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Things to do in Dickinson

Dakota Dinosaur Museum Dakota Dinosaur Museum Dickinson, North Dakota
The Dakota Dinosaur Museum in Dickinson, North Dakota, opening in 1994, in a 13,400 square foot space that contains dinosaur models created by a company in Utah along with artists from North Dakota and Texas. The majority of relics that are authentic in the museum were donated by Alice and Larry League, and it is open from May to Labor Day, since the winters can get pretty rough in this part of the country. The museum was opened to promote tourism, by offering a place for the preservation and display of paleontologist and geological specimens to be enjoyed by the visitors. It is also a museum that teaches visitors about the many types of dinosaurs that once walked along the lands that are found in the state. The paleontological specimens located here were donated to the museum, after being collected, catalogued and prepared by Alice and Larry who had been collecting the specimens from around the globe for many years. Larry started the collection in 1984, when he was involved in the excavations of Oligocene period mammals by Dickinson. By 1987, he was looking for late Cretaceous age fossils in the Hell Creek formation of North and South Dakota, as well as areas of Montana. The idea and impetus behind the museum began in 1987, when Larry's collection began to exceed his space filled with thousands of collected specimens. Both Larry and Alice started the process of building a museum that could house all these specimens and more, as more community members helped with the funding, development, planning and eventual construction. They have continued in the museum by becoming the curator and executive director. The museum has 11 full-scale dinosaurs that are displayed in a Triassic-Cretaceous period as well as three full scale dinosaurs located outside the museum. There is an authentic triceratops skeleton and one of the finest triceratops skull ever discovered. Some of the temporary exhibits that were hosted there include the Crystal skulls and Gemstone Folklore that contains minerals and crystals from around the world carved into the shape of human skulls; and have become more popular by the recent movies, the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull with Indiana Jones and the 2012 predictions in the movie of the same name. This unique legend of skulls has been around for many centuries, with the Greeks making certain references to the crystal skull of Atlantis, Native American culture and the skull carvings of the ancient Mayans. It seems that skulls have evolved into a present phenomenon, with the meanings dependant on the eye of the beholder, with some envisioning evil and others believing that they are the rudiments of peace and joy, while even more believe that they are healing tools of the past, as well as means of communicating with them in the past and the future. The second temporary exhibit showcases minerals that have been used as healing stones for centuries by various cultures throughout the world, highlighted in their folklore. The minerals displayed are polished stones, eggs, pillows, natural minerals, jewelry, massage wands, hearts, skulls and spheres. Some people discover that a healing mineral might be their birthstone, or a favorite mineral that they have had for many years. One of the most unique exhibits is the Grail Necklace, that was formed from a rare white quartz embellished with a very rare green Moldavite that had been created from a meteor impact millions of years ago. To learn more about the minerals and their possible healing attributes, be sure to visit the museum and learn all you can about them.

Prairie Outpost Park
Prairie Outpost Park Dickinson, North DakotaThe Prairie Outpost Park in Dickinson, North Dakota contains five historic and five reproduced structures that are found in the park that sits east of the museum, with numerous groups taking care of the buildings or hosting events in the park all through the year and include Scandinavian, Czech and Germans from Russia heritage organizations. The historic structures include a train depot, church, school, general store and house, with reproduced structures including a blacksmith shop, print shop, Czech town hall, Scandinavian stabbur and an ethnic German-Russian stone house. There are more structures located in the park that include a coal mine, windmill, veteran's chapel, oil derrick, Northern Pacific train caboose, the Heritage Pavilion picnic shelter and restrooms. The park occupies 12 acres of land near the Interstate 94, with groundbreaking being done in 1975, and officially made a Bicentennial project of the city and Stark County. The park is free of charge and open to all visitors and interested parties during the summer months.  

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Theodore Roosevelt National ParkTheodore Roosevelt National Park Badlands, North Dakota
The Theodore Roosevelt National Park is located in the badlands of western North Dakota, made up of three geographically divided areas and named after President Theodore Roosevelt, to honor his achievements in conservation while he was the leader of the land and for the tremendous influence that these landscapes had on him during his lifetime. The park spans 110 square miles in three parts, the North Unit, the Elkhorn Ranch Unit and the South Unit. The biggest unit is the southern that sits along Interstate 94 by Medora, North Dakota, while the North unit is located some 80 miles to the north of the South unit, a bit south of Watford City, North Dakota. Roosevelt's Elkhorn Ranch is found in between the two units, about 20 miles west of US 85 and Fairfield, North Dakota, with the Little Missouri River flowing through all three; and the Maah Daah Hey Trail connects them. In September of 1883, Roosevelt first came to the badlands of North Dakota to hunt buffalo, and after getting his first buffalo after just a short trip, he became enamored by the entire idea of a rugged lifestyle and the amazing freedom of the open west. He bought the Maltese Cross Ranch for $14,000, that already had Bill Merrifield and Sylvane Ferris running it, that was located seven miles south of Medora. During the winter, those two men would construct the Maltese Cross Cabin. After loosing his wife and mother, he returned to the ranch in North Dakota, hoping to find solace and solitude, and during that summer, of 1884, he would begin building the Elkhorn Ranch that was about 35 miles north of Medora, and hired two Maine woodsmen, Wilmot Dow and Bill Sewall to run it. Roosevelt would take a great interest in his two ranches, along with hunting in the west, and then writing about his adventures in the articles that were published in the eastern magazines and newspapers. Teddy would write three significant works on his life out west; Ranch Life and the Hunting Trail, The Wilderness Hunter and Hunting Trips of a Ranchman. His stories and times in the difficult life of the outdoorsman, as well as the loss of his cattle to starvation during the winter of 1886-1887, would become his impetus to conserve these lands when he became President of the United States in 1901.  After Roosevelt passed on in 1919, the Little Missouri badlands would be explored looking for possible park sites, so when the CCC camps were constructed in both areas of the future parks from 1934 to 1941, roads and other improvements and structures were created that are still in use today. In 1935, an area called the Roosevelt Recreation Demonstration Area was created including the parks that had been improved, and in 1946 they were transferred to the fish and wildlife service as the Theodore Roosevelt National Wildlife Refuge. In 1947, President Harry Truman would establish the Theodore Roosevelt National Memorial Park, which was the first and only national memorial park ever created. After making boundary adjustments and starting the 29,920 acre park as the Theodore Roosevelt Wilderness, the park would be changed to the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. One of the most interesting and exciting attractions in the park is the wildlife viewing that include; wild turkeys, prairie dogs, bighorn sheep, buffalo, golden eagles, white-tailed deer, feral horses, sharp-tailed grouse, mule deer, elk, and some 186 species of birds. 

 Little Missouri National Grasslands
Little Missouri National Grasslands North DakotaThe Little Missouri National Grasslands in western North Dakota contains over 1 million acres of grasslands that are the biggest in the nation, and contains the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. The grasslands had been a part of the Custer National Forest, but now is part of the Dakota Prairie Grasslands, a huge national forest made up of the entire national grasslands. One of the most significant features of the grassland is the magnificent and colorful badlands, which is a very rugged terrain that has been deeply eroded by the weather, and is made up of mixed grass prairie with both short and long grasses. The boundaries of this immense region has been misleading on some maps because inside of the grasslands, there are state-owned and privately owned areas of land, which is located in the counties of Slope, Golden Valley, Billings and McKenzie. Just south of Amidon, North Dakota, the state's highest point is located, which is White Butte, and it is located in the southeast corner of the grasslands. The pristine beauty of the region is increased by the amount of sights and animals that abound here, with the best recreational activities in the world offered that include; backpacking, hunting, hiking, camping, fishing, horseback riding, canoeing and photography, interspersed throughout other areas that are government, private or otherwise off limits lands that have been encircled by the constant increases of the grasslands. Some of the outstanding resources available here include; cattle grazing, recreation, oil and gas production and paleontological and archaeological excavations. There are also many varieties of plants found here that are located within the many habitats, and is so diversified that the area has become a favorite for all types of visitors and explorers.

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Local Restaurants in Dickinson

Brickhouse Grill
Appetizers; seared ahi tuna with veggie slaw, sesame seed, rice wine dressing, wasabi mayo; steamed clams with chili pasta, ginger, sake, tomatoes; beef skewer wrap with toasted cashews, spicy soy glaze; shrimp cocktail with lemon wedge, cocktail sauce; beer battered onion rings with chipotle ketchup; crab cake with corn relish, lemon crème fraiche. Entrees; filet mignon is bacon wrapped, bleu cheese au gratins, bordelaise, seasonal veggies; 14oz. ribeye with sliced red potatoes, whiskey butter, seasonal veggies; 12oz. sirloin with potato hash, bordelaise, seasonal veggies; banana leaf poached shrimp, rice noodles, fruit salsa; pan seared scallops with potato shoestrings, coconut curry sauce, sautéed veggie slaw; steamed clams with chili pasta, ginger, sake; fresh crab over bed of rice pilaf, seasonal veggies; spice rubbed rack of lamb with potato skewer, grilled onions, apricot compote; stuffed pork chop with Murphy's Stout stuffing, chef's applesauce, seasonal veggies; pan roasted chicken breast with tomato couscous, pan gravy, seasonal veggies; wild game ravioli with mushroom & garlic truffle sauce, tomatoes, basil; half pound angus burger with steak fries.

Country Kitchen
Dinners; home-style country dinner is choice of turkey, meatloaf or pot roast with country mashed potatoes, veggie of the day & dinner roll; mini-cheeseburger & fries is 2 mini-cheeseburgers with pickles on grilled parmesan garlic mini buns with Brew city fries; cod & shrimp basket is 2 pieces of tasty breaded cod with tartar sauce, 2 jumbo shrimp, lemon & cocktail sauce with Brew City fries; steak dinner is 5oz. steak grilled & topped with onion tanglers with mashed potatoes, veggie of the day & dinner roll; half sandwich & soup or salad with choice of hot soup or fresh mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers & dressing; meatloaf dinner topped with gravy & onion tanglers, mashed potatoes, veggie of the day & dinner roll; country beef pot roast is slow cooked with country mashed potatoes topped with beef gravy, veggie of the day & dinner roll; chicken fried chicken dinner lightly breaded, seasoned chicken fried & covered with peppered country gravy with country mashed potatoes, veggie of the day & dinner roll; country fried steak is breaded seasoned beef fried & covered with peppered country gravy, country mashed potatoes, veggie of the day & dinner roll; jumbo shrimp breaded & fried with cocktail sauce & lemon wedge; Alaska cod is battered with tartar sauce & lemon wedge; country choice classic sirloin is 5 or 8oz. sirloin steak grilled & topped with onion tanglers; steak & shrimp combo is 8oz. sirloin steak grilled & topped with onion tanglers served with 3 breaded jumbo shrimp, lemon & cocktail sauce; seared salmon dinner is 2 Alaskan salmon fillets seasoned with house spices seared, served with dill sauce; steak stroganoff is grilled sirloin steak layered over penne pasta with sautéed mushrooms & onions in house sour cream stroganoff sauce topped with onion tanglers with grilled flatbread.


Steamed Clams with Chili Pasta Brickhouse Grill Dickinson, North Dakota


Spice Rubbed Rack of Lamb Brickhouse Grill Dickinson, North Dakota



 Beef Pot Roast Country Kitchen Dickinson, North Dakota


Seared Salmon Country Kitchen Dickinson, North Dakota



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Dickinson Museum Center Dickinson Museum Center Dickinson, North Dakota
The Dickinson Museum Center in Dickinson, North Dakota is an organization that preserves and showcases the rich history of the region in a museum complex that serves the city, Stark County and the entire southwest North Dakota area; all sitting on a 12 acre park site that contains numerous structures and run by various nonprofit organizations. The site includes the Joachim Regional Museum that houses local art and history displays, the Prairie Outpost Park, spoken of earlier, the Pioneer Machinery Museum that highlights the early ranching and agriculture business of the county; and sites managed by the museum include the Dakota Dinosaur Museum, the Dickinson Convention and Visitor's Bureau and the Historic Preservation Commission.  The center hosts a number of living history and art demonstrations during the summer, on Saturdays and have included in the past those involving; knitting, pottery, making rope, metal work, quilting, sewing and others. These events are very interesting and helpful, as some of them can be done at home, helping families offset the rising prices of materials in the marketplace. They are usually free to join and learn about the many various topics that are possibly useful and important to families today.

Joachim Regional Museum
Joachim Regional Museum Dickinson, North Dakota
The Joachim Regional Museum in Dickinson, North Dakota is filled with the local history of the region, with numerous structures moved here so that the visitors that come here can see what the past history and buildings looked like, as well as exploring them to see what the people of that period had and used in their homes to help them with their many chores. A few of the exhibits include the immigration experience of those coming to the southwestern area of the state, as well as 46 historical portraits of the cattlemen and cowboys that helped the town grown. The building that houses the museum contains the Osborn Reading and Research Room, along with the numerous exhibits that showcase the exciting history and art of the past. This museum was started by local businessman, Daniel Milton Joachim, who left estate funds for the museum's construction and to help with some of the costs. There is an excellent doll house located here that has interested many visitors that come to this corner of the state.

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Fort Abraham Lincoln State ParkFort Abraham Lincoln State Park North Dakota
Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park in Mandan, North Dakota can be found just seven miles south of the city, which is home to On-A-Slant Indian Village, the Custer house, and blockhouses, after President Theodore Roosevelt signed the deed over to the state in 1907 as the Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park. The Mandan Indian tribe started a village at the confluence of the Heart and Missouri rivers in 1575, constructing earthlodges and enjoying the hunt for buffalo. They would grow crops and continue the hunting and living on the land until about 1775, when an outbreak of smallpox decimated the tribe, causing many to leave the area. During the 1870s, the remainder of the Mandan began settling in the area beside the west banks of the Missouri, where the tribe had originally located, but a military post would be constructed nearby in 1872, by two companies of the 6th US Infantry under the leadership of Lt. Colonel Daniel Huston, Jr. that would become Fort McKeen, somewhere opposite Bismarck, in the new Dakota territory. About four months later, the fort's name would be change to Fort Abraham Lincoln and start an expansion south to include a cavalry post that contained six companies of riders. At Fort Lincoln, 78 structures would be constructed, to include a post office, guardhouse, bakery, hospital, telegraph office, log scouts' quarters, barracks for nine companies, six cavalry stables, seven officer's quarters, granary, laundress quarters and quartermaster storehouse. Water would be supplied by bringing wagons filled from the Missouri River, and wood supplied by contract. The 7th cavalry came to the fort in 1873, to assist with the Northern Pacific Railroad, with the new commander becoming Lt. Colonel George A. Custer, who would be the commanding officer until his death in 1876. That year, the army would leave the area and post, part of the Great Sioux War of 1876-77 that ended in Custer's defeat at the Battle of the Little Big Horn; where they hoped thought that they would push the Indians back onto their respective reservations. Custer and half his troops would not be coming back to the post, so in 1891, it would be abandoned, once the railroad finished its run to Montana in 1883, it would no longer be useful. A year after the fort had been abandoned, the local townsfolk would come here and take wood and nails, but in 1895, a new Fort Lincoln would be constructed across the river by Bismarck. The CCC would construct shelters, roads and a visitor center, as well as reconstructing the military blockhouses and put cornerstones on the places that had held the previous structures of the fort, and reconstructing the Mandan earthen lodges in 1934. There were later structures installed on the site, including the new Mandan village that is called On-A-Slant Village. A copy of Custer's old house was also reconstructed in the park during 1989, just in time for the state's centennial celebration. There is a campground and picnic area located in the park today.

Pioneer Machinery Museum
Pioneer Machinery Museum Dickinson, North Dakota
The Pioneer Machinery Museum sits in the Prairie Outpost Park in Dickinson, North Dakota, housing an excellent collection of early agricultural and ranching history and relics that include; mechanized farm equipment, threshing machines, tractors and other horse drawn machines. It showcases the early agricultural and ranching history of Stark County and managed by the Stark County Historical Society.

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