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Alamo Discounts can get you the most amazing deals on your next rental car while you are vacationing in sunny Anaheim, California. Be sure that you use to get the very best coupon specials on the rental car that you need to get to all of the famous hot spots and attractions that are located in and around Anaheim. You will have a great time when you are in Anaheim and you will have more money in your pocket to spend in the more important things, thanks to the savings that you will get from Alamo discount rental cars.
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Things to do in Anaheim, California

  • Anaheim Hills Golf Course
    Anaheim Hills Golf CourseEveryone enjoys a great round of golf on a fantastic set of links. When it comes to golfing in Anaheim, there’s only one option if you’re looking for the best of the best golf courses in the area. Anaheim Hills Golf Course along with its sister course, Dad Miller, are widely considered some of the best golf courses in the area. The clubhouse covers over 30,000 square feet to have capacity for any sort of party, banquet, or business conference you might be planning out. Nestled in the middle of the pristine woodland of Southern California, the Anaheim Hills Golf Course is frequently called home to golfers of any level. Being only 20 minutes from Disneyland makes it pretty darn easy to access as well. There are plenty of golf courses to be found in California, but Anaheim Hills Golf Course seems to take the cake for the area.  

Budget rent a car Anaheim, California

You know that when you are planning to take a vacation to Anaheim, California, you are going to be faced with a ton of things to do when you get there. One thing that you need to make sure of is that you have reliable transportation to get you to all of the greatest sites that are situated around the city and the best and cheapest way to get into a reliable discount Budget Rent a Car. You know that you are going to get a great deals when you use and  Budget Coupons. You are going to put your hard earned money right back in your pocket and get an amazing discount rental car.

Budget Car Rental Discounts John Wayne Intl Airport
18601 Airport Way Suite 73
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4100 Donald Douglas Drive
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1900 East Orangethrope Avenue

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2132 South Harbor Boulevard

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2701 Hotel Terrace Drive

  • Anaheim Ice
    Anaheim IceA great way to save money while still having a great time in Anaheim, California is by taking a trip to The Rinks Anaheim Ice. Here you can strap on your ice skates and take to the rink. Hockey leagues and tournaments are often played in this incredible venue. Ice skating lessons that the facility staff offers have also become quite the popular trend as of late. One of the newer additions to the ice rinks itinerary are the curling nights that the rink has every once in a while for those who are looking to try out a new sport. Public use is broken up into 2-hour sessions, each of which is easily affordable to keep the damage in your wallet to a minimum. It shouldn’t be too hard to find either, being only 2 miles north of the Disneyland Resort. There are plenty of places to have fun and ice skate, but The Rinks Anaheim Ice take the cake for best quality ice rink in the area.

Enterprise rent- a- car Anaheim, California

Enterprise Rental Car Coupons and have teamed up to bring you the very best deals on discount rental cars anywhere in Anaheim and anywhere on the web. You know that when you are in Anaheim, California, you are going to be faced with many things that you are going to want to do and see, so you need to get yourself into a discount rental car so that you can see what the city has to offer on your own time. Do not miss out on everything that you want to do because you do not have reliable transportation, instead hop into a discount Enterprise Rent a Car.

Enterprise Rent a Car Discounts Anaheim, California

Anaheim, California Enterprise Rent a Car Coupons
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Enterprise Rental Car Coupons Anaheim Hills

Things to do with a rental car in Anaheim, California.
  • Los Angeles Angels
    Los Angeles AngelsThere’s nothing quite like a day at the ballpark. The scent of hot dogs and popcorn fill the air as the stadium fills up to watch America’s Pastime be played at the highest level. Anaheim’s very own Los Angeles Angels play in Major League Baseball at Angel Stadium in Anaheim. The team was founded in 1961 as an expansion team. Disney ended up buying the team in 1997 and invested millions of dollars to renovate the Angels’ stadium. It’s here at “The Big A” that the Angels won their first and only world championship for the MLB in 2002. A few game day traditions can be found exclusively at Angel Stadium. The most widely recognized tradition that the Angels may have for their home games is the Rally Monkey. Any time the Angels are trailing their foes at the end of the 7th inning, the Rally Monkey is thrown on the big screen in the stadium, encouraging the crowd and team to get ready to rally back for a win. Get yourself a couple of tickets to see the Angels in action if passing through Anaheim, you surely won’t regret it.  

Hertz Car Rental Anaheim, California

Hertz discount car rental and have partnered up to bring you the most amazing prices and deals that you can find anywhere on the internet. When you are taking a vacation in Anaheim, California, you are going to need to have a vehicle to get to all of the attractions, sites, shops and restaurants that are located all around the city and Hertz Car Rentals are the way to go to do just that. Imagine the freedom that a rental car from Hertz will bring you. You will be able to go everywhere that you want to whenever you choose. Be sure that you check out Hertz Discounts and coupons from to get the most amazing bargains on all of your rental car needs.

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700 West Convention Way

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2555 South Broadway

  • Adventure City
    Adventure CityVacationing in California can get pretty pricey after just a few days, even if it’s well worth it. Looking to save some cash while on your vacation? A great alternative to the more expensive attractions in Anaheim is Adventure City. For just $14 per person, you can enjoy the whole park for the entire day. Senior citizens get a discount and any child under the age of 12 get in free of charge. With 11 different rides and 19 total attractions, you and your family are sure to enjoy everything that the park has to offer. If you’re looking for a more relaxing activity in Adventure City, you might prefer to go to the petting zoo. A thrilling addition to the park is the Tree Top Racers roller coaster. The park is open at least 7 hours per day so time would never be a constraint. So whether you want to give a go at one of the two exciting coasters offered or would rather just cruise on the carousel, Adventure City is never a disappointment.  

avis discount rental car Anaheim, California

On a nice, long relaxing vacation in Anaheim, California, you want the most reliable transportation so that you can get to all of the best places in this lovely city and you can get a discount rental car from Avis Car Rentals and rental car coupons from You know that you you will get the best car and the most amazing price when you use Avis car rental coupons. You really need a way to get to your favorite spots, hassle free, and you can with Avis Discount Offers and
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Avis Discount Car Rentals John Wayne Airport
18601 Airport Way

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200 West Katella Ave
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1105 North Harbor Blvd
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12667 North Beach Blvd

  • Anaheim GardenWalk
    Anaheim GardenWalkOne of the best atmospheres for a night out can easily be found at the Anaheim GardenWalk. The GardenWalk has an extensive list of various stores to shop in. Whether you’re looking for shoes, shirts, jewelry, or even just a new pair of sunglasses, the GardenWalk is sure to offer just the place you’re looking for. The GardenWalk doesn’t stop at just having stores though. The huge collection of eateries and dining experiences will surely leave you wanting to grab some lunch or dinner. Several great restaurants including P.F. Chang’s, the Cheesecake Factory, and California Pizza Kitchen are scattered throughout the GardenWalk just waiting for you to step inside and grab a bite. If this isn’t enough for you, the GardenWalk comes to life when the sun goes down. There’s midnight bowling at 300 Anaheim bowling lanes, a huge movie theater that offers the latest box office hits, and even a fantastic club, the Heat Ultra Lounge, that goes on partying throughout the night until you’re ready to leave. Whether you want shopping, eating, or just plain having a great time, you’re sure to find it while checking out Anaheim GardenWalk.  

Thrifty Car Rental Anaheim, California

 Thrifty Car Rental discounts and coupons from are in the business of helping you save the most amount of money on your next rental vehicle when you are on vacation in Anaheim, California. You will save the most amount of money by using rental car coupons and you will get a reliable and safe vehicle from Thrifty Rental Cars. Be sure that you take full advantage of Thrifty Car Rental Discounts from so you can get the best deals and savings in Anaheim.

Thrifty Car Rental Discounts John Wayne Airport
18601 Airport Way Suite 71
Newport Beach Airport Thrifty Car Rental Discounts

3500 Irvine Avenue

  • Anaheim Ducks
    Anaheim Ducks Anaheim is also the home of a professional hockey team that plays in the NHL. The Anaheim Ducks were created in 1993, 1 year after the making of the Disney film The Mighty Ducks. In fact, the team was originally named the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim until a couple prior to the 2006 hockey season bought the team. With the change in ownership came the change from being called the Mighty Ducks to just the Ducks. A complete transformation was brought to the uniform of the team as well, shifting to a more menacing color palette including black gold and orange, which pays tribute to the county where Anaheim is located, Orange County. The Ducks have won 1 Stanley Cup in their 17-year history, bringing the Honda Center (their home rink) its first championship the same year they changed their name and uniform. The Anaheim Ducks have definitely solidified themselves as one of the best teams in the NHL currently. A game in the Honda Center would be an incredible opportunity to watch the Ducks in action.

Dollar Rent-A-Car Anaheim, California

You know that when you are going to take a trip to Anaheim, California, you are going to experience a once in a life time vacation. Upon your arrival, you will immediately notice that you will be faced with an incredible amount of things to do an see and, of course, you are going to need to get a discount rental car so that you can enjoy a stress free vacation and Dollar Rental a Car can help. You will be amazed with the amount of money that you will save by using discount Alamo rental car coupons. Do not miss out on the great savings that you can get by using  Dollar Coupons and Discounts and

Anaheim Plaza Hotel Dollar Rent a Car Discounts
1700 Harbor Boulevard

  • Disneyland Resort
    Disneyland ResortWalt Disney had a dream that both adults and children could live their fantasies in a world unlike any other. The concept just stirred around in his mind until initiative was taken and he decided to buy an adequate amount of land to build what is now Disneyland Resort. The popularity and hype about Disney is no fluke, having served 600 million visitors since opening day on July 18, 1955, which is the highest cumulative attendance of any theme park on Earth. Choose between the 8 different lands found within the park, each with its own theme and set of rides, shops, and restaurants. From the jungles of Adventureland to the dreams of Fantasyland, there’s sure to be a few rides that make you feel like a kid again. Disney is dedicated to putting on the best show possible for you, the guest. Otherwise, they wouldn’t use theatrical terminology for everything they do! The care they put into making their guests as happy as possible is unmatched. If you visit Anaheim without taking a visit to Disneyland Resort, you’re missing out on the time of your life.

National Rental Cars Anaheim, California

If you are in the market from a reliable and discounted rental car, well you need look no further than National Rental Car. National Car Rental has been in the business for a long time and has remained on of then most trusted names in the rental car business and that is because they know what their clients want and need. With National Car Rental discounts and, you are going to choose any car that is in your isle, right after you pass by the counter, where the courteous staff will help you get in and out of the lot with ease. National Rental Car Coupons will save you the most amount of money while you are in Anaheim.

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  • Oak Canyon Nature Center
    Oak Canyon Nature Center Maybe a hike is what you need to relax the mind during your stay in Anaheim. The Oak Canyon Nature Center can provide just what you need for a relieving day in California. The Anaheim Hills hold the 58-acre park for any family to enjoy. Three Canyons connect to form this quaint little area of oak woods that comes as a rarity in this area of California nowadays. Over 4 miles of hiking trails cover the grounds of Oak Canyon Nature Center, open to anyone who chooses to enjoy what the Nature Center has to offer. As you adventure through the vast array of hiking trails, you’ll find that animals have naturally made this area their home. Seeing the wildlife live among nature just gives you that sense that the area has been untouched by man, remaining a home to the wild as nature intended. There are a few rules set such as no picnicking and no pets, but these are set to protect both the visitors and the nature they get to enjoy. Whether you’re an avid outdoor explorer or just wanting to go on a casual stroll, the Oak Canyon Nature Center is a fantastic visit while in Anaheim.