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Things to do in Colorado Springs

    Garden of the Gods Garden of the Gods Colorado Springs, Colorado
    The Garden of the Gods is a beautiful public park in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with free entry, thanks to the wishes of Charles Elliott Perkins whose children would donate the magnificent park to the city in 1909. There are many trails that meander through the park, and can be used for hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking and walking; as well as just nature sightseeing. One of the best and most favorite trails is named after Perkins, and it has been paved to protect the area around the central garden, which can be eroded due to the huge visitation by people coming here to enjoy all the beauty and amenities of nature. However, if you should travel there in the summer months, be sure to keep an eye out for rattlesnakes, although there are numerous reminders of those crawly critters. There are outstanding rock formations located here that have begun to attract rock climbers from all over the world, which is permitted as long as you have a yearly permit that can be obtained at the visitor and nature center. The fabulous geologic formations of the rocks are showcased in the sedimentary beds of white, purple, red and blue sandstones, limestone and conglomerates that had been deposited horizontally in the past, but now they have been tilted vertically by the huge mountain building forces that were created when Pike's Peak was lifted up by the massif. The terrain is excellent and there is a plethora of past age evidence, that includes; alluvial fans, ancient seas, sandy beaches, the eroded remnants of the ancestral mountain ranges and huge sand dune fields that can be seen in the beautiful rock strata. There is a magnificent shear fault by the Tower of Babel, made of Lyons sandstone, where it meets the Fountain Formation, and the name Colorado itself is believed to have come from the spectacular colors of the sandstone. You will see many wonderful fossils still held in the rock formations that include dinosaur fossils, marine forms and plant fossils. Other outstanding features include the hogbacks, which were named because of the resemblance to the backs and spines of a hog, are made of ridges of sandstone with its layers tilted, instead of lying horizontally, with numerous ones vertically oriented because of the many changes in the earth here. These hogbacks can span a few hundred feet, with the tallest going 320 feet into the air; and one noticeable rock formation is called the kissing camels, because it looks like two camels facing each other with their lips touching. One of the finest features here is the huge balancing rock that has become known around here as the balancing rock. There is so much more to be seen and enjoyed, that a trip here is the only real way to understand and appreciate this fantastic park, created naturally.

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Colorado Springs Apt. Budget Car Rentals
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Budget Car Rental Colorado Springs
 384 Garden of the Gods

    Cheyenne Mountain ZooCheyenne Mountain Zoo Colorado Springs, Colorado
    The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is one of the nation's two mountainside zoos, with this one located in the southwest area of downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado, 6800 feet in the sky, occupying 70 acres of a 140 acre site. Their outstanding animal collection contains over 750 animals that represent 150 various species, with 30 of those endangered today. The zoo was started in 1926 by philanthropist, Spencer Penrose, who wanted to have a place for his exotic animal collection, and by 1938, he had incorporated the zoo into a nonprofit trust, and then giving it to the people of the community. The zoo is proud of its commitment to continuously evolve, creating new and exciting modern exhibits that will encourage visitors to come here and gain some type of understanding and love for the animals that are nurtured here and the natural environment they live in. Hoping to make the visitor become more active instead of passive, the zoo hopes to enhance the experience and appreciation for the dignity and intrinsic value of all living creatures, challenging visitors to help make a significant difference in the world they share with these marvelous animals. The exhibits are separated into various themes, that include; Lions' Lair, Primate World, Rocky Mountain Wild, Aquatics, African Rift Valley, Rocky Cliffs, Wolf Woods, Australia/Budgie buddies, My Big Backyard and Asian Highlands. One of the featured habitats is the reticulated giraffe enclosure that houses the nation's biggest herd and offers visitors the opportunity to feed the giraffes crackers at either the inside or outside location. Their breeding program has allowed them to have 191 births there since 1954. Some of the more outstanding animals include; Rocky Mountain goats, okapi, naked mole rats, Amur leopard, black footed ferrets, Amur tiger, North American river otter, African elephants, Kori bustard, African lions, two-toed sloths, Mexican grey wolf, grizzly bear and Nile hippopotamuses.

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Local Restaurants in Colorado Springs

    The Blue Star
    Entrees; chicken dumpling soup with chicken breast, roasted root veg, gnocchi, rich broth; rack of wild boar with herb crust, sweet potato gratin, wilted mustard greens & boar jus; roasted snapper with beet puree, Yukon maxim, glazed carrots, lime & blood orange salsa; salmon with arugula & cream cheese in feuilles de brik w/ butternut squash puree & lemon cream; pork tenderloin wrapped in Black Forest ham, dauphinoise potatoes, braised cabbage & Madeira jus; potato gnocchi with kalamatas, yellow squash, tomato sauce, fried parsley & parmesan shavings; beef tenderloin with cumin scented brown rice, stuffed zucchini & roasted pine nut persillade; stuffed portabella with lentil & chevre, panzanella, arugula, roasted garlic & sage vinaigrette.

    Phantom Canyon Brewing Company
    Entrees; linguini & clams with lemon basil butter, smoked bacon, shaved parmesan; charbroiled tri-tip sirloin with wild mushroom demi glace, horsey mashers; honey chipotle grilled chicken with chorizo spoon bread, green chili & black beans; blue corn crusted trout with black bean succotash, squash fritter, cilantro crème fraiche; hickory smoked pork chops with rail yard BBQ slather, bacon cheddar mashers; center cut NY strip with bacon & bleu cheese tortellini; smoked chicken pasta with fresh spinach, bacon, sun-dried tomato cream; roasted squash, seasonal veggies, herbed brown rice; charred yellowfin tuna with sticky rice, boy choy stir fry; grilled flat iron with tequila lime shrimp, sautéed peppers & onions, cilantro mashers; wild mushroom enchiladas with baked mozzarella, cilantro cream; beer battered fish & chips; pot roast with garlic mashers, amber pan gravy; shepherd's pie with braised Colorado lamb, garlic mashers & cheddar cheese, garlic beer bread; macaroni & cheese with American, cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan & toasted pretzel crumbs; lemon Tabasco fried chicken with bleu cheese chunks, garlic mashers; baked ziti with Italian sausage, pepperoni & pancetta, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh basil, mozzarella; smoked porter bratwurst with house mashers, mushroom gravy, soft pretzel.


Chicken Dumpling Soup The Blue Star Colorado Springs, Colorado



 Linguini & Clams Phantom Canyon Brewing Company Colorado Springs, Colorado


Charred Yellowfin Tuna Phantom Canyon Brewing Company Colorado Springs, Colorado



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 392 E. Garden of the Gods

    Glen Eyrie Castle Glen Eyrie Castle Colorado Springs, Colorado
    Glen Eyrie is the magnificent 67 room English Tudor style castle that was constructed by the founder of Colorado Springs, Colorado, General William Jackson Palmer. It was his dream house, sitting in the northwest foothills that is located just north of the Garden of the Gods rock formations, and after constructing a big carriage house to live in, Palmer and his wife, Mary (Queen) Mellen would construct a 22 room frame house on the 800 acre estate. The lovely house would be remodeled in 1881 and add a number of rooms and tower, and completely remodel it to look more like a stone castle, like the ones from Mrs. Palmer's native England. Queen Palmer would open the first public school in the new settlement in 1871, at an age of 21. The couple would have three children, Marjory, Elsie and Dorothy. Mary Palmer would suffer a mild heart attack in 1880 and her doctor would recommend that she move to lower elevations, so she and her girls would move to the east coast, and then on to England, while the general would visit them as often as possible. She would pass on in 1894, at the age of 44, and going there in sorrow, Palmer would bring his wife's remains and daughters back to Colorado Springs. The large mansion would have 24 fireplaces, a chimney system that was quite unique for its day, holding the smoke until the wind was blowing just right so that it would take the smoke away from their valley, and a primitive intercom system. It would be added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1975. The beautiful castle is owned by the Navigators, and the public is allowed to visit Monday through Thursday from 9 to 4, as well as check out its gift shop that is situated in the Carriage House or hike any of its numerous trails. There have been herds of deer, wild turkey and bighorn sheep seen grazing on the ground in the right season. The Navigators is a worldwide Christian para-church organization that is headquartered in Colorado Springs and the express purpose of training Christians to enable them to share their faith with others.

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Colorado Springs Apt. Alamo Car Rentals
 7770 Milton E. Proby Pkwy.

    Will Rogers Memorial Shrine of the SunWill Rogers Memorial Shrine of the Sun Colorado Springs, Colorado
    The Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun is actually a tomb that contains the remains of Spencer Penrose, a philanthropist that would contribute many of the most significant landmarks in the city of Colorado Springs, Colorado, and includes the neighboring Broadmoor Hotel and Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. The shrine would be finished by Penrose in 1937, in the shape of an 80 foot observation tower on the side of Cheyenne Mountain. The shrine looks out over the Broadmoor Hotel and if you stand on the observation tower, you can see the whole Colorado Springs metropolitan area and the Garden of the Gods park. Somehow Penrose was convinced not to name the shrine after himself, so instead named it in honor his great friend, Will Rogers, the marvelous American humorist that would die in a plane crash in Alaska in 1935, as the construction of the shrine was in progress. The shrine is open every day during the year except on the major holidays or inclement weather; and the price of a ticket includes a visit to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.  One of the extra benefits of driving up the 1.4 miles to the shrine, from the entrance of the zoo where you purchase your ticket, you will see some of the most beautiful sights of the Pike's Peak area and some outstanding views of the great Rocky Mountains. Every turn along the mile or so stretch of road will deliver up another spectacular sight of beautiful landscapes of mountains, valleys, streams, rivers and cliffs o various colors and magnificence. The shrine is made of 5000 cubic yards of native Cheyenne mountain gray pink granite that was really quarried from a single boulder, and is anchored in 28 feet of solid rock buttress, without any nails or wood, it is held fast by 10,000 tons of steel and 30 wagons of cement.

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    Seven FallsSeven Falls Colorado Springs, Colorado
    Seven Falls is a beautiful array of seven cascading waterfalls that is found in Colorado Springs, Colorado and altogether is 181 feet above the ground level, with a total of 224 steps going from the bottom of the falls to the peak. During the late 19th century, property close by would be developed into a scenic resort, and would be quite popular with the travelers that came here to see the beautiful falls by burro, horseback or horsedrawn carriages. In 1872, Nathaniel Colby would homestead the 160 acres parcel that contained the falls and the South Cheyenne Canyon. For reasons unknown, he would sell it to the Colorado Springs Land Company for just $1000. The owners wouldn't make much money from the parcel until 1882, when they would sell it to James Hull for $1300. Hull was a naturalist and he became concerned about the taking of trees around the area to be used as lumber, while the natural beauty of the falls area was slowly being destroyed. Hull had purchased one 160 acre parcel to the west of this one for just $500 and would eventually buy another 80 acres by preemption in 1885. Holding 400 acres of gorgeous land, including the marvelous canyon, he would become one of the first environmental protectors. He was also a businessman and knew the real value of the ranch, as it was being called back then, and he began advertising the property as a scenic resort, building a road through the canyon to the falls, and then built a stairway along side the falls so that any tourists visiting here would have magnificent views as they climbed. Hull would then install a toll gate at the bottom of the canyon to collect money for the adventurous trip. One of the most famous visitors to the falls area during those years would be the writer, Helen Hunt Jackson, who had come here to enjoy the beauty and healthful mountain air. Hull's sons would inherit the property in 1900, and the local assessor would value it at $80,000, but the local newspaper, the Gazette, would suggest that the value was more like $200,000 plus, but it would sell in 1905 for a quarter of a million dollars to C. D. Weimer.

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    McAllister HouseMcAllister House Colorado Springs, Colorado
    The McAllister House in Colorado Springs, Colorado is a small English style house that was constructed in 1873, for the Henry McAllister family, who was instrumental in the growth of the city during its early days and then opened as a museum in 1961. It would be placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973. Major Henry McAllister was a very talented man, being an influential and enthusiastic promoter, speaker, organizer and campaigner during the early days of the planning of the city. Henry was used to giving speeches and selling land out west, since he lived in Philadelphia before moving here, and tried selling Colorado land while still there. He would move his family here in 1873, and become the Executive Director of the Colorado Springs company, always busy with the desire to find more families to buy the land and come to the city to built their houses here. Henry would resign in 1879, but continued working for the community until his passing in 1921. The original carriage house has enjoyed a complete renovation and is used by the curator for his office, the place for the Victorian teas and it houses a small gift shop called Elizabeth's Treasures with jewelry, collectibles, postcards and books about Colorado Springs. The Carriage House contains a full kitchen and is available for events and functions, group meetings, family outings and reunions, with room for small workshops and art showings.

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May 09, 2011