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Cincinnati Airport - 3230 South Loomis Road

Things to do in Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Hall
Cincinnati Museum Center at Union HallWhen you come to the Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Hall, you are taking the time to have a great day of education and learning. This wonderful center includes 5 attractions which include Union Terminal, the Omnimax Theater, Cincinnati History Museum, Duke Energy Children's Museum, and the Museum of Natural History & Science. Union Terminal is the building which makes up the museum center, but has some significance in the Cincinnati community on its own. It was originally the Union Terminal Train Station, built in 1933 and named a National Historic Landmark in 1977. The American Institute of Architects credited Union Terminal as being in the top 50 most architecturally significant structures in the United States. Inside the beautiful Union Terminal you'll find the Robert D. Linder Family Omnimax Theater, equipped with an amazing sound system and 72 foot tilted dome screen. This massive screen is 5 stories in height and provides an unforgettable movie viewing experience for constantly updated new features. You'll feel like you're sucked into the presentation through amazing sound and video quality! The Cincinnati History Museum takes visitors back to the early years of the fine city dating back to the late 1800's. It uses a combination of models, displays, and live costumed interpreters playing the roles of various inhabitants of the city. Here you will find early settlers, dock workers, a steam boat captain, a print setter, and a World War II era wife. All these individuals are packed with knowledge about the times so ask away and they'll be glad to fill you in. Ranked in the top ten of children's museums in the United States, Duke Energy Children's Museum is an exciting place for children of all ages to find great interactive exhibits featuring 1,800 hours of entertainment in areas including science, culture, art, and more! Give your children a great experience in learning in this wonderful atmosphere. Experience the wonders of our planet in the fascinating environment at the Museum of Natural History and Science. Here you'll find interactive and informative exhibits featuring the human body, the ice age circa 19,000 years ago, and so much more! This wonderful building packs a plethora of information and knowledge all into one fun filled area. Make your travel plans and come out for a visit!

Cincinnati Art Museum
Cincinnati Art MuseumCome and admire over 60,000 pieces of world art from as far back as 6,000 years ago at the Cincinnati Art Museum. Find art from ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, the Far East, Native America, and Africa all in one building with an amazing collection of paintings from 19th and 20th century European artists. There are also famous American pieces completing the cycle of worldly fine paintings and sculptures. The Cincinnati Art Museum has also been ranked 'Top Art Museum for Families'by Parenting Magazine for all the wonderful events and interactive exhibits they offer. You'll also find a local flair in the collection with paintings displayed from Cincinnati's Golden Age circa 1830-1900. The Cincinnati Art Museum also holds a fine collection of pottery, hand carved furniture, costumes, folk art, ceramics, and glass pieces from various time periods and cultures. The museum's collection is extremely extensive and offers an in depth view on the art through the ages, with guided tours and educational activities to boot! Along with the permanent collection housed at this phenomenal museum, you'll find every changing temporary exhibits and special events featuring local art and other interesting pieces on tour. Make your way to the Cincinnati Art Museum and spend the day admiring the many wonderful pieces of art displayed. Bring the family and enjoy free admission! Donations are always grateful of course.

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Cincinnati Budget Rental - Galbraith - 465 E. Galbraith Rd. 
Budget Car Rental Cincinnati - 8647 Colerain Ave.
Budget Rental Cars in Cincinnati
- 8008 Hosebrook Rd.
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Ozone Zipline Adventures
Ozone Zipline Tours - Cincinnati, OhioZip lining is an amazing adventure that takes you through the canopies of the tree line of forests all over the tropics and many other areas of the world. Ozone brings that experience to the States right in the Little Miami Valley, a major state park area of Warren County in Ohio. Zip down nearly 2 miles of line, walk across high suspension bridges, and admire the scenery all around you as you move from perch to perch with your friends or family and guides. See all sorts of wonderful nature as you coast along the safety lines which connect huge trees together to create a maze of excitement and adventure. The tour lasts approximately 3 hours long and is hosted by YMCA Camp Kern. As you zip 150 ft above the ground, you'll witness everything from fossils from the Ice Age to even Native American sites, preserved for educational and cultural resources. There are a few different tour options which range from 3 to 4.5 hours with a climb to the top of a 45 foot central tower. The riders then zip from the central location to other platforms and are then allowed to cross sky-bridges from canopy to canopy. Ozone Zipline Tours are a great ecological adventure that is great for the whole family, willing to get up in the trees and soar from tree to tree like in a movie! Riders should not be afraid because each rider is suited up with full safety gear. Riders will slowly be introduced to the zipline experience with lower rides. The rides progress to higher levels as you go through the course. If at any time a rider doesn't want to continue, there are stairways that lead down to ground level. Riders must be at least 10 years old and weight 80 lbs. Riders cannot weight over 260 lbs. to ride either.

 CoCo Key Water Resort
CoCo Key Water Resort - Cincinnati, OhioImagine being able to travel down the road from your home or hotel to find that the Florida Keys now exists in your back yard. Well CoCo Key Water Resort brings the Keys to you with an indoor water extravaganza! Once you enter, you realize that it is a constant 84 degrees inside, and it's always sunny! Just think of all the fun you and your children could have swimming around having a grand old time in lazy rivers, waterslides, and pools in the middle of any season! This excellent break from the Northern cold boasts 50,000 sq. ft. of indoor water fun at a great price. Take advantage of many rides like the Shark Slam, Barracuda Blast, and Penguin Plunge which make up some of the raft and body slides. Other signature excitement driven rides and slides include Parrot's Perch Play Structure and Coconut Grove Adventure River. Parrot's Perch is a giant water park inside of the water park, equipped with water cannons, slides, and giant buckets dumping copious amounts of water on the little ones, specifically; it is designated for younger children. Coconut Grove Adventure River is a tube ride lazy river that takes you around the facility splashing its unsuspecting patrons with plenty of water surprises. There are numerous special events throughout the year giving you extra savings and extra fun things to do out of the ordinary at CoCo Key Water Resort like 'Back to School Splash' and others. At CoCo Key Water Resort, you can play for the day or set up overnight packages which give you plenty of time to play and a place to stay, all in one booking! You can book directly on the site with plenty of lodging options and prices. Have your child's birthday party at CoCo Key Water Resort; it's the perfect place to get all their friends together and celebrate!

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Enterprise Rental Car in Cincinnati - 3559 Springdale Rd
Cincinnati Enterprise Rent a Car - 262 Wilmer Ave.
Cincinnati Ohio Pike Enterpirse - 825 Ohio Pike
Cincinnati Enterprise - Northland - 169 Northland Blvd.
Enterprise Rent a Car in Cincinnati - 8874 Colerain Ave.

Local Restaurants in Cincinnati, Ohio

The Cincinnati, Ohio Inn
Labeled one of America's top 25 restaurants by Playboy Magazine, Jeff Ruby's 'The Precinct' restaurant brings flair and style to your dinner table along with all the freshest ingredients. This wonderful culinary powerhouse opened its doors in 1981 and has been watering the mouths of patrons with delicious steaks and other great food ever since. The restaurant is actually run out of an old police patrol house, Number 6, in Cincinnati, OH. Here you'll find rich old world style and warm and welcoming decor to fit the style of the dining experience. You may even see a celebrity or two dining at this establishment along with business men and high dollar clients all the same. Some menu items are reasonably priced; however, you will find the steaks to be quite pricey. This is because The Precinct uses the finest ingredients and best cuts of premium quality beef. Steaks range from $32.50 for cuts like the Butch Jones and the Dusty Baker to $72 for the Steak and Lobster, a signature 9oz. Filet Mignon and an 11oz lobster tail. You'll also find great wines and beverages that complete the flavor of your meal immensely, so make a stop over to Jeff Ruby's ‘The Precinct' and dine in style!

The concept of high style and interactive dining comes to life in this simply exquisite establishment located in Cincinnati, OH serving new Asian cuisine in a beautifully designed atmosphere which you will never forget. The range of options at Beluga range from small plate which range from $6 to $13 and include seasonal items, salads, appetizers and soups. The large plate items offered at Beluga range from $18 to $32 and include some of the freshest ingredients, best cuts of beef, and finest ocean catches. This Asian influenced cuisine runs the gamut of influence from Thailand to Japan including some style and flavor from Vietnam which will put you in a spin of pleasant flavor and heat, for the individuals who can handle it! You will also fine quality sushi at Beluga which pays intense detail to contemporary style. This blended with tradition really makes for an intense marriage of quality ingredients and flavor. To bring it all together, you'll have the finest wines and cocktails to choose from for before, during, and after dinner that will compliment not only the cuisine on which you dine, but also the atmosphere in the room. The crowning jewel on the entire experience, visual and edible, is the live music that plays throughout the establishment which is usually jazz during dinner. Since its avant-garde inception of a DJ during dining, the restaurant has been notable for bringing up and coming musical artists to the surface of the industry. Music playing here can and usually does include nu Brazilian, House, Modern Rock, Bossa Nova, and nu Jazz to the mix.

The Precinct - Cincinnati, OH Filet Mignon and Lobster Tail

Beluga New Asian Cuisine - Cincinnati, OH

Hertz Car Rental Cincinnati, Ohio

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Cincinnati Airport Hertz Rental Cars- 3286 Loomis Rd.
Odyssey Aviation Hertz in Cincinnati - 4700 Airport Rd.
Colerain Ave Hertz in Cincinnati - 8778 Colerain Ave.
Dana Ave Hertz Car Rentals - 1930 Dana Ave.
Eastgate Batavia Hertz in Cincinnati - 4385 Elick Ln.

King's Island
Action packed into one place could never look any better than King's Island, the Midwest power house in family entertainment. Find rides and attractions all based off of your favorite movies right in Ohio. It's like bringing Hollywood to the Midwest for everyone to enjoy. Not only will you find rides at this wonderful amusement park, you'll also find action packed shows, tons of games, great food, and entertainment. The rides at King's Island are broken up into two categories. You have thrill rides which are perfect for just about anyone willing to ride, who meet the height requirement. Aside from the thrill rides, you have family rides, which are perfect for anyone in the family! For thrill rides, you have Delirium which is a spiral ride which swings in a pendulum motion, the 230ft tall, 80 mile per hour massive rollercoaster, and a few others like Drop Tower, Firehawk, Flight Deck, Flight of Fear, Invertigo, Slingshot, The Beast, The Crypt, The Racer, Vortex, and Xtreme Skyflyer. These thrill rides are labeled with a number which explains how thrilling it is from 1 to 5. The family rides include Adventure Express, Backlot Stunt Coaster, Boo Blasters on Boo Hill, Congo Falls, Dodgem, Eiffel Tower, the Grand Carousel, K.I and Miami Valley Railroad, Monster, Scrambler, ‘Shake, Rattle & Roll', Thunder Alley, Viking Fury, White Water Canyon, and Zepher. Some of these rides have a thrill factor of 5 but they are safe for the whole family (some height requirements apply). Also added to the fun times at King's Island is Planet Snoopy. This area of the park is great for young and old, where all the rides are themed for Snoopy and all his PEANUTS friends. Here you'll find Character Carousel, Charlie Brown's Wind Up, Flying Ace Aerial Chase, Joe Cool's Dodgem School, Kite Eating Tree, Linus' Beetle Bugs, Linus' Launcher, PEANUTS 500, PEANUTS Off-Road Rally, Race for your Life Charlie Brown, Sally's Sea Plane, Snoopy vs. Red Baron, Snoopy's Junction, Snoopy's Splash Dance, Surf Dog, The Great Pumpkin Coaster, Woodstock Express, and Woodstock's Whirlybirds. Aside from rides and games, King's Island hosts many music shows and adventure shows. At King's Island, you'll find plenty for the whole family to do. In fact, you'll find so much to do that you won't be able to do it all in one day, guaranteed!

Newport Aquarium
Newport Aquarium - Cincinnati, OhioNewport Aquarium is one million gallons strong, featuring wildlife from all over the world. This translates to an amazing underwater experience where your primary transportation method is by foot through 200 ft of underwater tunnels. Each tunnel is seamless, meaning you have a 100% unobstructed view of the wildlife swimming around and above you. You'll also walk on transparent floors which allow you to literally walk on exhibits experiencing this amazing wildlife like you have never before in your life. With over 7,000 creatures of the deep blue below, around, and above you, you are bound to see something you have never before seen. You will visit each continent in the aquarium witnessing nature do what it does in the informative environment of the number 1 aquarium in the Midwest, according to Zagat's Family Travel Guide. Watch sharks feed, fish swim around an amazingly colorful coral reef, and the inhabitants of a flooded Amazon rainforest in this amazing structure dedicated to the deep and all of its glory. You'll see vibrant jellyfish, cute penguins, the Frog Bog, a simulation of the Ohio Riverbank, and so much more held in the 70 exhibits and some 14 galleries located at Newport Aquarium. Bring the family to the best aquarium in the Midwest for the time of their lives. Groups of 10 or more visiting the aquarium will receive a special discount, so spread the word and come have an affordable, educational experience at Newport Aquarium today!

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Downtown Cincinnati Avis  - 212 West 4th St.
Avis Cincinnati Airport
- 3256 Loomis Rd.
Montgomery Avis in Cincinnati - 9305 Montgomery Rd.
Evendale Avis in Cincinnati - 9305 Montgomery Rd.
Eastgate Avis in Cincinnati - 4394 Eastgate Square Dr.

Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden
Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical GardenThe Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden is the perfect place to bring the family to experience animals and plants from all over the world in simulations of their natural environments. This wonderful non-profit organization specializes in the preservation of endangered wildlife from all continents of the planet and is the perfect place to see these endangered species of plants and animals. Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden has been voted one of the best zoos for children by the Zagat Survey. A member of the American Zoo & Aquarium Association, this wonderful facility features 500 animals, all located in their natural habitat, and 3,000 species of plants located in lush botanical gardens. This is truly an amazing place to visit and inspire the future generations of our society on preservation of amazing creatures and plants. At Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, you'll find numerous species of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians & fish, invertebrates, and special exhibits which include Africa Savannah and Go Green Garden to name a couple. African Savannah is slated to be a four phase exhibit which will be the largest of its kind in Zoo history! Explore the African Savannah with your family and experience giraffes, cheetahs, and many other African animals in their habitats which will be developed to accommodate all the animals! The Go Green Garden is an awareness exhibit which starts by explaining the zoo's efforts in maintaining a green mentality on building design, storm water management, solid waste management, water conservation, and energy efficiency. Guests of the zoo can then partake in many challenges to test their understanding of how they can help live more sustainable lifestyles by bringing 'green thinking' back home to practice for the betterment of the environment. The Cincinnati Zoo offers a number of educational programs, guided tours, and more. Come for a visit and tell all your friends!

The Beach Waterpark
2.5 million gallons of water powering 49 of the best water rides on 35 acres of beautiful land is what you will find at The Beach Waterpark in Cincinnati, Ohio. With a plethora of fun in the sun and water, the Beach Waterpark is a great place for the family to have a good time. Play in the sand, walk along the beautiful tropical decor, and most importantly, play in the crystal clear water of this beach paradise with all your favorite friends and family members at this great escape from the summer heat. You'll find thrilling tube rides, body slides, and relaxing wave pools and lazy rivers, all giving you a great excuse to get a bit wet this summer. The Beach Waterpark was rated the best waterpark in the region, hands down! The Beach Waterpark - Cincinnati, OhioWith something for the entire family, you'll have a great time with the kids, the grandparents, and everyone else! For thrilling rides, you have slides like The Cliffwhich drops you 5 stories at a zero G feeling for a full three seconds or Volcanic Panic, which will have you whipping around turns and drops that eventually pass you trough the tropical woods and into Kahuna Beach. You'll also find Emerald Bay which combines a highdive, ripcord, lilly pads, a course of rings and bars and Watusi, an enclosed slide that sends you deep into Emerald Bay! For chill rides, you have the Lazy Miami River, The Pearl, an amazing spa pool, and the Kokomo Kove Stage which features the best Island Salsa and Reggae around! Find the best beach food at The Beach Waterpark including food from Captain Cooks, Cancun Cafe, Beachside Grill, Island Bean, Sandbar, Dippin' Dots, Papa Wally's, and catered dining at Makahiki Picnic Grove, with special reservations for your group! With so much to do and see, you'll be sure to have the perfect beach visit at The Beach Waterpark in Ohio!

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Cincinnati Airport- 3114 Loomis Rd.

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center
National Underground Railroad Freedom Center of Cincinnati, OHFreedom is a major theme in the American Constitution, and the Underground Railroad is a major staple in that mindset. Slavery was surely a travesty which made many rich and many more suffer. When the Underground Railroad ran strong, Cincinnati acted as a major hub for ex-slaves running from the pressures of forced labor, sexual and mental abuse, and less than adequate living conditions. Today, the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center acts as a center of education for the suffering endured by past slaves and dedication to the people who helped shape a nation without slavery. This memorial and museum offers us a very relevant stance on freedom due to freedom being an idea which is constantly being fought for. There are plenty of new events being presented at the center all the time which include educational presentations, concerts, and live speakers. This opulent building is decorated with accounts of slaves moving across the country in search of better lives, hardships along the way and plenty of emotion. With over 100,000 ex slaves making their way to the north for refuge, it took the combine efforts of many caring people to help in the effort against the laws and hatred of the times. Families would welcome refugees into their homes, feed them, cloth them, and then hide them in recesses in floors, secret compartments in walls, cabinets, and other places they would not be sought after. The center does an amazing job of teaching not only how the Underground Railroad worked but also the mindset of the general population on slavery, and also what the slaves endured on their voyage across the country. This is done through solidly build and designed life sized models of homes and their secret hiding spots, informative plaques and information and so on.

Contemporary Art Center
Contemporary Art Center - Cincinnati, OHThe first Contemporary Arts center in the country, the Contemporary Arts Center in downtown Cincinnati was founded on the vision of three local women who believed modern art was the key to the future. The museum started as an art society dedicated to new technique and avant-garde style of today and tomorrow. The CAC was founded in 1939 and houses some of Ohio's most contemporary pieces in the form of photography, print, paint, sculpture, architecture, and new media, all housed in an amazing building known for its architectural prowess. This beautiful building sits in the middle of downtown Cincinnati and welcomes intrigued visitors through its doors just based on its unique look. The mission of the art center is to get artists, the public, scholars, and others all into one area to tackle contemporary issues through art and interpretation, staging the perfect marriage of community and contemporary issues to where the final product is understanding through a different perspective all together. The center has undergone some remodels and changes over the years to better present the contemporary nature of the art within its walls, making the art inside that much more appealing through a subconscious admiration and connection to surroundings. It's as if the building gave birth to little pieces of Contemporary Art in its image. With a clean look and an amazing collection of Contemporary pieces from today's hottest artists, the Contemporary Arts Center will captivate you and your friends. The CAC also hosts temporary exhibits from new artists who display their pieces to the eager public looking for a new insight on what is going on today. The education department at the CAC gives professional insight on exhibits that helps put the art into perspective. Bring your family along for an exciting day at the CAC in downtown Cincinnati, OH!

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Cincinnati Airport - Greater Cincinnati Airport

Coney Island
Coney Island - Cincinnati, OHConey Island is a fantastic place to bring the family for an adventurous day with rides and slides! This amazing amusement park blends wet and dry fun for the whole family and places it in right near the Greater Cincinnati area of Ohio. At Coney Island, you'll find great classic rides like bumper cars and boats, a carousel, roller coaster, giant slide, flying bobs, and many others. You'll also find great water rides at Coney Island including the Sunlite Pool, Pipeline, Plunge Cyclone, Zoom Flume, the Twister, and other fine water rides. The Sunlite Pool was built in 1925; it measures 200 feet by 401 feet and holds 3 million gallons of water. Here, you'll find water slides like The Twister, The Pipeline Plunge, The Cyclone, and the pool's very own speed slide. If you're traveling to Coney Island from far off places and forgot the swim suits for you and the kids, not to worry! Coney Island's Island shop has everything from sun block to swim suits available for sale. You may get hungry after having all this fun. That's quite alright considering the concession stands located throughout the park, featuring all the greatest amusement park food you could ever find in one place. Tickets for Coney Island, bought at the gate are $3.95 to $11.95 for the Sunlite Pool, $6.95 to $11.95 for the Classic Rides, and $9.95 to $21.95 for Pool Rides Combo Tickets. There are also great deals and discounts if you purchase your tickets online so start saving money and get your Coney Island tickets today online at their website! If you are staying in the Coney Island area for an extended period of time, you will surely find all kinds of great accommodations around the site. Name brand hotels offer you Coney Island packages due to being real close to the park so stop around and ask for their prices and package deals for Coney Island.

BB Riverboats
BB Riverboats - Cincinnati, OHImagine a nice romantic evening on the river where you'll find fine dining, excellent service, and music you can dance to with your love. Have a magical moment on one of the most beautiful river boats in the country. Dine on exquisite meals, have drinks, dance, and be enchanted by the amazing service you will be catered to by the wonderful staff on board the BB Riverboats out of Cincinnati, OH. The BB Riverboats have been sailing for the past 25 years making magic happen for its guests from the first sailing. On BB Riverboats, you'll learn the history of the waters of the Ohio River. You'll also find that you can choose from lunch or dinner cruises, sightseeing tours, and more! This is definitely a great way to spend a day or evening with the special someone in your life. You can even find holiday cruises and private charters as well! BB Riverboats make the perfect place to hold a wedding with the ability to rent the most beautiful accommodations for your special occasion. The Newport Landing is well put together for your special event and offers space for dancing and seating for 120 people. The Belle of Cincinnati is the major riverboat in the BB fleet. With its Victorian style and décor and climate controlled rooms, you will truly be impressed with the accommodations available on this magnificent ship. Other ships in the fleet include the River Queen and Newport Landing. Get your love on a magnificent ship for a dinner and a dance, then marry her in the same place you experienced the magic, on BB Riverboats!

National Rental Cars Cincinnati, Ohio

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Cincinnati Airport National Rental Cars - 3230 Loomis Rd.