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Alamo Car Rentals Copenhagen, Denmark

 Alamo Rental Cars wants to help you and your family while vacationing in Copenhagen. Here at Alamo, customers receive some of the best deals in the rental car business. Alamo offers a large selection of vehicles to choose from for a discounted price.  Be sure to check out Alamo Discounted Coupons and see our online savings & discounted specials.
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Things to do in Copenhagen

  • Tivoli Gardens   Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen
    Is a popular place for both relaxation and entertainment. Tivoli Gardens is a fantastic place to take a relaxing stroll through beautiful manicured lawns accented with rows and rows of native flowers.  The Tivoli Gardens  are closer to an amusement Park.  And who doesn't enjoy spending the day at an amusement Park? Grown ups and kids of all ages will have a blast enjoying the array of bright lights, roller coasters, beer gardens and open air cafes.  There is something here for families, teenagers and couples to enjoy.  Tivoli Gardens Park is best known for it's wooden roller coaster called Mountain Track or (Rutsjebanen), that was built in 1914 in Sweden.  This thrilling coaster is one of the world's oldest wooden roller coasters that is still operating today...  So when you visit a ride on the Mountain Track is a must for all coaster riders.  Another fun coaster to ride is The Demon, visitors will experience loops & a Zero-G roll coaster junkies will love this one!!!!!  Everyone will enjoy a ride on the world's tallest carousel that opened in 2006.  Reaching heights of over eighty meters high you will have spectacular panoramic views of the city.  In May of 2009 the park opened a brand new thrill ride called the Vertigo.  The Park is full of amazing and thrilling rides the whole family will enjoy, there are even several rides for the little ones. In addition to all of the rides, Tivoli Gardens also hosts various performing arts and plays an active part of the cultural scene in Copenhagen.  During the warmer summer months the Tivoli features live music featuring various bands.  The Tivoli Gardens provides visitors with an amazing experience, whether you visit during the day to appreciate the thousands of beautiful flowers. However, if you have allergies you won't enjoy the flowers..... And when night falls the gardens come alive with all the lights and after all the children clear out The Tivoli Gardens seem more reserved and romantic.    This is a great time for the adults, the beer gardens become alive, laughs and yells fill the air from the outdoor cafes as the roller coasters continue.  At midnight fireworks explode and fill the night sky with brilliant displays of fireworks.  

Budget rent a car Copenhagen, Denmark

Budget is one of the leading car rental companies in the industry. Here you will get top quality vehicles for a great price along with friendly customer service.  Save money today with  Printable Budget Coupons , we will have you on the road in no time...  Check out some great discount deals on your next rental with Budget.
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The National Gallery CopenhagenThe National Gallery 
Art enthusiasts will enjoy European and Danish paintings and sculptures from the 15th century and forward.  The National Gallery is the only place in Denmark that features over 700 years of Western art and cultural history under the same roof.  So when you visit The National Gallery means an artistic encounter between classical, modern and contemporary art, just like the museum building itself which represents a fusion of new and old.  Modern extensions of buildings all linked together by the building with the glass roof seen from the street.  The Museum displays everything from classical oil paintings, historical copperplates, drawings and sculptures.  Some of the oldest works of art in the collection originally belonged to Danish Royalty featuring the works of Henri Matisses: Portrait of Madame Matisse.  Another popular piece is The Green Line from 1905 and the works from Danish painter J.F Willumsense: A Mountain Climber from 1912.  As you wander through the Museum you will see many different rooms filled with fabulous pieces of art.  The Broad Collection featuring works by several famous painters this collection includes works from Italian renaissance painters Mantegna and Tizian and 17th century masters Rubens & Rembrandt, 19th century Danish painters Kobke and Eckersberg and 20th century artists Henri Matisse, Emil Nolde and Edvard Munch along with Danish artists Asger Jorn, Per Kirkeby and many others...  In addition to the permanent Museum collection The National Gallery also features temporary exhibits throughout the year.  To gain more understanding of the art displays you can join free tours of the exhibits, here you will spend time with qualified guides to answer any questions you might have.  After hours of many visual impressions you might get hungry if so there is a cafe at the Museum.  The cafe is situated in the modern section of the Museum and offers beautiful views of the Park.  The National Gallery in Copenhagen is well worth a visit.

Local Favorite Restaurant of  Copenhagen
  • Ida Davidsen  
    If you are wanting to sample some of the most outstanding, traditional Danish cuisine you should start off with smorrebrod an open face sandwich.  The best time to enjoy an open face sandwich is at lunch when this unique meal is served.  This Copenhagen specialty has been around for many, many years in fact, you can easily find smorrebrod that tastes just like it did over 100 years ago.    A few changes have been made due to the boom in organic cuisine which has paved the way for a more contemporary version of this tradition dish.  Ida Davidsen restaurant is located in downtown Copenhagen and serves over 200 different open-face sandwiches for you to choose from.   When you stop in Ida Davidsen, you will experience a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere along with very friendly service.  The knowledgeable wait-staff will gladly help you navigate your way through the long list of sandwiches.  Try (Victor Borge)  a slice of bread with salmon, freshly marinated lumpfish roe, crayfish tails, Greenland shrimp, lime and mayonaise.  Many of the sandwiches are named after celebrities. 

    When dining around Copenhagen, you will find an array of mouthwatering offerings from marinated reindeer to freshly caught seafood & lobster.  Or perhaps you may enjoy red hot Thai curries to traditional frikadeller (Danish meat balls), sushi, smorrebrod and much more.  The city is full of fantastic restaurant and recently new, modern and stylish restaurants have opened in the city many of which offer French fusion or modern Nordic influences transforming Copenhagen into a gourmet destination...  However if you are wanting to enjoy the classic cafe style food or an authentic Danish style  hot dog in the sun.  The fish restaurants have the reputation for serving some of the finest seafood in Copenhagen.

Open-face sandwidhes traditional cuisine of Copenhagen

Danish meat ball local cusine of Denmark

Hertz Car Rental Copenhagen

Hertz Rental Car and Rental Car Momma have partnered together  to offer their customer's great savings in the car rental business. Hertz Cheap Discounted Coupons offers you some of the best deals while you are visiting Copenhagen. will provide you with all the information that you need to get your car rental quick and hassle free.

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  • Kronborg Castle  Kronborg Castle in Copenhagen
    This is a must see when you are visiting Copenhagen....  Kronborg Castle is one of northern Europe's most important Renaissance castles.  Known all around the world from Shakespeare's Hamlet and is one of the most famous castles in Denmark and is visited each year by approximately 200,000 visitors  world-wide.  Today the famous castle serves as a museum and is worth a visit to see up close and explore the many treasures that lie within the castle.  From around 1580, King Frederik II commissioned forty tapestries featuring 113 Danish Kings.  Today these large tapestries are on public display in the halls of the castle.  Visitors can see modern art on the outside of the castle where there is a working studio of upcoming Danish artists.  And for the kids there is a special booklet called Kronborg for Kids which is full of games, puzzles, mazes and quizzes about the castle to keep the kids entertained.  Special rooms of interest are the Ballroom here everyone will be in awe by the splendor of its beauty or take a walk down the dark casemates, where you will meet the national hero Holger Danske.  The old myth says when the kingdom is threatened by a  foreign enemy, the stone figure turns into flesh and blood and Holger Danske will rise to defend.....  Other amazing items to see are the Chapel, Trumpeter's Tower and the Queen's Gallery.  Kronborg is a Renaissance castle and military fortress this popular tourist attraction should not be missed on your visit to Copenhagen.  When you visit the Kronborg Castle you can explore at your own pace there is much to see and learn about well worth a visit. 

avis discount rental car Copenhagen, Denmark

Avis Car Rentals wants to make your visit to Copenhagen  as smooth as possible. At Avis, car rental has never been easier. Avis offers top quality customer service with a large selection of new vehicles to choose from for a great price. Save money today and log on to our easy to navigate web site and see the great savings offered with  Special Discounted Rental Rates from Avis.
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Thrifty Car Rental Copenhagen, Denmark

 Thrifty Discounts and Locations offers great savings and convenient locations for your next rental vehicle.  Thrifty Car Rentals have been a staple in the rental car community for many, many years. At Thrifty Car Rental, our customers will receive the best customer service form our staff along with top quality vehicles to choose from. You can't beat a great deal from one of the most well known names in the business.

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  • The Little Mermaid Statue   The Little Mermaid Statue in Copenhagen
    Your trip to Copenhagen won't be complete until you visit The Little Mermaid Statue which is one of Copenhagen's most popular landmark.  Danish author Hans Christian Anderson wrote the fairy tale of The Little Mermaid in 1837.  Disney produced the film and Copenhagen has the statue in her honor.  The Little Mermaid statue continues to be one of the most popular tourist attractions in Denmark and is one of the most photographed statues in the world.    Copenhagen's canal tours will go past the statue of the Little Mermaid you can also reach the statue through other guided tours or by biking, bus or on foot.  The sculptor Edvard Eriksen was chosen to create the statue of Little Mermaid sitting on a granite stone in Langelinie Pier in Copenhagen Harbor.  She is looking towards the shore into the world of humans.  Edvard chose to sculpt her just as her fish tail begins to transform into legs.  The face and torso of the statue are modelled after his wife Eline.  The statue is made of bronze, and stands 165 centimeters tall.  Each year The Little Mermaid celebrates her birthday along with a large crowd of women young and old all jump into the water that surrounds the statue to celebrate her... So if you happen to be visiting Copenhagen on her birthday you too can be a mermaid for the day!!!!  On August 23, 2009 The Little Mermaid turned 96 years old.  This important birthday was celebrated to the fullest including all the women who jumped into the water that surrounds the statue shaping the number 96 Wow what an exciting event!!! This spectacular event is televised and from the quay there is live music and a Hans Christian Anderson fairytale parade.   All the people celebrate and cheer the statue in the traditional Danish way complete with flags and balloons!!!!!  The entire celebration will be filmed for Danish television as well as International  television.  From 2008, pictures from the Birthday celebration were seen by more than 50 million viewers from all over the world....

Dollar Rent-A-Car Copenhagen

With a well known name like Dollar, our customers receive a great  vehicle for a discounted price. Dollar customers are greeted by knowledgeable and friendly staff members waiting to assist you with your rental needs.  Save money on your next rental with  Dollar Discount Coupons.  

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National Rental Cars Copenhagen, Denmark

Save money today when you rent cheap vehicles from National.  In fact, National's expert staff and quality vehicles will make your vacation to Copenhagen that much more enjoyable. Save money today when you make your reservations with National Car Rental, by logging on to our new web site offering you great savings with  National Printable Coupons.

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