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Things to do in Manitoba

    Manitoba Museum Manitoba Museum Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
    The Manitoba Museum was known as the Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature before, but has become the biggest museum in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and the biggest heritage center in the province and the world that concentrates on the human and natural heritage. It also has a planetarium that provides shows and a science gallery hall. It would be the first Canadian museum to recreate marine life as it was done about 450 million years ago, with a virtual underwater observatory that showcases the Hudson Bay's area during the Ordovician period. This province had been the home of the huge trilobite, which were large extinct now marine arthropods. The museum's collections reflect the heritage of Manitoba, with interpretive galleries like Boreal forest, grasslands, urban, earth history, nonsuch, arctic/sub-arctic, parklands/mixed woods and Hudson's Bay Company. Combined, these excellent galleries will unfold the history and environment of the province from its northern arctic coast to its southern prairie grasslands, with an outstanding urban gallery that has recreated a Winnipeg street scene from the 1920s. The museum's most significant and prominent piece is the replicated ship Nonsuch that had come here in 1668, and would lead to the founding of the Hudson's Bay company. In 2008, a rejuvenated science gallery would open replacing the touch the universe gallery. The museum houses more than 2.6 million relics and specimens that encourage visits and research opportunities and a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. It has been involved in set fossil records back millions of years, uncovered new species and looked at the achievements of the province's cultural communities and First Nations. Their new science gallery will keep you and your family busy and active for hours, if not days, with the many experiments and exhibits that unfold before your eyes in a fabulous environment that is sure to excite and interest you for quite a long time.

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Winnipeg Intl. Apt. Budget Car Rentals
 2000 Wellington Ave.
Budget Car Rental Winnipeg - 2140 McPhillips St.

    The Living Prairie MuseumThe Living Prairie Museum Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
    This is another museum found in Winnipeg, Manitoba, sitting on thirty acres of tall grass prairie that is now preserved, after being discovered in 1968 after a local sub-committee of the International Biological Program surveyed the entire province for a natural and native prairie plant community. This group would research and look at over 60 different sites, finding only four that had not been cultivated, and ironically, one of the biggest undisturbed sites would be found in a residential area of Winnipeg, so that now, it has been set aside and preserved as a city nature park and living prairie museum. The park grounds contain more than 160 species of prairie grasses and wildflowers, as well as a great array of wildlife, while the entire province only held one-twentieth of one percent of the world's original tall grass prairies that are still thriving. It is one of the few preserves that once held this outstanding huge ecosystem, and the museum is defined by the historical interpretation of the Tall Grass Prairie of the Winnipeg area. The museum also houses an excellent interpretative center that showcases prairie history and ecology with a fabulous interactive art installation by local artist Collin Zipp.

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Winnipeg Apt. Enterprise Rental Car - 2000 Wellington Ave.
Enterprise Car Rentals Winnipeg - 2230 McPhillips St. Unit 1
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Enterprise Car Rental Winnipeg
 - 2195 Pembina Hwy.

Local Restaurants in Manitoba

    Bellissimo Restaurant
    Entrees; pasta vongole is hard shell baby clams, simmered in grape tomatoes, mixed onions, leeks & fresh spinach in a herbed butter white wine sauce, served over bed of linguini; scampi al vino bianco is jumbo prawns sautéed in mixed onions, fresh tomatoes, feta cheese & fresh herbs simmered in olive oil & garlic white wine sauce served over linguine; pesce asiago is fresh mussels, tiger prawns, scallops & baby clams, simmered together in house roasted garlic & asiago cream served over linguini verdi; braciola di maiale is bone-in Frenched pork chops lightly breaded & pan seared, topped with apple brandy butter sauce, served with wild mushroom risotto; pollo marsala is lightly floured chicken breast stuffed with spinach, caramelized onions, bacon & wrapped with prosciutto, topped with marsala wine sauce served with roasted baby potatoes & seasonal veggies; vitello parmigiana is lightly breaded veal cutlet topped with mozzarella & parmesan cheese, oven-baked in rich tomato sauce, served with pasta marinara; salmone is herb crusted Atlantic salmon fillet topped with sweet and spicy tomato chutney served with roasted baby potatoes & seasonal veggies; cioppino is classic Italian seafood stew made with fresh mussels, hardshell baby clams, crab & tiger prawns, simmered in spicy marinara bouillon, served with garlic butter herbed toast points.

    Red Top Restaurant
    Entrees; minced steak is fresh ground beef smothered in fried onions, served with salad or cole slaw, FF, spaghetti with chili sauce & toast; ham steak served with Greek salad, potatoes & garlic toast; veal cutlets served with FF, spaghetti with chili sauce or salad & toast; spaghetti & meat patties served with chili sauce & toast; spaghetti & chili sauce served with toast; fish & chips; chicken dinner is 3 pcs of pressure fried chicken, served with FF, salad or cole slaw & toast; chicken snack is 2 pcs of pressure fried chicken served with FF, salad or cole slaw & toast; chicken & spaghetti is 3 pcs of pressure fried chicken, served with FF, salad or cole slaw & toast; 4 pcs chicken dinner; chicken fingers plate with FF, salad or cole slaw.


Pasta Vongole Bellissimo Restaurant Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada









Veal Cutlet Red Top Restaurant Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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Hertz Rental Cars Winnipeg Intl. Apt.- In Terminal
Winnipeg Hertz Car Rental - 1577 Erin St.
Hertz Rental Car Winnipeg- 830 Waverley St.

    The Canadian Fossil Discovery Center The Canadian Fossil Discovery Center Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
    The Canadian Fossil Discovery Center in Morden, Manitoba, Canada, had been called the Morden and District Museum, occupying the lower level of the Morden Recreational Complex housing the biggest collection of marine reptile fossils in the nation. In the Red River Valley, field excavations have been conducted on the Manitoba escarpment area of the Pembina Hills, with the majority of the fossils collected from the area coming from the Pierre Shale. During the summer of 2009, field personnel were working on the multi-species death assemblage, and in the summer of 2010, many discoveries would be made there, including what is called, "xiphactinus kill zone" that would gain international headlines. The center is moving quickly to prepare the specimens during the winter so that these marvelous new finds can be showcased in the summer. The center also contains many specimens of the Cretaceous squid tusoteuthis longa, whose specimens represent the northern most known happening of these mollluscs in the Cretaceous seas of North America. Many excellent school programs are offered here, as well as summer camps, guided tours, fossil dig programs, paleo tours and more. The museum contains a huge database of research information that occurred at the fossil collection from the later Cretaceous period, with a prized specimen measuring 43 feet long that is a mosasaur fossil, the second biggest one found in North America. They continue to host fossil dig programs each summer at the escarpment, with a short necked plesiosaur specimen discovered that was 26 feet long and excavated in 2004 and 2005.

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Avis Discounts

Winnipeg Apt. Avis Car Rental  - 2000 Wellington Ave.
Avis Car Rental Winnipeg
- 234 York Ave.
Winnipeg Avis Rental Cars
- 1350 King Edward St.

    Western Canada Aviation Museum Western Canada Aviation Museum Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
    This is the second biggest aviation museum in the nation, with the magnificent collections being kept in a Trans-Canada Air Lines hangar that dates from the 1930s, after being incorporated in 1974. It has continued to grow and expand into an award winning heritage museum that is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Canada's aviation history. The aircraft shown reflect the fabulous history of the aviation movement in Winnipeg and contains marvelous examples of bush planes to commercial, military, private and transport aircraft. The museum provides a fully enclosed flight deck at the Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport so that visitors can watch the landings and takeoffs as well. The main collection is housed in an original Trans-Canada Air Lines aircraft hangar that now has a recreated terminal departure center and a few one-of-a-kind aircraft like the nation's first helicopter, the CL-84 "tilt-wing"; commercial aircraft, bush planes, historical military jets and the Avrocar flying saucer, a full size movie model. Other prominent craft include the most complete Vickers Viscount in the world, a CF-101 Voodoo fighter jet with training simulator, a Bellanca Aircruiser, a copy of a CF-ARM, a Canadair F-86 Sabre and the Avrocar; with a wonderful exhibit on Canadian women in aviation, a Black Brant rocket, a collection of first airmail covers that includes one signed by Orville Wright and Charles Lindbergh, flight simulators and other aviation memorabilia. The museum has a very active restoration department, almost magically transforming bent and twisted metal shapes into aircraft fully ready for display, and a team of volunteers that just finished a full-scale copy of a Canadian Vickers Vedette Mark V. Some of the current projects include the restoration of a Fairchild Super 71, a Bellanca aircruiser, Harvard and Waco.

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Winnipeg Off Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars - 2535 Inkster Blvd.
Thrifty Car Rental Winnipeg- 874 Marion St.

    Marine Museum of Manitoba Marine Museum of Manitoba Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada
    The Marine Museum of Manitoba is located in Selkirk, Manitoba and was established in 1972 to bring ships, relics and other marine items that pertain to shipping, to this museum to depict the story of the development and operation of the transportation available on Lake Winnipeg and the Red River. The era that the museum covers begins in 1850 and continues to the current day and originally opened under the name The Marine Museum of Manitoba (Selkirk) Inc. Housed in its exciting and interesting collection, the museum has the Motor Ship Keenora that was the first ship acquired by the museum, that had been abandoned in the Selkirk Slough in 1966 and salvaged by the Marine Transport Navigation Company in 1972. It would be moved in the summer of 1973, from the waters of the Red River on the Selkirk dry-dock (marine railway), then it would have to be dragged on its keel, across the grass to Selkirk Park and then to its current location by the park's entrance. The stationary ships or vessels that they have on display include the Keenora that had been constructed in 1897 and is the oldest preserved steamboat in the province, the M/S Joe Simpson built in 1963 and was the replacement vessel for the M/S Chickama II, the CGS Bradbury built in 1915 that had been an ice breaker owned by the government, the M/S Peguis II built in 1955 that is a barge tug, the M/S Chickama II that was built in 1942 to become a connection vessel operating between Norway House and Warren Landing and the M/S Lady Canadian built in 1944 as a vessel for fishing and hydrographic mapping.

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