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Things to do in Nova Scotia

    Fortress Louisbourg Fortress Louisbourg Nova Scotia, Canada
    The Fortress of Louisbourg in Louisbourg, Nova Scotia has become a national historic site, where a one quarter scale replicated 18th century French fortress has been constructed to teach today's visitors about the historical fort and the many problems and times it endured while there. It would endure two sieges, but the worst would be in 1758, when it would become one of the main turning points in the French-Anglo struggle for the territory that has become Canada today. The original settlement would be completed in 1713, and called Havre a l'Anglois, although it would be just a small fishing port for many years as it continued to grow into a significant commercial port and strongly defended fort. These fortifications would soon encompass the small town, constructed during the years between 1720 and 1740, and by the mid 1740s, it would become one of the most comprehensive European forts in the new world, supported by two smaller garrisons that lay on Ile Royale, which has grown into St. Peter's and Englishtown. The fort would be captured by English forces in 1745, and be a large bargaining chip in the Treaty of 1748 that ended the War of the Austrian Succession, being given back to the French, until 1758, when again, the British would capture it during the Seven Years' War, when it would be thoroughly destroyed. In the 1960s, the fort and town would be partly reconstructed, using some of the original stoneworks and giving jobs to unemployed coal miners; and is now run by the Parks Canada as a living history museum. It would be built as it looked in the 1740s, with an extraordinary effort by architects, engineers, archaeologists and historians, with outstanding help by the coal miners from Cape Breton that had learned the French masonry techniques from the 18th century and other skills that would produce such a magnificent replica. It offers guided and unguided tours, with many marvelous demonstrations and explanations of the period weapons, like musket and cannon. The historic preservation also provides excellent puppet shows for the youngsters and young at heart, with many fantastic artifacts and relics to enjoy perusing and exploring.

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    Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada
    This fabulous historical site honors the many fabulous inventions and devices that Alexander Graham Bell would invent during his time in Baddeck, Nova Scotia, on a magnificent 25 acre park that looks out over the Bras d'Or Lakes, that is a salt water inland sea. The site has grown into a spacious complex, with three large display halls, that house the biggest collection of Bell's relics and inventions, that also include copies of his first telephones and a full scale model of the HD-4 hydrofoil craft. Bell would come to the island and build his dream home because; in his own words; "I have travelled the globe. I have seen the Canadian and American Rockies, the Andes and the Alps and the highlands of Scotland, but for simple beauty, Cape Breton outrivals them all." Alexander's estate, called Beinn Breagh, or Gaelic for beautiful mountain is best seen from the rooftop gardens of his former estate. Some of his exhibits included here are the first powered flight with their airplane, the Silver Dart, the telephone, advanced recording technology, the world's fastest boat, giant kites, films, original relics, family photographs and more. There are numerous hands-on activities for the entire family to enjoy, on the same site that Bell lived and worked on, with his descendants still living there and caring for his legacies.

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Local Restaurants in Nova Scotia

    The Wooden Monkey
    Entrees; sesame crusted haddock is fresh hook & line haddock, encrusted & seared, served with organic brown rice pilaf, veggie of the day, finished with organic orange reduction & crispy leeks; haddock with a flair is fresh hook & line haddock, blackened & topped with housemade salsa, served with organic brown rice pilaf and veggie of the day; scallop & sundried tomato pasta is digby scallops, roasted garlic, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, onions & basil pesto, with organic brown rice noodles, finished with dash of cream & parmesan cheese; free-range steak is local free range beef, lightly seasoned & grilled your way, with potato & veggie of the day; gingered beef is grilled nova scotia free range sirloin steak, marinated in fresh ginger, garlic & red wine, over quinoa noodles, with carrots, broccoli & house made pickled ginger; pork tenderloin is local pork loin from Annapolis Valley, grilled & served with apple sauce & cranberry chutney, potato & veggie of the day.

    Starters; garden greens; potato salad; seafood chowder; steamed Atlantic mussels; Entrees; chicken breast supreme is sliced chicken breast wrapped in Montreal bacon; poached Atlantic salmon dressed with dilled hollandaise sauce; entrees accompanied with oven roasted potatoes, rice pilaf & fresh veggie of the day. All meals served buffet style with desserts.


Sesame Encrusted Haddock The Wooden Monkey Nova Scotia, Canada




Chicken Breast Supreme Murphy's Nova Scotia, Canada

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Hertz Rental Cars Halifax Intl. Apt.- 1 Bell Blvd.
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    Citadel National Historic Site  Citadel National Historic Site Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
    Fort George or Citadel Hill, is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and had been constructed during Fr. Le Loutre's War, although the hill has seen four different defensive forts built there since the first one, with the continued construction and leveling taking the hill down some three to four feet. The citadel has become one of the most recognized landmarks and enduring symbols of its role in helping to shape the city's future, with a daily cannon firing still happening at noon. This artillery is still used for formal and special occasions, especially during a 21-gun salute. The fort has begun a living history program that features costumed guides and interpreters portraying the lifestyles of the inhabitants of the fort during that period, but more specifically when the 78th Highland Regiment, Third Brigade of the Royal Artillery, civilian trades people and their wives re-enacting life as it was in 1869. The fort personnel offer guided and self-guided tours, with outstanding audio-visual presentations and displays that continue to show visitors what the citadel's role has been in shaping the city and history of the continent. In the Cavalier Block, the army museum showcases many excellent relics like uniforms, medals and weapons, some quite rare, that depict the army's evolutionary history in those areas. The citadel celebrated its 100th anniversary of the withdrawal of the last British soldiers to leave the nation, welcoming and hosting more than one thousand re-enactors from places around the world. Especially at Christmas, does the fort and staff shine, when they host a marvelous Victorian Christmas, with games, carolers and gifts for all that visit. Evidently, the troops would arrive late often enough that it came to the attention of Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, who was the commander-in-chief of the British military forces in the new world at the time, so he commissioned a clock tower to be installed before he left in 1800. Today that town clock still keeps the correct time after being installed in 1803, on the east slope of the hill.

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    Maritime Museum of the Atlantic Maritime Museum of the Atlantic Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
    The Maritime museum in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia, is the oldest and biggest maritime museum in the nation with a standing collection of more than 30,000 relics that include the CSS Acadia, ship and about 70 small craft. The Acadia is a 180 foot steam powered hydrographic survey ship that had been launched in 1913; and the HMCS Sackville, a WWII Flower-class corvette is now docked next to the museum although she is a separate attraction. The museum would open in 1948 as the Maritime Museum of Canada, and sat on the HMC Dockyard, the naval base at Halifax harbor. It would enjoy the services of numerous naval officers as the chair of the museum until 1959 when Niels Jannasch would become the founding director until 1985. It would acquire the Acadia in 1982. With its outstanding location on the docks, with a strategic view of the harbor, the museum is strategically located with numerous docks and boatsheds, as well as a restored 1880s Robertson Store ship chandlery and many modern display galleries in the Devonian wing of the new modern museum building. One of the boatsheds houses the Whim, a 1937 C Class sloop that is in the process of being rejuvenated, with other boatsheds housing other museum crafts. Its exhibits include the Age of Sail, Shipwrecks and the Halifax Explosion, along with the exciting and ever interesting sinking of the RMS Titanic; that contains the world's foremost collection of wooden relics from the Titanic, including one of the deck chairs, of the few that survived.

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    Knaut-Rhuland House Knaut-Rhuland House Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada
    The Knaut-Rhuland House Museum in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, is a fabulous 18th century that has become a provincial, municipal and national historic site, owned and managed by the Lunenburg Heritage Society. It would be named after its first two owners, with Benjamin Knaut, constructing it in 1793, who had been one of the town's first sheriff, trader and privateer. Conrad Rhuland would become the next owner, and he also traded and was a ship owner, who during the War of 1812 would become a privateer's prize master. It was designed in British classicism with the entry door flanked by sidelights and a splendid transom window overhead and all the windows are six by six multi-paned; and some still have the original glass. The stone foundation is two feet thick and constructed around two chimneys with a post and beam frame, that used hand-hewn timbers. The wood is all numbered, as if it was made off site, with interior walls and ceilings plastered and reinforced with horse hair applied to split lathing. The floors are all pine and the house contains seven fireplaces, with the original moldings and woodwork still used in various rooms. On the main floor, there are numerous rooms filled with excellent examples of furnishings that might have belonged to the first two owners, with a magnificent exhibit called "Our Spiritual Heritage" that has numerous old Bibles and prayer books, with a few dating back to the period when "foreign protestants" that arrived in 1753. The special exhibit has fabulous panels that showcase the city's churches, with some being the oldest in the nation. Other display rooms offer craft activities of the 18th and 19th centuries, with another containing a spinning wheel, walking wheel and wool winders. The upper rooms display the history of the city with many relics from 1753 and upwards, with another room housing the relics from the Victorian period and a costume gallery with exhibits of original and copied clothing and a small garden outside that includes plants that were once used as dyes to color fabrics.

Dollar Rent-A-Car Nova Scotia

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    Province House Province House Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
    The Province House in Halifax, Nova Scotia, is where the legislature or House of Assembly as it was known, met every year from 1819, and is now the oldest house of government in the country, rising three stories up, and believed to be one of the best examples of Palladian architecture in North America. It opened in February 1819, and would be one of the smallest functioning legislatures in the continent, housing all three branches of the government in the same building. It would become the first place where a functioning form of government happened, outside of Britain, in 1849, in a room called the Red Chamber, where the upper house of the legislature met, that had been appointed by the governor, although in 1928, it would be abolished. The legislative library sits on the second floor, between the Red Chamber and Legislative Assembly, and had originally been the home of the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia, until it would outgrow its spaces. It is flanked by two significant statues, with the northern one a memorial statue by Hamilton MacCarthy to the Second Boer War, with a panel on it having a sculpture of the Battle of Witpoort, which had become very famous here since it would become the death grounds of local resident Harold Lothrop Borden, and on the southern edge is a statue dedicated to the Honorable Joseph Howe.

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