVIS Car Rental Discounted Coupons.
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Allentown Lehigh Valley Intl Airport Avis  - 3311 Airport Rd
Avis Car Rental Whitehall Sears Auto  - 1519 Whitehall Mall

Thrifty Car Rental Allentown, Pennsylvania

When vacationing in Allentown, choose Thrifty for your next rental company.  Thrifty Car Rentals offers great savings with  Thrifty Discount Coupons.  Thrifty Car Rentals has been a staple in the rental car community for several years.  With Thrifty Car Rental, our customers will receive the best customer service form our staff along with top quality vehicles to choose from. You can't beat a great deal from one of the most well known names in the business.

Thrifty Car Rental Allentown Bennett Jaguar - 5242 Tilghman St

  • Mack Trucks Historical Museum  Mack Trucks Historical Museum Allentown
    Is the perfect place to learn all about the Mack Truck.  Mack Trucks are a worldwide symbol representing strength and endurance.  Visitors of the Mack Truck Historical Museum have the chance to see this rare and historical collection of Mack Trucks.  The collection exhibits vehicles from the early 1900's thru 1979.  In addition to the collection of trucks the Museum also displays a large collection of interesting artifacts and more than 80,000 photographs several dating back to 1905.  Visitors can take guided tours of the Museum.  Some of the highlights of the Mack Trucks Historical Museum include one of the original sightseeing busses that was built by Jack and Augustus Mack during the twentieth century. This gas-operated, open-air bus carried up to twenty-six tourists around the streets & sights of Chicago during the summer months and New Orleans in the winter for over twenty-five years before returning to Mack as one of the key vehicles in the antique truck collection.   Another favorite in the antique collection is a 1911 Mack Jr. that shared the streets with horse-drawn wagons while making its rounds delivering dry goods & produce.  The Mack Jr. was the last truck design attributed to the Mack brothers before the company was sold to investors in 1911.   And last, is the 1918 AC model, one of 4,100 were built for World War I.  Due to the truck having AC which earned it's name The AC while it was busy dodging bullets & trudging through mud in France.  The truck's unique blunt nose design allowed the truck to get through anything.  Both trucks the AC and the  Mack Jr. are two of the treasures at the Mack Truck Historical Museum.   Visitors of all ages will enjoy seeing all the unique vehicle exhibits and artifacts. 

Dollar Rent-A-Car Allentown

Dollar Rental Cars is a well known name in the rental community.  Dollar offers top quality customer service along with a large selection of vehicles to choose from.  Dollar customers receive a great  vehicle for a discounted price.  Save money on your next rental with  Dollar Discount Coupons.  

Budget Rental Cars Allentown Bennett Jaguar  -5242 Tilghman St

National Rental Cars Allentown, Pennsylvania

Save money today, when you choose National for your next rental.  In fact, National's expert staff and quality vehicles will make your vacation to Allentown that much more enjoyable. Save money today when you make your reservations with National Car Rental, by logging on to our new web site offering you great savings with  National Discount Coupons.

Allentown Airport National  - 3311 Airport Rd