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Things to do in Concord

    Museum of New Hampshire History Museum of New Hampshire Concord, New Hampshire
    The Museum of New Hampshire History in Concord, New Hampshire is the state's only statewide history museum, and provides excellent displays of the state's history and heritage, with outstanding hands-on activities located in the history family room that makes learning history much more fun for the children that come here with their families, encouraging them to learn more about their state, history and splendid heritage. Their gift shop offers the best selection of New Hampshire crafts, books and products. Current exhibition include; Pieced Together: New Hampshire Quilts and Their Stories, New Hampshire Through Many Eyes, Faces of New Hampshire: Portraits from the New Hampshire Historical Society Collection, The Mystery Stone and Pulled into History. This marvelous museum even offers some excellent exhibitions online, with Consuming Views: Art & Tourism in the White Mountains, 1850-1900, George C. Soule Collection and Marian Cannon Schlesinger Collection. Although small in size compared to other states, it contains a diverse amount of materials and collectibles, with numerous relics from the early days of the state, including an Abenaki wigwam that tells you their story narrated by well known Abenaki author and storyteller, Joseph Bruchac. It is a chronological story about the history of the state, with numerous interactive exhibits and marvelous displays. The museum was started by the historical society that is spoken of further down the page, and will have more information about this outstanding and informative museum, located in the state's capitol, just a few steps away from the capitol building itself.

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    Mcauliffe-Shepard Discovery CenterMcAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center Concord, New Hampshire
    The McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center in Concord, New Hampshire is the air and space science center that was constructed and named after Christa McAuliffe, the school teacher that died in the horrible space shuttle Challenger disaster that took every life on board, and Alan Shepard, the first American to fly in space. This special center concentrates on the latest discoveries that have taken place in astronomy, earth and space sciences and engineering, as well as honoring the wonderful memories of Christa and Alan, who were both New Hampshire citizens and the rest of the brave crew of the lost Challenger. The new discovery center provides a full replica of a Mercury-Redstone rocket, a rooftop observatory, the Countdown Cafe, interactive exhibits about astronomy, earth and space sciences, an enlarged science store and a planetarium theater. The wonderful mission of this center is to educate, entertain, incite and inspire people of all ages about the sciences and humanities by encouraging them to explore the realms of aviation, astronomy, space and earth sciences and the impact these subjects provide us with. The center houses a fantastic collection of interactive and innovative displays that entice you to come and explore. The center offers many various types of programs that are well suited to people of all ages, including a state-of-the-art planetarium theater and high-tech observatory, as well as workshops for small explorers and teachers alike, with something for just about everyone.  Exhibits include; Redstone Rocket plaza, Planetarium theater, Tribute to Two New Hampshire Heroes, Living and Working in Space, Space Shuttle Model, Earth from Space Poster Exhibit, Looking at Earth-Looking Beyond, Mercury Capsule, Expedition to Mars, Across the Spectrum and Walk on the Sun. The amazing programs offered include; super stellar Fridays, space camp scholarships, little explorers, birthday parties, rocketeers, scout workshops, North Country sky watches, youth summer camps, homeschool programs, ground school and teacher workshops.

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Local Restaurants in Concord

    The Barley House
    Entrees; Irish whiskey steak is flat-iron steak, whisky peppercorn sauce, mashed potatoes, roasted veggies; tequila-cilantro-lime sea scallops is skewered scallops seared over high heat, tomatillo salsa, jasmine rice, roasted veggies; vegetarian spinach & oven dried tomato lasagna with ricotta, parmesan cheese blend, marinara sauce; sustainable catch; Mac n cheese n chicken with cavatappi pasta, cheddar cheese, Ritz cracker crust, Guinness cheese sauce topped with grilled chicken, mixed greens; Guinness beef stew with carrots, onions, potatoes, finished with Guinness stout, topped with crispy onions; housemade kielbasa, house-cured bacon & caramelized apples with cider braised sauerkraut & mashed potatoes; Smithwick's curry fish & chips is local fresh haddock, curry beer batter, tartar, Cole slaw, FF; chicken pot pie with mushrooms, peas, carrots, onions, potatoes, topped with flaky crust; Texas style chili pot roast is puree of chiles, malty ale, chocolate & coffee, topped with cheddar, onion, corn chips & sour cream.

    The Red Blazer Restaurant & Pub
    Entrees; roast prime rib queen or king cuts; filet Oscar is grilled beef tenderloin topped with lobster meat, asparagus & béarnaise sauce; lazy man's lobster with lemon & herb drawn butter, lobster meat, asparagus & béarnaise sauce; chicken almandine is almond crusted chicken breast with amaretto sauce; roast rack of lamb with garlic & madeira demi glaze; veal marengo is sautéed veal with pearl onions, roasted tomatoes, wild mushrooms & Madeira wine sauce; surf & turf with lazy man lobster & prime rib; pan-seared duck is seared duck breast on bed of mescaline greens with a balsamic reduction; Cajun crusted red snapper with tropical fruit salsa. 

Irish Whisky Steak The Barley House Concord, New Hampshire


Chicken Pot Pie The Barley House Concord, New Hampshire

 Chicken Almondine The Red Blazer Restaurant & Pub Concord, New Hampshire


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    New Hampshire Historical Society New Hampshire Historical Society Concord, New Hampshire
    The New Hampshire Historical Society began in 1823 to collect, preserve and interpret the many relics, documents and materials that pertain to the history of this great state. Its vast collections span the period from the early 19th century to today, acquiring any relics or materials that will enlighten the generations of today with the heritage and knowledge of the past. The society provides its outstanding collections to the community through their marvelous museum, its informative publications, the splendid research library and the educational outreach programs. The society is the state's prominent repository for all things related to history of the state, and house, 50,000 printed volumes, 200,000 photographic images, 30,000 museum relics, 1.5 million pages of manuscripts, 10,000 broadsides, 800,000 newspapers and ephemera objects. It owns three historical properties in the Concord area, the Eagle Stable, which is a brick structure that is located next to the museum, the 1911 library that was designed by Guy Lowell and a mid-19th century commercial building that was restored and opened as the society's library. The museum hosts various changing exhibitions as well as circulating the New Hampshire Through Many Eyes overview that is published regularly. There are numerous items from the museum's collections that include furniture, paintings, Revolutionary War flags and the original eagle from the state house that are showcased at the library, and the society hosts changing exhibitions on various topics that pertain to the history of the state and its citizens. It provides educational programs, family days, technical workshops, outreach programs to all the classrooms around the state, lectures, courses and demonstrations to further the interests and inspire the community to continue supporting the society and its programs. Their excellent library preserves the best collections of printed , pictorial and manuscript materials that pertain to the state's history and was named after the society's best benefactor, Edward Tuck. Their printed collection includes the biggest existing collection of New Hampshire newspapers from 1756 to 1900, more than 5,000 genealogies of the state's families with many of them still unpublished, compilations of unpublished cemetery records from more than 100 towns in the state, more than 4,000 biographical works, more than 200 volumes of manuscript church records from around the state, 3,000 volumes of periodicals on New England history and genealogy and a unique card index of some 30,000 New Hampshire notables that have been acquired from biographical dictionaries, obituaries and local histories.

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    Kimball-Jenkins EstateKimball-Jenkins Estate Concord, New Hampshire
    The Kimball-Jenkins Estate was originally the private home of a prominent Concord, New Hampshire family, the house and estate are now home to the growing Kimball-Jenkins School of Art, with galleries and function rooms. John Kimball would settle here in 1766, and for the following six generations, the family would construct a number of homes and outbuildings as they grew and prospered. The oldest surviving structure is the "Yellow House" that was constructed by John's son, Samuel, that would become his home and law offices, and in 1875, John's grandson, another Samuel would move the family house to another location so that he could construct a more stylish house, which would contain elaborate woodwork, frescoed ceilings and marble fireplaces. The fabulous Victorian mansion that now sits grandly on the estate property would take eight years to construct, while the adjacent carriage house would only take two years. Both, however, would be finished in 1883, and the next forty years would see the grounds landscaped, extensive formal gardens added and the mansion's size increased. Louise Kimball would marry Walter Jenkins in 1929, so that his name would now be associated with the estate, and the last heir of the Kimball-Jenkins line, Carolyn Jenkins would leave the estate to a nonprofit trust with the stipulation that it would be used for educational and cultural reasons, as well as encourage the world of art, in 1981. So, to complete that wish, the estate is now the home of a thriving and growing visual arts school, the Kimball-Jenkins School of Art. Currently, the structures have all been converted to galleries, studio classrooms for painting, ceramics, photography, sculpture, drawing, woodworking and glass and private studios. The mansion, filled with the outstanding collections of relics and antiquities collected over the years is now the home of the Jill Coldren-Wilson Gallery that showcases regional and national art of historical importance. While the Carriage House gallery displays contemporary works of regional and national artists. Both galleries and gardens are open for private events, that can include, corporate meetings, social gatherings and wedding receptions.

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    The Pierce BrigadePierce Manse Brigade Concord, New Hampshire
    The Pierce Brigade runs the Pierce Mansion, which was the former house of New Hampshire's only president, Franklin Pierce, 14th President of the United States, and was the only house owned and lived in by the former president. This historic house in situated in Concord, New Hampshire and has been opened to the public and school groups for tours, as well as a venue for seasonal functions, events and monthly lectures. With outstanding hands-on items, visual clues and primary source documents, visitors will come to know more about this early president, and the life he led in the mid 19th century with his family. Franklin Pierce was the son of a Revolutionary War veteran and New Hampshire governor, Benjamin Pierce, who had been born in Hillsborough, New Hampshire in 1804. He would be elected to the New Hampshire state legislature, the US House of Representatives, and then the United States Senate, and in 1852, he would become the fourteenth President. Franklin would be the youngest Speaker of the New Hampshire legislature and became a Brigadier General during the Mexican War. When he was president, he would reduce the national debt by sixty percent, from $75 million to just $35 million, modernize the Navy and Army, improve our relations with Canada, start trade with Japan, expand our national borders and start the office of the Attorney General. He married Jane Appleton in 1834, and the couple would eventually have three sons, that would sadly pass on as children, something that neither the president or his wife would ever overcome. The family would live in this house from 1842 to 1848, that had been located on Montgomery Street in the downtown area, but would be moved in 1971, after it had been picked to demolish as part of urban renewal, which happened in so many states of our nation. The community came together to stop this terrible thing from happening, losing such an important part of their history, especially since this was the only person to come from New Hampshire that had become the leader of our nation, and done so much to help it grow and prosper. These volunteers would be called the Pierce Brigade, and they would get a land grant and raise the needed funds so that they could relocate the house to a safe haven, as well as restoring it to its marvelous original condition. The group needed to name the house where Franklin and Jane lived as a family so that it would be differentiated from his birthplace house in Hillsborough, so, in 1969, it was named the Manse in regards to the Salem, Massachusetts home of his longtime friend, Nathaniel Hawthorne, whose house was named the Old Manse, which would become an inspiration for the group and their subsequent naming. It would open to the public in 1974 and is now a favorite place to visit for many in the state and around the country.

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    Mary Baker Eddy Historic HouseMary Baker Eddy Historic House Concord, New Hampshire
    The Mary Baker Eddy Historic House in Concord, New Hampshire is just one of many houses that this vibrant intriguing woman would live in during her lifetime, with at least eight listed and owned by the Longyear Museum. Mary Baker Eddy was born in Bow, New Hampshire in 1821, and would become the founder of the Christian Science religion, where she would continue writing, speaking and teaching another preception of the Bible; since she would become well known for her instant healing powers. Mary would be married three times, taking on the names of her hubands until the last one would add the Eddy surname. She was born the youngest of six children and be raised as a Congregationalist, although she would eventually come to reject those teachings that pertained to original sin and predestination, suffering chronic illnesses, but still able to develop a strong interest in the Biblical accounts of early Christian healings. Beginning at the age of eight, Mary would hear voices calling her name, at one point, having a cousin hear it as well. As she grew in Word and deed, she would discover Christian healing and science, because healing the sick, injured and broken was an important part of Christian living. From her early childhood, she would be included in times of healing others, and even her family would bring sick animals to her to be healed, with those around her corroborating other reports of her miraculous healing powers. There are numerous stories about her life, where she would heal or calm demented and sick people, which are set down in records for anyone to look into if they are so inclined. Her life would be constant suffering, sickness and depression with frequent bouts of lucid thoughts where she would write and try to help others. Her first husband died after just six months of marriage, although Mary was left with child, who she wouldn't be able to care for in her sickly condition and eventually would lose him to another family. She would meet Phineas Quimby in 1862, who was a magnetic healer from Maine, and he would help her temporarily, but his beliefs would influence her writing and thinking, but many were never sure how much. To be sure, Mary Baker Eddy was a fascinating woman, who would go on to create a church and religion that she believed in and helped her as well as others, with her own pros and cons. She was an amazing woman and one that should have more information about her put into the history books as she would change the outlook of many in this country during the latter 19th century; but it is for your to decide for yourselves, whether she was as religious as many believe her to be or just another disciple looking for a better way to live than the other religions offered and encouraged..

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