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Things to do in Devils Lake

    Devils Lake State Park Devils Lake State Park Devils Lake, North Dakota
    Devils Lake State Park is actually a complex of two state parks in North Dakota, just south of Devils Lake, North Dakota, with one park, Grahams Island and one recreation area, Black Tiger Bay, that make up this magnificent 1,122 acre park, with 107 camping sites available during the summer months. It is one of the most beautiful state parks in the country, containing the biggest natural lake in the state, that has the Grahams Island State Park inside of it. It is a closed drainage basin the contains different levels of water, and it has raised up at least 25 feet in the last decade alone. On its eastern edge, the Black Tiger Bay State Recreation Area offers boat ramps for boaters and fishermen to launch their crafts into the magnificent lake. As you enter the park area, Grahams Island State Park is only a short distance away, where a bait shop offers all the things that you might need to have a great day fishing. The state of North Dakota is well known for its excellent fishing and Devils Lake is sure to prove this out. This area of the park also has the camping facilities that is just $12 a night, unless you want to add electricity which would add another $8 to your tab. They also have cabins located there that offer a more luxurious stay than a tent, and those generally run up to $40 a night. The entire region has been historically noteworthy from the time of the Native Americans living here, with many legends growing up as well. The lake used to be called, "Miniwaukan" which mean spirit, but in the translation early on, some thought that it meant bad spirit, which would lead to it being called devil. Black Tiger Bay is exclusively for boaters, with two ramps that allow you to put your boat in the waters, with camping, biking, picnicking and hiking offered in the other areas of the huge park. Grahams Island State Park is the bigger of the two parks and can only be reached by driving across a manmade ridge and is outstanding for water sports and other activities.

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    Pioneer Daughters Library & Lillian Wineman CollectionPioneers Daughters Library & Lillian Wineman Collection Devils Lake, North Dakota
    The museum of the Pioneer Daughters is housed in the hospital building at Fort Totten State Park in the lake region with outstanding uniforms and relics of Colonel Creel, the founder of the city of Devils Lake, North Dakota, as well as assisting in the foundation of Camp Grafton, along with other officers that had been stationed at the military post from 1867 to 1890. One of the featured displays contains letters written by a private Michael Vetter, in his native German language, as well as collections of agricultural tools, pioneer homes and professional practices. It is a wonderful museum that highlights some of the lives of the early settlers and the hardships that they faced and endured in the cold harsh northern region of the United States. It was and is a difficult region to live in, with extremely cold and harsh winters and fairly warm summers, although, the high temperatures are rarely reached in this area of the country and more difficult to have pioneered.  Also kept here is the personal collections of Lillian Wineman, a Devils Lake pioneer woman that was born here in 1888. There is a large collection of her personal belongings, with many household items kept in her exhibit, although there isn't much known about this marvelous woman, other than what has been shared by word of mouth. However, there has been numerous sightings of the old lady, wandering about the town, scaring the heck out of many people that have seen her apparition. If you would like to learn more about this ghostly story, then check out the videos on YouTube that describe this elderly woman from the old frontier day of the later 1880s in Devils Lake, North Dakota, or it may be that these good folks would like to see more tourists coming here to visit, learn and enjoy the beauty of the area.

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    North Dakota Maritime MuseumNorth Dakota Maritime Museum Devils Lake, North Dakota
    The North Dakota Maritime Museum in Devils Lake, North Dakota houses many interesting and exciting relics of military memorabilia that includes war bonds, photographs and pictures from the crew members, uniforms and more, kept on the second floor of the WW II Memorial Building in Devils Lake, near Roosevelt Park. With many rare and outstanding condition of the artifacts, it has become a marvelous attraction for visitors, as well as a great place to learn more about the maritime military history of the region. The museum has many awesome posters that look as if they had just been produced yesterday, with uniforms in their original condition, as if the lucky people that had worn them, never went to war. The museum is filled with excellent artifacts of the maritime military history of the many people that went to war here, and fortunately came back to be with their families and friends. Each year, all military veterans return to the museum for what is called a Dakota Bull Session, where they can share stories and successes, with many exhibitions, good meals and plenty of good natured fun. The session starts on Friday evening and finishes with a wonderful memorial service on Sunday, around noon.

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    Heritage House Museum Heritage House Museum Devils Lake, North Dakota
    The Heritage House museum is located in a 1910 period house in Devils Lake, North Dakota, filled with relics and artifacts from the region's families, and a magnificent attic filled with exquisite antiques and more interesting items. The three story structure built of brick in the Georgian revival style had been home to the local sheriff and contains galleries on all three floors; and would become listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978, along with other outstanding architectural homes. All the furniture and furnishings have been brought here for other sources to showcase the excellent examples of 19th century furniture and furnishings, as well as the style of living that these hardy folks had in the early days of their state and territory. The Heritage just recently ended their 10th annual student art show and continue to hold these kinds of venues to involve both the community and families, providing them with constantly changing exhibits, especially when it involves many of the children in the region. It gives these blossoming artists a chance for others to view their hard work and give them a better idea of course of study to pursue when they finish grade school and move onto to college or vocational or professional schools.

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    Fort Totten State Historic SiteFort Totten State Historic Site Devils Lake, North Dakota
    The Fort Totten State Historic Site is located along the southeastern end of the town of Fort Totten, North Dakota, constructed as a military post in 1867 and continued to be used as a military installation until 1890 when it would be converted into a boarding school for Indian children. There are numerous brick structures that have replaced the earlier log fort, and now house outstanding museum displays about the area's history and culture. The fort would serve the American Indian policy from 1867 until 1959, changing to a boarding school, then Indian health care facility and finally a reservation school. In the early days of the fort, it would police the reservation, with its soldiers keeping the peace, and guarding the overland routes; as well as helping the Dakota Indians that lived near Devils Lake after 1867, and decommissioned in 1890. It became a North Dakota State Historic Site in 1960 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1971. Its featured permanent exhibit is called Encountering Fort Totten and provides visitors the interactive opportunity to become either a young female Chippewa student, a soldier, a teenage Dakota male student or a teacher, offering you the chance to tour the fort in their shoes and discover all that it means to you, in that particular form that you choose. The four itineraries offer you the chance to follow one of these people through the fort, and letting them experience life at the fort when that person lived. These four people have been based on oral accounts collected from the Spirit Lake tribal members and other 19th and 20th century accounts. Other newly opened exhibits include the commissary storehouse building that gives visitors a chance to see the fort the way it would have looked when it was a military post, during the period from 1867 to 1890, or boarding school for American Indians from 1891 to 1959. The State Historical Society has also opened a display about the preservation of the fort in the last half a century. Fort Totten is one of the finest preserved forts in the nation, with many different units serving here, like those from the famous 7th Cavalry, and sixteen of the original buildings are still standing today.

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