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Things to do in Ann Arbor

    Exhibit Museum of Natural History Exhibit Museum of Natural History Ann Arbor, Michigan
    The Exhibit Museum of Natural History is located on the campus of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and while the new museum isn't due to open until April of 2011, its collections were started in the mid-19th century. The outstanding collection would be augmented by the specimens totaling over 60,000 relics, that was donated by world traveling alumnus, Joseph Beal Steere in the 1870s. This magnificent collection is found in the Ruthven Museums building that had been built in 1928, and is dedicated to developing new exhibits and educational programs to offer to the community and the student body. Some of the excellent programs being offered by the museum include; dinosaur and space birthday parties, tours for school groups, planetarium shows for groups and the public, preschool programs, summer camp, exhibit openings, outreach programs for school children, workshops for scouts, lectures, panel discussions, discovery days and more. The museum highlights the natural sciences and anthropology, with a special focus on the university's research programs. Their permanent displays house the most extensive prehistoric life collection in the state, with numerous rare specimens in the wildlife gallery, rock and mineral specimens in the geology section and anthropology exhibits. Permanent exhibits include the Hall of Evolution, Geology displays, Michigan wildlife gallery and the anthropology exhibits on the fourth floor. The Hall of Evolution is located on the second floor and contains the state's biggest exhibit of prehistoric life, tracing more than 600 million years of life on this earth through mastodons, prehistoric whales, dinosaurs and more. The anthropology exhibit contains relics that have been collected from around the world from human cultures and the geology exhibit that is also on the fourth floor has an excellent selection of minerals and rocks.

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    Ann Arbor Hands-on MuseumAnn Arbor Hands-on Museum Ann Arbor, Michigan
    The Ann Arbor Hands-on Museum in Ann Arbor, Michigan is a unique museum that specializes in interactive exhibits that began in 1978 as a touring collection of displays that was constructed by local volunteers and specialists, opening in 1982. The museum would open in the city' historic brick firehouse that contains 25 exhibits located on two floors of the firehouse, with one full time staff person and ten volunteers. In its first exciting year, it would welcome more than 25,000 visitors, whose enthusiastic interest and encouragement would push the museum to accelerate its enlargement plans. Just four short years after the museum opened, it would have to expand onto the third and fourth floors of the firehouse, with a grant from the Kresge Foundation Challenge Grant. By 1993, it was buying a few buildings that were adjacent to the firehouse, and that would then lead to expanded programs and room to spare for storage and offices. With the influx of five different grants that were acquired over numerous years from the National Science Foundation, the museum would be able to open new exhibits, that included How Things Work and Solve-It Central, that have toured many other museums in the United States and Canada. It now showcases 250 individual interactive displays on subjects like geology, math, technology, physics and music. The museum has even spread to the internet now and has a really colorful page that is just right for the smaller children that will want to visit the museum when they are able, but in the meantime, their webpage is great for the little ones stuck at home. One of the newest ventures that this outstanding museum is trying is a joint venture with the amateur radio operators that live in the area of Ann Arbor and around southeastern Michigan. It is certainly going to be an exciting and interesting exhibit for the many kids that come here, regardless of their age since ham radio operators have been around for a century or more and is going to become one of the most unique hands-on exhibits in the firehouse.

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Local Restaurants in Ann Arbor

    Grizzly Peak Brewing Company
    Entrees; served with brewhouse bread; baked macaroni & cheese made with 3 kinds of cheeses, topped with truffled bread crumbs & baked; shiitake chicken is boneless breast of chicken roasted with herb mushroom stuffing & shiitake flour crust, served with roasted garlic jus, mashed potatoes & seasonal veggies; herb chicken linguini is grilled chicken breast over fresh linguini with roasted artichokes, Portobello mushrooms, oven-dried tomatoes & braised fennel pesto cream; bbq baby back ribs glazed with Bear Paw Porter BBQ sauce & served with pub fries & honey-jalapeno slaw; pork medallions is panko-crusted pork loin, pan seared & served with cremini-fingerling potato hash, fresh veggies, Steelhead Red pan sauce & apple-plum compote; pub fish & chips is beer-battered walleye with artichoke tartar sauce, pub fries & honey-jalapeno slaw; grilled salmon is grilled Scottish salmon filet with honey-mustard pretzel crust, risotto style potatoes, herb vinaigrette & fresh veggies; butternut squash ravioli with piquillo pepper & roasted carrot broth, wild mushrooms & shaved parmesan; grilled hanger steak with sweet red chili glaze, served with mashed potatoes & fresh seasonal veggies.

    Gratzi Restaurant
    Entrees; risotto di fegatini is creamy carnaroli risotto with pancetta, chicken livers, shallots, marsala wine, porcini mushrooms & parmesan cheese; tortellini di zucca con prosciutto is locally made butternut squash tortellini, leeks, parmesan cheese & spinach in light cream sauce; stracotto di maiale is slowly braised pork shanks with aromatic herbs, sofrito & tomato sauce, served with roasted garlic mashed potatoes & sautéed Swiss cheese; calamari fritti is lightly fried calamari with saffron aioli or spicy tomato sauce; cozze is Prince Edward Island mussels steamed in white wine garlic butter sauce; sacchetti is porcini mushroom filled pasta bundles with porcini cream sauce, parmesan & prosciutto; ravioli con caprino is goat cheese ravioli with shallots, fresh basil, tomatoes & pancetta in roasted garlic broth; linguine del golfo is linguine with shrimp, mussels & sea scallops in pesto sauce; penne con pollo e pumate is quill shaped pasta with roasted Amish chicken, sun dried tomatoes, spinach & cream; orecchiette rustica is disk shaped pasta with sweet Italian sausage, garlic, chile, broccolini, radicchio, extra virgin olive oil & pecorino romano; pollo gratzi is sautéed breast of chicken, porcini mushrooms, pancetta, onion & marsala wine, served with whipped garlic smashed potatoes; filetto di manzo is herb crusted beef tenderloin on a Portobello mushroom with tomato, goat cheese, roasted potatoes & shallots; scaloppine al foresta is sautéed veal scallopine with forest mushrooms, white wine, ricotta filled mezzaluna pasta & veal demi glace.


BBQ Baby Back Ribs Grizzly Peak Brewing Company Ann Arbor, Michigan


Grilled Salmon Grizzly Peak Brewing Company Ann Arbor, Michigan

 Calamari Fritti Gratzi Restaurant Ann Arbor, Michigan


Cozze Gratzi Restaurant Ann Arbor, Michigan



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    University of Michigan Museum of Art University of Michigan Museum of Art Ann Arbor, Michigan
    The University of Michigan Museum of Art or UMMA is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan sitting on 94,000 square feet of space, considered to be one of the biggest university art museum in the nation, housed in a war memorial that was constructed in 1909 for the university's fallen heroes from the Civil War. The Alumni Memorial Hall had contained the university's alumni offices and its growing art collection. The magnificent collection contains works that have been at the university for over 150 years, with a marvelous collection of 19,000 artworks that span media and cultures. It has works by Kara Walker, James McNeill Whistler, Walker Evans, Franz Kline, Max Beckmann, Helen Frankenthaler, Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso and Joshua Reynolds, as well as many more outstanding artists from around the world. This huge museum contains the following galleries; the Anthony Randazzo Family gallery, the Jan and David Brandon Family gallery, Marvin H. and Mary M. Davidson gallery, modern art foyer, museum aspe, Japanese gallery, Thomas H. and Polly W. Bredt gallery, South and Southeast Asia gallery, Albertine Monroe-Brown Study-Storage gallery, Asian crossroads gallery, European and American decorative art, Robert and Lillian Montalto Bohlen gallery of African art, A. Alfred Taubman gallery, Irving Stenn, Jr. Family project gallery, Joan and Bob Tisch gallery of modern and contemporary art, vertical gallery, Shirley Chang gallery of Chinese art and the Woon-Hyung Lee and Korea Foundation gallery of Korean Art.

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    Gerald R. Ford Library & MuseumGerald R. Ford Library Ann Arbor, Michigan
    The Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum contains two separate buildings rather than the normal one that most of the other presidential libraries and museums house, and are located about 130 miles apart. The Presidential Library is located on the University of Michigan's north campus in Ann Arbor, when the former president was a student and football player, and the other, the museum, is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on the banks of the Grand River. Gerald Rudolph Ford, Jr. was really born as Leslie Lynch King, Jr. in 1913, and would become a representative of the state's Fifth Congressional District, and then become the 40th Vice-President of the United States from 1973 to 1974, under the terms of the 25th Amendment. He would become the President in 1974, when Richard Nixon resigned, and served until 1977 as the 38th President of the United States. Ford was the only person to become both vice-president and president without being elected for either.

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    Kelsey Museum of ArchaeologyKelsey Museum of Archaeology Ann Arbor, Michigan
    The Kelsey Museum contains a magnificent collection of almost 100,000 ancient and medieval relics from the civilizations of the Mediterranean and Near East that is housed in the William E. Upjohn Exhibit Wing and provides special exhibitions that change quite often. The museum also sponsors fieldwork projects, research, educational programs for children and contains the Interdepartmental Program in Classical Art and Archaeology. The museum would begin with relics that had been obtained by the museum's namesake, Professor of Latin, Francis W. Kelsey, during the years from the 1890s to the 1920s. His outstanding collections would be kept in the turreted stone structure that was located on the central campus that the university had leased from the Student Christian Association in 1928, and it wouldn't be until 1953, that the name of that building would be changed to its current form. The majority of the collections come from the cultures of ancient Greece and Rome, the Near East and the dynastic and Roman Egypt. It also contains extensive photography and documentary archives which house many papers and pictures pertaining to Kelsey's field work, and the entire collection is used by the student body in their studies, for graduate and undergraduates. The museum can boast about its huge collection of corpus of daily life objects from a Greco-Roman Egyptian town called Karanis that is outside of the Cairo Museum, a magnificent collection of provenced glass fragments and vessels, one of the biggest collections of Parthian pottery outside Iraq, a fabulous collection of early Byzantine and Islamic textiles and the biggest collection of Latin inscriptions in the West. It also houses a 7400 albumen of prints and 25,000 archival photographs that pertain to the late 19th and early 20th centuries that relate to Mediterranean archaeology, many splendid Egyptian mummy masks, an almost complete edition of the Description of de l'Egypte that was made during Napoleon's trip to Egypt in 1798, over 40,000 ancient coins and a fantastic collection of Roman brick stamps.

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    Kempf HouseKempf House Museum Ann Arbor, Michigan
    The Kempf House Museum in Ann Arbor, Michigan was constructed in 1853, and it is a magnificent example of Greek revival style house that was first occupied by the Bennett family. Henry DeWitt Bennett was the postmaster for the town during the early 1860s, and then became involved in the salt and timber industry. Henry would become the secretary and steward of the University of Michigan, while he and his wife, Mary raised their two sons, Willie and Henry Jr. Eventually, the sons would move out to Pasadena, California and their parents would soon follow. The next family to acquire the house would be the Kempfs, one of the most significant German families to enrich the city with their music and lives. Pauline and Reuben Kempf would lead simple yet quite active lives that were full of lessons, entertaining, concerts and music, welcoming internationally known musicians into their house and the city, which would assist the city in gaining a reputation for world-class music. Reuben's immigrant German parents had purchased a large farm south of the city that was near the place where the Briarwood Mall is located today, and they would send him to Switzerland to study to become a minister. While there, he decided he enjoyed and preferred music, and in 1877, he would transfer to the Royal Conservatory of Music in Stuttgart, Germany, where he would meet and become a classmate of Victor Herbert. Henry returned to teach, in 1880 and then met Mary and married her in 1883. They would move into the house in 1888 and live there for the remainder of their lives. Next, the house would be owned by the Parker family, who had been neighbors across the street from the house for many years and loved it. Mr. Parker passed on in 1969, and his wife thought about selling it but worried that it might be lost as a historical house, so, working with the Kempf's son, Paul, who was an active member of the historical commission, the house was sold to the city, where it would become a museum, and listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973.

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