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Wilmington Train Station Alamo Car Rentals
 100 S. French St. Unit 115A

Things to do in Newark

    Hagley Museum and Library Hagley Museum & Library Wilmington, Delaware
    The history of the American enterprise is a fascinating story of achievement in the face of adversity and hardship, and the Hagley Museum and library in Wilmington, Delaware showcases the dramatic effects and results that have been accomplished during the last two centuries in this great nation. The Hagley collects, interprets and preserves that history and heritage that has catapulted a new country, divided by more than imaginary lines spread across a map, and the mix of immigrants that came here for freedom from many things, including the freedom to attain the highest pinnacles of business that has brought us to become the guardians of freedom around the globe. The Hagley library contains a significant research collection that includes photographs, manuscripts and archives, books and pamphlets that can definitively document the history of the American business adventure and rise of technology. Its museum showcases the early years of the du Pont family, and their corporation in Brandywine Valley, highlighting the original gardens, mills and estates, opening in 1957, spread across 235 acres that sit beside the banks of the Brandywine River, with outstanding demonstrations and displays that emphasis the link between early industrial technology and early American history. It displays many personal stories of the actual people that worked for the du Pont company in the 19th century, the way they lived, the many changes that would happen during their lifetimes in a century that would be in tune with new machinery and new production methods that would continue to raise the level of influence and output that was developed during that century. It would all begin with a French immigrant named Eleuthere Irenee du Pont, who picked the banks of the Brandywine to construct his black powder mills, choosing it because of the magnificent resources of the natural energy that the river provided him, the expansive acres of woods and forests, and willow trees that were necessary for the production of charcoal that would be necessary for the best black powder; and it wouldn't be long before the company was the biggest in the world, especially helped along the way by the many wars and conflicts that were happening around the world.

Budget rent a car Newark

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Budget Printable Coupons

New Castle Apt. Budget Car Rentals - 151 N. Dupont Hwy. 
Budget Car Rental Wilmington - 100 S. French St.

    Air Mobility Command MuseumAir Mobility Command Museum Dover, Delaware
    This fabulous historical museum is located in Hangar 1301 at Dover Air Force Base, in Dover, Delaware, dedicated to the military airlift and air refueling aircraft and the special people that maintained them. The museum houses a magnificent collection of restored tanker and cargo aircraft, with tours offered during the day, given by volunteers, who had been involved in the services as loadmaster, pilots, flight engineers or navigators that haven given first person narratives of the real events. The hangar contains more than 20,000 square feet of aircraft exhibit spaces as well as a 1300 square foot display room. There is a 6400 square foot structure attached to it with a marvelous theater, exhibits workshop, museum store and different offices. But the main exhibit occupies a 100,000 square foot aircraft parking area that provides up close and personal views of the aircraft themselves that sit on the huge field. The museum maintains archives that pertain to the history of the Air Mobility Command and Dover AFB, along with many outstanding and informative documents that relate to these fabulous flying machines. Exhibits showcased include Berlin aircraft, B-17 bomber display, behind closed doors, C-47 engine exchange, Dover team, Korean War, refueling, enlisted heritage and engine alley. Planes showcased here include a C-7A Caribou, B-17 Flying Fortress, C-9A/C Nightingale, F-101B Voodoo, C-45G Expediter, F-106 Delta Dart, C-47A Skytrain, KC-97L Stratotanker, C-121 Constellation and many others that are sure to thrill and excite you and your family like no other aircraft museum in the world. Take a day to spend learning more about one of the most significant weapons that the world has ever created, as well as planes that have helped the flying public of today enjoy a smoother, more favorable ride than ever before.

Enterprise rent- a- car Newark

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Enterprise Discounts

Newark Enterprise Rental Car - 409 E. Cleveland Ave.
Enterprise Car Rental Newark - 430 Newark Shopping Cntr.
Newark Enterprise Rental Car - 2405 Pulaski Hwy.

Local Restaurants in Newark

    Iron Hill Brewery
    Entrees; beef tenderloin medallions with sweet corn & jumbo lump crab sauté, buttery smashed Yukon gold potatoes, sautéed spinach & dark Belgian ale sauce; pan seared NY strip steak black peppercorn crusted, exotic mushrooms, buttery smashed Yukon gold potatoes and gorgonzola cheese sauce; chargrilled flat iron steak red chile rubbed, smoked cheddar macaroni & cheese, tri-colored peppers & onions & chipotle lime sauce; chicken & penne carbonara with bacon, roasted red peppers, leeks, sweet peas, pecorino Romano & garlic cream; Caribbean spiced chicken breasts with black beans & rice, golden pineapple chutney, sautéed spinach & mango coulis; pan roasted chicken breasts with buttery smashed Yukon gold potatoes, crispy fried onion rings, asparagus & thyme pan jus; baked jumbo lump crab cakes eastern shore style, with garlic roasted fingerling potatoes, sweet corn relish & creamy mustard sauce; pan seared sea scallops with jumbo lump crabmeat, asparagus, leek & tomato fricassee in Napa valley chardonnay cream sauce; North Atlantic salmon; Louisiana BBQ shrimp classic southern staple with spicy Cajun garlic sauce, white rice & broccoli florets; Hawaiian spiced ahi tuna buttery smashed Yukon gold potatoes, wasabi dressed greens & sweet Thai chile sauce.

    Home Grown Cafe
    Entrees; black & white is tempura chicken, tofu or seitan with rice noodles, green beans & Asian sesame sauce; parmesan is choice of breaded chicken or eggplant topped with mozzarella, fine herbs, tomato sauce & parmesan cheese served over fettuccini; loaded meatloaf is choice of meatloaf or vegan loaf, served over split baked potato & topped with wild mushroom confit, melted provolone cheese & onion BBQ glaze; tamale turnover is spiced shredded chicken or seitan served over a baked banana leaf wrapped tamale with red peppers, topped with drunken beans, fajita veggies & sour cream; bun cha is sliced, marinated & charred pork tenderloin or seitan served over glass noodles in garlic broth with tofu, carrots, daikon radish, bok choy, mint & scallions; mahi citron is pan seared mahi or tofu wrapped taro served with citrus couscous, roasted asparagus & tarragon yogurt; land & sea is grilled hanger steak & shrimp skewer served with sautéed zucchini, potato wedges & house aji Amarillo sauce.


Beef Tenderloin Iron Hill Brewery Newark, Delaware








Loaded Meatloaf Home Grown Cafe Newark, Delaware

Hertz Car Rental Newark and Hertz Rental Cars have teamed up to give their customers the biggest deals in the rental car business at many of their cheap locations.  Hertz cheap locations will SAVE you a lot of money for other needs on your vacation, like gasoline.
Hertz Cheap Locations

Hertz Rental Cars Newark- 242 E. Delaware Ave.
Elkton Hertz Car Rental - 378 W. Main St.
Hertz Rental Cars Wilmington- 500 Hercules Rd.
New Castle Hertz Car Rentals - 191 N. Dupont Hwy.

    Amstel House Amstel House New Castle, Delaware
    The Amstel House in New Castle, Delaware, is a 18th century Georgian brick house that had also been known as Dr. Finney's house, and it has been preserved for various reasons, including the fact that the town would start declining in value and significance, so that the owners of those magnificent homes would no longer be able to afford to make changes to them; which is why so many of the buildings located in the town today have been preserved. However, during the 1920s and 1930s, when the city would be "rediscovered", during what had been called the Colonial revival period, many of these older homes would be demolished and replaced with newer houses. By 1931, in hopes of stopping this continued demolition of historical houses, a group of concerned community members would raise enough money to purchase the Amstel House, and become the city's first formal preservation attempt. Sometime later, that group would form the New Castle Historical Society, and continue to work with city officials and other civic groups to preserve and rejuvenate a big number of older historical houses, that are now architectural treasures. In 1977, this fabulous house would be added to the list of the National Register of Historical Places. It would be constructed in the 1730s by Doctor John Finney, with the original woodwork still in place, open hearth, early fanlight and central hallway, with outstanding architectural features and one of the places the state's signers of the Declaration of Independence came to meet with their friends and once George Washington, himself, attended a wedding that took place in the parlor here.

avis discount rental car Newark

On your next visit to Newark, Avis Rental Cars will make your visit the best. Avis Rental Cars will help you choose the best vehicle for your trip and our friendly staff will help.  Get the BEST discounts at Avis Rental Cars.  And get the BIGGEST discounts in the car rental business
Avis Discounts
Avis Discounts

New Castle Cty. Apt. Avis Car Rental  - 151 N. Dupont Hwy.
Avis Car Rental Wilmington Amtrak Train Station

 100 S. French St.

W. Chester Avis Rental Cars
- 1306 West Chester Pike

    Belmont HallBelmont Hall Smyrna, Delaware
    Belmont Hall is a magnificent Georgian mansion constructed for Thomas Collins, in 1753, that would become the sixth governor of the state and is a brick abode with five bays and two stories with a flattened gable. The crown of the gable would be flattened to facilitate a widow's walk that is accessed by a projecting stair tower that runs to the back of the walkway. The house is quite wide, although narrow, as many of those period houses would be constructed, with one room deep and two wings in the back of the house that faced north, and constructed before the front or main house would be built. It is 46 feet wide by 21 plus feet deep, with an interior plan that encompasses a central hall, and flanked by parlors on both sides. The stairway to the second floor is located in the hall, and is flanked by bedrooms on the second and third floors. There is fabulous woodworking details in the entrance hall and west parlor, which were rejuvenated in the 1920s. Henry Pearman would be granted a six hundred acre parcel by William Penn in 1684, and it would become known as Pearman's Choice, with a small brick house constructed on the estate. In 1691, two hundred acres and the house would be sold off to Andrew Love, and later purchased by Thomas Collins who eventually became the high sheriff of Kent County and then a brigadier general in the Continental Army, finally becoming the sixth governor of Delaware. In 1753, the front would be added on, and in 1777, a British raiding party would shoot a sentry that had been stationed on the widow's walk, in an attempt to capture Collins and later died in the bedroom beneath it. That death is commemorated by a plaque now, and it wouldn't be until 1789 that Collins passed on. John Cloak bought the estate in 1827 and farmed the land using scientific principles, with Belmont brand canned tomatoes becoming a popular item in the late 19th century. In 1922, a fire would gut the third floor, and during the repairs made, an east and west dormer would be added. The Collins family would live there until the 1980s, and then it would be sold off to the state in 1987, when they needed thirty acres for the Route 13 bypass around Smyrna.

National Rental Cars Newark

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Wilmington Train Station National Car Rental 

 100 S. French St. Unit 115A

September 14, 2011