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Alamo Car Rentals Alamogordo, New Mexico

The worst part about going on vacation is making preparations for places to stay and transportation. Lucky for you Alamo Rental Car can offer you an escape from the stressful pursuit of finding a vehicle. With Alamo Rental Car Discounts you can make your visit to the Alamogordo area a fun and affordable time with your very own rental car!

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Things to do in Alamogordo

White Sands National Monument

This beautiful area is something people from all around the U.S. come to see. Few have the opportunity to really grasp the beauty of the White Sands that span over 275 miles of this unique dessert like area. These massive sand dunes are created from crushed gypsum crystals, creating a very pale form of the softest sand you will ever feel. White Sands National Monument is marked by a large sign on the road; this sign was placed there back in 1933 when Herbert Hoover declared the park a National Monument. After roughly ten years of conflicted ideas and complicated interpretations of what the large area would be the park was finally deemed an all year activity, unlike many of the other National Monuments to the north. What makes the beautiful sands that inhabit the White Sands National Monument so unique? Because the gypsum crystal is water-soluble it is very rare to find it in the form of sand, especially such a fine mix that can be found here. The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish distributed Oryx throughout the White Sands area, hoping that in the future the area would be used as hunting grounds for the animals. The introduction of the Oryx, one of the four animals in the antelope family, shows promise for the future use of the area for the sport of hunting.

Budget rent a car Alamogordo, New Mexico

Make your visit to Alamogordo a rewarding experience when you rent a vehicle from Budget! This well known car rental company offers you discounted prices using Budget Rental Car Coupons! This is a great way to save money when you need a vehicle, don't miss out!

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New Mexico Museum of Space History

The state of New Mexico values the knowledge that has been collected over the past years and understands the importance of passing them down to the younger generations. However, sparking someone’s interest in the science and history of space can be a rewarding experience, and the New Mexico Museum of Space History hopes to accomplish just that! This large museum offers a wide variety of exhibits and interactive entertainment that can teach visitors of all ages a wide selection of knowledge on the massive world we know as space. With constantly changing exhibits and entertainment there is a good chance that every time you visit this great place you will find something new and captivating to learn about. With such a vast world to explore this museum condenses some of the finer points in space history and exploration into creative and understandable experiences. The museum hosts a large Imax theatre that offers an array of movies that change on a regular bases. Whether you are learning about our solar system or the vast space just beyond our reaches you will have an experience like none other at the one and only New Mexico Museum of Space History!

Enterprise rent- a- car Alamogordo, New Mexico

Escape with one of Enterprises cheap rental cars! With a wide selection of vehicles to choose from you can get the car of your choice in pristine condition for a very low price! Be sure to use Enterprise Rental Car Printable Coupons to help you save even more on your purchase!

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Alameda Park Zoo

The beautiful outdoors are inhabited by a wide variety of animal species, and having the opportunity to see these amazing animals is something that few people get to enjoy. So, Alameda Park Zoo has made it their mission to bring these animals to you in an experience that will leave you longing to return. This incredible zoo lets you get up close encounters with animals like never before. Keeping these animals in their natural habitats is what Alameda Park Zoo is about, conserving the wildlife in a means that they are comfortable with. The professionals here at the zoo bring you a captivating display of animals and man working together to preserve species that are quickly becoming extinct. This fun and adventurous zoo lets you come face to face with large cats, amazing birds from every corner of the world and a fan favorite otters. These are just a few of the many animals that can be found here, but you can be assured that visiting this great zoo will be anything but unsatisfying. Enjoy a wide variety of amazing creatures and exotic animals all for an affordable price at this fun outdoor and indoor experience that will open your eyes to the possibilities!

Hertz Car Rental Alamogordo, New Mexico

Whether your taking a vacation to Alamogordo, meeting with family or working on a business trip you will need a way to get around. Well with a rental car from Hertz you can make your life just a little bit easier with the car of your choice. With Discounted Hertz Car Rentals you can avoid complicated travel plans for a low price!

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  • Local Favorite Restaurants of Alamogordo

Hi D Ho Drive In

Something that really sticks out about small towns and large cities are unique restaurants and stores. Unlike the major companies that open massive grocery stores and large shopping centers there is a subtle sense of solitude when you visit a family run business or a “One of a kind,” restaurant or store. Well here at Alamogordo you have come to the right place, because you can enjoy one of the towns finest in the business, the Hi D Ho Drive In. This great business boasts that they have been serving the city of Alamogordo since 1952, if people keep coming back then there is no doubt they have something special to offer! Some of the best burgers in all of Alamogordo can be found right here, serving up a feast that will fill you up twice over this small town restaurant is something that every visitor should have the chance to enjoy. With traditional American food and a wide variety of choice burgers you can make any night special with a meal from this fantastic drive in!

Avis discount rental car Alamogordo, New Mexico

Avis rental car is a discounted car rental company, offering you a wide variety of vehicles at a very low price. With Cheap Avis Car Rentals you can go wherever you want, whenever you want at a discounted price!

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Thrifty Car Rental Alamogordo, New Mexico

Make your vacation to the Alamogordo area a stress free experience with the vehicle of your choice from Thrifty Car Rental. With great customer service and a wide variety of rental car choices you can make your Discounted Thrifty Rental Car the exact vehicle you need for exactly the right price!

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Phat Phil’s

Finding a place to eat while your on the road usually results in stopping at a local McDonalds or Burger King, but every so often you can find a unique restaurant that can put that extra edge on your trip. Phat Phil’s is one of those great restaurants that can be found in only one place, Alamogordo New Mexico! Phat Phil’s customers will tell you on the spot that it’s the best barbeque you can find in all the southwest! With a wide variety of steak sauces every visit can be a different taste, try sampling them all or stick to the ones you know and love best! The large menu at this barbeque steak out offers you a wide range of food from sizzling burgers to some of the juiciest steaks you will ever sink your teeth into. If that’s not enough to make you show up for one of his great platters you will be surprised to find out that it’s a traveling business, so you will have to find out where exactly it will be in town before participating in this traveling festival of fun, food and entertainment!

Dollar Rent-A-Car Alamogordo, New Mexico

Go wherever you want, whenever you want with a Dollar rental car vehicle! Avoid the long waits for public transportation and make your vacation a breeze with one of the many car options that Dollar offers! Use Dollar Rental Car Coupons to save even more when your visiting Alamogordo!

National Rental Cars Alamogordo, New Mexico

Finding a rental car company you are comfortable with is always a hard decision to make for first time rentalists. With National Rental Car you are always in good hands. With reputable service, quality customer care and Low National Rentals you cant steer wrong with this great company!

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