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Things to do in Cabo San Lucas

  • Swim with Dolphins
    Swim with DolphinsAt the Cabo Dolphin Center in Cabo San Lucas, you have the opportunity to swim with the incredible sea mammals everyone loves – dolphins. Once arriving at the center, you will go through some training and an information session by some of the most qualified trainers around. This is done in order to educate you about the animal, how you should and shouldn’t act around it, and most of all to keep safety as a number one priority. You’ll then get acquainted with the dolphins by meeting them and learning more about their history, anatomy, and behavior that makes them so distinct. You’ll receive personal attention, not only from the trainers, but the dolphins as well. Groups are kept to limited sizes in order to assure personal attention for every guest. You will get one on one time with a dolphin in the clear, gorgeous waters of the Dolphin Lagoon. This is where all the fun happens. You’ll receive hugs, kisses, and a ride from the friendly and vibrant creature. These animals are just as interested in learning about humans as we are about them, so it will be perfect for you and the dolphin to bond. This will leave a lasting impression and appreciation for such animals that will be kept in your memory forever.  

Budget rent a car Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

If you are looking to take a trip to the beautiful Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, you are going to want to make sure that you have reliable transportation so that you can get to all of the great places that are located in and around the city. There has never been a better time to get a discount Budget Rent a Car from than right now, so be sure to take advantage the great savings. When you use   Budget Coupons from, you are going to get then best prices and deals on your next rental car vehicle.

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  • Outdoor Adventure
    Outdoor AdventureThe Outdoor Adventure of Cabo San Lucas, offered by Cabo Adventures, is a once in a lifetime excursion that offers some of the greatest activities imaginable. You can participate in this exhilarating zip line based tour that will have you flying through the air over the beautiful landscapes of Mexico in the Boca de Sierra Biosphere Reserve. This will definitely get your adrenaline pumping and is a great way to test your bravery, pushing past the fear. Lasting approximately 5 and a half hours, this trip takes you soaring by zip line of the great expanse of canyons, keeps you concentrating on balance as your cross the Commando Bridge, and has you crossing the edge on the Tarzan Swing. Climbing walls built into the rocky faces of the mountain side and hanging bridges are the next obstacles you’ll come across while on the Outdoor Adventure. Test your competition skills with the Tandem Zip Line in which you race against your friends. Finally, you’ll take a ride on the newest 1800 foot zip line that takes you back to base camp. The views are incredible and complemented by a beautiful sky above and fresh air all around. A professional team of photographers are found throughout the journey in order to catch your greatest moments. There’s nothing like an adrenaline rush in such a breathtaking landscape.

Things to do with a rental car in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
  • Happy Ending Cantina
    Happy Ending CantinaHappy Ending Cantina is more and more becoming one of Cabo’s hot spots. It only opened in 2008, and has already been voted “Cabo’s Best Bar.” The facility is always kept clean, and employees are trained to offer only the utmost in quality service. Their job is to make sure you have everything you need, and the prompt staff does this in an exceptional way. Happy Ending Cantina has two full service bars that are each nearly 60 feet long and a “quickie” bar that offers a limited selection and only takes cash in order to keep things moving. Are you a fan of beer pong? Happy Ending, as the “Beer Pong Headquarters of the Baja Division of the Mexican Beer Pong League,” offers 14 beer pong tables to customers and “40’s” are available at the “quickie” bar for purchase. Although Happy Ending Cantina is the best bar in Cabo San Lucas, they do not have the most expensive prices. It is actually quite the opposite with the lowest prices in Cabo at all times. Instead of being a trap for tourists by price gouging, this bar “has brought Mexican prices back to Cabo.” Happy Ending doesn’t offer “Happy Hour” because their prices are already lower than other bars in the area; you can think of Happy Ending as having “Happy Hour” the entire time it’s open. It is within walking distance of many hotels found in Cabo San Lucas and is a great place to enjoy the night life. 

Hertz Car Rental Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Discount Hertz Rental Cars is one of the most trusted names in the rental car business and they have maintained a great reputation because they know how to treat their clients. They know that when you want to take a vacation to a place like Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, that you would want a quality and safe rental vehicle at the best price that is possible. When you use, you can get great Hertz Rental Car coupons that will get you the best deals while you are in Cabo San Lucas. Be sure that you use Hertz Discounts when you want the very best rental car on your next vacation.

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  • Cabo Submarine
    Cabo SubmarineBaja’s waters, called “the Aquarium of the World” by Jacques Cousteau, are worth taking a dive for a deeper look. Thanks to Cabo Submarine, you won’t have to get wet to see the whimsical sights of undersea life from the unimaginable colors of tropical fish to the variety of life that ranges from varieties of fish to indescribable landscapes containing coral and sea plants. The Cabo Submarine measures 60 ft in length and can hold up to 49 passengers at one time. Classified as a Semi Submersible Yellow Submarine meaning that the entire vessel does not travel underwater, but the lower half of the submarine is submerged 8 feet for optimum viewing of underwater life. The upper level has an ideal viewing deck for the massive and unique rock formations along Land’s End including the incredibly world famous Arch that has been photographed a plethora of times. The lower level, a comfortable and air conditioned area, offers individual seating with personal viewing portals. Cabo Submarine provides day tours as well as night tours. Although both tours visit the same locations, they are a world of differences as new life appears after dark. The unique night tours use high powered lights to brighten the surrounding area for the perfect viewing of underwater at night. Don’t forget the camera for photos of the remarkable. 

avis discount rental car Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

When you are planning for a trip to a gorgeous location like Cabo San Lucas, you need to line up a reliable discount rental car so that you can get around the town to see everything that the city has to offer and Avis discount rental cars can help you. Let and Avis help you get into a reliable rental vehicle and get out on the open road to see this beautiful city. and Avis Discount Offers can get you into a great vehicle at a most amazing price when you are in Cabo San Lucas.
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  • ATV Cactus Real Baja Tour
    ATV Cactus Real Baja TourUnlike the majority of ATV tours in Cabo San Lucas that only offer certain area touring such as beach only or desert only, the ATV Cactus Real Baja Tour allows each participant to tour both beaches and deserts as well as sightsee in the renowned and amazing locations. In short, this tour takes you everywhere so you can see it all. The trip lasts approximately 6 hours and departs from your hotel. No need to catch a cab or public transportation, you will be picked up and returned to your hotel on the day of your tour. The first half of the trip takes place through the mountains where you will visit old villages such as “La Candelaria” – a 200 year old village that is the epitome of culture and history in Mexico. You will also visit a breathtaking waterfall and the famous cliffs called “Los Paredones” that tower more than 100 feet above the ground below. It is at these cliffs that much of the movie “Troy” was filmed. On the trip back, you will stop for a quesadilla lunch and a swim in a natural water pool. From there you will travel to the amazing Mirgiño Beach that offers a 3 mile stretch of sandy beaches and sand dunes for the both perfect riding and ideal views.  

Thrifty Car Rental Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

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  • Felix’s Fine Mexican and Seafood
    Felix’s Fine Mexican and SeafoodSince 1958, this restaurant has been serving the best of Mexican and seafood that can be found in the area. They offer delicious and original creations that you will only find at Felix’s. The atmosphere is friendly, welcoming, and lively so you’ll feel part of the Mexican culture of Cabo San Lucas as you enjoy carefully prepared meals that include only the best quality ingredients. Felix’s Fine Mexican and Seafood also has the world’s largest salsa bar including 30 to 40 different types of salsa recipes to try at one time. Felix, the founder and namesake of the restaurant, travels the world in search for a new and appetizing salsa to add to the extensive list. So far, Felix supposedly has collected more than 1200 various salsa recipes. Ranging from “mild” to “whoa Nellie!” according to their patented system of determining the intensity of each, there is something tasty and even spicy for everyone. The best part is that they are all free. Make your dining experience fit any type of situation. You can have a romantic setting outside under the trees in the evening, or you can bring a group inside for some lively fun. Whoever and whatever the case, Felix’s is perfect for all.

Dollar Rent-A-Car Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas is one of the most amazing cities to visit in Mexico and when you are there, you are going to find out that there are many things to do and see and you are, so you are going to need some sort or transportation and  Dollar Coupons and Discounts can get you into a rental car at a great price. Be sure that you use rental car coupons from and Dollar discount rental cars when you decide to take a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

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  • Trainer for a Day
    Trainer for a DayHave you ever wondered what if would be like to have a career as an animal trainer – spending countless hours up close and personal with some of the most majestic creatures on earth? Have you ever wanted to bond with a rare animal that will listen and share the love with you? With the Trainer for a Day program at the Cabo Dolphin Center, you can help the professional team with training, feeding, and spending time with these inspiring and intelligent sea mammals. This is an experience for those who want to go much further than the typical dolphin encounter in which you just swim with dolphins. When you swim with dolphins, you don’t get the deep information and education on behavioral training. Spend time caring for the dolphins by feeding them, brushing their teeth, rubbing them, telling them what tricks to perform, etc. It’s such an incredible experience that there is not much like it in the world. These extremely intelligent animals who are such good friends to humans will listen to you command and work hard to gain your approval and love. As part of the adventure, you’ll receive a full lunch, uniform, an opportunity to swim with dolphins, and a DVD containing photos of your unforgettable experience.

National Rental Cars Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

When you are looking for a quality and reliable rental car while you are vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, you want to look to National Car Rentals. National has remained on of the most trusted names in the business because their courteous and professional staff can get you through the line quickly and into any car in the isle at an amazing price, so that you can spend your time and money on all of the great things that are located in and around the city. Be sure that you use and National Rental Car Coupons to save you the most amount of money in Cabo San Lucas and anywhere in the web.

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  • Day Sail Cabo
    Day Sail CaboImagine yourself on a 52 foot cruising sailboat on the coastal waters of Cabo San Lucas. Think of wonderful rock formations, colorful water, and sea animals of which you rarely get an up close and personal look. You don’t have to dream about this anymore. With Day Sail Cabo, your dream becomes reality. This sailboat charter offers private and public packages for up to 12 passengers at a time. Whether you want to spend your sailing alone with only those who are close and personal or with a group of people you don’t know but want to turn their dreams into realities also, Day Sail Cabo offers an expansive array of options for charters that will suit your needs and desires. Meals and beverages including alcohol are offered as part of the trip so that small things like hunger don’t get in the way of the many views, animals, and elements you’ll experience. The large rock formations, coves perfect for taking a swim, and the ideal snorkeling locations that offer unparalleled views of underwater life will leave you stunned by the beauty of what Cabo has to offer. Animals such as a variety of fish, dolphins, seals, and possibly whales are seen with Day Sail Cabo. You won’t want to miss this highly acclaimed excursion that many have called the highlight of their trip.