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Things to do in Corpus Christi

  • Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History Corpus Christi Museum of Science & History Corpus Christi, Texas
    The Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History is one of Corpus Christi, Texas' most important cultural and educational facility since opening in 1957. They have continued to grow and expand all through that half a century plus, and now house 87,000 relics and artifacts and more than 400,000 archival records and photos in the 85,000 square foot space. The museum's collections include many historical, biological, archival and archaeological specimens and relics that encourage their visitors to spend endless hours perusing this marvelous museum. There are numerous galleries that showcase the excellent resources and artifacts of this great museum and those include; the McGregor Photograph collection, the Curator's collection curiosities, McGregor Rotating gallery, marine archaeology, natural history collection and the history collection. The McGregor Photo collection contains over a quarter of a million black and white photos that highlight the history of south Texas as seen through the awesome lens of Dr. John Frederick McGregor. These exciting photos were taken during the 1930s to the 1950s by "Doc" who was a chiropractor, but his passions lay within the camera lens and the images that he captured. Doc was well known and recognized as a photographer in the city, although he did have a degree in chiropractic medicine. The photos have been catalogued into more than 250 categories, since the good doctor would lend his camera, freely, to many of his customers, as long as they brought them back to his studio to have them developed. Every month, the photos are rotated so that all the pictures can be seen at various times. The natural history collection contains more than 45,000 specimens that have been separated into 9 categories that include; paleontology, botany, marine biology, entomology, ornithology, geology, mammalogy, herpetology and malacology. Each one of these individual disciplines contains a great number of specimens and have been of great interest and enjoyment to the community. The history collection contains more than 40,000 relics that contain everything from recreational relics to clothing to tools and covers the period from pre-Columbus to the current time. The marine archaeology collection is the state's repository for all items discovered or recovered from various ships that have sunk along the coastline of Texas. The curator's curiosities is exactly what it states, and these items will surely interest and surprise you. A shark's jaw was donated in 1970 and is still there for visitors to examine or the glass float used by fishermen around the globe starting in the 1840s, and made in blue, green, yellow or red colors. The float in this collection was donated in 1972 and is a beauty. When you come to the museum, you will discover all sorts of fantastic things, so take your time and enjoy the day there exploring all the marvelous items, relics, artifacts and specimens.

  • USS LexingtonUSS Lexington Corpus Christi, Texas
    USS Lexington (CV/CVA/CVS/CVT/AVT-16) is called the "Blue Ghost", and is one of the 24 Essex-class aircraft carriers that was constructed in WWII by the US navy. This carrier is the fifth one to bear the name, which honors the Revolutionary War Battle of Lexington, although it was originally called Cabot, but was renamed during construction to commemorate the fourth Lexington that was lost in the Battle of the Coral Sea in May of 1942. She was commissioned in February 1943 and began serving in the campaigns of the Pacific Theater of Operations that got the Presidential Unit Citation and 11 battle stars for their WWII endeavors. The Lexington was decommissioned after the war, like many of her class ships were, but then she was reactivated after being updated during the early 1950s, and reclassified as an attack carrier (CVA) and then later, an antisubmarine carrier (CVS). The Lexington would become part of the 6th Fleet handling the Atlantic and Mediterranean region and then the 7th Fleet in the Pacific; although the majority of her next 30 years of service would be as a training carrier (CVT) on the east coast. In 1991, the USS Lexington would be decommissioned, having become the longest active Essex class aircraft carrier in the navy, and finally given to Corpus Christi, Texas to become an exciting museum. She was designated as a National Historic Landmark in 2003 still is serving her country faithfully in her new role as a floating museum. The hull was laid down in July 1941, in Quincy, Massachusetts, by the Bethlehem Steel Co. and initially called the Cabot, but renamed by June of 1942. One of the reasons that this mighty ship was nicknamed "Blue Ghost", was that she was painted dark blue, and not the usual camouflage, which helped them demoralize the enemy since this heavily defended carrier couldn't be sunk. The Lexington was the last Essex-class carrier that was commissioned and the final wooden flight decked carrier to serve in the navy.

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  • Texas State AquariumTexas State Aquarium Corpus Christi, Texas
    The Texas State Aquarium started out in 1969 when the Junior League of Corpus Christi and the community Jaycees joined together to create a coalition that began the Gulf Coast Zoological and Botanical Society that would begin the local community's aquarium. In 1975, some members of the Leadership Corpus Christi Alumni would give their support to the organization; which changed their name to the Corpus Christi Aquarium Association so that the community would feel more inclined to support the new aquarium in 1978. The Junior League donated $50,000 to begin the project in 1979, and during the next few years, the building fund would grow to a staggering $1 million, that was certainly helped by the $350,000 grant the association got from the Earl C. Sams Foundation. In 1984, the Brown Foundation of Houston gave the association a $1.5 million challenge grant and the very next year, the state legislature decided to make the aquarium the "Official Aquarium of Texas". In 1986, the name was changed once more to the Texas State Aquarium Association (TSAA), which bought 6.3 acres on the southern end of the Corpus Christi beach and the city's voters approved a $4.4 million bond issue for the improvement of public properties that encompass the site. Moving along in leaps and bounds, a four part plan was started in 1987, with the city's downtown reinvestment zone donating another $10 million to the fund, as well as a $500,000 investment by the Housing Finance Corporation. Exhibits available at the aquarium include Dolphin Bay, which is a 400,000 gallon tank with three male dolphins and a 70 foot acrylic window; Exhibits available at the aquarium include Dolphin Bay, which is a 400,000 gallon tank with three male dolphins and a 70 foot acrylic window; Swamp Tales alludes to the great success of the conservation efforts of the American alligator and houses Bo, the 10 foot gator, along with 6 various freshwater turtles. Other exhibits include the Hawn Wild Flight theater that showcases numerous trained birds that include; falcons, parrots, owls and hawks, Stingray Flats that encourages you and your family to touch the stingrays and sharks swimming around in their pool. Tortuga Cay contains all the aquarium's rehabilitated sea turtles that weren't able to release them back into the wild, the Amazon rainforest allows you to explore the wild lush plants and animals that live here, Otter Creek is one of the most favorite displays where you can watch these lovable playful creatures interact with each other and their trainers. Floating Phantoms displays an 800 gallon tank full of many species, including Pacific sea nettles, Atlantic sea nettles, moon jellies and purple stripe jellies, Eagle Pass opened in 2009 and contains all the raptors with Grace, an American bald eagle being the most regal. In the Flower gardens you will enjoy the 40,000 gallon coral reef that is an exact copy of the reef that sits 300 miles off the shore of the back door, Living Shores houses numerous touching pools that allow you to feel the skins of these wild fish, along with six aquariums and three interactive computer kiosks that will assist you to discover the wild habitats of the Padre Islands and the Laguna Madre. The Islands of Steel houses a 125,000 gallon tank that shows you what the base of an oil rig looks like. The oil companies would dismantle the rigs completely in the past, but now with the new Rigs to Reefs program, the companies leave the platform so that the base can continue being the habitat that grows there. The aquarium is an exciting venue to visit and enjoy for the entire family and will thrill your children all day long.

  •  Selena Museum
    The Selena Museum was constructed by the Quintanilla family in 1998, so that the many thousands of fans' letters that they had received telling them they wanted a way to share her memory with the public. The Q family now showcases the museum as a memorial to the life and achievements of the well loved daughter, who gave so much to so many people that Selena will always live on in the hearts and minds of those who did love this magnificent singer. This museum has quickly grown into one of the most favorite venues to visit in the southern parts of Texas, by people from all over the world. They all wish to visit the city that Selena called home, and view all the paraphernalia that pertained to her; like the red Porsche she drove, her stage outfits, awards and other personnel and professional memorabilia that was associated with this outstanding woman. The museum tells her personal story, with all the ups and downs that most families and performers face each and every day. The museum is run by the Quintanilla family, that started Q Productions in 1993 as an entertainment company that specializes in Latin music. Their website is a plethora of musical information, about the museum, the company, the people that are involved in all the aspects of the museum, family and especially Selena. So whatever you didn't know about her, you can learn here, and even purchase many items that were dear to Selena, including her DVDs or CDs.

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Local Restaurants in Corpus Christi
  • Katz 21 Steaks and Spirits
    The Katz 21 Steaks & Spirits club is two in one, with restaurant on one side and lounge on the other. The Katz fining dining area is both casual and elegant serving nothing but the best and freshest cuisine in the city. The menu is delightful and starts with appetizers; mushroom sauté medley is an exotic mix of portabella, oyster, shiitake and champion mushrooms in one the house's famous spirited sauces; bruschetta pomodori is garlic rubbed crostini topped with diced tomatoes, red onion, basil and extra virgin olive oil, Thai lettuce wraps are beef, chicken and pork mixed with water chestnuts, mushrooms, oyster sauce and sesame oil, crab cakes are Caribbean style with jicama slaw, pecan crusted shrimp is sautéed and served in house special amaretto cream sauce.  Soups include; shrimp bisque (Chesapeake style) with Chesapeake Bay seasoning and garnished with jumbo shrimp, soup du jour, chicken tortilla soup with avocado, sour cream & lime. Salads; steak house salad with mixed greens, sweet red onions, tomatoes, Julienne carrots and cucumbers with balsamic vinaigrette; Katz Greek salad with marinated artichokes; tomato & onion salad with roses of beef steak tomatoes crowned with gorgonzola on bed of fresh bib lettuce; honey walnut salad with honey roasted and caramelized walnuts with fresh leafy mixed greens, drizzled with warmed honey and gorgonzola. Entrees; filet mignon 8 or 12 oz.; ribeye 6 oz.; rack of lamb served Greek style, marinated in olive oil, lemon and fresh herbs & roasted in oven; NY strip 16 oz.; prime rib with au jus and complimented with House special horseradish sauce; veal piccatta is two sautéed veal medallions topped with lemon butter sauce with tomatoes & capers; roasted salmon in dry vermouth sauce, lobster tail is two tails with white wine, butter and seasoned; duck breast is sautéed duck in honey and port reduction; pecan crusted chicken in pecans served with house Amaretto cream sauce. 

  • Landry's Seafood House
    Excellent seafood in an atmosphere that is inviting and special with outstanding service giving folks a real gulf coast tradition. Hot and cold appetizers including jumbo shrimp cocktail, cold peel 'n eat shrimp, beefsteak tomatoes and fresh mozzarella, basil, red onion & balsamic glaze; crab, shrimp & artichoke dip topped with pico de gallo & served with housemade tortilla chips; fried calamari with marinara or tossed in sweet red pepper sauce; fried zucchini with lemon pepper parmesan; seafood stuffed jalapenos HOT with Landry's famous seafood stuff & jalapeno jack and cream cheese. Oysters served in numerous ways; soups, salads & sandwiches including shrimp or seafood gumbo, blackened chicken salad, old fashioned shrimp salad, Po-boys. Fresh fish include; pontchartrain, mahi-mahi-, salmon filet, cedar planked salmon, gulf snapper, redfish, catfish and more. Shrimp & shellfish, pasta selections, platters and more. Certified Angus beef & fowl include; top sirloin, ribeye, filet mignon, chicken Rockefeller, pork chop Milanese, steak and lobster.



Veal Piccatta Katz 21 Corpus Christi, Texas



Filet Mignon Katz 21 Corpus Chrisit, Texas


Chicken Rockefeller Landry's Seafood House Corpus Christi, Texas

Gulf Snapper Landry's Seafood House Corpus Christi, Texas 

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  • Port Aransas Birding Center Port Aransas Birding Center Corpus Christi, Texas
    The Port Aransas Birding center is located along the waste water treatment plant in the Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center on the southern part of Ross Avenue next to the Corpus Christi ship channel in Corpus Christi, Texas. The area is wheelchair-accessible and has become the home or temporary home for a plethora of birds; as well as Bags and Boots, two alligators that have been seen in the area for some time. There are innumerable red-eared sliders, nutrias and over 283 species of magnificent birds that have come here to nest, rest, swim, or whatever else they plan on doing, whether for the long haul or for just a rest during a long flight somewhere else. The types of birds that frequent the area at any one time, depend on the season, or time of the year, but no matter when, there are always spectacular varieties of beautifully colored birds, of all shapes and sizes, with strange or hypnotic colors that just seem to grab your gaze and mesmerize you for hours as you zone in on them and lose track of time. In the winter months, you may see various types of ducks swimming in the channel, blue-winged teal or green-winged teal, with the birds enjoying the lasts bits of summer's harvest. In the summer months, there are always more, like the spoonbills, terns or rare frigatebird that stops yearly at the wetlands site. Outstanding black-bellied and fulvous whistling ducks come here all the time in the late spring or early fall, and you will certainly notice them by their outrageous cackling as they soar through the air. Many consider this area to be the best boardwalk in the state, and contains a board walk with raised viewing platform, a butterfly and hummingbird garden, two free spotting scopes and a marvelous grassland viewing spot that is close to the wetlands. They have free guided tours each Wednesday at 9 AM. and it is well worth going with them to learn the many areas that will call you back for more sightings, more images of these fantastic flyers of rainbow colors.

  • Heritage Park & Cultural Center
    The Cultural center can be found right in the midst of the marvelous and architectural bonanza of Heritage Park that contains 12 Victorian houses, with the center housed in a century old Galvan House. The center has received national attention and awards for their marvelous cultural programs that are held here all during the year, attempting to show the special beauty of the cultural and artistic differences that exist in Corpus Christi, Texas, as well as the rest of the southern region of that great state. The park's oldest house dates back to 1851, and some of the magnificent houses have been made Texas historical landmarks and each one has been restored to its most authentic original condition, with as many artifacts and relics included in the home. At the cultural center, there is a central plaza, courtyard and the Lytton Memorial Rose garden. The Merriman-Bobys house is the second oldest dwelling in the city, and was constructed in 1851 by Walter Merriman, a local land developer and lawyer; and then used in the Civil War as a hospital, and in 1867 to help the people that contracted yellow fever during that terrible epidemic. Almost a third of the city's population , that included the only three doctors, died in that epidemic. The house itself had various owners, that included ranchers wanting a place in the city for their town house, until Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Bobys bought it in 1936; inviting the local chapter of the Texas Poetry Society to have their meetings here. Then, Morris Lichenstein purchased the house and would eventually donate it to the city. It is the most unusual of the twelve houses in the park, which was moved from its former location to the park and then renovated; although it is the most typical of the architectural type of that period. There is an open porch and shellcrete fireplace, with native woods and square nails used in its construction. The front entrance has a raised panel door with sidelights and full transom, and has become a restaurant.  Other houses include the Britton-Evans Centennial house that was constructed between 1849 and 1850 by Captain Forbes Britton and his wife; the S. Julius Lichenstein house was built in 1905, by the son of the Lichenstein department store owner which was a big retailer for almost a century. The Simon Gugenheim house was also built during 1905, and donated to the city in 1941. The Galvan house, where the center resides, was constructed in 1908 by A. M. French, and designed by his wife Frances Garrett French, to be enjoyed by family and friends. French was a lawyer by profession, although he was the one to start the First State Bank and surveyor for the Tex-Mex Railroad. He would start the first abstract title company in the city, and after he sold the house in 1942 to Rafael Galvan, it would stay in that family for the next four decades. He had come to the city in 1896, and worked as a fisherman, until becoming the city's first Mexican-American police officer. He started the Galvan Ballroom and was one of the founders of the League of United Latin American Citizens. Next, the Grande-Grossman house that was constructed in 1904, then the Littles-Martin house that was constructed sometime in the early 20th century. There are numerous other houses from that early period in the city, that have been moved to this park, so that all of them may be showcased in one area, thus making it the Heritage Park and Cultural center for all people to come and enjoy looking at what the early 20th century houses looked like.

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  • Art Museum of South TexasArt Museum of South Texas Corpus Christi, Texas
    The Art Museum of South Texas was constructed in 1972, with stark white walls made of poured concrete and shell aggregate, and large windows that contains great views of the Corpus Christi, Texas bay's beautiful scenes. The structure was designed by Philip Johnson, and is three levels, but in 2006, another addition was designed by Victor and Ricardo Legorreta of Mexico City, that highlights 13 roof top pyramids, as well as spectacular embellishments of light and color. The idea for the museum began in 1945, when the city turned its centennial museum to a number of local art organizations that continued to preserve and maintain the collections and by the 1960s had such a marvelous and diverse collection that had outgrown its space that the groups and important civic leaders had to start a movement to find money to build a new museum. Since its opening, it has become the cultural center for fine arts in the city, with 12,000 square feet of galleries inside the 30,000 square foot center. The bottom level, that sits at sea level, holds a library, studios, classrooms and storage and work areas. On the main entry level, that faces the Bayfront Arts and Science Park, there is an auditorium, gift shop, galleries and interactive children's playroom. There is a 60 foot catwalk that sits above this level and goes to a sky-lit gallery sitting on the third level. The building is made from concrete and plaster, with floor to ceiling windows to get the optimum light possible. In 1997, the Art museum and the Center for Hispanic Arts joined and formed the South Texas Institute for the Arts, and is affiliated with the Texas A & M university - Corpus Christi. Because of the merger, the outreach programs have been able to be almost doubled, and another half a century of art programming experience brought in to enhance the wonderful opportunities already here. The institute can offer many different exhibitions and educational programs that have come to showcase the wonderful multicultural diversity and heritage of the city and state. They host regular and annual programs that celebrate the achievements of Hispanics and other minority groups, and artists, as well as outreach and enrichment classes the include; dance, video, bilingual gallery talks, theatrical and musical performances and artist residencies. The museum welcomes over 65,000 visitors each year, as well as 35,000 students that partake of the marvelous artistic and educational exhibits and programs. The permanent collection contains over 1300 works of art in the genre of ceramics, mixed media, sculpture, prints, textiles, drawings, paintings and collages.

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  • Corpus Christi Botanical GardenCorpus Christi Botanical Garden Corpus Christi, Texas
    The Corpus Christi Botanical Gardens and Nature center sits on a magnificent 180 acres of landscaping in Corpus Christi, Texas, that is opened for viewing every day but Monday, free of charge. The origin of the gardens began in 1987, when a cottage garden was started on 1 acre of land that also had a nature trail. These gardens are located elsewhere, and opened in 1996, continuously developed since its beginnings; that now includes an exhibit house with cycads, cacti, succulents and bromeliads, a hibiscus garden, arid garden, landscape demo beds, hummingbird garden, over 100 plumeria types, sensory garden, water garden, orchid house with over 3000 orchids and contemporary rose garden with big pavilion. There is also a wonderful mesquite nature trail that meanders through 30 acres of the lovely brush that showcases 35 varieties of woody trees and shrubs, javelina, herbs, deer, cacti, grasses and coyotes.  The center is located along the Oso Creek, on the more affluent south side of Corpus Christi, and the stunning reality of this stark beauty in the rough just happens to touch on the north side of the huge King Ranch. The Don Larkin Memorial Orchid greenhouse contains one of the biggest public collections of catlleya, dendrobium genera, phaleonopsis and paphiopedlum in the southwest region, and this 2000 plant collection seems to blossom all through the year. The spectacular rose garden has 300 magnificent bushes that sit in raised beds, with a huge fountain about halfway down the brick bridal path. The Bates Rose Pavilion is a great place for weddings, and the great green lawns are all around. The Plumeria garden & Willoughby Viewing Platform offers views of over 100 sensory invading tropical plumeria, one of the biggest in the nation, as well as the numerous greenhouses that keep these plants thriving in the winter months. The Sensory garden contains just the right amount of diversity in it to give your senses the once over and gorgeous sculptures. The Tree Demonstration, arid garden, hummingbird garden, are excellent resource gardens to help homeowners to decide what are the best plants for their needs, as well as attracting hummingbirds or other exotic creatures to the many plans. In the earth kind demonstration trial gardens, you can learn or discover the secrets to getting the best plants for your use, since this garden is researching the bests attributes that help the plants most in this environment.  The center has the new Anderson Bromeliad conservatory that is state-of-the-art and houses 800 or more Aechmea bromeliads and many other pieces that had been collected by Nelwyn and John Anderson, both internationally known growers and collectors. The new Butterfly House has just opened where the huge blooms of nectar and larval plants attract red admirals, monarchs, queens, white peacocks, buckeye, tiger and giant swallowtails, frittalires and various other types of butterfly.  

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  • Texas A & M Sports
     The Texas A & M University - Corpus Christi, Texas sports venues have the unique position of being located on a small island just off the Texas shoreline, and just inside the Gulf of Mexico. There are men and women sports, offering men's baseball, basketball, cross country, tennis and track & field; with women's offering basketball, cross country, golf, softball, tennis, track & field and volleyball. They also offer a wonderful intercollegiate sports program that it started from the ground up in 1999. The university wanted to give the student-athlete an open invitation to various sports that will supplement their academic studies, with a great sports program that will adhere to the best care in the prevention and rehabilitation of any injuries, using state-of-the-art equipment, staff offices and physician. The athletic training staff is able to include undergraduate training students that have enrolled in the school's athletic training education program. It is a multi-faceted program that has all the sports and training methods that are needed to compete in any sports program whether it is intercollegiate or national. The opportunities are here for any sports enthusiast and is one of the best rounded venues in the state.

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