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Things to do in Broken Arrow

    Broken Arrow Golf & Athletic Club Broken Arrow Golf & Athletic Club Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
    The Broken Arrow Golf and Athletic Club has one of the best 18 hole championship golf courses in the area, as well as other sporting venues sitting on 145 marvelous acres in the Oklahoma plains. The course was designed by Lyndy Lindsey and has bentgrass greens and Bermuda grass fairways, tees and roughs, with four sets of tees so that everyone in your group has a great chance to play well. There is a driving range and short game practice area on the site that helps you get your game ready so that when you take that first shot, you already know why that ball is heading. It is a great opportunity to get up to par on your game, acclimating yourself to the course and how it plays. Other features include a big swimming pool, sun deck and wading pool for the younger children; and there are many swimming and sports pools as well. If you need some time to relax, there is a large patio area and gazebo that affords you outstanding views of the course and surrounding area, and plenty of shade. There is a hard surface tennis court if you need to stretch your legs and arms before playing and a fantastic 10,200 square foot clubhouse that has just about everything else you'll need to have a great day and plenty of enjoyment. The 19th Hole Grill is where you'll get those hot sandwiches and cold drinks; along with a fully stocked pro shop for all your golfing needs. The club's state-of-the-art fitness center has all the latest weight training equipment and those modern cardiovascular machines to get your blood flowing and your body ready for all occasions. An event and conference room is available should you find the need for it, as well as ladies and men's locker rooms with full showers. The club has a wonderful men's and ladies' golf association if you are interested in joining or just finding out more information; and junior golf programs to help you get your children ready to play doubles with mom and dad. Don't forget to ask about the Lindsey Golf card so that you can find some outstanding complimentary golf privileges at every Lindsey course. The course play will be exciting and challenging since Lindsey designs his courses in such a way as to make even the simplest shot need care and attention. The generous fairways can help your straight shots, but the winding creek that meanders through the course can make for some extra tricky shots. Most visitors and guests appreciate the large bentgrass greens that are perfect for using your best putts, and the entire par 72 course is an excellent way to spend hours enjoying the beautiful scenery and area. The course opened in 1999, and has had over 125,000 rounds of golf enjoyed by many so far.

    Safari's Sanctuary
    Safari's Sanctuary Broken Arrow, OklahomaSafari's Sanctuary in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma was started in 1995 to rescue all types of animals, that include primates, hoof stock, big cats, birds, wolves, reptiles, bears and anything else that walks on four legs or two, to include the birds; from any kind of disastrous environment that they are found in. The sanctuary already has more than 200 varieties of these rescued critters and is always happy to take on more. Another educational feature of the sanctuary is the constant informing of children today about the hazards and difficulties of trying to raise or keep an exotic animal as a pet. The animals that come here, are from folks that just couldn't handle or keep them anymore or defunct zoos that are looking for someplace to make a home for their animals. They try to instruct children and others to check out or research what your choice of animal does, their behavioral habits and more. The site occupies 12 acres of land currently and is totally dedicated to the care and preservation of their animals. They aren't breeders, but only rescuers, trying to give these unwanted or unable to handle any longer safely, animals that would end up being euthanized or put out into the wild. You are invited to feed many of the animals, birds and reptiles, as well as the big cats that you need a feeding pole to give them their food. They currently house 27 big cats, that include, a leopard, golden tabby tiger, which is very rare, Barbary lions, liger, cougars, tigers and lions, so you'll be sure to enjoy feeding them all. They also have monkeys, a kangaroo, bears and more, oh my! It is a great place to visit when you are in the Broken Arrow area and the animals always love the attention and the love that pours out to them from visitors. The sanctuary also houses a petting zoo with all the usual barnyard animals so you and your children can get as close as possible and touch, pet, feed and love on the animals for as long as you like. Some of the others animals include; Pac man frog, baboon, chickens, black bear, cockatoo, emu, mini Sicilian donkey, Chinese ducks, Chinese pheasants, ferrets, Quaker parrot, capuchin, chinchilla, fallow deer, cougar, black leopard, kangaroos, liger which is a cross between a tiger and lion, porcupine, Oriental otter, marmoset, potbellied pig, wolves, zebra, sheep, Bengal tiger, Siberian tiger, corn snake, alligators, anaconda, bearded dragon, iguana, monitors, Burmese python, ball python, spurred tortoise and so many more that you will be thrilled and really enjoy the time and animals that need and love your attention.

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    Broken Arrow Historical MuseumBroken Arrow Historical Museum Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
    The Broken Arrow Historical Society started in 1975, and has grown to collect, preserve and showcase all the historical relics and information about the city as it has continued to grow and prosper through the years. The society's museum houses all the artifacts and other information and relics that have been collected over the years, and offers the third floor of their wonderful museum as a meeting room for all types of occasions and celebrations. Their outstanding displays offer visitors a complete and marvelous history of the town and the people that live here, with special emphasis on those that came here from other parts of the nation to start a new life, and new dreams for their future. Their exhibits strive to inform visitors in a unique way with excellent details and stories, like the Muscogee-Creek town of Thlikachka (Broken Arrow), that goes back in time to 1828, when the first settlers arrived here from Thlikachka, Alabama. It describes these harder and brave people coming here and settling among the Native Americans that had been sent here years before from other parts of the nation so the white people could come in and claim their lands to create farms, towns and businesses. This is the only exhibit of its type in the state, and has grown to become one of the most popular. Another is the Childers Family log cabin, that they used from 1861 to 1948 and the excellent workmanship that the hand hewn logs made of oak that was used to construct their home. The full size cabin showcases the stories acquainted with this early lifestyle and the way that people had to live during those difficult and often troubled days. The Katy Railroad depot is another display that has been reproduced to contain a working scale railroad, and many original relics from the MKT depot, including Pullman blanket, luggage cart, ticket window, salvaged parts of the old wooden depot and china. The Broken Aro coal tipple describes the coal stories, and how the coal was strip mined on the eastern side of the town until after the end of WWII, and how in 1934, the city shipped more rail cars full of coal than any other cities or areas in the state, with many relics and photographs showing the entire process. Other awesome exhibits include the tribute to veterans that tells the story of Lt. Col. Ernest Childers, who won the Medal of Honor for Valor during the war, Main Street, Cotton gins and cotton jubilee, Rooster Day, the state's longest running festival and a jail cell for the old city jail that was used during the 1930s. You'll be able to enjoy the outstanding artworks of S. Letha Phillips Nichols, who was the town's artist in residence, that painted still lifes, portraits, landscapes, genre paintings and the "kneeling Indian" that became the high school's logo. There are works in oils, charcoal, watercolors and more, that have been loaned as well since many of the area's residents have the wonderful works of art that were created by Letha. The gift shop is one place where you can find unique gifts for any type of occasion or just for yourself and an addition to your home.

     Oklahoma Aquarium
    Oklahoma Aquarium Jenks, Oklahoma
    The Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks, Oklahoma, one of the many suburbs of Tulsa, sitting on the banks of the Arkansas River, with 66 acres of marvelous land, constructed in 2002 and opening the next year, hoping to attract about half a million visitors each year to the Tulsa area. Occupying 72,000 square feet of exhibit space, the aquarium houses many exotic species of marine life, along with fish and freshwater environments that are native to the state and region. Their main feature is the half a million gallon shark tank, that offers a shark tunnel that you can walk through, as if you were right in the midst of these awesome predators, and in the midst of the tunnel is a 12 foot high and 20 foot wide all-acrylic observation dome that was created to allow a panoramic 360 degree unobstructed view of the many wonders of the tank. Called the shark adventure, the tank is a wonderful example of how sharks and other fish live in this creative environment. There are many lemon and bull sharks swimming around the tank that keep visitors mesmerized for hours. Another of the aquarium's favorite exhibits includes the Karl and Beverly White National Fishing Tackle Museum that houses the biggest antique fishing tackle collection in the entire world. Discovery Channel's famous naturalist and filmmaker, Nigel Marven and his crew came here in 2003 and documented four of the bull sharks for a show, living in the architecturally innovative tank with it being shown on the channel's Shark Week series. The aquarium has eight galleries that contain thousands of salt and fresh water fish and species; as well as a great hall for after hours happenings, or the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation regional headquarters, Quiktrip Education wetlabs and classrooms and the Zebco Casting pond. The first exhibit displays the biodiversity of the aquarium that has been sponsored by the Anne and Henry Zarrow foundation, with a large number of unique creatures from the seas. Adaption is another display that showcases fish that can breath the air or the creatures that can see above and below the water, along with many other varieties of unique marine animals. Fishes of Oklahoma are supported by the Oxley Foundation and ONEOK, and houses a 120 year alligator snapping turtle, 7 foot long gars, and a beautiful state record blue catfish. The Hayes Family Ozark stream is a really unusual environment display that contains beavers, raccoons, mammals, river otters and sunfish, smallmouth bass and other varieties of fish from the state's environmental rivers and streams. There is so much to see and do here that it will take some time for you and your family to explore the entire aquarium and offers a perfect way to learn more about the state's marine life.

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Local Restaurants in Broken Arrow

    Stone Mill BBQ and Steakhouse
    Entrees; the big wheel is sliced brisket, sausage, smoked ham & chicken on hoagie roll with 2 onion rings, fresh cut fries & pork rib; stone mill spud is large baked potato covered with butter, sour cream, chives, bacon bits & chopped beef; the chuckwagon is half pound black angus patty served on toasted bun with mayo or mustard, lettuce, tomato, pickle & onion, served with seasoned fresh cut fries; chicken fried chicken with cream gravy & 2 side. Smoked BBQ dinners with choice of 2 sides, bread, pickles, peppers & onions; pork tenderloin, baby back ribs, pork ribs, pulled pork, sliced ham, Polish sausage, sliced brisket, hot links, chopped brisket, turkey breast, sliced chicken, bologna. Seafood; include dinner salad, baked potato; jumbo fried shrimp (9), grilled jumbo shrimp with white wine BBQ marinade, grilled Atlantic salmon 8oz. fillet with lemon-lime butter sauce. From the Grill with dinner salad & baked potato; 8oz. filet tenderloin, 12oz KC strip, 8oz. Stone Mill tender steak, 10oz. sirloin, 8oz. chicken breast, shish kabob with tender steak, onions, bell peppers & mushrooms glazed with teriyaki sauce.

    Dooley's Angus Inn
    Appetizers; spinach & artichoke dip & chips; breaded okra served with ranch dressing, onion rings served with ranch dressing; breaded provolone cheese with raspberry habanera sauce; angus mushrooms beer battered & served with ranch dressing; spicy crawfish breaded, deep fried with cocktail sauce; shrimp cocktail with cocktail sauce; blue crab & shrimp dip served with housemade toasted begets; crab cakes made with blue crab & served with drawn butter; Angus Inn sampler is mushrooms, provolone cheese, crawfish, onion rings. Entrees; served with choice of 2 chef sides; tenderloin filet 8oz., ribeye 12oz., top sirloin 10oz., NY strip 12oz., tenderloin kabobs, prime rib 8 or 12oz., beef Wellington is tenderloin baked in pastry dough, southern fried ribeye hand battered covered cream gravy, bone-in chop is French cut, served with raspberry habanera, double breasted chicken with lemon garlic or creamy white wine sauce, Texas chopped sirloin 3/4 lb. in sautéed onions. Seafood & fish; grilled salmon with mesquite or hollandaise sauce; shrimp dinner is 5 breaded or 7 grilled; King crab legs served with drawn butter; deep fried catfish hand breaded to order; Cajun crawfish is spicy breaded; blackened tilapia with hollandaise sauce.


Fried Jumbo Shrimp Stone Mill BBQ & Steakhouse Broken Arrow, Oklahoma


 Beef Wellington Dooley's Angus Inn Broken Arrow, Oklahoma


Blackened Tilapia Dooley's Angus Inn Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

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    Philbrook Museum of Art Philbrook Museum of Art Tulsa, Oklahoma
    The Philbrook Museum of Art in Tulsa, Oklahoma is one of the most beautiful and outstanding art museums in the nation, located in the former home of Oklahoma oil pioneer, Waite Phillips and his wife, Genevieve Elliot Phillips. By 2007, the magnificent museum employed a staff of 60 and an annual budget of almost $6 million, having grown since it opened in 1939, with the many additions being constructed on like the recent children's wing. It did endure some financial problems in the 1980s, as did much of the nation, but in the 1990s, would enjoy a much needed renaissance. What makes this unique museum so special is the location of the museum, housed in a gorgeous mansion set high atop a hill in the city of Tulsa. The house is a museum itself, filled with the fabulous antiquities that the Phillips would fill their house with and the outstanding artworks that they acquired. The collection includes works from Levi Wells Prentice, Piero di Cosimo, Thomas Moran, Gentile da Fabriano, Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot, William Merritt Chase, Biagio d'Antoine da Firenze, Bernardo Strozzi, Adolphe Bouguereau, and Tanzio da Varallo; with an excellent African and Native American collection, welcoming over 120,000 visitors each year. The Italian renaissance villa was designed in 1926 by KC architect Edward Buehler Delk, and construction began the same year, getting finished in 1927. It originally was named the Villa Philbrook, and showcased 72 rooms on 23 acres that contained elegant gardens inspired by Villa Lante, the Italian estate north of Rome and designed by Giacomo Barozzi da Vignola in 1566. Phillips donated the villa and beautiful gardens that encompass it to the city in 1938, hoping that it would be used for a museum, as well as art and cultural events. The huge house, with its great halls, wide corridors and large rooms was the perfect venue for a museum of artworks, since it had a steel and concrete framework, with just a little remodeling to make it into a museum. It opened in 1939 as the Philbrook Museum of Art, with art classes beginning the next year and a wonderful and exciting children's museum in 1949. In 1969, they had to construct a new museum wing to handle the growth of the art classes, but during the 1990s, their enrollments went down and the space used for other purposes. In 1987, the museum's name changed from the Philbrook Art Center to the Philbrook Museum of Art. The museum contains many exhibitions from around the globe, that contained one of the best collections of renaissance and baroque art and sculpture collections in the nation. This outstanding collection contains works by the masters mentioned above, as well as 19th artists works' from William-Adolphe Bouguereau and Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot, along with works by Jerome Tiger.

    Tulsa Historical Society
    Tulsa Historical Society Tulsa, OklahomaThe Tulsa Historical Society in Tulsa, Oklahoma is dedicated to illuminating the past history of the city and region, as well as enhancing the present with its marvelous collections of that past and the opportunity to influence the future with the lessons learned from its past and the problems that beset it. It is the only museum in the city that concentrates on this unique goal of constructing, preserving and showcasing the outstanding history of the region using a broad based collection of artifacts and relics. The society is housed in a historic structure that contains 28,000 square feet of wonderful exhibit space and gorgeous grounds that highlight many of the works of art that beautify the landscapes. The historic home is located in the Woodward Park complex and is an exciting venue for those coming to the city and wishing to learn more about its history and the people that made it. The society has seven current exhibits, as well as the magnificent Vintage garden with is filled with architectural relics and the fabulous bronze sculptures that show the state's famous Native American ballerinas.  The society's collections contains artifacts from the 19th century to the current period with more than 15,000 photographs, and about a thousand books that pertain to the city or state, historical films and videos, maps, manuscripts, vertical files that cover some 6000 subjects, fine and decorative arts, periodicals, clothes, military uniforms, architectural elements military medals and many other items the relate to the city or state's history. A lot of the collections are on display, with some housed in other areas that need special permission to visit or tour. The photographic collection is expansive with 15,000 in the society's collection and about 24,000 in the Beryl Ford Collection; and 40,000 images that can be made into excellent prints. The Tribune Library contains the majority of the society's book collections from the Barnett Family Foundation, with thousands more photographs and images. 

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    Oklahoma Jazz Hall of FameOklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame Tulsa, Oklahoma
    The Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame in Tulsa, Oklahoma is filled with the history and growth of jazz in this nation that begin in the early part of the 20th century and has grown into one of the most impressive forms of music in the world today. Jazz was born and bred in this country, gaining support and ideas from two other mainstays in the music industry, ragtime and folk songs, that included old country blues, country dances, field hollers, ballads and work songs. During the early period, Kansas City jazz was the blues-saturated dance music of the south and west, while the Dixieland ragtime music of New Orleans would invade the southern most region of our country and spread northwards. Many Oklahoma jazz musicians would become important in the development of this movement in Kansas City, which would have to hit the roads during the great depression and subsequent reform movement that would shut down many clubs, dance halls and gin joints. By the end of the 1930s, Oklahoma had become one of the links in the triangle of traveling jazz musicians, and it has been considered that the migration of blacks from the lower southern regions to the west was to follow the evolution of the jazz movement in this country. Two significant periods of black migration would occur that brought this slow change to the music explosion, and that was during the period from 1890 to 1910 and the years that followed right after WWI; which became the boomtown period of the region's petroleum revolution and development. During the 1890s, El Reno became a center for ragtime musicians, with Scott Joplin visiting here quite often. Black towns began to pop up, including Langston in 1892, Clearview in 1903 and Boley in 1904. These small settlements would develop the marching and concert bands that the Native American groups had done, with more black migrations going west after the end of the first World War, and kept increasing until the great depression. Oklahomans were becoming some of the finest jazz musicians in the nation, and coming to hear them play affected many others to become enamored with the smooth and erratic sounds of jazz. Once the depression had subsided some, bands began traveling throughout the southwest with major stops in Tulsa, Muscogee, and Oklahoma City, and by the 1940s, Muskogee native Jay McShann would become one of the top jazz musicians in Kansas City. He would play with numerous other Oklahomans and was the man who discovered blind blues singer Al Hibbler; and after Count Basie died, Jay became the sole greatest practitioner of Kansas City Jazz. The remainder of the history of jazz in this country and the state, is a wonderful read and should be enjoyed while you are visiting the hall, where many figures can be seen and heard that had the greatest influence of jazz in the world.

    Mission Bell Museum
    Mission Bell Museum Coweta, OklahomaThe Mission Bell Museum in Coweta, Oklahoma is situated in a marvelous 1907 church that showcases many unique forms of architecture and memorabilia that are from the region's pre-statehood era to the current day with many outstanding artifacts and relics. The structure was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2003, and is about a block from downtown Coweta. Originally built as the First Presbyterian Church in 1907, the congregation had about 34 members in 1918 and the massive chandelier that hung in the center is said to have been brought to the church by boat down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers and then up the Arkansas River in 1907. It has been stated that the entire town went down to the docks to greet the ship carrying this significant cargo. Sometime in 1972, the church left and the structure became the Mission Bell Museum, containing various historical relics and the church's 36 original pews.

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    Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish ArtSherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art Tulsa, Oklahoma
    The Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1966 as the Gershon and Rebecca Fenster Museum of Jewish Art, and when the city's Congregation B'nai Emunah Synagogue opened in 1988, it would house the marvelous collection, with Sherwin Miller becoming the first curator. The museum would be renamed the Sherwin Miller Museum in 2000, and moved to it current location on the Zarrow Campus in 2004. The museum has become part of the Fenster/Sanditen Cultural Center, that also houses the National Council of Jewish Women Holocaust Education Center, and was dedicated in 1995, on Yom HaShoah by members of the state's 45th Infantry division. The museum is the only American Jewish museum in the area and contains the biggest collection of Judaica in the nation, serving as the headquarters of the Jewish Historical Society of Oklahoma and Oklahoma Jewish Archives. Their marvelous Kate and Herman Kaiser Holocaust Collection concentrates on the survivors of the horrid concentration camps that came to the state to live and those statesmen that helped liberate the Nazi concentration camps. The permanent collections contain over 10,000 items of archaeological and ritual importance, fine art, synagogue textiles, ethnographic costumes and historical documents. The center has become a wonderful resource center for non-Jews to learn more about this unique culture and history, as well as young Jews growing up in this country and needing to know more about the cataclysmic events that murdered six million people, Jews, and something that every Jew born needs to know about so that it may never happen again.  It is a very educational place to visit and learn firsthand what the Jewish people had to endure and suffer as millions of their families and friends were systematically murdered by the Nazi regime that festered in the German countryside during the early 1930s and culminating in their destruction, hopefully for all time and posterity.

    Gilcrease Museum
    Gilcrease Museum Tulsa, OklahomaThe Gilcrease Museum is located northwest of Tulsa, Oklahoma, containing the world's biggest, most complete collection of art of the American west, along with an excellent collection of art and relics from Central and South America, and named after Thomas Gilcrease, who had been an oil tycoon and lover of the arts. Tom grew up in the Creek nation, that had settled or been placed in Oklahoma, and at the turn of the 20th century, the government begin giving the lands that had been held and living on by the American Indian tribes, to private citizens. Because Tom was a member of the tribe, he would be allotted 160 acres of land located south of the city near Glenn Pool. Ironically, the land was part of a huge oil field, and Tom proved that he was an able businessman, starting the Gilcrease Oil Company in 1922, and in a little under a decade had increased his original holdings immensely. This would enable Tom to travel around the world, but mostly in Europe during the 1920s and 1930s, with those marvelous visits to the European museums inspiring him to begin his own collection. Since he was proud of his heritage and interest in the Native American west, he made this area a significant point of his collecting. His first oil painting purchase was bought for $1500 and that was titled Rural Courtship, which he acquired in 1912. However, the majority of the collection would be purchased after 1939, with Tom opening his first museum in his oil company headquarters that was located in San Antonio, Texas, in 1943. In a few more years, Tom would leave Texas and return to his home state and town, bringing a vast collection, opening a gallery in 1949, on his Tulsa estate. He had began collecting works of the west, when no one really cared for or about them, so he could amass a large collection without putting considerable funds into the collection. In the early 1950s, he would get many new works, relics and documents that greatly enlarged his collections; but then declining oil prices would make it hard for him to continue. Finally, Tom had to try selling his entire collection to pay off his huge debts, in hopes of keeping it all together, and in 1954, afraid that the marvelous collection would be leaving the city and region, some of the citizens in Tulsa organized a bond election that would purchase the collection and keep it in the city.  Many of the country's most famous artists are included in the museum's collections; Frederic Remington, Joseph Henry Sharp, Thomas Moran and Albert Bierstadt, along with John James Audubon, Charles Marion Russell and Alexander Hogue. His collection of Native American artists contain over 500 paintings by 20th century artists and houses a long term native American exhibition. The anthropology collection itself has 300,000 relics from North, Central and South America that span the pre-historic and historic archaeology and ethnographic items from pre-Columbian, Anglo-American, Native American and Hispanic cultures. It is an outstanding museum and one well worth visiting.

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    Dennie Willis MuseumDennie Willis Museum Tulsa, Oklahoma
    The Ida Dennie Willis Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys is located in a beautifully rejuvenated 1910 mansion in Tulsa, Oklahoma; that spans thirty years of collecting by Mrs. Ida Willis, a retired Tulsa school teacher. The huge collection also contains the "One Thousand Dolls" collected by Mrs. Fannie Hill, Carl Smith's handcrafted, miniature houses and gypsy caravans, Buena V. Green's collection of Native American dolls and artifacts and Eddie Faye Gates' ethnic and advertising dolls. The museum accepts and hosts many changing exhibits that are placed here on loan from the locals and various other resources, as well as the growing permanent collections. The museum offers enhanced understanding and knowledge of history, art and styles, that is sure to at least amuse visitors, if not educate them in the marvelous sampling of pieces that are both rare treasures and homespun. These treasures are showcased in the mansion's 13 rooms set on two floors and showcasing more dolls and other items from history that will be sure to mesmerize children and adults alike.

    The Golf Club of Oklahoma
    Golf Club of Oklahoma Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
    The Golf Club of Oklahoma, in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma was designed for avid golfers that are on the lookout for challenging golfing experiences, and this Tom Fazio designed course is just the place they have been looking for. The course has been ranked one of the top four in the state by Golf Digest in 2005, with the 7,183 yard par 72 course featuring all the best that a golf course can have; rolling terrains, large oaks and other varieties of trees, for shade and hazards, natural bodies of water that are sure to cause a moment's hesitation and so much more. There are numerous tee placements that start at the 6,211 yard member's course to the full championship tees that take you around the full 7,183 yard course. Limited memberships are available with no tee time policy that makes sure you will have a great game, without waiting and the full exclusive membership that invites you to become a part of the private club experience. Featured holes include; 6,8,16 and 18, with no. 6 a long par 5, with 575 yards of play space and beautiful greens along excellent fairways. The 6 is a long hole, and might need more than three shots to bring you to the green, with a fairway bunker on the left and water surrounding almost half the green. A bunker is located on the left side of the green, which means you need to be right on the money when you take your fourth shot up to the green, and whack the heck out of it to get there on three. Number 8 is almost the same, with 575 yards and par 5, with a deep ravine on the right after your tee shot and a wedge will bring it home if you are up to par today. Number 16 is a 421 yard par 4 that takes you over Lake Kadashan, with a narrow landing area on the green that is three tiered and elevated; with lots of water around. The last hole is 545, and a par 5 with exact tee shot needed to get past the Lake that is situated on your right, all the way done the fairway, with sand traps to the left and rear, making sure that your shots are right on the money and no leeway afforded here. It is a marvelous course with outstanding challenges and plenty of beautiful sights to help you along. Their practice facilities are more than ample, with manicured putting greens to help you get ready for the main game, along with chipping green guarded by sand and grass bunkers, full driving-range that matches the course conditions, with three levels of tees and seven target greens, a 2000 square foot indoor facility with video training tools to help you with your stance, shot, or other problems and private or group lessons from the PGA staff members and junior clinics now in operation in the summer months.

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