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    Taejongdae in Busan South Korea

  • Taejongdae
    Overlooking the waters of the Pacific Ocean, the fantastic cliffs of Taejondae spill into the green waters like huge stone waterfalls. Also called the Suicide Cliffs because so many young people have come here to take their lives, the government finally decided to put up a statue of a mother looking out over the cliffs to the sea, in hopes of stopping some of the suicides. Set within the stately pines, a ship terminal, lighthouse, amusement park and observatory all lend to the wonderful atmosphere for the visiting crowds. The name comes from the king that would come to the area to practice his archery. This magical site is a favorite with the residents with its unbelievable cliffs and beautiful seascapes. Along the shore, many stone carvings adorn the park with 2 most well known; Sinseonbawi, meaning rock of the mountain god and Mangbuseok meaning the rock of the faithful woman.
    Let yourself be relaxed by the saltwater pool next to the sea, enjoy delicious food and beverages at the many shops and cafes, as well as the souvenir shops selling Korean made artifacts. Fresh fish is served by excellent chefs that have spent years learning the best way to serve these delicacies.

Busan Aquarium


  • Busan Aquarium
    Nearby Haeundae Beach sits the massive Busan Aquarium, a joint venture between South Korea and Australia. Easily the largest aquarium in the country, visitors are able to view the amazing sea life very close. Living within aquariums or tunnels, 35,000 sea creatures thrive in this wonderful environment. Over 250 various species swim, living in the harmonious atmosphere that has been created just for them. The second level of the 2 level structure houses the sharks, manta rays and thousands of other tropical fish, all vying for your attention and pleasure. With over 3,000 tons of water to live in, the creatures can be seen from both levels and it is famous for some of the really exotic fish. Over 40 different exhibits thrill the visitor with unbelievable clarity, with beautiful coral reefs, a giant turtle, 2.5 meter shark, electric eels, penguins and an otter jackass penguin. Also included in the magnificent enclave is an outdoor park, themed restaurants, and souvenir shop with many places to rest and view the fish in quiet serenity.
    The aquarium will teach as well as entertain visitors from all walks of life.

Restaurants in Pusan, South Korea
  • Pungmi Chueotang
    People from all over come to this eating establishment to enjoy the chueotang that is a special here. Ground loach (small eel) and cabbage are the main parts of this soup which is fairly mild until you start adding the many flavorful spices that are set down with the bowl for you to spice to taste. Perilla leaves, wild sesame are also added for more flavor.
Special Korean Soup

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Dongnae Spa in Busan
  • Dongnae Spa
    The best known spa of Korea is at Dongnae where the hot salty alkali waters have been spewing out of the rocks for over one thousand years. During the turn of the 20th century, huge amounts of money were invested in the area to exploit these wonderful waters. Hotels, inns, restaurants and other shops were opened to assist the visitor with whatever they needed or wanted. The smallest of the spas can hold up to 10 people, although documents have stated that when 5 or 6 people are in the stone tub, and the springs waters are jetting out of the 100 holes, the bodies are cleaned almost immediately. These waters are said to be beneficial to your health and the preventing of diseases.

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  • Tezroc Boat ToursScenes from Tezroc Tours
    In 1990, the city of Busan endorsed the Tezroc for the purpose of increasing tourism to the area. This compounded word, Tejong for Teajongdae and rock for the rocks at Taejondae came together in Tezroc which run cruises from the city each day. Built by Hyundai in 1992, the ship can hold up to 188 people and runs between 1.5 and 2 hours. Private charters for no less than 80 are available as this ship runs along the Korean coast. Food and beverages are served, but should be taken care of as soon as possible, since the scenery gets quite beautiful. There are tables and chairs for sunbathing as you cruise along enjoying the best scenery you could imagine. Passing by the cliffs of Taejongdae, the majestic rocks are an image of various shapes falling into the dark blue sea. One island is shaped like a tea kettle and another has a wonderful lighthouse. As the various islands and cliffs slowly pass by, the serenity and calm will overtake you and sometimes lull you into another world. Too quickly it ends and you are back in the hustle and bustle of this lovely city by the sea.

Haeundae Beach in Busan South Korea
  • Haeundae Beach
     The most famous beach in Korea is Haeundae located just outside the city of Pusan. Sitting beside the beautiful blue waters of the Korean Strait, with pristine evergreens all around, gorgeous cliffs jutting out into the water and perfectly white sands, it is a marvel to visit and spend some time. Depending upon the time of year when you visit, it could be difficult to find space as it is so popular. Other times, you will see the most fantastic kites flying in the breeze, people walking along the beach looking for shells or just relaxing on the sands enjoying the beauty of this beach. Many weddings and festivals are held here each year and numerous hotels have sprouted up to take advantage of the thousands thronging to the beach. Many consider it to be one of the finest beaches in the world and you would have to go there to check it out.
  • Jagalchi Fish Market jagalchi fish market in Pusan
    The Jagalchi Fish Market, the largest fish market in Korea, is a stupendous, incredible market set beside the waters that feed the freshest catch of the day to this city and the many visitors that come to watch, buy and eat. Half of the market is fresh seafood and the other is dried. Fresh seafood is brought in by the local fishermen and sold to the market. Fish, mollusks, squid, eels, shellfish and more is sold as is or prepared for shipment to the interior or other markets. Many visitors watch the fish as it is scaled, chopped and dropped in ice for shipping in record time. On the dried area of the market you will find, codfish, squid, pollack, seaweed, octopus and anchovies. There are numerous places to enjoy the fish, cooked or raw. Further along the area, there are a few restaurants or shops that offer meals other than fish when you are done with all the fish you can eat.