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Alamo Car Rentals Cancun, Mexico

Alamo Car Rentals offers their customers friendly customer service along with a large selection of vehicles to choose from.  Let Alamo Rental Cars help you and your family while on vacation in Cancun. With Alamo, you will get some of the best deals in the rental car business. Be sure to check out to see online discount specials.
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Cancun Intl Airport Alamo - Cancun Intl Airport
Alamo Cancun Main Office - Lot #4 at the Cancun Airport
Alamo Rental La Isla Shopping Village - Blvd Kukulcan
Alamo Cancun Condominio Salvia - Blvd Kukulcan

Things to do in Cancun

  • Interactive Aquarium in Cancun Interactive Aquarium in Cancun
    Welcomes visitors of all ages anxious to discover the natural wonders of the beautiful underwater life.  The Aquarium in Cancun is a wonderful place to spend the day with your family, discovering the several large aquariums filled with an assortment of tropical fish all brilliant in a variety of colors.  Other highlights of the Interactive Aquarium include large aquariums landscaped by beautiful coral reefs and filled with a variety of tropical marine life along with an occasional visit from a trained diver.  The Aquarium also features an Interactive Adventure where visitors are offered an up close look at starfish and rays along with an unforgettable experience to interact & swim with friendly dolphins in an oversized pool.  Another popular attraction at the Aquarium is the chance to feed the sharks from an underwater cage.  This thrilling adventure is a once in a life time experience and should not be missed by brave adventure seekers.  Visitors should not miss the bird sanctuary here you will be entertained by the Macaw parrots.  After discovering the variety of amazing aquatic wildlife visitors can enjoy a meal in one of the delicious restaurants.  The Interactive Aquarium offers it's visitors a memorable experience that should not be missed while visiting Cancun.

Budget rent a car Cancun, Mexico

Budget Rent-A-Car is one of the leading car rental businesses in the industry. Customers will begin their vacation by saving money on their  rental vehicle from Budget.  Here  visitor's experience friendly customer service and Budget Car Rentals will have you on the road in no time. Be sure to check out some great discounted deals on your next rental with Budget.
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Cancun Intl Airport Budget - Cancun Airport 
Budget Rentals Plaza Suites Terramar - Blvd Kukulkan Local 8
Cancun Budget Marriot Courtyard
- BLV Luis Donald Colosiokm

Tres Rios National Park in CancunTres Rios
Is the perfect afternoon adventure for the nature lover, you will enjoy a trip to Three Rivers nature reserve.  Nature lovers will be delighted to discover a variety of local plants and beautiful flowers along with a collection of native birds that call Three Rivers reserve their home.  Once you have taken in all the beauty around you Three Rivers offers a variety of water activities.  From Jet skiing to Canoeing and Kayaking which are among the favorites of visitors.  You will also find several locations throughout the reserve perfect for snorkeling.  Other highlights of Three Rivers include several natural hiking trails waiting for hikers to discover the natural beauty that surrounds you.  Another fantastic way to see Three Rivers is by horseback riding, visitors of all ages will have a blast.   No matter how you choose to explore Tres Rios you will be amazed by all that surrounds you from the tropical rainforests, mangroves and swamps.  These tropical rainforests are home to a variety of over 100 exotic animal species.   Visitors should bring an underwater camera along there are several fantastic opportunities to snorkel off the coast and experience the ever changing coral reefs filled with amazing aquatic life.  Your whole family will love visiting  Tres Rios natural park there are over 150 acres to explore at your own pace.

Local Restaurants in Cancun, Mexico
  • Carlos'n Charlies
    Offers authentic Mexican food along with chilled and delicious Margaritas.  This Family friendly restaurant offers a laid back, casual atmosphere where guests are entertained as the wait staff dances on chairs, perform comical skits, sing and much more.  The wait staff work together as a team to provide a memorable experience.  Carlos'n Charlies has been a favorite restaurant in Cancun for years all first time visitors should not miss this unique dining experience.  The menu offers a variety of delicious items from starters, soups & salads, pasta dishes, fresh seafood including a variety of Oyster selections, BBQ Ribs & other BBQ dishes, Angus Beef and an assortment of Authentic Mexican dishes.  The menu offers a large selection of tasty offerings everyone in your group will have plenty to choose from.

  • Senor Frog's
    Serves up some delicious food along with fantastic entertainment.  Weather you are stopping in for lunch or dinner Senor Frog's serves up tasty cocktails & must have shots (two requirements when you are on vacation.)  The wait staff provides all  the entertainment from drinking shots with customer, sitting next to goofy props and wearing  funny name tags.  Senor Frog's hosts  a variety of challenging yet comical contests such as beer drinking contests on stage.  In addition to many other fun activities, there is a waterslide that runs through the club and out into the water from the beach.  So chances are if you are participating in a contest and you loose, you will taking a trip down the slide.  This is hilarious to watch !!!!!  Senor Frog's provides an exciting & fun atmosphere offering adults tons of  laughs along with plenty of shots.  Senor Frog's is a must when you are visiting Cancun.

Authentic Mexican Cusine
Senor Frogs in Cancun

National Rental Cars Cancun, Mexico

National car rentals can get you out and on the road in no time at all. In fact, National's expert staff along with quality vehicles will make your vacation that much more enjoyable. Save money today when you make your reservations with National Car Rental, by logging on to our new web site offering you great savings with your  National Rental Car Coupons.

Cancun Intl Airport National  - Airport Terminal Counter
National La Isla Shopping Village - Blvd Kukulkan

  • El Garrafon National ParkEl Garrafon National Park Cancun
    Is home to some of the best coral reefs in Cancun.  The coral reefs are located just off the island of El Garrafon National Park.  This is one of the most popular tourist destinations for discovering the amazing underwater world.  Visitors wanting to snorkel or dive will be delighted to discover amazing reefs in warm, shallow waters full of bright colored, exotic, tropical fish.  Visitors will be amazed as they explore the underwater world.  For the more experienced divers head over to Manchones here you can dive along one of the largest reefs in the Caribbean.  This will leave divers speechless from the natural beauty of the coral reefs along with the bright colored tropical fish.  This popular island is a favorite nesting location for several varieties of birds.  A Visit to El Garrafon National Park is a must for some of the best snorkeling in Cancun.


avis discount rental car Cancun, Mexico

Avis Rental Car offers it's customer a large selection of vehicles to choose from along with several convenient locations.  Making pick up and drop hassle free, car rental has never been easier.  Save money today and log on to our easy to navigate web site and see the great deals  Avis Offers.
Avis Discounts

Cancun Intl Airport Avis  - Cancun Airport
Avis Car Rentals Cancun  Plaza Mayafair - Blvd Kukulkan
Avis Rentals Cancun Palace - Blvd Jukulkan
Cancun Avis Hotel Dreams - Blvd Kukulkan

  • Cave of The Sleeping SharksCave of  The Sleeping Sharks Cancun
    Offers visitors a unique and rare experience viewing sharks as they lay on the ocean floor perfectly still.  This is one of natures strange phenomenon ever witnessed before.  Cave of the Sleeping Sharks is located thirty minutes off the coast of Cancun.  Visitors wanting to witness this amazing phenomenon should visit the Cave of The Sleeping Sharks.  Scientifically speaking sharks need constant motion in order to breathe however, located seventy feet below the ocean's surface inside This unusual cave the sharks remain perfectly still (how amazing !!!!).  The phenomenon occurs from the fresh water bubbles that are emerging from underwater natural springs.  These bubbles oxygenate the sharks, which allows them to lay motionless on the ocean floor.  Wow what an awesome experience, visitors should not miss out on this once in a life time phenomenon.

Thrifty Car Cancun, Mexico

 Thrifty Car Rental is a well known name in the rental car community for several years. With Thrifty Car Rental, our customers will receive the best customer service form our staff along with top quality vehicles to choose from. You can't beat a great deal from one of the most recognized  name in the business.

Cancun Intl Airport Thrifty - Cancun Airport Terminal
Thrifty Car Rental Westin - Westin Regina Blvd Kukulcan

  • Beaches in Cancun  Beaches in Cancun
    Welcome visitors from around the world, this is the number one attraction for tourists all wanting to experience the powder fine, white sand along with the brilliant, crystal clear, turquoise waters.  The beaches are the perfect location for family fun in the sun or romantic walks along the beach.  Visitors favorite beaches include Tortuga Beach- here you can experience calm and shallow waters this would be a good place to do some snorkeling.  Tortuga Beach is located in front of the pier this is a good location for families and there is even a platform for bungee jumping. Caracol Beach-offers warm, shallow tropical waters ideal for swimming and beginner snorkelers.  Kids will enjoy the calm waters of Caracol Beach this is a fabulous place for water-skiing.  All the beaches in Cancun are world famous for their pristine white sand and warm Caribbean waters full of vibrant colors make Cancun beaches a must on your visit.

Dollar Rent-A-Car Cancun

At Dollar Rent-A-Car, visitors are greeted by friendly staff members waiting to assist you with your rental car.  Here at Dollar our customers  get a reliable vehicle at a discounted price. With a name like Dollar, you know that you are going to get an awesome deal on a quality vehicle.  Dollar Rent A Car will make your vacation easy and hassle free.

Cancun Intl Airport Dollar Car Rental -Inside Airport Terminal

  • El Rey Maya RuinsEl Rey Maya Ruins Cancun
    Welcomes visitors who are interested in discovering Mayan ruins.  Here visitors can see portions of pyramid stumps where once temples were built.  Over fifty tombs were discovered here long ago.  The El Rey Maya Ruins are located near the southern end of the island, across from Playa Delfines.  These ancient structures included plazas surrounded by several buildings and long extended platforms connected by a long pathway.  The Ruins are named after the skeletal remains that were uncovered are thought to possibly be the former Mayan King.  These structures have existed from the 10th century AD until the beginning of the 16th century AD.  Be sure you have your camera with you to capture the ancient Mayan Ruins.

Hertz Car Rental Cancun and Hertz Rental Car have partnered together to offer their customer's great deals in the car rental business. Hertz Discounts offers you some of the best deals while you are visiting Cancun. offers all the information you need to reserve your car rental quick and hassle free.

Cancun Intl Airport Hertz - Airport Terminal
Hertz Rental in Cancun- Pino Suarez SN SM 23 Lot 1
Hertz Cancun Convention Center- Blvd Kukulcan Zona Hotelera
Captains Cove Hertz Car Rental- Blvd Kukucam KM17