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Things to do in Monckton

    The Treitz Haus The Treitz Haus Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
    The Treitz Haus has been opened to the public recently as the city's interpretation center, that had been restored some years ago to reflect the early 1800s construction, and had held a city tourism bureau for many years. It was built by Jacob Treitz in the late 1700s, and sits next to Bore Park in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, with a newer section added to the house in the 1830s, and the oldest section being converted many years ago to an inn and tavern, called the Prince-Lewis House. The Treitz, which would eventually be anglicized to Trites, house had been constructed by Jacob for his daughter as a wedding gift, and the family had been part of the original settling group that came here many decades before. The center has been opened to keep alive the dream of the first settlers that founded the township, with the Permanent Settlers Association and its descendants celebrating the arrival and founding every year. The house had been scheduled for demolition by the city, when a local historian noticed the heart shaped icon over the door that suggested it had been constructed in the late 1700s, and much older than first thought. The original old planks covering the floor are still there, as well as the fireplace, with a small section of plaster and slats original to the house, with a small wallpapered section saved as well. One of the finest specimens preserved from the original house is a mud brick that had been part of the house, which had been torn down many years ago. The association is in the process of locating period antiques to fill the house, as well as any memorabilia that the family still has. It is a very historical house, that had been built by a historical and important family with ties to Benjamin Franklin, who had been one of the silent partners of the company that granted the original five German families land in Moncton, with the intention of creating a small town in the region. There are historic letters and documents that describe the first few difficult winters that put a great hardship on the newly arrived immigrants and their families.  It is the oldest house in New Brunswick, and would never have been discovered if not for the historian that came to visit it, and noticed the unique and definite heart shaped symbol that signified the house as being built in the late 18th century, and that also used nails that many believe were made by Jacob, Treitz, Sr., who is thought to have been a blacksmith as well as farmer.

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    Fundy National ParkFundy National Park Monckton, New Brunswick, Canada
    The Fundy National Park is situated on the Bay of Fundy, by the village of Alma, New Brunswick, with both magnificent seashore habitats and marvelous highland Acadian forests, spanning over 150 miles of land along the Chignecto Bay area, which is the western branch of the bay and faces Cape Chinecto Provincial Park, that lies across the bay in Nova Scotia. It is a great place to visit and explore, since the ocean bottom is viewable during low tide, when the water is some three feet below the water line. This magnificent park also has twenty five waterfalls, as well as a golf course, three campgrounds, more than 80 miles of trails for both bikes and hikes, a heated saltwater pool and in the winter season has cross country skiing, snowshoeing and winter walking; with the snowshoes begin available for rent at the visitor's center. The park has many scientific experiments being conducted there, like the salmon project, fisher and martens being monitored for various reasons, and more, while the Dobson Trail and Fundy Footpath extending as far as Riverview and St. Martens, with a marvelous red-painted covered bridge located in Point Wolfe. There are three rivers that flow through the park offering excellent recreational activities for the entire family and include the Broad River, the Upper Salmon and the Wolfe River.

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Local Restaurants in Monckton

    Little Louis
    Entrees; sea bass with wakame salad, marinated salmon roe, nori pasta, spice Napa cabbage, bok choy, miso/dashi broth; surf & turf is lobster poached in beurre monte, veal loin & porcini mushroom sous-vide, crispy sweet breads, potato fondant, Jerusalem artichoke puree; lamb is loin chops crusted with dried grapes, curry shank ravioli, cucumber/yogurt, tomato tuille, kalamata emulsion, pea shoots; duck is honey thyme glazed magret, fennel, sous-vide, blood orange, foie gras/leg confit aracini, sour cherry glace de veaux, green apple puree; beef is grilled preserved PEI tenderloin, short ribs/foie gras tempura, glace de veaux, summer carrot/tarragon butter, cipollini onions, potato fondant; arctic char air dried chorizo, quinoa tabbouleh, mango, kumkwat, fresh mint, endive marmalade sauce; pasta is hand made pappardelle pasta, butter poached lobster, glazed veggies, mushrooms, piment d'espelette, herbs, scallop/white wine sauce, lemongrass emulsion.

    City Grill
    Entrees; prime rib lightly seasoned, oven seared & cooked low for hours; certified angus top sirloin full flavored & well marbled; choice boneless ribeye; NY striploin, chef's inspired daily catch; Nova Scotia day boat haddock topped with buttery crumbs, shrimp & scallops; crispy crunchy haddock fresh haddock dusted in seasoned flour, dipped in thin beer battered, rolled in panko bread crumbs & crispy fried; Jail Island salmon fillet wood grilled with Acadian maple butter sauce; sear roasted salmon fillet stuffed with shrimp, scallops & rock crab; mixed grill is four oven seared seafood delights, fundy scallops, Atlantic salmon, black tiger shrimp & fresh haddock in lemon butter sauce; stuffed chicken breast with wild mushrooms, spinach, goat cheese & natural pan au jus; wood grilled chicken breast alder smoked bacon, mushrooms, honey Dijon mustard sauce, jack & cheddar cheese; BBQ St. Louis cut ribs slow cooked & basted with signature house sauce; fettuccine pescatore is sautéed shrimp, scallops, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes & roasted tomato cream sauce topped with ricotta salata cheese & scallions; beef tip stroganoff is slow braised in white wine, veal stock & mushrooms over rustic noodles.


Marinated Salmon Roe Little Louis Monckton, New Brunswick, Canada







Salmon Stuffed City Grill Monckton, New Brunswick, Canada

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    Kouchibouguac National Park Kouchibougnac National Park Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
    This gorgeous park sits on the eastern coast of New Brunswick, just north of the town of Richibucto and contains salt marshes, lagoons, barrier islands, forests and sand dunes, offering an excellent habitat to the nesting birds that visit here, especially the piping plover and the second biggest tern colony in North America. There are magnificent colonies of grey and harbor seals, that inhabit the park's 8 miles of sand dunes, as well as the very rare and fragile Gulf of St. Lawrence aster, even though the majority of its fields were destroyed in the 2006 storms. The many recreational activities offered here include; biking and hiking, swimming and birdwatching, and the park has seen many fisher martens in the region, that make it one of the few areas in the region that have these outstanding birds. The various activities provided here are one of the main reasons that people come here, including a river adventure in a war canoe, to seal watching and even a talk with the Mi'kmaq people that live throughout the area, including the state of Maine, part of the larger Algonquin tribe. It would be founded in 1969 to preserve the sensitive sand dunes and bogs located here, and began development in the 1970s, although it would have some difficulty with the local land owners that didn't want to sell their property to the government so that they could preserve the sanctuary. There are eight walking trails, a long dune, numerous bogs, a boardwalk trail, a number of bike trails, a canoe and boat launch, two campgrounds and the Cap-St-Louis fishing port. Kelly's Beach is quite popular with the naturalists visiting the park, since the long sand dune offers much privacy and seclusion. The park was named after the Kouchibouguac River, which means "river of long tides" in Mi'kmaq, with other rivers running through it like the Black River, Portage River, Saint-Louis River and the Kouchibouguacis River.

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    Hopewell RocksHopewell Rocks Monckton, New Brunswick, Canada
    The Hopewell Rocks are known as the Rocks or the Flowerpot Rocks, that are unique rock formations that have been caused by tidal erosion in the Hopewell Rocks Ocean Tidal Exploration site in New Brunswick, situated on the shores of the upper reaches of the Bay of Fundy, by Hopewell Cape, near Moncton, New Brunswick. Because of the unique and extreme tidal fluctuation of the bay, the bottom of these rock formations are covered in water two times a day, although it can be viewed at low tide at the ground level. The rocks include dark sedimentary conglomerate and sandstone rock, and because of the great amounts of water ebbing and tiding, the landscape is modified quite often. Once the glaciers had retreated after the last ice age, the surface water would filter in through the cracks and crevices in the cliff that eroded and separated the formations from the cliff face, while the retreating and advancing tides and waves would erode the bases of the formations much faster than the tops, thus creating unique and magnificent shapes. Because of the unusual tides, the huge sediment planes in the bay area support a marvelous number of biological productivity that bring different types of shorebirds here to nest and feed, and those that come here for the sights are instructed to stay during a full tidal cycle to get the entire experience, with tides and formations. Just like any other area where the tides ebb and flow, this unique place gets some high tides that rise up to 52 feet, causing it to have one of the highest average tides in the world.

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    Cape EnrageCape Enrage Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
    Cape Enrage is where the southern end of Barn Marsh Island lies, in Albert County, New Brunswick, halfway between Alma and Riverside-Albert, just to the east of Fundy National Park, but accessible by Route 915, although the island is encompassed by the jagged sea cliffs that often rise up to 145 feet high, separated from the mainland by a narrow tidal creek. The oldest lighthouse in the province is located here, that dates from 1847, although it has been unmanned and automated since the 1980s, but has become a popular tourist attraction since the local students have started rejuvenating the property so they could operate it as a summer project, and in 2004, it was voted as one of the Best Views in Canada by the Frommer's travel guide. Visitors come here to enjoy the majestic and beautiful views of the New Brunswick and Nova Scotia coasts that lie along the Bay of Fundy, and if the day should become foggy, there are numerous places to grab a cup of coffee or seafood chowder so you can watch this strange phenomenon of sights and sounds. The park is operated by the board of local tourism that watches over the lighthouse and the numerous climbing and rappelling adventures on the site, that also has excellent walking trails and a wheelchair accessible walk that take you along the cliff tops, with magnificent panoramic views. There is a gift shop located there, with a restaurant for chowder and coffee, with plenty of bathrooms. If you are interested in the climbing and rappelling adventures, be sure to book it in advance, as it gets very busy during the season, which runs from May to September, and all the details can be found on the Cape Enrage website.

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    Joggins Fossil CliffsJoggins Fossil Cliffs Monckton, New Brunswick, Canada
    The Joggins Fossil Cliffs of the Bay of Fundy, provide beautiful layers of rock that showcase the world's most complete fossil record of life in the coal age, when thick green forests and plants covered the region and most of the world's tropics some 300 million years ago. These swamp forests would produce some of the most immense quantities of organic matter, that over time and eons, would become the coal deposits located here today, embedded in just 10 miles of coastal cliffs along this part of the coast, with rare fossils that reveal more details of life among these early creatures. This area is quite famous for its record of fossils, and since they are constantly bombarded by waves and tides, the fossilized imprints come to the forefront whenever enough sandstone has been eroded to showcase the magnificent fossils seen beneath layers of the rock formations. Geologists would first come here in the 1820s, when Francis Alger, Abraham Gesner, Richard Brown and Thomas Jackson all made significant observations, and in 1835, a class from Williams College, Massachusetts came here to study the rocks and formations for educational purposes. The true nature and fame of the cliffs wouldn't be really discovered until Charles Lyell, the founder of modern geology and the writer of Principles of Geology, would make his historical visits in 1842 and 1852, who would proclaim that the fossil record at Joggins to be the "finest example in the entire world". This unique fossil record would become part of Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species book and it would play a major role in the Great Oxford Debate of 1860, between Bishop Wilberforce and Thomas Huxley. In 1852, Lyell and Dawson would make a fantastic discovery of tetrapod fossils that had been embedded into an upright tree at Coal Mine Point, with following investigations by Dawson leading to the discovery of one of the most significant fossils in the history of science, hylonomus lyelli, that is still the earliest reptile in the history of life, and therefore the oldest known amniote, or the grouping that includes all verterbrates holding the capacity to reproduce free of water, that included all reptiles, the extinct dinosaurs and their kin, along with the birds and mammals.

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September 6, 2011