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Abbot Intl. Apt. Alamo Car Rentals
 30125 Automall Dr. Unit 103

Alamo Rental Cars N. Vancouver - 711 14th St. W.
Vancouver Intl. Apt. Alamo Car Rentals
 Lower Level-Parking Garage

Things to do in British Columbia

    Royal BC Museum Royal BC Museum Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
    The Royal British Columbia Museum in Victoria, British Columbia is a marvelous natural history and human history museum that had been founded in 1886, with its title of Royal being bestowed on it by the Queen in 1987, that would coincide with a Royal tour that was traveling through the nation that year. The museum would merge with the British Columbia Provincial Archives in 2003, so that now it has three permanent galleries and a fabulous IMAX theater that shows educational films and other commercial entertainment like the Spiderman movies, Inception and other types of films. The museum welcomes many touring exhibits from around the world each year, and in recent ones included exhibits on the RMS Titanic, Genghis Khan, Egyptian relics and Leonardo da Vinci. In their fabulous natural history collections, there are 750,000 records of specimens that have been discovered mostly in British Columbia and neighboring states, provinces or territories. These awesome collections have been divided into eight disciplines that include; mammals, paleontology, botany, invertebrate zoology, entomology, ichthyology, herpetology and ornithology, with some examples of algae and bryophytes. It is located in the Inner Harbor area, between the Empress Hotel and the legislature buildings, and it anchors the Royal BC museum cultural precinct, the area that encompasses it with many monuments and historical sites that includes Thunderbird Park. The natural history gallery that is located on the second floor houses life-sized exhibits of the diverse geography of the province and prehistoric life that includes a woolly mammoth and an exciting simulated journey into the depths of the ocean. The modern history gallery is located on the third floor and starts visitors off with Century Hall, that showcases collections of relics from the 20th century. You then go into a copy of a cobblestone streetscape that represents early 20th century Victoria that has a hotel, silent movie theater, Chinatown, a train station and old automobiles. The tour then begins an exhibit of early forestry, fishing and mining businesses that also include a real mine shaft and water wheel. It then begins a history of exploration that includes a model of the original Fort Victoria and a big scale copy of Captain George Vancouver's ship, the HMS Discovery. The First People's gallery is housed on the third floor and is a fabulous First Nations display with a marvelous collection of masks, totem poles, a Kwakwaka'akw longhouse constructed by Henry Hunt and his grandsons, Tony and Richard.

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Vancouver Intl. Apt. Budget Car Rentals
 3880 Grant McConachie Way
Budget Car Rental Richmond - 4440 Cowlie Cres
Vancouver Budget Rental Cars
- 416 W. Georgia St.
 Budget Car Rentals Burnaby  - 2685 Gilmore Ave. 

    Museum of Anthropology Vancouver Raven by Bill Reid Museum of Anthropology Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
    The Museum of Anthology located on the campus of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver is famous for its fabulous exhibits of world cultures and arts, with outstanding works from the peoples of the First Nations of the Pacific Northwest Coast First Nations and has grown into a significant tourist destination. The museum is also a major teaching museum that is used in many courses at the college, as well as being one of the best research museums on the West Coast. It contains 535,000 archaeological relics in one building alone, with another housing 36,000 ethnographic relics. The museum was founded in 1947, when relics from the UBC's ethnographic collection were placed on exhibit in the basement of the main library, and in 1971, the museum would acquire money from the government and college to start construction of a new museum building.  Other added spaces included a new wing where the MOA Center for Cultural Research will be located, with a state-of-the-art collections storage area, library, information room, research rooms, community research suite, open plan offices and archaeology labs; the RRN which is the Reciprocal Research Network, a new MOA cafe, the mutltiversity galleries which will house over 10,000 items from around the world, the MOACAT digital catalogue system and the new 5,800 square foot Audain gallery that will house temporary exhibitions. One of the more iconic features is a magnificent yellow cedar sculpture called the Raven and the First Men by Bill Reid, and is also showcased on the nation's twenty dollar bill.  The museum's Great Hall contains numerous beautiful totem pole fragments that have come from Haida and other First Nation villages on the province's coastline, with a fabulous large collection of items from the South Pacific and some 6000 textiles with almost half of those coming from Asia. Their photograph collection houses about 90,000 images of all types of cultures, historical events and ethnographic subjects, dating from the 1890s and has become a significant resource for communities, writers and researchers. The African collection contains 2800 objects of great interest including masks, 100 Asante gold weights, 100 mortuary items from Egypt, Yoruba thorn carvings, weapons from South Africa and more than 100 Makonde figures from Tanzania. Almost forty percent of its collections are from Asia, with a Chinese sub collection containing between 1000 and 1500 pieces of Chinese ceramics, paintings and Chinese calligraphy; and so much more.

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Vancouver Intl. Apt. Off Enterprise Rental Car
 9051 Beckwith Rd.

Enterprise Rental Car Vancouver - 10-970 SW. Marine Dr.
Vancouver Enterprise Rental Cars - Unit 2 1250 Granville St.
Enterprise Rental Car Vancouver - 1696 W. 1st Ave.

Local Restaurants in British Columbia

    Bridges Restaurant
    Entrees; grilled wild sockeye salmon with artichoke, sundried tomato, tomato beurre rouge & basil gremolata; garlic & herb crusted mahi mahi with Shanghai bok choy, shrimp fried rice, tomato cucumber ginger relish & lobster curry redux; roasted wild BC halibut with sautéed beech mushrooms, edmame beans, potato coins & prawn beurre blanc; grilled 10oz. tuxedo rib eye steak with dry spiced rub, pomme frites, asparagus & creamy peppercorn sauce; paella with clams, mussels, prawns, chorizo, squid & saffron rice; tagliarini pasta with spot prawns, fennel, roasted red peppers, prawn cream; boiled Nova Scotia lobster with roasted fingerling potatoes, seasonal veggies & drawn butter; grilled double lamb chops with sautéed greens, lemon & mint asparagus, roasted yam & lamb jus; big island salad with mixed greens, red onion, avocado, berries, smoked gouda, garbanzos, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots & apple miso vinaigrette.

    C Restaurant
    Entrees; BC albacore tuna with short rib ragout, salsify, carrots, liquorice jus; slow cooked sturgeon with verjus, dill, lemon, artichokes, romaine, salmon caviar; crispy skin organic ocean wild salmon with chorizo & herb cous cous, pea puree, heirloom tomato; Larry Albright's trout with squash risotto, haricot vert, almond buttered sprout leaves; roasted sablefish with lobster gnocchi, chanterelles, lemonade foam; seared scallops with confit pork belly, burnt apple sauce, crab apple beignet, foie gras torchon; roasted AAA beef ribeye with north arm farm veggies, red onion marmalade, red wine jus; roasted duck breast with apricot puree, green beans, braised endive, black garlic jus; thyme baked eggplant with open faced ricotta lasagna, poached tomato, balsamic vinaigrette; Northumberland Strait lobster.


Grilled Wild Sockeye Salmon Bridges Restaurant Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada





Roasted Duck Breast C Restaurant Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Hertz Rental Cars Abbotsford Downtown
 33271 S. Fraser Way Unit B

Richmond Hertz Car Rental - 3771 No. 3 Rd.
Hertz Rental Car Vancouver Intl. Apt.
 3880 Grant McConachie Way
Victoria Intl. Apt. Hertz Car Rental - 1640 Electra Rd.

    Emily Carr House VictoriaEmily Carr House Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
    The Emily Carr House in Victoria, British Columbia has become a national historic site that was once the childhood home of Canadian painter Emily Carr, and would give her and her marvelous works a lasting impression. The house was constructed in 1863 for the wealthy Carr family, although it had originally been located on Carr Street, on a big parcel of land that had been owed by Emily's dad, Richard. It had been designed as an Italianate style, right in the heart of the Victoria 19th century district, along with many other outstanding houses and mansions. Even today, it continues to be an excellent example of a well preserved heritage example of an Italianate villa style house that was very popular at the time. But, the main reason the house would become such a marvelous heritage property because of Emily's works and fame. She would live in the house for the main part of her youth, only leaving to go to school in London, Paris and San Francisco, and when her dad passed on in 1888, the estate would be left to her older sister, Edith Carr, that would divide the parcel up into lots that would be sold off, with the Carr sisters keeping five of those. In 1913, when Emily returned, she would construct a house next to her sister's, and would be part of her book, The House of All Sorts, that is still surviving today, and contains a fabulous mural that Emily painted on the attic roof in the style of the First Nations. The marvelous house would be passed along the family lines for some years more, and then be sold off to a private owner that would use it for a rental property. In 1938, a fire would ravage the house, and then it would be completely rebuilt using modern amenities and methods. MP David Groos would stop the structure from being demolished and give it to the Emily Carr Foundation three years later in 1967, when it would become an art gallery and school called the Emily Carr Arts Center, until the government purchased it in 1976 and assisted in returning the structure to its original condition. Today, it is a most inspiring interpretive center, for Emily's writings, art and life.

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Burnaby Avis Car Rental  - 4603 Kingsway, Unit 100
Avis Car Rental Vancouver Apt.

 3880 Grant McConachie Way

Victoria Apt. Avis Rental Cars
- 131-1640 Electra Blvd.

    Westminster Abbey MissionWestminster Abbey Mission, British Columbia, Canada
    Westminster Abbey in Mission, British Columbia, is a community of monks from the Benedictine Order, established in 1939, from the Abbey of Mount Angel, Oregon, and is home to the Seminary of Christ the King; with its official name as the Abbey of Saint Joseph of Westminster, which is the abbey's patron saint. The seminary would be founded in 1931, by the Archbishop William Mark Duke of the Archdiocese of Vancouver, with five monks, that would include Fr. Eugene Medved, the late Prior and Abbot, who would be sent from Oregon to found a new priory and assume the operation of the Seminary of Christ the King, that had been located in Ladner, BC in 1939. The next year, the monks would move the new priory and the seminary to Burnaby, near Vancouver, which would become a conventual or independent priory in 1948, and in 1953, the Holy See would raise it to the status of an abbey. Prior Eugene would become the first abbot, and construction would start that year on a new abbey, seminary and church that would be designed by Norwegian architect, Asbjorn Gathe. Today, there are about thirty monks living there under the motto of their order, Ora et Labora or Pray and work. The abbey has its own artist, along with a high school and college, and the farm that supplies most of the needs of the monks.

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Surrey Thrifty Rental Cars - 7319 King George Hwy.
Thrifty Car Rental Vancouver Intl. Apt.- In-Terminal

    Burgess Shale Field Burgess Shale Field Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
    The Burgess Shale Formation is one of the most fantastic celebrated fossil fields in the world today, and is considered to be one of the best of its type, famous for the outstanding preservation of the soft parts of its fossils, that were dated from the Middle Cambrian period that existed some 505 million years ago, and one of the earliest fossil beds ever discovered that contain the imprints of soft parts. The rock encompassing all this is black shale, and is found near the town of Field in the Yoho National Park. This magnificent discovery would initially be noticed by Richard McConnell of the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) in 1886, but would be attributed to paleontologist Charles Doolittle Walcott, that arrived here in 1907 to reconnoiter the area, opening up a quarry in 1910, to begin an earnest search that would eventually uncover 65,000 specimens. When Charles came back in 1910, he would bring his sons and his daughter, and his wife, to establish the quarry on the banks of the Fossil Ridge. The importance of the discovery of soft bodied preservation and the other organisms that he found would be new to science, so he would continue to come back each year until 1924, amassing more than 65,000 specimens that wouldn't be recognized and/or categorized until 1962, when Alberto Simonetta led a first hand reinvestigation of the fossils. These fossilized deposits would correlate to the Stephen formation that was a calcareous collection of dark mudstones, over half a billion years old. These beds would be found at the bottom of a cliff, about 50 feet high, which was believed to have been below the depths that had been agitated by waves in the storms that swept the surface back then. It is a thoroughly fascinating area, with magnificent fossils making up 10 members, the most famous of them being the Walcott Quarry Shale member of the phyllopod bed. These fabulous fossils have been preserved as black carbon films on black shale, that make them almost impossible to photograph, so that various effects of decay and taphonmy can be discerned.

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Vancouver Intl. Apt. Dollar Car Rental
 3880 Grant McConachie Way

Dollar Rental Car Smithers Apt. - 6401 Apt. Rd.
Surrey Dollar Rental Car  - 7319 King George Hwy.

    Craigdarroch Castle Craigdarroch Castle Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
    The Craigdarroch Castle in Victoria, British Columbia is a magnificent historic Victorian period chateauesque mansion with 39 rooms and more than 20,000 square feet of space, built in the 1890s for the family residence of rich coal magnate, Robert Dunsmuir and his wife, Joan. Robert passed on in 1889, over a year before the fabulous castle could be finished, with his sons, James and Alexander, assuming the role of completing the monstrous mansion after his passing. The original architect, Warren Williams, would also pass on before the home was completed, and the next architect to complete the project would be his associate, Arthur L. Smith. In 1890, James Dunsmuir would contract the city's second castle, Hatley, that would be constructed in Colwood, BC. Craigdarroch is thought to have been constructed for half a million dollars back then, and would include granite from British Columbia, an oak staircase from Chicago and tile from San Francisco. It would occupy some 27 acres, with formal gardens in the city's exclusive Rockland neighborhood. After Joan passed on, the estate would be sold to speculator Griffith Hughes for $38,000, who would then subdivide the lots and to help stimulate the sales, the owner decided to raffle off the castle, that would be won by one of the buyers of the residential lots taken from the original estate. The winner would be Solomon Cameron, that would mortgage the castle to help finance some of his other ventures that eventually went bankrupt and in 1919, the castle would pass on to one of the creditors, the Bank of Montreal. The four story castle still houses fabulous furnishings from the 1890s and is famous for its exquisite woodworks and stained glass windows that welcomes more than 150,000 visitors a year.

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National Rental Car Vancouver Intl. Apt. 
 4440 Cowley Crescent

Smithers Apt. National Car Rental - Smithers Apt.
National Rental Cars Victoria Apt. 
1640 Electra Blvd. Ste. 134

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