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Peel Mansion and Historic Gardens
Colonel Samuel West Peel constructed a magnificent villa tower Italianate mansion on 180 acres of apple orchards near Bentonville, Arkansas, in 1875. The colonel was a Confederate soldier, and the first native representative of Arkansas, as well as a businessman and Indian agent. His wife, Mary Emaline Berry Peel and he were able to raise nine children here; while serving his state and tending his orchard. The house was constructed with distinctive materials that were found around his area; the yellow pine timbers, brick for the walls, then stuccoed on the outside. A local stone cutter and mason was employed to create the stone sills and the lintels, which were intricately carved. The balustrade stairway was made of turned walnut, and the front hall used exotic pine grained panels that were hard to find in that area. In other parts of the interior, Greek Revival molded trim was used for the parlor room and a very rare Anglo-Japanese mantle in the library. The house used kerosene for lighting in the lamps and chandeliers, with much of the original wicks, chimneys and globes still visible.

Crystal Bridges Museum of Art
The museum's name comes from the fantastic designs of world famous architect Moshe Safdie, and the glass and wood building is a gigantic marvel of a man's vivid imagination of what could be accomplished in the woods of Bentonville. Going hand in hand with the museum's mission/vision; that of becoming a predominant national art institution that is devoted to the art and artists of this great country and the people within the community. The magnificent complex will include a 100,000 feet of galleries, office space, meeting rooms and library; plus a Great Hall and areas around the wooded enclave that will be used for public events, outdoor concerts, sculpture and trails. Besides all this increase in the realm of artistic endeavors, the museum will help the development of the northwest regions of Arkansas. The museum itself will hold the wonderful permanent collection of masterpieces by American artisans with galleries of Native Americans, regional arts and artists on 35,000 square feet of gallery. Their continuously growing collection contains sculpture and paintings that were created in the Colonial period and going all the way to the modern times.

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Fred's Hickory Inn
Fred's is a traditional restaurant that was started many years ago by Lou and Fred Gaye, without any prior experience in the dining arena, they did however have the opportunity to travel to many parts of the world where dining is important, with ingredients, staff and cooking experience gained from those wonderful travels. He imparted this knowledge into a great family style eating establishment that was passed on to a great friend when he passed away in 2005. His tradition lives on in the attention to details, great food, friendly staff and a welcome ambiance that makes his place stand above the rest. The appetizers start with; Fred's signature ribs, which are well trimmed ribs smoked to perfection; seafood stuffed mushrooms are jumbo mushroom caps filled with seafood and topped off with melted mozzarella cheese; or spinach & artichoke dip is served with parmesan encrusted toasted bread crumbs; Fred's combo appetizer plate is with a quarter pound sliced smoke beef, quarter pound sliced smoke pork, quarter pound smoked sausage; seasoned peel and eat shrimp with homemade cocktail sauce.

Old Spanish Treasure Cave
Hidden within the deep dark mysterious confines of the Ozark Mountains, a legend has been evolving for the past 130 years, about an old Spanish treasure that had been hidden in a cave somewhere in the northwest region of Arkansas. It is said that over 350 years ago, some Spanish Conquistadors had wandered way off their original course, all the while carrying a treasure that in today's terms would be worth over $40 million. In this particular cave, called the Old Spanish Treasure cave because of the artifacts that have been found here, Spanish helmets, armor, weapons and even a few gold coins have been discovered over the last century. The cave had been sealed until an old Spaniard from Madrid came here to search for the cave and its legendary treasure. That was in 1885, and since his health was failing, the old Spaniard left without any further evidence; or at least he didn't tell anyone what or if he had found anything worth while. A picture or lithograph was found showing a man named George Dunbar in a suit with two other men with a mule, all in front of a cave, and it has been added to the legend that old George and his friends had searched for that treasure until his health also began to fail. Sometime in the 1930s, the cave was opened for tours, and others tried finding this incredible treasure; but to no avail.

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Pea Ridge National Military Park
Set on 4300 acres in the far northwest of Arkansas, near the Missouri border, the Battle of Pea Ridge was fought on March 7 and 8 in 1862, between the Union Army and the Confederate Army. The site became a protected area during the Civil War Centennial of 1963, by an act of Congress. It was a decisive victory for the Union which helped to get control of the state of Missouri which was a borderline state that could have been Confederate or Union. In 1956, the state's congressional delegation pushed forth a bill to make the park a national military park and although at that time only a one acre site could be classified as a national park, it enacted a new bill that increased the size of national military parks to cover up to 5000 acres and the site was protected. To acquire the land, that state had to buy or use eminent domain papers to get the many farms and residences that included the Winton Springs estate.

University of Arkansas at Fayetteville
Welcome to the land of the Razorbacks, one of the best schools in the country where you can watch, play or root for the home team and get the most exciting results in college. The Razorbacks teams include; baseball, women's and men's basketball, women's and men's cross country, football, women's and men's golf, gymnastics, soccer, softball, swimming, women's and men's tennis, women's and men's track & field and volleyball. In fact, there really isn't any major sport that this school doesn't play in and the results are not only phenomenal, but nationally known. According to, the land of the Razorbacks is considered one of the top ten places to go to school because of a multitude of reasons; not the least being because of the fantastic sports venues there.

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