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Things to do in Buenos Aires

  • Jardín ZoológicoPainting at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes
    The Zoo was founded in1874 and is one of the most well preserved areas in Buenos Aires. The Zoo has over 2,500 animals from around 350 different types of species. A main goal of the zoo is to protect and conserve the development of the animals that are in danger of extinction. The Zoo has three main exhibits. The Aquarium, where you can see many different kinds of fish from the rivers to salt water even piranhas, but they also exhibit penguins and sharks. The Reptile exhibit where you can see snakes from all over the world and the beautiful Subtropical plant attraction with over hundreds of different Flora and beautiful waterfalls. Bring the family and pet the rhinos, and see the elephants.

  • Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes
    The Art museum started out their collection with just a few donations and purchases. The museum expanded so much it moved twice until it reached it location to where it permanently resides now on the Avenida del Libertador. Through the years the building has gone through many renovations. The first floor of the building houses the permanent collection of Argentine art from the Twentieth Century. The Ground floor is exhibits the collections of International art from the Middle ages up till today. Temporary exhibits rotate throughout the year and the Permanent collection consists of over thousands of art pieces and paintings.

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  • Buenos Aires Botanical GardenTeatro Colón
    The garden is located in the Palermo neighborhood of Buenos Aires and is also known as Jardin Botanico Carlos Thais. The garden was declared a National Monument in 1996 and has an array of flowers and species of flowers totaling around 5,500. The garden has three different areas with different styles such as the Roman Garden, the French Garden, and the Oriental Garden.
  • Teatro Colón
    On April 27th , 1857 the Teatro Colón was opened to the public and designed to hold 2,500 people. For over 30 years the opera house was a hit, showing important performers such as Tamberlick, Giuseppe Cima, Sofía Vera-Lorini, Giuseppina Medori, Federico Nicolao and many more. It was the only building in Argentina built with iron struts and frames and also had the largest state built then until the theatre had to close in 1888. After many architects, the building begun to be built in 1889 but wasn't complete for about another 20 years later when Jules Dormal took over.  The Building has several entrances and 8 different areas or rooms in the building that each have their own unique look. From out side the building you can see the beautiful architecture that has lasted through time. Today the Opera house regularly holds many concerts, ballets, and opera performances.

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  • Subte A LineSubte A Line
    The Subte A Line is Argentina's Subway Transportation that first opened in Buenos Aires in 1913 and was the 13th oldest subway system in the world. With the acceptation of renovation to carts and tracts that have been broken or damaged, the subway still runs on its original wooden tracks and original wooden cars. The windows are still wooden with leather pulls to open or close them. The tracts run under Plaza de Mayo to Congreso, which was its original stop, and now continuing to Primera Junta. Its an exciting adventure for the family to experience.
  • La Ventana
    La Ventana is located in an old historical "conventillo", which is an old house where immigrants used to live in the beginning of the 20th century, that has been restored carefully though out the years to keep its same unique look. La Ventana lets you enjoy a traditional Argentinean tango show while enjoying a delicious southern dinner. You can also discover the historical buildings four rooms that each have their own different style and even visit the tunnels used as an escape way from the Santo Domingo convent in one of the rooms. Its a very interesting historical building where you can enjoy the Argentinean style.

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  • La Cabrera
  • Persicco
  • GranBar Danzon
  • La Cava de El Querandi
  • Trifune
  • Freud & Fahler
  • El Cuartito
  • Cabana Las Lilas
  • Piegari
  • Osaka
  • Kansas Grill Palermo
  • Brasserie Petanque
  • Bar Uriarte
  • Le Sud
  • Marcelo
  • Pizzeria Guerin
  • Social Paraiso
  • Filo
  • La Parolaccia

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  • TemaikènCasa Rosa
    Located only 30 minutes away from the city, the park that means Land of Life has over 34 hectares that is filled with different habitats from animals all over the world. At the park there are 4 main exhibit areas for you to enjoy. The African exhibit makes it feel like your really there with all of the antelopes, merkats, zebras, and hippos. Visit the tigers in the Asian exhibit, or learn about all the many different fish from the Argentine Sea at the Aquarium. The Native Species exhibit is split into two sections called the Mesopotamia and the Patagonia. Don't forget about the 360 degree theater that takes you on a Nature voyage through time and space.
  • Casa Rosada
    Located on the Plaza de Mayo, the Casa Rosada is one for the main most attracted building there. This where the Argentine President works and is well known for the adored Eva Perón that addressed her audiences along the balcony on the other side of the building. Many know of the house because of the appearance that Madonna made for the movie Evita. You can watch the changing of the guard on every hour. All in all the building has stood through the turning of time.
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