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Curacao Airport Alamo  - Hato Int' Airport
Lion's Dive Hotel Alamo -Janthiel Resort Area
Curacao Alamo Rental Cars -Willemstad Marriott Hotel
Curacao Alamo -Plaza Hote Willemstad

Things to do in Curacao

Christoffel Park

  • Christoffel Park
    Take a trip and explore the the park by jeep, bike, or ATV that are available for rent, or go by foot or horseback. The park offers 20 miles of trails to explore the plantations of exotic flowers and cacti. There's also several different species that roam the park as well as protected wildlife including iguanas, donkeys, white tail deer and so much more. Also at the parks entrance is the Savonet plantation house (one of the oldest houses on the island) that serves as a visitor center, nature conservancy , and the new Museum of Natural and Cultural History.

  • Atlantas Adventures
    Take a tour on a semi submarine called the Seaworld Explorer. The boat has an underwater observatory with large, clear glass windows to able you to see the beauties of the sea. Tropical fish surround the area as a diver hand feeds the fish so you can get a close up view. Your tour guide on the boat narrates the way while you can observe the beautiful coral reef as well as the dropping depths of the ocean.

  • Dolphin AcademyDolphin Academy
    The Academy gives you the magical experience to play with the dolphins as well as learn about their interesting life. There goal is trying to teach you the importance of keeping the waters clean and safe for dolphins habitat. Dive in deep in the open waters, Snorkel or take a swim in their natural lagoon where you can give them commands and interact with them, or just sit back in waist deep water where the dolphins come up to you and you can pet them there. Its a great adventure to learn about the beautiful creature and help save their environment.

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Curacao Intl Airport AVIS -Robert Fierro Airport
AVIS at Anthony Veder Building -Zeelandia, Willemstad
Curacao AVIS Rental Cars -Plaza Brion


  • Astrolab Observatory
  • Jaipur Restaurant
  • Mundo Bizarro
  • Gouverneur de Rouville
  • Bistro Le Cochard
  • Iguana Cafe
  • Jaanchies Restaurant
  • Fort Nassau
  • La Plage Hook's Hut
  • Intermezzo
  • Plein Cafe Wilhelmina
  • Zanzibar Lounge and Restaurant
  • Villa Elisabeth
  • Sol Food
  • La Bahia
  • Craving Sushi
  • Seaside Terrace
  • Bon Tapas
  • Rodeo House of Ribs
  • Mambo Beach
  • The Waterfort Terrace
  • Avalon
  • Chogogo Terrace
  • Mundo Bizarro
  • Sjalotte
  • De Kleine Wereld

National Rent a car

 National may be just the ticket for your car rental needs on your next trip.  With waterfalls, rain forests and national parks all away from city centers, renting a car is the only REAL way to get to your favorite beach in Curacao. Check out our awesome National Rental Car Coupons and National Discounts.

Curacao Intl Airport -Curacao Hato Intl Airport
National at Lions Dive Hotel  -Curacao
Curacao National Rental Car  -Willemstad Marriott Hotel
Curacao National - Willemstad Plaza Hotel
National at Livingston Resort -Janthiel Resort Area

Boca Tabla
  • Boca Tabla
    Located on the Northern- western side of the island Boca Tabla is where the rough sea waters smash against the rock creating several caves and small inlets into the rock. To get to Boca Tabla you can walk over huge volcanic rock right to the sea. If your adventurous its always fun to climb into the cave to get a close up view!
  • Museum Kura Hulanda
    The museum is an anthropological museum that is dedicated and focuses on the major cultures of Curacao. Tours are available to get the most out of the museum. Learn about the African slave trade,  Pre-Columbian gold, West African Empires, Mesopotamian relics and Antillean art.
  • Curacao Sea AquariumCuracao Sea Aquarium
    At the Curacao Sea Aquarium there's so much to do and see with your favorite animal. The Aquarium lets you explore up close and personal in their Animal Encounters where you can dive or snorkel with sharks, stingrays, turtles, fish and so much more. If the water isn't your thing you can always check out all of the same creatures safely behind glass in the Aquaria. Also Sea lions, the beautiful reef, a touch tank and so many other activities to keep your day filled with fun.

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Curacao Beaches
  • Curacao Beaches
    Curacao has over 18 beautiful relaxing beaches to spend your vacation on. Each of the beaches has their own uniqueness to them from peaceful inlets to underwaterparks. Experience some of the whitest softest sand to dig your feet in or build a sand castle with the family. Any of these beaches are great for swimming, snorkeling and diving.
  • Curacao Museum
    Founded on February 23rd, 1946 by Dr. Christiaan Engels with his father in law Rudolph Boskaljon in a former military hospital built in 1853 and is considered the oldest museum in the Netherlands Antilles. The museum has 3 different levels of historical culture. The upper floor is decorated like a Curacao mansion  during the early 19th century, the basement explains the culture of the Afro-Curacaoan way of living as well as the first inhabitants. Finally is the Exhibition Room which is filled with international and contemporary art. The Museum sits on a beautiful botanical garden where there are interesting sculptures and art as well.
  • Den Dunki National Park

    Den Dunki National Park
    The park was once used as an African slave camp in the late 17th century established by Dutch slave traders. The camp was there for the slaves to regain their strength and health before they were sold. Then in the late 19th century it was turned into a recreational swan park which consisted of beautiful water fountains and and a impressive bridge into the park. Today the park is more for an escape to explore the beauties of Curacao. Its filled with plants and flowers and even some of swan parks remaining fountains.

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