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Calgary Intl. Apt. Alamo Car Rentals - 2000 Airport Rd. NE.
Alamo Rental Cars Calgary - 120 10th Ave. SW.
Edmonton Intl. Apt. Alamo Car Rentals
 Parkade Lower Level

Things to do in Alberta

    Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology Alberta, Canada
    The Royal Tyrrell has become a popular Canadian tourist attraction, as well as a leading center for paleontological research, famous for its fabulous collection of over 130,000 fossils. Located about four miles outside of Drumheller, Alberta, this amazing museum sits right in the midst of a fossil bearing strata of the late Cretaceous Horseshoe Canyon formation, with many magnificent specimens from the Dinosaur Provincial Park and the Devil's Coulee Dinosaur Egg Historic nest site. The museum would be named in honor of Joseph Burr Tyrrell, a geologist that would discover the first dinosaur in the Red Deer Valley in 1884, with the museum opening in 1985; obtaining a royal status in 1990 by Queen Elizabeth II. During its initial year, it would welcome over half a million visitors, with the average yearly attendance now about 400,000 visitors. Spanning over 47,000 square feet of exhibits, out of the 121,000 square feet of space available, the displays are chronologically arranged celebrating the 3.9 billion years of history of the earth. The Dinosaur Hall is perhaps the most favorite, with close to forty mounted dinosaur skeletons, that include those of a albertosaurus and t-rex. Other displays include the Age of Mammals and Ice Ages that span the mammalian period in the Cenozoic era, the Lords of the Land, Burgess Shale with a magnificent diorama of many dozens of creatures that were uncovered at the Yoho National Park in British Columbia, a Cretaceous garden with more than 600 living species of plants and the Devonian Reef that contains a life-size model of a 375 million year old reef. There is also a triassic giant that is a 1700 square foot long specimen of the biggest known marine reptile ever to be discovered, and a 69 foot long ichthyosaur shonissaurus that had been discovered on the shores of the Sikanni Chief river in northeastern British Columbia. The museum has a large window that looks into the Preparation lab that provides visitors with a marvelous place to watch the techs as they methodically prepare a fossil for research and exhibition, and much more that will make this one of the best visits on your trip or vacation.

Budget rent a car Alberta

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Calgary Intl. Apt. Budget Car Rentals - 2000 Airport Rd. 
Budget Car Rental Edmonton - Airport Rd. Main Terminal
Red Deer Industrial Apt. Budget Rental Cars
 - Hanger 13
St. Albert Budget Car Rentals  - 22 Muir Dr. 

    Dinosaur Provincial Park Dinosaur Provincial Park Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    The dino park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, about two and a half hours southeast of Calgary, sitting in the valley of Red Deer River, well known for its badlands topography and one of the richest dinosaur fossil locations in the world. They have uncovered forty dinosaur species thus far at the park, with over 500 specimens removed thus far and showcased around the world. This fabulous fossil collection, with almost 500 species of life, ranging from microscopic fern spores to huge carnivorous dinosaurs, would become the impetus to create a world heritage site in 1979. The park center showcases many fantastic displays about dinosaurs, the history and geology of the park and fossils; along with a gift shop, fossil prep lab and video theater. They offer many outstanding educational and cultural programs during the summer and also have John Ware's cabin located there in its restored condition as an early 20th century cabin that had been used by John, an African-American cowboy that would become a significant figure in the province's ranching history, sitting close to the center. The park would be established in 1955 as part of the province's 50th Jubilee Year, with a formative goal of protecting and preserving the fossil beds. Prior to 1985, fossil discoveries would be shipped to many of the world's museums to be scientifically analyzed and shown, including the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, the American Museum of Natural History in New York and the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa. All that would change, once the museum opened here. The park protects a very complex ecosystem of three communities that include badlands, riverside cottonwoods and prairie grasslands. This system is encompassed by prairies, although it is still quite unique in itself, with coyotes howling at dusk, along with calls from nighthawks, mule deer, pronghorn sheep, cottontail rabbits and snakes, like the bull, prairie rattler and red-sided garter snake. Throughout the spring and summer, a throng of birds come here to nest and live, with some 165 various types of bird species being seen. The dinosaurs of the park are quite diverse, and include many types that no one can know, unless you are a paleontologist, but these outstanding specimens are very worthwhile coming to visit and view, since none are with us any longer.

Enterprise rent- a- car Alberta

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Banff Enterprise Rental Car - Corner of Lynx & Caribou St.
Enterprise Car Rental Canmore - 514 Bow Valley Trail

Local Restaurants in Alberta

    Baker Street Bistro Lake Louise
    Entrees; pan roasted jumbo scallops, smoked pork, tomato risotto & creamed leeks; blanquette of rabbit legs, chanterelle mushrooms, pearl onions, cream & roasted bacon wrapped loin; organic free-run pulled chicken with penne, garlic cream, smoked pork belly, corn, pepper relish; vegetarian cabbage rolls stuffed with wild rice, roasted squash, peppers, fresh herbs in tomato coconut sauce with goat cheese & truffle oil; Muscovy duck breast, vanilla, fig, cherry, port ragout, foie gras torchon; butcher block is chef's daily inspiration of custom cut Alberta beef; grilled wild sockeye salmon with smoked salmon, dill, red onion potato gratin, lemon dill beurre blanc.

    Charcut Roast House Calgary
    Entrees; pig head mortadella & brassica mustard hand-mixed pork, studded with pistachios & truffles; spicy coppa sausage is slow cooked shoulder flavored with cayenne & paprika; rabbit terrine with baked apple butter slow cooked J & M farms rabbit flavored with black pepper & sage; share burger Charcut style is roasted garlic sausage patty, cheese curds, with fried egg; pork croquettes & ale battered Walla Walla onion rings with gremolata aioli; Italian sausage with oven roasted Broxburn tomatoes pork sausage flavored with fennel; split roasted spring creek prime rib 6oz.; grilled whole fish with Broxburn tomatoes, spinach, lemon olive oil; 6oz. dry aged butcher steak with parmesan cheese, arugula, crispy capers; fire grilled ewe-nique farm's lamb leg with shelling beans, pesto, olive oil; slow roasted heritage chicken with BC fire morels, fiddle heads, Jay's pea tendrils; oven roasted tomato risotto with basil, mascarpone cheese, sky hawk olive oil.


Pan Roasted Scallops Baker Street Bistro Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada



Rabbit Terrine Charcut Roast House Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Hertz Car Rental Alberta

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Hertz Rental Cars Calgary Intl. Apt.- 2000 Apt. Rd. NE.
Edmonton Intl. Apt. Hertz Car Rental - Edmonton Intl. Apt.
Hertz Rental Car Banff- 405 Spray Ave.
Red Deer Hertz Car Rental - 5425 50th Ave.

    Head Smashed-In Buffalo Jump Head Smashed-In Buffalo Jump Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    Although the name for this site is quite unusual, it is what happened when the buffalo were herded and pushed by the First Nations people over the cliffs at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, northwest of Fort Macleod, Alberta; that is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and home of the museum of Blackfoot culture. This horrific jump would actually be used for about 5500 years by the indigenous tribes of the plains, so that they could kill as many as possible by driving them off the 36 foot high cliffs. Eventually, the Blackfoot would drive the buffalo from a grazing ground in the Porcupine Hills, some 1.8 miles from the cliffs, to the "drive lanes" that were lined by hundreds of cairns or man made piles of stone, dressed up as coyotes and/or wolves, and the poor ignorant beasts would run at full gallop towards the cliffs and fall, head first, breaking their legs and making them immobile. The cliffs are about one thousand feet long, and at its highest peak, drops about 35 feet into the valley beneath it. It has been investigated and decided that these cliffs or buffalo jumps have been used for more than 6000 years, with the bone deposits running about 40 feet deep. Once the buffalo had jumped, their carcasses would be processed in a camp near by, at the foot of the cliffs, which would provide these peoples with all they needed to process the carcass, including fresh water. The carcass would be used for many things and purposes, including tools from the bone, hides to make dwellings and clothes, sinews for thread and other tying needs and even small slender bones for needles. And of course, the meat would be used by the entire village through the winters, and would provide the people with some leisure time for artistic and spiritual pursuits. It would be abandoned after the 19th century when the first European contacts arrived, and initially recorded by the white men in the 1880s.

avis discount rental car Alberta

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Banff Avis Car Rental  - Corner of Wolf St. & Banff Ave.
Avis Car Rental Calgary Intl. Apt.
- 2000 Apt. Rd.
Edmonton Intl. Apt. Avis Rental Cars
- 8th Ave. & Service Rd.
Avis Car Rental Medicine Hat Apt. - 49 Viscount Ave. SW.

    Glenbow Museum Calgary Glenbow Museum Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    The Glenbow sits in Calgary, Alberta, Canada as one of Western Canada's biggest museums, housing more than 93,000 square feet of exhibit space, occupying over twenty galleries that display a large selection of the museum's collections of more than a million objects and items. The Glenbow-Alberta Institute would be created in 1966, when Eric Harvie would donate his fabulous historical collection to the citizens of Alberta province, currently sitting in downtown Calgary, with more than just its own collections but also a significant art collection, archives and library. In 2007, a new third floor exhibit would open called Mavericks that traces the history of the province through a series of 48 influential and colorful personalities. It houses four main collections that include; mineralogy, cultural history, military history and ethnology. The cultural history collection alone contains more than 100,000 relics that have come here from all over the world, offering some significant insight into the lifestyles of various people that came to western Canada, from the late 19th century to the present day, with many items depicting how these hardy folk made their living, their dress, their worship habits, the kind of government, what they ate, how did they relax and a plethora of family mementos that helped them create a home out of the new world. It also contains significant examples of pottery, northern explorations, numismatics, Western Canadian folk studies, textiles and pressed glass. The ethnology collection holds about 48,000 relics that had been created or used by the indigenous tribes of North America, but more specifically, the Northern plains, subarctic regions, parts of Oceania, Asia, the northwest coast, South America and Africa. Their military collection is the most diverse in the nation, with some 26,000 relics, that span many nations over five centuries that include Asian, European and North American firearms and edged weapons, as well as Japanese armor and arms, and Canadian decorations, orders and medals. The other collections are just as interesting and exciting to view, along with the art collection's 28,000 works.

Thrifty Car Rental Alberta

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Calgary Intl. Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars - In-Terminal
Thrifty Car Rental Edmonton- 5404 Gateway Blvd. NW.

Fairview Thrifty Rental Cars - 11309 101st Ave.
Thrifty Car Rental Grande Prairie- 11806 99th Ave.

    Athabasca Glacier Jasper National ParkAthabasca Glacier Jasper National Park Alberta, Canada
    This magnificent glacier has become one of the most popular attractions in the Columbia Icefields in the Canadian Rockies at Jasper National Park. In fact, it is the most visited glacier in all of North America and a destination absolutely necessary for all those that are searching for the most unique experience of their lives, as well as the most amazing. The Athabasca glacier is more than just a large chunk of ice, over four miles long and anywhere from 30 feet at the thinnest part up to a hundred feet thick in others, as this massive mass of ice moves along at a rate of several centimeters a day over the three bedrock steps moving down to the valley below. There is a marvelous Icefield Interpretive center located there that provides an abundance of information, as well as being a lodge, with ticket sales for the glacier gazing; since they take care of the area and keep the paths cleared because there are deep chasms hidden in and around the glacier that will take you from your family forever. Scientists believe that this beautiful glacier will be gone soon, since it has lost almost half its mass in the last 125 years because of climate change, which is still happening and more probably will for a long time.

Dollar Rent-A-Car Alberta

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Calgary Apt. Dollar Car Rental - 2000 Apt. Rd.
Dollar Rental Car Taber - 6005-50th Ave.

    Rat's Nest Cave at Canmore Caverns Rat's Nest Cave at Canmore Caverns Alberta, Canada
    The Rat's Nest Cave keeps a constant temperature of forty-one degrees Fahrenheit, and in 1987, it would become a Provincial Historic Site, with more than two miles of trails and explored passages, beneath the Grotto Mountain by Canmore, Alberta, Canada. There are four main tours or activities at the cave, and they include the explorer tour that is about 4.5 hours long, but only 2.5 hours is spent underground, the adventure tour that takes six hours with four underground and you will rappel down a small slope and laundry chute, the team building tour that offers many exciting and interesting caving activities to rebuild your team's strength and camaraderie, and caving courses. The cave is undeveloped, which means there aren't any lights, handrails or walkways, just the natural state of the cave, when it was discovered and the way they like to keep it for future generations. You'll also learn how caves are formed, how people and animals have used caves, learn about stalactites and stalagmites, animal bones and fossils, and the fabulous geology of the Bow Valley in the Canadian Rockies. All tours will take the thirty minute hike up to the cave's entrance, with very informed and knowledgeable guides that will tell you all about the cave and any other information you may ask for, getting ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

National Rental Cars Alberta

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Lake Louise National Car Rental 
- Box 250
National Rental Cars Calgary Intl. Apt.  2000 Apt. Rd. NE.
Edmonton Intl. Apt. National Car Rental

 Parkade Lower Level

National Rental Car Red Deer  - 172 37428 Range Rd. 273

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