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Things to do in Cape May

  • The Cape May County Historical and Genealogical Society Cape May County Historical and Genealogical Society Cape May, New Jersey
    The Cape May County historical and genealogical society started in 1927, and opened the museum in 1930 to preserve the history of the Cape for future generations and their education with this diverse museum set in the house of the Cresse-Holmes families. Research began in 2005, by Joan Berkey, a historical preservation consultant to discover the history behind the house that served as the society's museum; which at the time was called the John Holmes House. It was discovered that the home was built in parts, with the kitchen section constructed in 1704, by John Cresse, son of Arthur, who had purchased the land in 1695. The main part of the house, all 2.5 stories, couldn't have been built by John since he passed in 1791, and the nails that were used for this construction weren't manufactured until after 1828. It was noticed that the interior mantels, and other various woodworks, including some exterior details, were the same as other houses in the region that were built between 1825, and 1835. After looking through some letters she found that the last living relative had been Emma Holmes, during the 1930s, and that her grandfather, Robert Morris Holmes had torn down the house that John had built and this house had been rebuilt by the Fosters, son and father, that lived in the area, and had been constructed about 1830. The museum houses many varied and expansive displays that contain costumes, furniture, tools, decorative and practical items from the 17th to the 20th centuries. There are period rooms that include the 18th century kitchen and bedroom with sampler collection, the Victorian sitting room and the pre-1820 dining room. There is a doctor's room that has certain surgical instruments and devices, as well as the military room that exhibits such marvelous relics as swords, uniforms, guns and other collectibles from the Revolutionary War period to the Gulf War. There is also a vintage 1800s barn with numerous carriages that include a peddler's wagon, stage coach and excellently restored doctor's carriage, or sulky as they were called back in those days. There is even a Native American room with an expansive number of shells, tools and arrowheads of the Lenni-Lenape tribe, and the museum contains the original Fresnel lens that was used in the 1859 Cape May Point Lighthouse, along with other maritime and whaling displays.  There is a lot more history to discover at this wonderful museum/house, with particularly interesting facts about the construction methods used in the house, in the county and in that period of time during our early history. When you travel to the area, be sure to check it all out and you will be pleasantly surprised what information can be uncovered with slow methodical ways.

  • Salt Marsh Safari-The Skimmer
    Touting themselves as the premier wildlife tour in Cape May, the Salt Marsh Safari, takes you into the coastal salt marshes of the inlet, that informs you about the fish, natural history, marine mammals, crustaceans, shellfish, tidal flows and bird life in Cape May, New Jersey. The company has a 40 foot craft that is called the Skimmer, and invites you to explore and discover the Cape May Coastal Wetlands Wildlife Management Area where the thickest population of ospreys in the state exist, as well as the nests of these marvelous birds of prey. There are numerous magnificent natural spots along the waterway, that allow you to enjoy the beauty of the coastal wetlands, as well as all the special birds that live or migrate here for the summer. You will see wonderful birds like the laughing gull, herons, and more. The Skimmer is a US Coast Guard certified cruise vessel, with twin hull pontoon design that allows for smooth cruising and a very stable platform to view all the spectacular sights of nature that live and thrive in this area. The ship can navigate through water as shallow as two feet, and little possibility of sea sickness. There is a covering over the entire vessel that will protect you from rain and sunshine, and a restroom is available. It is partly handicapped accessible, with great help from the captain and crew. All the excursions are narrated, making the trip even more enjoyable as you will learn about the history and other stories that abound in this area, with numerous schedules to meet your needs. It is an exciting time and ride, full of interesting sights, sounds and smells, with excellent stories to help make the ride full of interest. If you are in the Cape May area and would like to enjoy the salt marshes, like no other way, then this is the best possible means to discover all the fantastic birds and animals that live in the marshy regions.

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  • Emlen Physick EstateEmlen Physick Estate Cape May, New Jersey
    The Emlen Physick Estate is now a Victorian house museum that sits in Cape May, New Jersey, on Washington Street and constructed in 1879 for Doctor Emlen Physick Jr. The 18 room mansion was designed by well known and recognized American architect, Frank Furness, who built the magnificent house for the doctor, who was a descendant of a renown Philadelphia family, that included his widowed mother, Mrs. Ralston and maiden aunt Emilie. The mansion is tied to the Furness's Knowlton Mansion in northeast Philly, and this house is one of the best examples of Stick style architecture in the nation. The exterior is recognized for the Furness trademark oversized features, that include the hooded jerkin-head dormers, enormous upside-down corbelled chimneys and large stick like brackets on the porch. There are numerous pieces of the original furnishings inside, exhibited throughout the house. In 1970, the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts (MAC) was created to save the house that faced a wrecking ball, and it is now a Victorian historic house museum. When the house was completed, Emlen, his mother and aunt moved into the house, since Emlen would never marry. His grandfather, Dr. Philip Syng Physick had been thought of as the father of American surgery and had been the inventor of many surgical procedures and instruments that are in use today. Emlen did graduate from medical school, but never practiced medicine, preferring to become a gentleman farmer, owing two tenant farms, as well as raising livestock on his estate. He purchased and sold many pieces of real estate in the region, and became active in the local happenings by giving his opinions at the cit council meetings held in the town. Their distinguished house showcases the changing tastes of the family, and the kind of lifestyle that became a part of the Victorian period in this country. The museum has introduced a new exhibit for this year, called "HERstory", that looks at the changing roles of women during that era, that encouraged them to become elegant flowers needing constant attention and protection while they lounged in their parlors. And this attitude would spur the first Women's movement in this country that is shown in the new exhibit.

  •  Cape May Carriage Company
    The Cape May Carriage Company became part of the Victorian era of Cape May, New Jersey in 1983, giving tourists and residents the opportunity to enjoy the beauty and enchantment of sitting in a stylish carriage from another time and letting the horse take you on a historical journey through the city, all the while with you sitting back and enjoying the weather, the sounds of the hoofs clattering on the pavement. You will learn about the numerous historical buildings that are here, as well as the stories that lie behind the scenes and usually aren't known by most people, only those guides and storytellers that make sure they have enough of a repertoire to be meaningful. All tours are a half hour, with reservation needed, and if you should need blankets, they are available. They have different sizes of carriages, so that up to eight can ride together, and two children if possible. The horses used are well cared for and maintained, as well as the carriages that you ride in. The owner, Beverly Carr takes great pride in her horses, all twenty of them, that included Belgium, Draft, Percheron and cross breeds, and they stay at her ranch when not working; that way she can indulge them in bubble baths, which they love, and it is an exciting time at the ranch during these events. In 2001, Beverly and "Bob", her one of her favorites, were honored enough to be in the inaugural parade of President George W. Bush.

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Local Restaurants in Cape May
  • Oyster Bay Steak & Seafood
    Oyster Bay Steak & Seafood has been completely renovated with new ambiance and romantic settings that will encourage you to enjoy your favorite cocktails and wines in their new intimate bar and lounge. Appetizer are; shrimp cocktail, lobster and crab crostini, oysters Rockefeller, clams casino, fried tomatoes with crabmeat, fried calamari, and asparagus Milanese. Their seafood entrees include; fish du jour, coconut shrimp is jumbo shrimp coated with shredded coconut and fried, served with plum dipping sauce; cold water lobster tail is 8 oz. tail steamed and served with drawn butter; crab cakes are home made creamy blend with jumbo lump crabmeat, deep fried and topped with hollandaise sauce; stuffed shrimp and scallops is shrimp stuffed with crab imperial and broiled scallops, served over sweet red pepper polenta cake; Cajun seafood pasta is lightly spiced shrimp, scallops, calms, mussels and diced tomatoes, sautéed in natural seafood broth, served over linguini; New England clambake is with a 1.25 pound lobster, shrimp, scallops and clams steamed in herbed butter; seafood pescatore is shrimp, scallops, jumbo lump crabmeat sautéed in garlic butter with fresh tomatoes and white wine served over steaming linguini.  Meat entrees include; London broil is marinated flank steak, broiled & sliced, served over portabella mushroom stuffed with bleu cheese & chives flavored warm potato salad; veal San Marco is tender medallions of veal, breaded & pan-fried, topped with marinated tomatoes and melted fontina cheese; NY strip steak au poivre is pepper crusted strip steak, served with brandied peppercorn boursin demi-glaze; crab key chicken is boneless breast of chicken, sautéed in wine, lemon & butter, topped with jumbo lump crabmeat & glazed with key lime hollandaise; bone-in rib eye is flamed broiled, basted with orange chipotle glaze, served with caramelized onions; chicken & shrimp cavatelli is boneless breast of chicken, jumbo shrimp, broccoli & red roasted peppers, sautéed in tomato-blushed pepper vodka sauce; filet mignon & shrimp is flame broiled center-cut filet, topped with jumbo lump crabmeat, served with béarnaise sauce.

  • Blue Pig Tavern
    Menu highlights include; tavern house salad is tossed greens, cucumber, tomato and carrot; Cape May clam chowder with smoked bacon and thyme crock; sun-dried tomato & goat cheese tart with baby spinach, pickled red onion and spiced pecans, cornmeal crusted Louisiana oysters with smoked tomato cocktail sauce and mixed green salad; Blue pig fish and chips is beer battered local fish and homemade coleslaw; grilled portabello mushroom lasagna with red pepper, summer squash and fresh mozzarella; pan-seared salmon filet served over creamy coconut rice and grilled pineapple; cider-braised New Zealand and lamb shank with veal demi-glace, roasted baby veggies and apple-cranberry relish; steak Diane is 12 oz. NY steak with button mushrooms and asparagus; crab cakes are all lump crab cakes with lemon beurre blanc, roasted veggie and basmati rice; baked macaroni and cheese with stewed tomatoes; applewood smoked chicken breast with sweet chili glaze and fresh wasabi mashed potatoes; seafood sizzler is fresh Cape May shellfish sauté, garlic, chives and white wine; roast duckling with dried cherry-pear compote, wild and white rice pilaf.

Coconut Shrimp Oyster Bay Steak & Seafood Cape May, New Jersey


Cajun Seafood Pasta Oyster Bay Steak & Seafood Cape May, New Jersey


Filet & Shrimp Oyster Bay Steak & Seafood Cape May, New Jersey

 NY Steak Blue Pig Tavern Cape May, New Jersey

Seafood Sizzler Blue Pig Tavern Cape May, New Jersey

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  • Cape May Lighthouse Cape May Lighthouse Cape May, New Jersey
    The Cape May Lighthouse is located in New Jersey, at the tip of Cape May, in the state park that is found in the town of Cape May Point. It was constructed in 1859, and then updated in 1946, still operating today. This is the third documented lighthouse that has been constructed at the cape, the first coming in 1823, and the second in 1847. The locale of the first two are now underwater because of erosion, and there are 199 steps to the top of this awesome lighthouse. You can see Cape May City and Wildwood from the top, with the point to the south and on a really clear day, Cape Henlopen, Delaware on the western horizon. It is owned by the state, and it got a transfer from the Coast Guard in 1992, although they still take care of it as an active aid to the maritime navigation problems. The state leases the site to the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts (MAC), which raises money for the restoration and maintenance of the lighthouse, and lets visitors go to the top. Going up the stairs, visitors are enlightened with many displays about the history of the light, its former keepers and the rest of the maritime history that has occurred on the Jersey cape. The tower is 157 feet and 6 inches high, with the 199 spiral cast iron steps going all the way to the top and platform. It contains two separate walls, with the exterior wall being 3 feet and 10 inches thick at the base, going up to 1 foot and 6 inches at the top. The interior wall is cylinder with 8.5 inch thick walls that support the staircase, since they were designed to withstand winds of more than hurricane strength.

  • Cape May Winery
    The Cape May winery has continued to grow over the past two decades, so that it now produces some of the finest and most distinguished wines in south Jersey. The vineyard contains four different vineyards, that spread across 150 acres that allows the owners to grow 16 various varieties of grapes, and through the years the vineyard has been able to attract many visitors and is considered one of the top attractions in the region now. Folks are invited to visit the farm and visit one of their three tasting rooms, relax on their comfortable deck, and serenely watch the grapes grow with the many beautiful views available from there. You are invited to take a tour of the vineyards, where the novice and learned wine drinkers will learn about the grapes, and how they are bottled, and then aged. You are able to see the entire operation from behind the scenes, walk along the pathways in the vineyards, and then try out one of the newest wines from their kegs, allowing you to become knowledgeable about the business of making wine from grapes to the bottle. This is a premium growing area, and the sandy soil and mild climate are perfect for these grapes to mature and then head to the winemaking process. Their line includes whites and reds that span from dry to sweet, with their main focus being on the viniferous grapes that include the marvelous cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay, cabernet franc, Riesling, merlot and pinot grigio, either the dry or sweet, with appeal to all kinds of wine drinkers. The signature wine is their barrel fermented chardonnay that is aged in French and American oak barrels for 16 months, with that soft buttery flavor of vanilla readying the palette for that first taste that is finished with a crisp dry fruitiness that is the pleasure of all wine connoisseurs. Their main goal is to find a wine for everyone, producing more than 20 varieties and when you take a taste, their professional wine associates will guide you to the perfect taste for your palette. They encourage numerous tastings as people's tastes change over time and you may have overlooked a wine that now is quite pleasing to your palette, so come by and give them a full day to see if you enjoy wine and winemaking as much as they do.

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  • East Coast ParasailEast Coast Parasail Cape May, New Jersey
    East Coast parasailing, the best in parasailing, the best sights in the cape, and the best way to enjoy a beautiful sunny day at the beach in Cape May, New Jersey. The company's boats leave every hours and a half starting at 8 AM. and continuing to sunset, every day from Memorial Day to Labor Day, after which the boats will run on the weekends only, but be ware, the space is limited, so reservations are always recommended, with group rates available for parties of six or more so this is the best deal for a family that is looking to try this marvelous experience out for size. Their early morning 8 AM sailing offers a wonderful $15 discount, and they would like a credit card to save your reservations to take part in the safe, easy, exciting world class parasailing that anyone can do. They are US Coast Guard licensed captains, that are specialized in parasailing, so that all you have to do is just hook-up and relax, and leave the driving to them as the old saying goes. They have single or tandem flights, a dry take off or otherwise, with a landing from the boat, without extra charges for dipping or water walking. You will be flying high above the Jersey shore at about 500 feet, so be ready for some of the most amazing sights you have never seen. The company offers discounted rates for jet ski and parasail packages, if you really want to make a day at the beach a memory to last forever. The boats are USCG safety inspected, and the company has a 100% safety record, with plenty of free parking for you and the monstrous RV you been driving all over looking to park and relax for a while. They are located at the base of a major bridge so that they are easy to find, and invite you to come soon; as the summer is just about to start with a big bang. Many folks see dolphins swimming in the bay, which is a special treat for those people parasailing in the skies above them, and you always have the choice of getting wet or staying dry. Parasailing is a spectacular experience and one that you will remember forever, so if you are in the neighborhood, be sure to bring the family in for a once in a lifetime experience and adventure!

  • Cape May Whale Watch & Research CenterHumpback Whale Cape May Whale Watch & Research Center Cape May, New Jersey
    The M/V Whale Watcher is a huge 80 foot new long boat that was specifically designed for non-obtrusive, up close sights of whales and dolphins; and is the smoothest, most stable marine observation ship on the east coast. She is the most perfect platform to enjoy creative photography and beautiful videos, with high speed capability, as well as the center's strategic location and whale finding experience that will insure to give that extra edge that almost guarantees a whaling trip that you will never forget. The Cape May Whale Watch & Research Center began in 1987, after numerous requests were made by the media and various other organizations that were interested in getting more information about the marine mammal behavior. The center's goal is to monitor the many types of species that swim in the area and desiring to learn about the feeding, breeding and migration habits; and started the entire phenomenon of whale & dolphin watching on the New Jersey coastline and is the only research facility in the state that allows public participation in their vessels at sea. The center has one of the best and significant whale and marine mammal migratory tracking systems on the eastern seaboard, keeping a continuous contact with their fleet of commercial fishing vessels with space-age electronics and state-of-the-art technology; so that the company is always aware of where the whales or dolphins are located. A maximum of 150 passengers are allowed to travel with their naturalists so that each person is given ample time to learn as much as possible about the adventure, which although lasting only a few hours, will last a lifetime in your memories. The center is so sure that you will see whales or dolphins that if you don't by some weird happening or occurrence, then you can take another trip.

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  • Nature Center of Cape MayNature Center of Cape May, New Jersey
    The Nature Center of Cape May, New Jersey, started in 1992, with the double goals of making a responsible stewardship program for the open space that encompasses the Cape May harbor and also giving environmental education for folks of all ages, concentrating on hands-on activities that will reflect a philosophy of individual responsibility for that education. It was adopted by the New Jersey Audubon Society in 1995, as one of the nine staffed nature centers in the state, with an environmental education campus on the shores of Cape May, that includes the Truckess Welcome Center, three classrooms, three-story observation tower, small gift shop, indoor observation lounge, and multiple themed exhibit gardens. The harbor and the areas surrounding it provide a natural classroom that are always used in their programs; close to the diverse habitats, which are also incorporated into their programs. The center offers a full schedule of natural history programs for the public all during the year, with a wide variety of group educational programs as well, at the center of Cape May or at other sites like the outdoor habitats, clubs or schools. The amount of programs available are marvelous, with summer intern programs for teens that include; potential junior intern, junior intern parent or junior intern; school programs for groups that provide environmental experiences for students, as well as scout programs that incorporate many of their programs into merit badge requirements like plants, outdoor surroundings, wildlife, all about birds from shore to sea, ecology, water drop patch, eco-explorer and earth & sky. The Cape May center offers a complete schedule of field investigations and outreach/lab activities for schools or groups with many natural history programs through the year. The center has great programs that are set up in modules that can be adapted to the age or developmental level, with the student performances cross-referenced to the NJ core curriculum content standards.

  • Cape Kayaks
    Another excellent way to explore the salt marshes around Cape May, New Jersey is by kayak; allowing you to paddle at your own pace through the pristine waters of this marsh, exploring the natural habitats with an experienced guide that will show you the many types of birds and migratory birds that come here for a while, as well as the indigenous species that live and thrive here, all year long. If you prefer to go it alone, that isn't a problem as you can travel through the area on your own, taking your own time and looking at all the flora and fauna that might interest you or your camera. Cape Kayaks is a family business located in the harbor area, with direct access to the salt marshes and serene estuaries that flow through the marsh. They offer daily nature tours that are guided by experienced biologists and friendly naturalists, giving both newcomers and seasoned kayakers that same kind of adventures and information to have a great day. The mission of this company is to provide you with the best fun and exciting times so that you won't ever forget, and you'll tell all your family and friends about this wonderful trip through the salt marshes of Cape May. And when you get hungry, the marina has a marvelous seafood market, where you can look over the fresh catch and pick out your own shrimp, stone crab claws, clams, soft shell crabs, oysters, salmon, oysters or tuna; then have them cook it for you to sit at the dock of the bay and enjoy the magnificent views and scenery that abounds here at Cape May. You can make reservations, which is highly recommended, so that you won't have any wait time, and to make sure that you have all the necessary items you will need to bring with you to have the best time ever. These could include; clothes that can get wet, towel, change of clothes, sunscreen, hat/sunglasses, water and snacks, and a camera to be sure. Some of the beautiful sights or critters that you might see in the marsh include; horseshoe crabs, osprey, blue claw crabs, egrets, fiddler crabs, herons and bald eagles. The guided tours will last anywhere from 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on the tides, and another excellent time might be at night, with the sun setting or the full moon rising, with a coupon on the site to save you an additional $5.

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  • Historic Cold Spring VillageHistoric Cold Spring Village Cape May, New Jersey
    The historic Cold Spring village is an early American open-air living history museum that brings to life, the day-to-day activities of this village with in costume guides living in the days of south Jersey in the days of homespun activities and during the years 1790 to 1840. Here you can travel back to yesterday, when people made all their own necessities, since the nearest store might a couple of days walk away, and most people didn't have much money to spend on those store bought goods. On the 22 acre village, you will learn about the connection between then and now with interactive, educational and hands-on activities that will help you understand the many advances and changes that have been achieved over the centuries, strolling among the 26 renovated historical buildings, listening to the period clothed interpreters, that will help you learn about that time, with their trades, crafts, lifestyles and problems, with your children enjoying all the various activities that they can partake in and learn. Every thing that is made here can be bought at the gift shop, including pottery of bowls, containers and mugs, ironware like horseshoes, broomholders and hooks, brooms like the whisk and witches, as well as sweet candy, homemade jams and jellies, treats, wooden toys and much more. Some of the marvelous old buildings that have been brought here include; the Marshallville one-room school house, the Dennisville Inn, the Spicer Learning house, the country store, and so many more.

  • Cape May National Golf Club
    The Cape May National Golf Club is considered to be one of the most natural golf courses that has ever been created, since it is surrounded by a 50 acre private bird sanctuary incorporating the natural obstacles into their beautiful course. The Cape May Country Club opened in the latter years of the 19th century, and is set in one of the east coast's best seaside environments, in Cape May, New Jersey. The club is the proud home of 2 pairs of nesting black-crowned night herons within the state that contains 9 altogether. While the club is fortunate to have the professional abilities of their instructor, John Applegate, they are considered to be even more charmed with the auspicious abilities of their professional emeritus, Skee Riegel, who is one of the finest pros around. Skee has a grand history of golf titles that go back into the 1940s; beginning with his win as the Trans-Mississippi Champion of 1946, then off to St. Andrews in Scotland walking away with the Walker Cup Champion, undefeated in 1947, also playing in 16 Bing Crosby Invitationals, winning the US Amateur Championship in 1947 at Pebble Beach, California. His record flows onward with the Pinehurst #2 in North Carolina winning the North-South Open in 1949, as the low amateur, played in 11 Masters Tournaments at the Augusta National, Georgia, being the low amateur in 1948 and then coming in second behind Ben Hogan in 1951. Playing at Winged Foot, New York, Blatusrol, New Jersey, Witchita Country Club in Kansas, Oakland Hills, Michigan, Merion, Pennsylvania, the PGA National in Florida, Carnoustie, Scotland, Congressional, Washington, DC. and many more. He is a true golfing legend and the club is so happy that he has decided to reside here and help those of us duffers that can always use more good advice on techniques and play. The course at the Cape May National is a 6,900 yard 18 hole, par 71 course that has some really interesting holes, that will bring the best or the worst out in every player that comes here. The pro shop is fully equipped with anything you could possibly need, but preferring to specialize in Callaway, Titlest and Srixon. They can repair or fit clubs, as well as carrying all the necessities to make your play at the Cape May National Golf Club the best adventure you have had in a long time. The scenery is so natural and serene that you will almost forget that you are playing on a championship course, without any houses or other noisome distractions that will keep you from getting your best score ever, with many opportunities to show off your style and expertise; and if you haven't developed that yet, then this is the perfect course to begin doing that. Come and enjoy a memorable day at the Cape May National Golf Club and see what the better half lives like.

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