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When vacationing in Finland, let Alamo Rental Cars help you and your family with your rental needs.   Here at  Alamo, you will get some of the best deals in the rental car business. Alamo offers a large selection of vehicles to choose from for a discounted price.  Visit our web site and  check out Alamo Printable Savings Coupons to see our online discount specials.
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Things to do in Finland

  • Olavinlinna Castle  Olavinlinna Castle Finland
    Is a popular tourist attraction in Finland, so if you are wanting to experience something a little different from the normal tourist attractions you are at the right place.  The building of the Olvinlinna Castle of St. Olaf was built in 1475.  The Danish-born creator of the castle, knight Erik Axelsson Tott decided that a large and powerful fortress should be built to protect the Savo region.  The castle was built to repel Russian attacks from the east and with high hopes  to guarantee control of the Savo region for the Swedish Crown.  Past history of the Olavinlinna Castle involve roaring cannons, medieval arms clashing, along with everyday chores within the security of the castle's thick walls....  Throughout the years the changes in ownership of Olvinlinna left their marks that are visible through the architecture of the castle.  Today the castle's halls and rooms can be rented for special events.  The castle Museum displays two small exhibits here you can see various artifacts that were found in the castle and the Orthodox Museum displays religious artifacts and icons from both Russia and Finland. If you would like to get to know the castle, rooms, towers and the several halls better you can with a guided tour which are available year round.  Your tour will last approximately one hour and your guided tours does not include the Museums or the courtyards.  You can visit them at your leisure any time the castle is open.  A tip for your guided tour if you are wanting your tour in English you will need to visit the castle during June 1st thru August 14th.  The guided tours are also available in Finnish, Swedish and German.  During the winter months the tours are spoken only in Finnish.  With a guided tour you will leave the castle with a better understanding of the legends & rich history that lies within these thick walls.   

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Arktikum Science Museum FinlandArktikum Science Museum
Is located in Rovaniemi, situated along the banks of the Ounasjoki River.  Here at the Arktikum Science Museum visitors will have an insight into the way of life, culture and history of the North.  The building is a Museum & Science Center both under one roof.  As you explore and make your way through both buildings you will see several permanent and temporary exhibits portraying culture, traditions, history and modern life in the Arctic regions.  So come and see & learn about the livelihoods of the Northern people along with animal life in the Arctic.. Or travel through history all the way back to ancient times to the present times.  Located in Provincial Museum is the permanent exhibit called Northern Ways here you will learn about native wildlife such as Moose & Bear as well as the mythology surrounding these two animals.  Visitors will also have the opportunity to hear the sounds of the Lappish animals.  In addition to the animals there is a exhibit that displays the Sami culture along with interesting displays of costumes, languages and small scale models of Rovaniemi from 1939, with stories about all the building.  Featured in the Arctic in Change exhibit, visitors will have the chance to wander through four different sections.  In one section you will be introduced to the Arctic both through visuals & hands on activities.  Next is a learning experience through information about how humans, plants and animals have had to adapt and survive in this harsh environment. 3rd is concentrating on the current changes in the Arctic and last is where visitors can ask questions about the Arctic and discuss the Global changes. As you experience these amazing exhibits it's like you have taken an Arctic voyage to the top of the World, seeing how human life is in tune with nature, surrounded by extreme & harsh winters.  The stories of the people from the Arctic regions, their means of survival and the rich cultural heritage they have created and managed to store here at the Arktikum Museum and is on display for thousands of visitors to see and learn about.  The Arktikum Museum also has a fabulous restaurant, gift shop and library.

Local Favorite Restaurant of  Finland
  • Aino Restaurant 
    Is well recommended for delicious local Finnish cuisine, Aino is located in the heart of Helsinki located near the historical Esplanade Park.  Take a break from sight seeing and watch hectic city life pass you by as you enjoy the views of the harbor and the Esplanade Park.  Aino Restaurant offers an a la carte menu featuring traditional Finnish cuisine.  The Chef only uses domestic raw materials that include Finnish fresh and salt-water fish, lamb, reindeer, wild mushrooms, root vegetables and berries. 
    If you are wanting delicious seafood Rivoli Restaurant is the place to try.  Rivoli specializes in fresh fish and shellfish dishes.  The restaurant is divided into two sections both offering the same menu, just different atmosphere's one side is for cozy romantic meals and the other side is for dining and socializing.  Featured on the menu is homemade soups, salads, tasty appetizers; Escargot in garlic butter, Shrimp toast Skagen, Grilled scallops with salmon cheviche, Mushrooms fried in garlic butter with panchetta, Oyster Fin de Claire. Main offerings include; Assorted Shellfish for two- mussels, oysters, shrimp, crawfish and fresh lobster, Mussels Sailor Style, Grilled Fresh Lobster, King Prawns grilled in garlic butter with tapenade and noodles, Leg of Alaska King Crab with melted dill butter, Crispy Fried Baltic Herring with potato mash, Smoked Salmon with champagne hollandaise and warm asparagus potato salad and  Fried fresh Sole Meuniere.  The menu also features meat and poultry dishes; Marinated chicken breast with lime & chili, cider sauce and risotto Milanaise, Chateaubriand with pepper mushroom sauce or Béarnaise sauce, Roasted Duck breast with cherry sauce.  For dessert the menu features an extensive selection of sweet offerings; Rhubarb Crème Brulee, Orange Ice, Ultimate chocolate cake Medici style, Cheesecake topped with cloudberry apricot sauce and Three cheeses with fig jam.

    Another great dining spot is Cafe Bar No 9 this very popular cafe has been serving delicious meals since 1996.  Cafe 9 is like an oversized living room style restaurant where everyone gets together to eat.  This cafe is great for getting breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Start your day off with a traditional breakfast plate which is served any time of the day.  At noontime Bar 9 is visited for having lunch or just a cup of coffee and towards evening there is more traffic.  The kitchen is open until 11:00 p.m. the menu also features sandwiches, soups, stir-fries, steaks, pasta and during lunch you can order Finnish items from the menu. 

Lamb Cuisine Finland

Alaskana King Crab Legs Finland

Deli Sandwiches Finland

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  • Ainola  Ainola House in Finland
    Welcomes visitors from all around the world.  This popular attraction was the home of Aino & Jean Sibelius.  Visitors can learn about the life & works of the great Finnish composer Jean Sibelius.  Ainola stands tall on the scenic shores of Lake Tuusula in Jarvenpaa which is a 30 minute drive from Helsinki.  Ainola was the private residence of Jean Sibelius and his family from 1904 until his passing in 1957 followed by his wife Aino ten years later.  Their five daughters sold Ainola to the Finnish State.  In 1972 the Ainola Foundation was established and the private property was turned into a Museum.  Ainola is only open to the public during the summer months from May to September.  This timber-built villa was designed by the famous Finnish architect Lars Sonck. In addition to the main house a sauna, stable, and wood shed were built along with a beautiful garden.  The location of the house provided distance from the hustle and bustle of the nation's capital giving the famous composer the peace and quiet he needed for his creative endeavors.  It wasn't long before other artistic families moved into the neighborhood providing a lively social circle.  The interior of Ainola consists of a personal combination of gifts, heirlooms along with unique artifacts by the Sibelius family.  Ainola Sibelius designed some of the pieces of furniture and the sauna building herself.  Their house also displayed works of art from their artist friends in fact, all the pieces accumulated into a respectable collection of the Finnish Golden Age of art.  Ainola welcomes more than 30,000 guests yearly so when you are visiting Finland plan a visit to Ainola..

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  • Helsinki Zoo-Korkeasaari   Peacocks at Helsinki Zoo Finland
    Is a fun and exciting place to visit with the family, when you are visiting Finland.  The Zoo is located on one large Island in Korkeasaari, and is one of the oldest Zoo's in finland. The Helsinki Zoo is home to a large variety of amazing animals...  At the Zoo visitors will meet animals all the way from the Arctic Tundra to the Tropical Rainforest.  Helsinki Zoo has over 200 different animal species that reside here at the Zoo along with approximately 1,000 different plant species. Creating a fantastic selection of tropical plants for the Amazon & African exhibits where you can see various animals such as: snakes, lizards, parrots, insects, spiders, frogs, turtles and small monkeys.  Arctic animals like the Polar fox, Snowy owl, Musk ox, Amur tigers, Leopards, Lynxes and the European forest reindeer can be found in the outside exhibits throughout the winter & summer months.   While you are exploring the many animal exhibits you can take a look into the barrenness of the Himalayan mountain tops and possibly see: snow leopards, camels, takins, wild horses, miniature pandas and markhors.  Visitors of all ages will enjoy seeing these amazing animals in their various habitats.... The Helsinki Zoo was established 120 years ago, and the grounds are full of history through old villas & stone castles you will see as you stroll through these beautiful grounds.  It's like you are taking a tour through time as you pass all the historic structures.  You may even spot peacocks on your walk...  And for lunchtime you can picnic on the cliff tops along the seashore, the views from here are spectacular.  The Helsinki Zoo is open year round, so grab the family and venture off to the Helsinki Zoo for the day.

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