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Things to do in Enid, Oklahoma

  • Splash Zone
    Splash ZoneNeed your adrenaline fix, and don’t know where to go? Are you in the Enid, Oklahoma area and consider yourself a thrill seeker? You just may be interested in the amazing “Splash Zone”, which offers customers either hourly or daily thrills and chills, able to leave anyone begging for more. Splash Zone offers many different types of rides from group raft rides to single rider speed slides. Splash Zone is also one of the only parks to offer a 6 person raft ride that you and 5 of your fellow thrill seekers can shoot down the testing rapids and get a high dosage of adrenaline pumping through your veins. Splash Zone also offers rides and sub park geared towards the young ones. Uniquely, Splash Zone tailors to all ages from toddlers up to the seasoned thrill seeker. Whether you want to shoot down one of the fastest slides in America or sloth it out in a “lazy river” like environment Splash Zone has what it takes make you want more and more. Not feeling like getting soaked in water? Splash Zones has several sunbathing area’s that you can lounge at and soak up the hot Oklahoma sun in hopes to getting that perfect tan you've always been dreaming of. Also, Splash Zone being as family oriented as it is. You can feel free to utilize their picnic areas to share precious time with your family in between shoots down the summiting slides. Feel free to bring your own home cuisine or utilize the in-house grill they have where they provide anything from salads to burgers with everything in between. Ever had 1000 gallons of water summit down on top of your cranium? Splash Zone’s giggle bay offers you this daring feat. Be around when this spectacle occurs and you will surely be drenched in Enid’s very own water. Having this unique experience mixed with others such as the Speed Zone Racer, and the Valley Top Summit, makes this Oklahoma water park comparable to some of the Nation’s finest water parks, such as Florida’s Wet N’ Wild and Blizzard Beach. Splash Zone not only offers thrill seeking water rides, but also has family entertain sections including horseshoe ranges, volleyball nets, basketball courts and even an arcade. Kiddy Cove is a section directly tailored the lil' tike’s in the party. Encompassing about a fifth of the park, Kiddy Cove is strong reminder that Splash Zone is a family park. Let you kid wonder about the facility or chaperone them upon the journey to becoming a thrill seeker in this water gushing experience. When you feel you and your family have had enough of the Enid waterpark head to On The Sidewalk Bar and Grill for a family getaway feast. 

Budget rent a car Enid, Oklahoma

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Will Rogers World Airport  
Budget Rental Car Specials Enid, Oklahoma
7401 S Shields, Ste B
Enid, Oklahoma Rental Car Coupon Specials Budget
5700 Tinker Diagonal

  • On The Sidewalk Bar and Grill
    On The Sidewalk Bar and GrillThis Enid restaurant offers a mixed cuisine of innovative American, Italian and Mediterranean cuisines with something for everyone in the family to enjoy. Whether it be pasta, burgers, or dumplings this Enid restaurant has it for you and will serve it in a manner most pleasing to you. With both outside street side seating and inside seating, you will be sure to sit where you feel most comfortable enjoy the amazing Enid view. With menu items such as T-bone steak, Parmesan Lasagna, Chicken and Dumplings, Caribbean Jerk Chicken and House Cesar salad, On The Sidewalk bar and Grill has the dish you want enjoy after a long day at Splash Zone or whatever attraction you spent the day at. Enjoy live entertainment here on weekend nights from hometown Enid bands and have fun wasting the Oklahoma night away at this fascinating hometown Bar and Grill. Want to go back to the good ol’ days enjoy a night on the town on your Enid, Oklahoma stay? This Bar and Grill is located centrally in downtown Enid with many other Bars and attractions right around the corner, so don’t feel tied down to this one place, feel free to go out and roam amongst the Oklahoma stars. Make your stay in Enid a memorable one.

Enterprise rent- a- car Enid, Oklahoma

Enterprise Rental Car Coupons will get you the best discount rental car that you can find anywhere in Enid, Oklahoma and anywhere on the internet. With and Enterprise Rental Car coupons, you will get a great and reliable vehicle at an absolute amazing rate, so you can go wherever you want to while in Enid. Get the best prices on all of your rental vehicle needs when you choose Enterprise.

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626 S. Hoover

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1615 W Jackson

Things to do with a rental car in Enid, Oklahoma.
  • Tri-State Music Festival
    Winston-Salem RestaurantsIn Enid, Oklahoma the amazing Tri-State Music festival is always held every year which encompasses Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas’ finest music talents and puts them on display for everyone to see. Russell L. Wiley of Phillips University was the founder of this great event and has been running strong since 1932. However after a couple years of running this festival they renamed it the Tristate Band Festival in attempt to attract more people to this spectacle. Also businessmen in the area hired Edwin Franco Goldman to try to attract the most attention to this area as possible. By 1934 they had 6000 people attending this festival, in monument to this great gathering the name was then changed once again to the Tristate Music Festival to monument the great number of people attending the festival. Many new and upcoming talents debut at this tristate platform in attempts to get recognized and maybe be the next star you hear on your radio. The Tristate Area is very popular for promoting some of America’s newest and brightest talents that we all listen to and love. This year will be the 78th year of this amazing event going on, and it will hopefully have another 78 successful years so that people can continue to showcase their great talents to locals and people attending the festival out of state. It’s hard to believe for the first couple of years the festival was held that it almost failed and was reconsidered. Luckily, years to come the gatherings just grew and grew to what the festival is now. Don’t miss this great festival if you in the Tristate Area. 

Hertz Car Rental Enid, Oklahoma

Hertz Car Rental has maintained has been held in high regards for many years and that is due to the company's dedication to its customers. By bringing you the lowest Hertz Rental Car discount rates and maintaining an above average service and customer satisfaction, Hertz has been at the top of the list when it comes to car rentals. Be sure to check with Hertz Discounts to see what deal they will have for you on your next vacation to Enid, Oklahoma.

Hertz Discount Car Rentals Enid, OK
Stillwater Flight Center

Enid/Ponca City Discount Rental Car Coupons
2000 North Waverly

  • Vance Air Force Base
    Vance Air Force BaseEver been a huge Jet Plane buff? Wanted to know what it was like to fly high and soar across the sky? Enid Oklahoma is house to Vance Air Force base which houses both fly men, jet pilots, and fighter pilots. Hear f22’s scream past you in the sky as you walk across the breathtaking base. Vance also is on the cutting edge of the latest Air Force technology testing. The UH72 Lakota is being tested currently at Vance Air Force base, this new helicopter’s capabilities will greatly further the capabilities of army, navy, marine and joint task forces operations allowing them to continue to push the boundary of their limitations both in the middle east and beyond. T-38 Talon is single engine jet that flies at supersonic speed and allows airmen at Vance Air Force base to learn the necessary skills to fly at mach-1 in a safe manner. Vance Air Force base teaches the essential needed for both Air Force and Navy pilots to take control and become natural leaders in their company's and at their stations. This is all possible due to Enid’s own Vance Air Force base. The base is located near the heart of Enid and offers tours to travelers and tourists coming from both in the local sector and from farther beyond. Vance Air Force base continues to push the momentum forward to further the US technology to keep all the citizens safe and detour people from even thinking of pulling something hazardous to our wellbeing. Visit Enid's cutting technological base if you ever get the chance. 

avis discount rental car Enid, Oklahoma

When you decide that it is time to take a vacation to Enid, Oklahoma, you have to make sure that you have reliable transportation at a great price. Well, look no further than Avis Rental Car discounts to get you into a vehicle that is right for you and that will leave your wallet feeling heavy. This is a perfect time to get a quality discount rental car from Avis and Not only will you be able to get out and see the city in style, but you will feel great about all of the money that you have saved. Avis Discount Offers can, and will, get you in the car that you need while in Enid.
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  • Enid, Oklahoma Real Estate
    Enid, Oklahoma Real EstateEnid Oklahoma was recently on “Good Morning America” for it’s great Real Estate market. On average the house selling there goes for 99,000 appose to the nationwide average of 216,000. So in reality you can get a great spacious house for the half the price that you would pay anywhere else in America. The past few years has brought a business boom to Enid, along with it the great and historical downtown area has experienced a revival or a “renaissance” if you will. Many structures have been rebuilt and and the streets have been rejuvenated to catch the eyes of passersby. Enid also still appeals to the small town USA folks so a lot of residents from Austin, Dallas, Houston and the surrounding cities are flocking there to get a piece of the cheap pie that is worth a whole lot more than face value. The city of Enid is projected to grow vastly in the next few years bring a whole new industry to the town allowing more commerce to pass through thereby exposing the small town to some big town profits. Residents of the area can enjoy the new downtown area after work, since 900 new jobs have been generated in the past 3 years alone. Thanks to this boom, the area itself has been experiencing a new found sense of worth which is translated into their great sales revenue incline which has had a steady increase since 2007. Many realtors and financers have made their move to this real estate gold mine to get their piece of the Enid pie.  

Thrifty Car Rental Enid, Oklahoma

 Now is the time to take full advantage of all of the great bargains and deals that you can get by using Thrifty Car Rental Discounts that you can get right here at A discount rental car from Thrifty is the way to go if you want to have the freedom to do and see everything that you want to while you are enjoying your vacation in Enid, Oklahoma. Be sure that you use these amazing cheap rental car bargains and deals the next time you need a Thrifty Car Rental.

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  • Meadowlake Miniature Golf
    Meadowlake Miniature GolfMeadowlake Miniature Golf is a great attraction in Enid whether you’re looking to kill a few hours or spend a day trying to perfect your putt. Don’t be fooled by other mini golf expo’s, Meadowlake is the finest one out there with many holes to choose from to spend hours trying to get that hole in one. After a long stay at one of the many hotel’s in beautiful Enid, try giving mini golf a shot. You never know you just may be the next Tiger Woods. For those experienced and seasoned golfers, this mini golf course has something to tailor to you as well. Don’t be afraid of being beat by your kid or spouse, no one in Enid will make fun of you. Enid offers some of the finest attractions that American has never been to, but you will have to experience the thrills for yourself, don’t just take my word for it. Enjoy a night lighted hole or two if you are in for a real challenge. Luckily Meadowlake Miniature Golf is located near many other Enid attractions, so if you don’t feel getting beat by one of your kids is right for you, you can always feel free to step out and try something easier like the karaoke bar there or maybe pool or darts. Because, billiards is another big thing Enid. Anybody should be able to shoot a game of pool or two, even if you can’t handle the rough Meadowlake Miniature Golf courses. While in Enid I’d definitely recommend giving this fine establishment a hole or two.

Dollar Rent-A-Car Enid, Oklahoma

When you want to save the most on your next rental car while you are visiting the beautiful city of Enid, Oklahoma, well, there is only one sure place to go and that is to rent a vehicle from Dollar Rent a Car discounts. Right now, with and Thrifty Car Rental coupons, is the time to save like you have never saved before on quality and reliable discount rental cars. Do not forget to use  Dollar Coupons and Discounts to get the best savings that you have ever seen from a rental car company. Make Thrifty and your choice for your next discount car rental.

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  • Chisholm Trail Expo Center
    Chisholm Trail Expo CenterEnid, Oklahoma being home to the Chisholm Trail Expo Center offers many different shows year round to the visitors and the locals. You should expect events such as dirt bike riding, car racing, horse roping, bull riding and other events in the Coliseum there. With seating up to a maximum of 8,000 people. The raceway there will seat up to 5,000 blood pumping guests. This great Expo center was home to the Oklahoma Storm basketball team. Events go on anywhere from 5-10 times a month and houses everyone willing to come to the events. This Expo Center is a great piece of diversity for the great city of Enid, Oklahoma. Located at the Garfield County Fairgrounds, this piece of work stands next to Cherokee strip conference center. The much shadowed Convention Hall located there is now home to many of the local high school basketball games and wrestling matches. The Chisholm Trail Expo center sits on 160 acres encompassing much of the surrounding area. It touches several different city limits, among them the biggest being Enid, Oklahoma and which is why it is known as Enid Oklahoma Chisholm trail expo center. Also on the lot there are several baseball and soccer fields as well as recreational parking lots. This Enid hometown Coliseum houses city elections, basketball games, wrestling matches, concerts, rally events, drag events, soccer games and many more events that allow the city of Enid to thrive and continue to grow into a modern day commerce empire. Enid’s very own Chisholm Trail Expo center is waiting your visit today.

National Rental Cars Enid, Oklahoma

Everyone likes to save big, especially when it is time to take a vacation to the lovely city of Enid, Oklahoma, and one of the biggest things that you can save on is a quality discount car rental from National. With National Car Rental, you can by pass the counter and make your way to any discount rental car in the aisle. National Rental Car Coupons and are in the business of saving you the most amount of money that you can anywhere on the internet and in Edin. Make National Car Rental coupons your next rental choice.

Oklahoma City Airport Discount National Rental Cars

7100 Terminal Dr

  • Cherokee Strip Museum
    Cherokee Strip MuseumNestled upon about 5 acres of land the Cherokee Strip Museum is located near Enid, Oklahoma. The Cherokee Strip Museum displays some of the old time living styles and the elaborate homes in which they dwelled in. Wagons and farm tools line the Museum to remind visitors of the locals backgrounds. The museum encompasses a one roomed school, a picnic area and several outdoor exhibits, allowing you to really get a feel of the Cherokee way of living. The Cherokee outlet located just north of the Museum is the aftermath of the civil war, giving the leading Cherokee Nations tribe members’ a 57 mile stretch of land as an “outlet to the west” in attempt to buying their peace with them after a more brutal fore coming to this event. This Cherokee Outlet was a monumental place for the Cherokee run which took place in 1893 allowing a free for all for all the locals and many who came from nationwide to get a chance of the homesteads available for the taking in this stretch of land near the Cherokee outlet. The Otoe-Missoura tribe is one of the local tribe’s of the area who reside still on their government given lands, in the Cherokee Strip Museum there is a whole exhibit dedicated to this local tribe to show their unique way of life and stylish creations used when they roamed freely across the American plains. There are also clothing shops, farm lands and other exhibition shops located in the museum to give you an honest look at the way of living for the Cherokee.

  • Callahan's Pub and Grill
    Callahans Pub and GrillIf you are looking for a hearty meal and in you’re in the Enid Oklahoma area then you’re in luck! Callahan’s Pub and Grill can make your time worth it when you order off their popular menu. Callahan’s has quickly become the local areas favorite when it comes to a fun night out, with a great all American menu and a relaxing environment this restaurant has a certain draw to it that can be found in few places. Enjoy a kick back and relax kind of attitude, with smiling faces and great service that will have you coming back again and again. So what would the local residents of Enid Oklahoma recommend you to Callahan’s Pub and Grill for? Well the famous steaks of course! You can find some of Oklahoma’s most rich and tender steaks right here in Callahan’s. With a diverse menu and friendly, quality service why wouldn’t this be on your priority list? Bring your friends, family, distant acquaintances and whoever you can find, because yes, it is that great of a place. This lively restaurant offers you a relaxing dinner in a fun and entertaining place, be sure to visit while your in Enid!