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Alamo Car Rentals Quebec City, Puerto Rico and have teamed up to bring you the greatest savings in the Bayamon area. To get the great deals, simply log onto or easy to navigate websites. You will not be disappointed with the deals to be had with these two great companies.
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Things to do in Bayamon

  • El Yunque El Yunque Bayamon
    For an amazing adventure while you are staying in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, you must check out El Yunque. El Yunque is the only rainforest in the United States and its territories. While at El Yunque, you will be able to experience nature at it finest. Much of this area remains as it looked over 500 years ago, when Christopher Columbus and his expedition explored the area. In terms of wildlife and amazing plant life, there is much to see on a hike through this on of a kind ecosystem. Be sure that El Yunque is on your list of things to do when you are visiting Bayamon, Puerto Rico.

  • Crashboat Beach
    Don't let the name fool you, the beach is not really a place where boats that have crash call their home. Crashboat Beach got its name from the boats that used to be stationed at the shore, ready to rescue the military pilots, or shipmen, that crashed while pulling exercises from the nearby military base. Today, Crashboat Beach is a favorite beach to go for tourists and locals alike. Whether you want to go there for a swim, you and your family want to have a beach-side picnic or you want to do some fishing, the beach has all that you need in terms of piers, BBQ pits and other facilitates. For a great time and some fun under the sun, pay a visit to Crashboat Beach.

Hertz Car Rental Bayamon

Hertz Rental Car Discounts is in the business of saving you money, and to help has teamed up with Hertz Car Rentals to make sure you get the best savings in the business. Check out the rates from before you rent your next car rental.

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Kayak Puerto Rico BayamonKayaking Puerto Rico Adventures, Inc.
On of the best ways to see Puerto Rico is through the water, and you can do just that with a tour from Kayaking Puerto Rico Adventures, Inc. Jump in your own kayak and let the crew take you an an adventure of  a life time. Get out of the kayak and into the water for a great time snorkeling. Get up close and personal with all of the wildlife that call the water their home. After the amazing day that you will spend swimming, snorkeling and sight-seeing, be sure to check out the night tour in Bio Bay and watch in amazement as you discover bioluminescence. The water actually "lights up" underneath whatever is in the water, whether it is your body or your kayak. You and your family will have a great time here.

Ventajero Sailing
Spend a day sailing around the beautiful coast of Puerto Rico in a big sailboat from Ventajero Sailing. Charter a a boat and sail into the ocean, stop to catch some breathtaking views of the island. Also, you will be able to do some great snorkeling in the beautiful blue waters and see some amazing wildlife. Be sure to check out Ventajero Sailing for an adventure that you will soon not to forget.

Enterprise rent- a- car Quebec City, Puerto Rico

So, you are on vacation and you are looking for a quality car rental. Well, look no further than Enterprise Rent A Car and for all of your rental vehicle needs. Coupons for Enterprise Rent A Car will have you in the car that you want and the price that you can afford.

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Restaurants in Bayamon, Puerto Rico
  • Madrid - San Juan Restaurant & Tapas Bar
    This a one of a kind restaurant that is found in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. Madrid-San Juan Restaurant & Tapas Bar combines the ambiances and class of an original tapas bar classically found in Spain and the more casual and party atmosphere found in Puerto Rico. This amazing restaurant is full of entertainment and mouthwatering food. Do not miss out on your chance to say that you have dined at Madrid-San Juan Restaurant & Tapas bar. You will have a great time on your night out on the town while staying in Bayamon. 
  • Carli Cafe Concierto
    Locatedon the bottom level of the Banco Poular building, Carli Cafe Concierto is a restaurant that you have to go to when you are vacationing in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. Carli's offers up a fine mix of traditional Caribbean and Mediterranean fare, a little mix that they call CariMed, that will have your taste buds dancing all around your tongue. During the week, you will find that Carli's has an outstanding, live jazz band that will have your ears thanking you for a wonderful night out. Do not miss out on the CaiMed experience while you are in Bayamon.
Bayamon Restaurants

National Rental Cars Quebec City, Puerto Rico

  National Rent A Car Coupons are the best way to get all of your rental car savings, and now that National Car Rentals have teamed up with the saving power that is, you will see the biggest saving in Bayamon. Don't miss out on all of the rental car savings that National in Bayamon has to offer.

National Car Rentals Bayamon Intl Airport  - Salvador Caro Ave

  • Acampa Acampa Bayamon
    To truly see what Puerto Rico has to offer you while you are on vacation in Bayamon, take a tour through Acampa. Whether you are looking to take a nature walk to see some amazing wildlife, foliage and fauna, or you are adventure seeker that likes to repel, or perhaps zip line across the rainforest canopy, an Acampa tour is just right for you. The guides are helpful and knowledgeable in the area s that you will be touring in. Be sure to check out Acampa for a great time while you are vacationing in Puerto Rico.
  • El Morro
    If you like history, then a trip to Bayamon, Puerto Rico is a great place for you to spend your vacation. Puerto Rico is filled with rich and exciting history. From Columbus to pirates to World War II, Puerto Rico certainly has a story to tell. If you find that interesting, then the first thing that you should see is definitely El Morro. El Morro is the 17th century fort that was built as a first line of defense by the Spanish at the entrance of San Juan Bay. Visitors are allowed to stroll through the fort and pick up some interesting tidbits about the history of the fort.

avis discount rental car Quebec City, Puerto Rico

At Avis Rental Cars, we try harder than anyone in the car rental business to bring to you the best deals on your next vacation to Bayamon, Puerto Rico.  Avis Discount Coupons and will make sure that you get a reliable car fast and, most importantly, at the right price. Check us out online at:
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  • Abe's Snorkeling and BioBay ToursSnorkel And Bio Bay Bayamon
    Be prepared for a day of fun in the sun, and in the water, with a trip to Abe's Snorkeling and BioBay Tours. This will be an awesome experience for everyone in the entire family. The safe and knowledgeable guides will show you everything that you need to know to have a great time snorkeling in BioBay, and some of the surrounding waters. You'll see some wonderful coral and sea creatures that live in these waters. If this sounds fun, wait until you go into BioBay at night. BioBay gets its name from the bioluminescent activity that takes place when something is in the water. Everyone will have a great time in the water when you visit Abe's Snorkeling and BioBay Tours.
  • El Capitolio
    The beautiful capitol building is situated high atop a hill that peers over the Caribbean for a fabulous view. El Capitolio is the building where the laws are made by members of the Puerto Rican government. The building is open to the public and is quite an interesting place to spend a few hours while visiting the area. Inside, the building houses some of the original documents, like the Constitution of Puerto Rico. Be sure not to miss this building while touring through the area.

Thrifty Car Rental Quebec City, Puerto Rico

 Thrifty Rental Cars is the way to go when you want a reliable and affordable rental vehicle. When you are on vacation in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, you will soon find out that there is much to do, and you will also find out that the best way to get around is in a rental car from Thrifty Car Rental and

Bayamon/ San Juan Airport Thrifty Rentals - Terminal Building
Vehicle Rentals at Bayamon/ Fajardo- Puerto Del Rey Marina

  • Flamenco Beach BayamonCulebra Flamenco Beach (Playa Flamenco)
    This beautiful and amazing beach is a must see for anyone who is planning to take a trip to Bayamon, Puerto Rico. You'll enjoy blue, crystal clear waters, white sands and a lush, green grassy inland. This is a perfect place to spend a day at a real tropical paradise. You can bring food and drinks down to the beach, or you can hike back up to the part of the town that has the stores. There are little hotels around the beach if you plan to spend more than a day there. Put Culebra Flamenco Beach at the top of your "to do" list when you visit Bayamon, Puerto Rico.
  • Laguna Grande
    Laguna Grande is an excellent place to see the wonder that is bioluminescence. The ocean glows when ever you are around after dark. If there is anything that you would want to see while visiting Bayamon, Puerto Rico, Laguna Grande would be one of the things, if not the top thing, to do or see. Make sure that you do not leave this beautiful Caribbean island without visiting the "glowing water" of Laguna Grande.

Dollar Rent-A-Car Bayamon

Make sure that the next time that you are on vacation, or visiting a new city or town, that you get  a Discount Dollar Rent A Car to make your trip go a little bit easier. There is much to see when you are in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, so be sure that you get the greatest deal by choosing Dollar Rent A Car and to get you where you want to go.

Aguadilla - Rafael Hernandez Airport - 448 Route 110

  • Aventuras Tierra AdentroAdventura Tierra Bayamon
    Aventuras Tierra Adentro is the place where all of the trill seekers go when there are paying a visit to Bayamon, Puerto Rico. With the number of various activities that Aventuras Tierra Adentro has to offer, you will be sure that you will find one that will have your heart pumping. Whether you would like to explore a cave, repel into one, canoe through one or zip line down from one, this is a place for the trill seeker in you. Give it a shot the next time that you vacationing in Puerto Rico. You will make a lifetime of memories when your tour through Aventuras Tierra Adentro.
  • Colonial Adventure At Old San Juan
    Located just outside of Bayamon, Puerto Rico, the Colonial Adventure at Old San Juan is an outstanding way to learn about the way of life in Puerto Rico during its colonial period. This tour is for everyone. You do not have to be a history buff to enjoy this tour. This organized tour will tell stories of Columbus, Ponce de Leon and many other famous figures that are nestled in Puerto Rico's rich and glorious history. Learn about more about the country that you are visiting by learning about their past and how it links with the present. You and your family will have a great time learning all about Puerto Rico on this one of a kind tour with Colonial Adventure at San Juan.

Budget rent a car Quebec City,Puerto Rico

Budget Rent A Car will get you in a great car at an amazing discount price. The staff at the Budget is very professional, courteous and will have you in the car that you need in no time at all. Why waste a minute of your vacation time? Let Budget and get you in a rental for less.

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