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Things to do in Eau Claire

  • Paul Bunyan Logging Camp Museum Paul Bunyan Logging Camp Museum Eau Claire, Wisconsin
    Here is your chance to go back in time to the 1890s and see what it was like to live and work in a genuine logging camp with all the outbuildings and equipment that was used to harvest the lumber necessary to build, burn and clear the land for settlement. Before entering this exciting replica of years past, you will see the huge statue of Paul Bunyan and Babe, his helpful blue ox. Here you will learn all about the workings of a logging camp, complete with cook house, barn, bunk house, blacksmith shop and more that was a part of the logging camp. There is an interpretive center that gives you a lot of information about the operation, and a real file footage of the logging camp and exhibits with authentic relics. There are numerous family exhibits and activities that you will find, plus the Henry O. Strand Interpretive Center, where artifacts from Northern Wisconsin and its busiest times. The entire complex will lead you down the road to knowledge about the way these mighty men lived and worked in the days gone by. You can explore the many buildings like the bunkhouse, heavy equipment shed, cook shanty, barn, blacksmith area, wanigan, foreman's office and filer's shack; plus the Tall Tales room where anything goes and can happen. It is a genuine family affair with all the excitement that was alive in the 19th century as the land was cleared of timber and homes were being built of wood, or used in the beautification of walls, ceilings, floors, handrails and other areas where wood was used to improve the look and feel of a home or business office. After viewing the mighty Paul's statue, head to the Dale Syth Theater where a short film will acquaint you and your family with all the things to do and see on the property. Head into the Big Cut Room to learn all you can about the shaping of the lumber and how it is cut. There is a gift shop to take home a souvenir from this awesome trip, one that you will enjoy and remember. The Tall Tales Room is full of games and interactive exhibits that will keep them going all day long. Here is your chance to see what these rugged outdoorsmen went through and lived like, all in one place.

  • Cady Cheese Factory, Inc.
    No visit to Wisconsin would be complete without a tour of a cheese factory, and this one is quite the one. They make many kinds of delicious cheeses, and flavors, of longhorn cheese. Their special longhorn cheese is made into 6 inch diameter longhorns and smaller 4 inch deli or mini-longhorn; where they say that cheese is much better when made into these smaller versions; with better body, flavor and taste. All are 100% natural cheese, that can be sold with a special customer's label, their own Cady Creek Farms label or in the factory cheese and gift shop. The cheese can be purchased in bulk, wrapped, single-pack slices or smaller cuts. Cady township is located in western Wisconsin and in 1908, a cheese factory opened to take care of the processing milk from the local farms. Before the invention of refrigeration and modern transportation, creameries and cheese factories were all over, with over 1600 in the area producing cheese at one time. In 1960, Delores and Norman Marcott bought the factory, making barrel cheese that was then processed into smaller quantities. Their son Dale, learned the process from the floor up, before going off to college, where he studied biology and chemistry to further improve the process of cheese making. Dale and his wife Wendy, bought the factory in 1978, and put in equipment that would make the longhorn cheese. Unfortunately, or perhaps not, the factory burned down in 1991, so that the Marcotts were forced to rebuild, but this rebuilding allowed them to put up a completely state-of-the-art factory that enabled them to process 700,000 gallons of milk per day. Their packaging comes in the mini-longhorn, deli loaves, 6 inch longhorns, full face cuts, shingle cuts in resealable plastic bags, or half moon cuts. The full mini-longhorns will last for 9 months from day of making, while the smaller packages last 7 months. Varieties come in Colby, mozzarella, muenster, hot pepper, veg'y Colby, baby Swiss, Monterey jack, provolone, cheddar, and gold'n jack.

  • Wilson Place Mansion & Gift Shop
    The original house was built in 1859 as a colonial style home, by Captain William Wilson, a lumber baron, founder and first mayor of Menomonie; as well as the region's first state senator. During the year of 1875, he put a sandstone wall around the property's 22 acres that still exists today. Upon his death, his daughter Angelina and her husband, James Huff Stout, inherited the estate in 1892, and they began a large remodeling and expansion that made the home into a Queen Anne mansion with 17 fireplaces, carved mahogany staircase, wraparound porches on all three floors and third floor ballroom. The house became the property of George La Pointe, Jr. in the early 1920s, who was the grandson of Captain Wilson, and with his wife, Irene, George reduced the size of the home by two thirds, into a more Mediterranean style villa, which presently exists today. It became a museum and contains all of the furniture that was installed in 1846, as well as many wall coverings and panels. During the Christmas season, there are 42 various themed trees decorated throughout the home.  There is a wonderful gift shop located there carrying many items that relate to the area's economy and local items that are unique.

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  • Summer Of '52 TourHank Aaron Statue Eau Claire, Wisconsin
     The summer of '52 tour is a great stop to visit the statue of Hank Aaron and see the baseball stadium where he got his first hit; and hear the story about this memorable baseball player. There have been many other baseball greats that also got their start in this wonderful location. Hank is considered one of the top five baseball players in the sport and hit 24 or more home runs every year from 1955 until 1973; and is the only man to hit 30 or more home runs for 15 seasons. He made the All-Star team every year from 1955 until 1975, and he helped the Braves win the World Series in 1957, where he personally won the NL's most valuable player award. Hank joined the ranks of the league players when he was 18 by signing on with the Boston Braves, who moved to Milwaukee the next year in 1952, and he began playing for the Eau Claire Bears, the northern league class-C farm team. Hank did so well during that year, that he was promoted to the southern league in Jacksonville.

  • Wisconsin Whitewater
    Kosir's rapid rafts is the oldest whitewater rafting outfit in Wisconsin with operations on two of the best whitewater rafting rivers in the state; the roaring rapids on the Peshtigo River and the piers gorge area of the Menominee River. They will take you on a trip that will test your skills and your perseverance for enjoyment and thrills. The company has a camp on the river's edge and is convenient for coming off the river and walking to your campsite, showers, car, clothes or food and drinks. The camp is so close to the river's edge that you won't have to worry about a long drive or walk once you leave the water after that fantastic ride down the rapids. If you love adventure and especially whitewater rafting, then this is the place for you. With over 30 years of personal experience the guides at Kosir's know what they are doing and how to give you the best whitewater ride of your life. Professionally skilled in all areas that pertain to whitewater rafting, these people will ensure that you are getting the most excitement out of your visit. Stop by and see the great campground and view the rapids that are close by and then make your decision; but remember, they don't run all year round since the waters get pretty cold and some areas could freeze up making your ride extremely cold.

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Local Restaurants in Eau Claire
  • Sweetwaters Restaurant
     Sweetwaters goes the extra mile to make sure that everything is perfect for you when you visit them for a great meal. Every meal is made to order, and the dressings and sauces are made on the premises. Always involved in the community, they use only local farmers and suppliers to get the freshest and best ingredients for their delicious cuisine. The beef is custom selected and hand cut by the chef, so you know that you are getting the most flavorful piece of meat available. Sandwiches are offered with the soup of the day or crisp fries; Philly cheesesteak is slow roasted strip loin sliced thin and piled high on a toasted hoagie bun, topped with sautéed peppers and onions then finished with melted cheddar cheese; blackened chicken Caesar pita is a breast of chicken seared with Cajun spices then tossed with crisp romaine, Caesar dressing and parmesan served in a char-grilled pita wrap; beer-batter cod is a tender cod filet dipped in beer batter and quick-fried, served on a hoagie bun with shredded lettuce and housemade tartar sauce; chicken fajita wrap is grilled chicken combined with sautéed onions and peppers, shredded lettuce and a blend of cheeses wrapped in a warmed honey-wheat tortilla; Carolina pulled pork is fork tender, slow roasted pork atop a toasted hoagie bun with creamy Cole slaw served with a tangy BBQ sauce; crabmeat, shrimp and mushroom melt is tasty sea legs, baby shrimp and sautéed mushrooms heaped on a toasted English muffin and topped with melted cheddar cheese; and grilled Black Angus burger is a generous 7 ounce burger made from lean angus sirloin served with your choice of Swiss cheese and sautéed mushrooms or cheddar cheese and crisp bacon. Soups include; soup of the day, wild rice, or French onion au gratin. Salads include; chicken salad sampler is a sampling of three of the most popular salads featuring Caesar salad with grilled chicken, their Asian crunch salad and almond mandarin chicken salad; Asian-Crunch is marinated chicken, romaine, scallions, peppers, snow pea pods and crispy noodles tossed in a special dressing featuring mayonnaise, honey, soy sauce, rice vinegar and sesame oil; Cobb is grilled chicken, chopped egg, pasta, avocado, tomato, bacon, ham, snow peas and select cheeses; almond Mandarin chicken is tender chicken folded in a mayo, sour cream and lemon dressing with mandarin oranges and toasted almonds served with fresh fruit and homemade muffin. Entrees include; grilled sausage platter is grilled knackwurst, bratwurst, kielbasa and andouille sausage, served with crispy potato cakes; grilled bruschetta is thick sliced country-style bread grilled and served with a trio of toppings; roasted tomato bruschetta, herbed goat cheese and artichoke parmesan spread; beer battered asparagus is fresh asparagus dipped in their delicious batter and fried golden brown, served with lemon dipping sauce; haystack onion rings is julienned onions in Cajun flour, cheese curds is beer battered Westby Creamery curds; stuffed mushrooms is crabmeat and cream cheese in mushroom caps topped with Hollandaise sauce and parmesan. More; buffalo calamari is fried calamari sautéed in a zesty hot sauce, sprinkled with bleu cheese crumbles and served with celery cuts; tenderloin and tuna crostini is grilled filet and seared ahi tuna served on little toasts drizzling with olive oil and fresh toppings; quesadilla is with Monterey jack, cheddar, green onions, tomatoes, chilies and tender chicken wrapped in a flour tortilla and grilled; bucket of shrimp is tasty tail on shrimp by the bucket served with their zesty cocktail sauce; and battered walleye bites is Canadian walleye batter dipped then fried golden brown and served with potato cakes and Cajun tartar sauce.

  • Houligan's Steak & Seafood Pub
    This gorgeous restaurant is located in a century old brick building, two stories high in the center of Eau Claire and is the premier steak and seafood restaurant in the city. Known for excellent hand cut steaks, aged, and fresh seafood, they are also well known for their famous candied garlic sauce that is trademarked. The steaks are USDA choice or prime, aged and then hand cut upon your order. Their seafood is delivered each day from one of the finest fish markets in the twin city area. Appetizers include; homemade artichoke dip; chicken wings, blue crab cakes, fried cheese curds, bruschetta, mushroom mornay, spicy steak bites, and mussels. Soups and salads include; scratch soups are made from scratch and served with fresh baked pub bread; pub salad is romaine lettuce, roma tomatoes, and fresh baked croutons in a traditional creamy ranch dressing; Houligan's house salad is a combination of organically grown spring greens, kalamata olives, diced roma tomatoes, croutons, artichoke hearts, parmesan and crumbled bleu cheese tossed in Houligan's homemade balsamic vinaigrette; ale salad is organically grown spring greens tossed in their own draft ale vinaigrette dressing with sundried cranberries and candied pecans; chipotle ranch is crisp romaine lettuce topped with toasted prosciutto ham, gorgonzola crumbles, diced tomatoes and croutons served with a chipotle ranch dressing; Caesar is a classic combination of crisp romaine lettuce combined with parmesan cheese, croutons, kalamata olives, diced roma tomatoes and a creamy garlic dressing. Steaks are served with Yukon gold mashed potatoes and fresh vegetable of the day; candied garlic TM New York strip is a 12 ounce center cut strip steak; prosciutto filet is a 6 ounce tenderloin wrapped in prosciutto and seared in extra virgin olive oil and served with gorgonzola cheese sauce; filet is a 6 ounce tenderloin seasoned with their steak seasoning and charbroiled the way you want it, topped with butter star; ribeye is 14 ounce boneless ribeye charbroiled; Irish whiskey tenderloin tips is 6 ounces of tenderloin tips sautéed with red onions and portabella mushrooms tossed in their sweet Irish whiskey; medallions of beef is two 3 ounce medallions grilled. Seafood is cold water lobster tail topped with butter and baked to perfection; fresh crab crusted catfish is farm raised catfish filet coated in a blue crab and potato mixture baked and served with a lemon dill cream sauce; fresh bayou catfish is farm raised catfish filet coated in Japanese breadcrumbs and fried in 100% canola oil and served with a homemade tomato andouille sausage sauce; honey Dijon shrimp is topped with Japanese breadcrumbs and broiled in garlic butter and white wine.




Philly cheesesteak Sweetwaters Eau Claire, Wisconsin


Grilled bruschetta Sweetwaters Eau Claire, Wisconsin


Mussels Sweetwaters Eau Claire, Wisconsin


Buffalo calamari Sweetwaters Eau Claire, Wisconsin


Bucket of shrimp Sweetwaters Eau Claire, Wisconsin


6 oz filet Houligans Eau Claire, Wisconsin


Candied NY steak Houligans Eau Claire, Wisconsin


Crab crusted catfish Houligans Eau Claire, Wisconsin


Cold lobster tail Houligans Eau Claire, Wisconsin 

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  • Beaver Creek Reserve Beaver Creek Reserve Eau Claire, Wisconsin
    A bit west of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, the tranquil beauty of the Beaver Creek Reserve spreads across 360 acres of pristine landscaping that contain three different types of facilities; Hobbs Observatory, Wise Nature Center and the Eau Claire County Youth camp. With over 5 miles of glorious trails, visitors have the chance to see some of the exciting residents that call the reserve home. These include; wood turtles, deer, five-lined skinks, bear, fox snakes, golden-winged warblers, beaver, tufted titmouse and wild turkey. Some of the majestic flowers are jack-in-the-pulpits, lady slippers, carrion flowers and much more. The reserve offers many wonderful opportunities that will make your wildlife experience that much more enjoyable. With photo blinds, feeding stations, self-guided interpretive trails, boardwalks and butterfly gardens, you will be able to learn about the incredible diversity of the Chippewa Valley. There is a science center, youth camp, charter science research school, nature store, observatory, nature center and field research station where all are devoted to increasing your knowledge so that together we can create an attitude and commitment to protect these fantastic environments for future generations. The nature center is a copious building with hands-on learning stations, live animal exhibits, interpretive displays of the local flora and fauna, classrooms, gift shop, resource library, auditorium and laboratory. The trails are maintained so that skiing, hiking and snowshoeing can be enjoyed during the year, and rentals are available.

  • Schegelmilch House
    Augusta and Herman Schegelmilch constructed a new brick house in 1871, in hopes of avoiding fires that had previously burned down much of the city of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. It was the first such building and also a year before the city officially became Eau Claire. Herman's hardware store was one of those buildings that was destroyed by the fires and he desperately wanted to avoid that in the future. The Chippewa Valley Museum took over the running of the house and it remains a fine example of what middle-class homes at the turn of the century looked like. Many of the furnishings belonged to the Schegelmilch family, with many other items added to showcase the magnificent home. A tour of the house will help you to understand the wonderful antiques that fill its rooms, all sitting upon marvelous hard wood floors. The old upright piano is still there and is often played during the holidays and museum functions. The wonderful woodburning kitchen stove is still there, hooked up and in great shape. The bathroom's claw foot tub is still there and another unique tub is the fold-down tub that looks more like a clothes closet made of wood. Family members occupied the home until the 1970s.

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  • Carson ParkCarson Park Eau Claire, Wisconsin
    The 134 acre Carson Park is located on a peninsula created by the oxbow lake known as Half Moon Lake in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. It was part of the Chippewa River and opened in 1915, in honor of timber baron, William Carson; since the land was given to the city in his will in 1914. It is here that the famed baseball stadium that was home to the Eau Claire Bears used to play and where Hank Aaron started to play baseball at the age of 18. A statue outside the stadium is dedicated to him, and today, it is home to the Eau Claire Express and Cavaliers, and four high school teams. There are five football teams that use the football stadium at Carson Park and in the summer, it is used for football games for two teams. The field the football teams played at became quite bare by the end of the season, so fieldturf was installed in 004. The Chippewa Valley Museum is housed here, as well as the Paul Bunyan Logging Camp; so it quite obvious that this park is used all the time and well attended by all the citizens of this great city. There are numerous trails located throughout the park, as well as many other recreational venues that are excellent for the residents to spend their free time, weekends and holidays doing all kinds of athletic or exercise programs. Starting at Memorial Day and running through Labor Day, a half mile railroad track takes visitors around the park and it is something to see and enjoy. This park is phenomenally used and greatly maintained by the city and the people that use its many facilities. It is a beautiful location to do whatever you feel like doing and the picture included here shows just how gorgeous this place is.

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  • Chippewa River Valley Trail SystemChippewa River Eau Claire, Wisconsin
    The Chippewa River runs through the middle of Eau Claire, Wisconsin making this city even more enticing than it already is with the parks and attractions that exist in this small area. The trail is open to joggers, walkers, hikers, rollerblading, bikers, cross-country skiers and more. North of the city lies the Old Abe State Trail that is a paved inset in the old railroad tracks that criss crossed the state many years ago before being transformed into trails so that the land could be used for recreational pleasures and not go to waste. The Old Abe trail goes from Cornell to Chippewa Falls, while the Red Cedar State trail goes off from the main route almost 40 miles and then ends in Menomonie; as it passes by the Dunnville Wildlife area, small riverside villages, Downsville's Cut Stone Quarry and high woodland bluffs. Planning is in the works for all the trails to meet, which would then give these hardy folks over 70 miles of uninterrupted trails to use however they want; plus being able to enjoy the solitude and serenity that these wonderful trails offer.

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  • Wisconsin Yellowstone Trail
    Imagine a roadway across the United States that existed without numbers, or any kind of identification. Well, that was the way it was in 1912, until small local town businessmen in South Dakota decided that a plan was needed to change the haphazard way of crossing the nation, so that it would be easier and more beneficial to the many towns, cities and villages that would line the roadway. The Yellowstone Trail was the result and slowly but surely the rest of the country helped improve roads, many of which were only mud trails, and create maps that would help with the newly marked roadways. The work was done by the Yellowstone Trail Association, that found the route, persuaded the road improvements and paving, made the maps and folders that would help guide travelers, and last but not least, promote tourism along the way. This idea was such a success, that it helped motivate the rest of the country, and the world, to create numbered roadways, improve roads and make maps that helped the traveler. In 1913, the Lincoln Highway Association, made up of industrialists, started a route of their own with the help of big organizations and public relation budgets. The Yellowstone today is found on the less traveled roads where the speed limits are slower. So the Yellowstone Trail became the first transcontinental automobile roadway in the world, but in this country it went from the northern parts of the United States from Massachusetts to Washington state. It is strange that this roadway is rarely spoken or heard of, but times continue to change, and the massive interstate highways have changed the old, slower roads that still traverse this beautiful country. And it is on those marvelous roads that travelers can still find out of the way, or strange oddities, with gorgeous views and roadside stops where friendliness and the American free spirit still exists. The original idea was thought up by J. W. Parmley of Ipswitch, South Dakota in 1912; about the time that the automobile was starting to get popular as a mode of transportation. Ironically, bicyclists had started the idea of better roads, paved roads, over 10 years before, had become organized and started the Wheelmen organization with thousands of members; tried to get state and federal governments to improve the roads for as many years, to no avail. Still, in that early year of 1912, there weren't many decent all weather roads, nor long distant paved highways, and certainly not any government routes. Up until that time, the railroads had dominated the travel business, but with their monopoly for rate setting and the inconvenience of their schedules, people were losing interest and when the auto started becoming more affordable with its privacy and availability, the nation was ready for this new idea. The trail progressed as the countrywide effort to improve roads did, and the road construction and improvement slowly went from the local towns up the levels of government until the federal government became involved and finally the costs were shared by all. As the automobile became more feasible and affordable to the people, its uses were increased from driving for pleasure, to going to the doctors, moving produce to the towns, railroads and markets, then for the military reasons. Parmley and his associates wanted a decent road to go from their town of Ipswitch to Aberdeen which was only 25 miles away, but the pioneering spirit and determination of the American people increased the distance to Mobridge, South Dakota, then Hettinger and finally to a favorite tourist stop, the Yellowstone National Park. Eventually all those involved began to realize the dream of having a good road from Plymouth Rock all the way to Puget Sound. The YTA began in 1912 and was active until the 1930s, and was a grassroots effort that spread like a wildfire and was not part of some government organization, nor the results of some wealthy people, like the Lincoln Highway that was later started; but it was the dream and realization of what the American people can do and did do those many years ago. It brought together people from all the small towns and cities across the nation, working toward a common goal that would be beneficial to everyone, regardless of race, religion or ethnic background; it was a moment in time that was for the people, by the people and of the people of this great nation.

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