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Abbotsford Intl. Apt. Alamo Car Rentals
 30125 Automall Dr. Unit 103

Things to do in Abbotsford-Mission

    Reach Gallery Museum Abbotsford Reach Gallery Museum Abbotsford, BC, Canada
    Reach is striving to become the cultural and creative innovation center of Fraser Valley, devoted to preserving and sharing the region's outstanding heritage through rich and diverse cultural attractions, as well as offering the finest visual arts heritage in or out of the community, where new ideas can be discussed with peers. The museum offers current exhibitions, past exhibitions and upcoming exhibitions along with an outstanding permanent collection that is sure to fire your imagination and interest. Two of the newest exhibits include; The Tree: From the Sublime to the Social that was organized and circulated by the Vancouver Art Gallery and Our Communities Our Stories: You Look Marvelous! that contains women's garments and accessories from the museum's permanent collection. Upcoming exhibits include Contemporary Punjabi Visual Art Exhibition, the Randall Steeves Somatic Evidence and Our Communities Our Stories: Use it Up, Wear it Out, Make it Do or Do Without. The museum has excellent classes for adults, children and youth that is certain to create some interest and excitement for someone in your family along with fabulous events that will thrill the whole family. The museum continues to host many excellent events and programs, like the LIVE@ The Reach series that includes some eclectic music and performance shows that are encompassed by the latest exhibits, special events like the 100 Thousand Poets for Change Arts Eco salon that includes a magnificent afternoon of the spoken word, poetry and music that will share the same stage to provide their views about environmental and sustainability issues using artistic expressions, an artist drop-in show on Thursday evenings and the historic downtown Abbotsford walking tour booklet that was created by the WA Fraser Middle School students in 2010, and offers visitors a splendid tour of 31 heritage sites in the village of Abbotsford that include historic photos and histories of the past.

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Abbotsford Apt. Budget Car Rentals
 #10 30440 Liberator Ave.
Budget Car Rental Bellingham Intl. Apt.
 4255 Mitchell Way #4
Abbotsford Budget Rental Cars
- 30868 Peardonville Rd.
Budget Car Rentals Langley - 19833 Fraser Hwy. 

    Abbotsford Gur Sikh TempleAbbotsford Gur Sikh Temple Abbotsford, BC, Canada
    The Gur Sikh Temple or more precisely, the Gurdwara of Abbotsford, BC, Canada is the oldest surviving Sikh temple in North America and is now a National Historic Site of Canada, and the only temple outside of India and Pakistan that has been designated as a national historic site. It was in 1905, when the first Sikh pioneers came to this region, and they would begin working on the farms and in the timber industry, with the original idea of their own temple coming up in 1908. The group would eventually acquire a hilltop site to construct their temple and would carry lumber from the local mill up the hill on their backs so they could build their gurdwara. It would finally be finished and opened in 1911, with Sikhs and non-Sikhs coming here from around the province to celebrate the opening ceremony. The temple had two floors, although it would look much like the other two storied houses of the frontier, with Sikh features and decorations used only on the interior. The first floor contained the langar or common dining area for the community, while the top floor held their prayer hall. It is quite unique eating at the langar, since it serves strictly vegetarian foods, since the Sikhs and visitors could eat in the same space, without someone feeling out of place or different to all those eating. It is one of the only dining rooms in the world of religion that offers that outstanding feature, since there are many people now becoming vegetarians to keep their health or to try stopping the spread of diseases or ailments that would eventually take their lives. President Bill Clinton is one of those that has started a strictly vegan diet in hopes of keeping in good shape and stopping the onslaught of disastrous diseases. The temple would be enlarged two times in 1932 and the 196t0s, until 1983, when a newer and more architecturally style suited to Sikhs would be constructed across the road. The old temple would then be made a national historic landmark in 2002, and in 2007, it would be entirely rejuvenated and reopened for visitors. In 2011, a small museum would be opened in the basement celebrating the temple's century old status.

Enterprise rent- a- car Abbotsford-Mission

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Abbotsford Intl. Apt. Enterprise Rental Car
 30440 Liberator Ave.

Enterprise Car Rentals Abbotsford
 30125 Automall Dr. Unit 103

Abbotsford Enterprise Rental Cars -  33323 S. Fraser Way

Local Restaurants in Abbotsford-Mission

    Cactus Club Cafe
    Entrees; double braised pineapple hoison short rib is boneless short rib, pineapple ginger glaze, shiitake mushrooms, spicy soy bean sauce, mashed potatoes & sugar snap beans; seared ocean wise saffron halibut with orange fennel salad, asparagus & peas, herb spaghettini, light saffron cream; butternut squash & prawn ravioli with truffle beurre blanc, amaretti, pine nuts & crispy sage with white wine sautéed jumbo prawns; jack daniels ribs is slow roasted with jd bbq sauce, seasonal veggies, mashed potatoes; soy Dijon oceanwise salmon with whole grain barley, sugar snap peas, marinated shiitake mushrooms, grainy mustard & soy butter sauce; fajitas with black beans, salsa fresca, grilled Cajun chicken & portobello mushroom; blackened Creole chicken with spicy Creole butter, mashed potatoes, seasonal veggies; Rob's hunter chicken with button, portobello, shiitake & crimini mushroom demi-glace, green beans & herb fingerling potatoes; prawn & scallop spaghetti is pan seared prawns & scallops, roasted tomato sauce & parmesan crostini.

    Joe Fortes Restaurant
    Entrees; ahi tuna grilled rare, pickled ginger butter, wakame salad, jasmine rice; battered Baja fish tacos with chipotle aioli, housemade guacamole, chive sour cream, pico de gallo; lobster macaroni is fresh pound of shell lobster, brandy, cream, mushrooms, leeks, peas, three cheeses; halibut & chips with tartar sauce, cole slaw; cedar smoked wild salmon with artichoke ravioli, roasted red pepper cream, mushrooms, sweet peas; Joe's fresh seafood cioppino is prawns, scallops, snow crab, clams, mussels, fresh fish, calamari; halibut cheeks with tomato, leeks, herbs, butter, fingerling potatoes; forest & field mushroom risotto with parsley-garlic pistou, crispy grana padano cup; miso marinated sablefish with baby bok choy, mushrooms, jasmine rice; all steaks are hand selected AAA Canadian angus reserve; sirloin steak Diane with mushrooms, brandy, Dijon mustard, cabernet jus; da pork chop is coach Ditka style, paradise valley pork in coach's world famous marinade; NY steak 7oz. with garlic mashed potatoes, roasted carrots, cabernet jus; beef tenderloin 8oz. scalloped potatoes, cabernet jus; ribeye steak 16oz. Canadian prime, bacon horseradish mashed potatoes, cabernet jus.


Double Braised Pineapple Hoison Short Rib Cactus Club Cafe Abbotsford, BC, Canada







Grilled Ahi Tuna Joe Fortes Restaurant Abbotsford, BC, Canada

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Hertz Rental Cars Abbotsford Downtown
 33271 S. Fraser Way Unit B

Langley Hertz Car Rentals - 120 6080 200th St.
Hertz Rental Car Maple Ridge- 22826 Dewdney Trunk Rd.
Chilliwack Hertz Car Rental- 45730 Hocking Ave.

    Clayburn Village Clayburn Village Abbotsford, BC, Canada
    This village sits at the foot of the Sumas Mountain in Abbotsford, BC, Canada, designated a heritage site in 1996, since it had been the first company town in the province, constructed by the company, to offer their employees services and a place to live while they continued to work for the company. With the discovery of high grade clay in the Sumas, and the eventual demand for its high quality bricks, it would soon start thriving and bring the small settlement to the foreground of brick plants, starting out in 1905, when Charles Maclure, would construct a brickplant in the year of 1905. It wasn't long before the demand for bricks would decline, causing a closure in 1931, and today, only the foundations of that plant are still located here, along with a historic church, schoolhouse, store and showcase the environment of the period and half the original houses. The church had been constructed in 1921, and the schoolhouse in 1907, with both of them listed on the historic sites listings. It is a fabulous place to visit and learn more about its interesting history, with neat little gardens and marvelous brick structures with white picket fences. It seems that Charles' brother, Samuel Maclure, was a brother to Charles, that would design the majority of the structures here.

avis discount rental car Abbotsford-Mission

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Abbotsford Apt. Avis Car Rental  
 30440 Liberator Ave. Unit 8

    Trethewey House Heritage SiteTrethewey House Heritage Site Abbotsford, BC, Canada
    The Trethewey House had been constructed by the Abbotsford Lumber company in 1920, in the arts and crafts style bungalow for BC lumber magnate, J. O. Trethewey, and is entirely rejuvenated to the 1925 period when he lived here, and has been refurnished with historical antiquities by the area's families and their outstanding donations, as well as help from the province. The town's most significant early businesses are showcased within its walls, using the best fir produced at the mill on Mill Lake, run by the Abbotsford Lumber company that was owned by Trethewey and his brothers, while the bricks used to create the fireplaces and chimneys would come from clay mined on nearby Sumas Mountain and processed at Clayburn Village, the province's first company town. It was designated a heritage site in 1983 and is now run by the MSA Museum Society that are situated in the carriage house, with a marvelous replicated structure that had been used to house the family's autos and Joey's pony and motorcycle. The house has excellent tours, rental uses of the grounds, gardens and or structures, walking tours of Mill Lake, special events for the community and historical heritage fair programs.

Thrifty Car Rental Abbotsford-Mission

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Vancouver Intl. Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars - In Terminal
Thrifty Car Rental Surrey- 7319 King George Hwy.

    Kariton Art GalleryKariton Art Gallery Abbotsford, BC, Canada
    This art gallery is run by the Abbotsford Arts Council, and has grown into a special resource for local artists where they can exhibit their works, hosting twelve exhibitions a year that highlight the outstanding works of over 100 artists. The council has run the gallery for over three decades and showcased more than 3000 artists during that period. Their exhibition schedule includes the high school gallery for graduates, Anne O'Leary's acrylic media, Abbotsford Photo arts club, Joseph McFarland mixed media, Fraser Valley graphic guild mixed media show, Abbotsford spinners and weavers, and many more that are sure to interest you and your family while visiting this marvelous gallery. The gallery offers and provides some outstanding classes in art, that include, art exploration workshops, glass hive studio for fused glass, garden wire art, arts and crafts for children, drawing, watercolor classes, music, photography classes, landscape painting for children, soft pastel group lessons for teens and adults and many more that will entice you to visit and learn more.

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Vancouver Intl. Apt. Dollar Car Rental
 3880 Grant Mcconachie Way

Dollar Rental Cars Vancouver - 413 Seymour St.
Dollar Car Rentals Vancouver SW. 
 #3-790 SW. Marine Drive

    Harrison Hot SpringsHarrison Hot Springs Abbotsford, BC, Canada
    Harrison Hot Springs is a small village at the southern edge of Harrison Lake in Fraser Valley, near Abbotsford, BC, Canada, that was named after Benjamin Harrison, a former deputy governor for the Hudson's Bay Company, and has been a small resort town since the 1880s, offering outstanding hot springs. It would be opened in 1886, when the Canadian Pacific Railway would arrive close to the area, and afford visitors just a short carriage ride to the excellent springs. The area would be discovered by some wayward goldfield-bound travelers that would capsize on Harrison Lake and believe that they would freeze in the cold waters of the region, only to find that it was warmed by the hot springs. The settlement would become known as St. Alice's Well, and remain low-key for many years, until it would be exploited by hosteliers, and the village would become known as the Village of Harrison's Hot Springs in 1949. Although it has become famous for its hot springs, it is also becoming well known for the international sandcastle building competition that happens here each year, in September, that has become part of the summertime Harrison Festival of the Arts. The hot springs had been used and revered by the Sts'Ailes or Chehalis First Nations people that lived along the Harrison River, with two spring called, Potash that has a temperature of 104 Fahrenheit and the Sulphur that is 149 degrees Fahrenheit, which is unbearable to humans. So be sure to check out the right one. It has an average of 1300 ppm of dissolved mineral solids, which is one of the highest concentrations of minerals in any spring in the world. It is just one of the many that line the valley of the Lilloet River and Harrison Lake.

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Abbotsford Intl. Apt. National Car Rental 

 30440 Liberator Ave.

September 19, 2011