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    Green Gables Cavendish Green Gables Cavendish, Prince Edward Island, Canada
    Green Gables sits in Cavendish that is located in the Prince Edward Island National Park, as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the province, with hundreds of thousands of visitors coming here every year to visit the famous site that would inspire L. M. Montgomery to write her beloved story about a red-haired orphan called, Anne of Green Gables. There are numerous museums and other sites in the region that compliment this outstanding story, with visitors having a better opportunity to learn more about the storyline and its people, as well as a very popular musical version that is put on each summer at the Charlottetown Festival. There are numerous interpretive programs and personalized tours available to visitors during the summer months that will showcase the heritage of the region and the author, helping to explain the importance of the site in relation to historical importance. The first floor contains the dining room, parlor, kitchen, back porch, dairy porch, pantry and Matthew's room, while the top floor contains the guest room, Anne's room, the hired hand's room, sewing room and Marilla's room. The site also has an excellent cafe for snacks and drinks, a gift shop to purchase books and beautiful grounds and the house to explore for as long as you need. The Avonlea Village has been meticulously created to showcase the type of community and folks that lived here, with heritage structures and costumed interpreters. The house that had been involved in the stories was the home of Montgomery's cousins, the Macneills.

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Local Restaurants in Prince Edward Island

    Brothers Two
    Entrees; 10oz. NY striploin; 6oz. Finley's Pub steak; 8oz. ribeye steak; B2 kick a** ribs marinated in sweet lemon-mango dressing & coated & cooked in tangy BBQ sauce; treasure chicken is tender chicken breast stuffed with brie cheese, cranberry salsa & candied pecans; rotisserie chicken is slowly cooked quarter chicken; chicken & rib combo is quarter chicken served with half rack of ribs; chicken finger dinner is chicken strips breaded & fried with choice of dipping sauce & garlic bread; French boned pork chop is 10oz. boned pork chop charbroiled & topped with housemade apple bacon chutney; chicken cordon bleu is tender breaded chicken breast stuffed with ham & Swiss cheese. All dishes served with Brother's Two fresh housemade bread, veggie & choice of potato, FF, rice, baked or garlic mashed.

    The Home Place Restaurant
    Entrees; fish cakes n chow is served with green tomato chow & steamed veggies; scallops & pork tenderloin is pan seared then accented with creamy vermouth sauce; pan fried mapeque oysters locally fished, oysters are breaded in specially seasoned crumbs; baked haddock is fresh fillet sprinkled with lemon juice topped with savory bread crumbs; sesame crusted salmon on greens is pan seared Atlantic salmon on mesclun, with orange ginger dressing; bowtie pasta primavera is fresh local veggies & pasta prepared with basil cream sauce; almond crusted chicken breast stuffed with feta cheese, toasted almonds & red peppers; beef tenderloin 8oz. island tenderloin charbroiled your way with Provencal butter; sundried tomato chicken is breasts with garlic, basil & shaved parmigiano.


Chicken Cordon Bleu Brothers Two Prince Edward Island, Canada





Fish Cakes n Chow Home Place Restaurant Prince Edward Island, Canada

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    Lucy Maud Montgomery House Lucy Maud Montgomery House Prince Edward Island, Canada
    Although the house that Lucy Maud Montgomery's grandparents lived in is no longer available to today's visitors, the property, the trees, gardens and lanes she walked are still there, just as she had enjoyed them so many years ago, and has been designated as a Canadian National Historic site. Maud, as her friends and family would call her, had been a wonderful Canadian writer, best known for her series of novels that started out with Anne of Green Gables, published in 1908, becoming an immediate success. The story centers around Anne, an orphaned young girl, that would make Montgomery famous in her lifetime and bring her an international following that continues to this day. That first successful novel would be followed by a series of sequels about Anne, with Montgomery publishing another 20 novels as well as some 500 short stories and poems. Since the majority of the novels had been set on Prince Edward Island, Canada, the province would soon become a land of famous literary landmarks, and Lucy would get the Officer of the Order of the British Empire in 1935; with her works, letters and diaries being read worldwide by both scholars and readers. Lucy's mother would die of tuberculosis in 1876, when she was just under two years old, and the death would cause such adverse effects on Lucy's dad, that he would have to give up her custody to her maternal grandparents, Alexander Marquis Macneill and Lucy Woolner Macneill. They lived nearby in Cavendish, and she would be raised by them in a strict and unforgiving way, that created a loneliness in the young girl that caused her to spend much time alone. She credits this time and period as one of her most formidable, since she would end up creating many imaginary friends and worlds so that she could cope better with her lonely life. In 1890, she would have her first piece published in the Charlottetown paper, the Daily Patriot, and would cause a great excitement in her as she was also returning to her favorite place on earth. Lucy's return home in 1891 would be a great relief to her, although her father and step-mother didn't have a happy or stable life, but Lucy was used to such things by now and would begin attending the Prince of Wales College in Charlottetown in 1893, after completing grade school. She completed a two year program in just a year, and would get her teaching certificate; and go on to further study in literature at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1895 and 1896. Her story is a very interesting and enriching one that deserves to be read, so be sure to learn more about this wonderful writer before going to visit her old homestead.

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    Wyatt House Museum Summerside Wyatt House Museum Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada
    The Wyatt House is a historic residence of one of the island's most distinguished folks, the late Wanda Lefurgey Wyatt, constructed in 1867 and then filled with magnificent furnishings and furniture that still occupies it today. The house was built the same year Wanda was born, and would remain in the family until her passing in 1998, at the marvelous age of 102. It is a marvelous structure, faithfully restored to its original Edwardian beauty and authenticity; where visitors can come and experience the fabulous life in Summerside and the beautiful Prince Edward Island scenery, that takes one back to the early days of the 20th century. The Wyatts had been quite interesting people, with guests coming here for visits that had traveled all over the world, so the house is a unique living museum that will now fascinate and provide you with a special learning experience. The house had originally belonged to Robert Alder Strong, a local merchant, and then sold to Jon E. Lefurgey in 1887 at public auction, that would also include the entire block that the house sat in. In 1893, his daughter, Cecilia, would marry a young lawyer from Charlottetown, named James Edward "Ned" Wyatt and the house would be given to them, while Wyatt served two terms in the provincial legislature as a conservative MLA, and then become Speaker of the House from 1912 to 1916. His daughters, Dorothy and Wanda would live there for their entire lives and it would become their "touchstone". The house originally was very plain, until the Wyatts moved in and they would begin embellishing it. In the early 20th century, they would add Palladian windows in the attic that faced east and west, with a classically inspired front porch added as well. Wanda's diaries would note the changes made in 1928, and add more in 1973.

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    Founder's Hall CharlottetownFounder's Hall Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada
    Back in 1864, while the United States continued its rampaging and bloody battles across the south and mid section of the new country, delegates to the Charlottetown Conference would come here to the historic waterfront aboard the HMCS Queen Victoria, to the site that today contains Founder's Hall, the birthplace of Canada's pavilion, that now has a heritage bilingual attraction that depicts and describes the story of Canada, from its initial creation to the modern day of now, with a marvelous visitor's center, Walk & Sea Charlottetown boutique and new location for the TicketPro. The hall is a 21,000 square foot space that houses a heritage attraction and retail boutique, using modern day technology to help portray the details of the history of this great country, with state-of-the-art displays, on-screen trivia games, cupboards, drawers, theaters and holovisuals that provide visitors with a splendid multisensory experience. Founder's Hall is located in an old former CN Car Shop that had been built in 1906, with a marvelous brick exterior, and big round windows, entirely rejuvenated with a beautifully landscaped exterior and waterfront parking lot. The structure is from the railway era and also houses the Charlottetown Visitor's Center and Coles Associates.

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    Beaconsfield Historic House Charlottetown Beaconsfield Historic House Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada
    Beaconsfield was constructed for a rich shipbuilder and merchant, in 1877, to become an enduring symbol of Victorian splendor, with twenty-five rooms and eight fireplaces, imported chandeliers and other interesting and outstanding antiquities, it is one of the province's finest historic houses, that is now open for tours and special events in its Carriage House, with a bookstore of the island's most famous published works showcased. The lovely house has a mansard roof, crowning belvedere and marvelous gingerbread trim, built for James Peake, Jr. a well known shipbuilder and merchant, that exudes his outstanding social and economic standing in the community, close by Victoria Park with fabulous furnished rooms that lead to the marvelous verandah that overlooks the beautiful harbor and gardens. The house would be considered quite modern for its day with running water, gas lighting and central heating, entertaining often, with even royalty coming here occasionally. Eventually, the shipbuilding era would end and James would go bankrupt, living in the house for just five years. The next owner would be an eccentric called Henry Cundall, who never married and lived there with his two sisters, until 1926 when he passed on and left the house to the city as a refuge for friendless young women and renamed the Cundall House, where it would be used as a homeless shelter for four years. In the early 1930s, it would become a dormitory for student nurses, and in the 1970s, be converted into a museum and renamed Beaconsfield House. It also provides dancing lessons, lectures, children's events, parties and more.

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