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Alamo Discounts
Alamo discounts 

Montreal Trudeau Apt. Alamo Car Rentals
 975 Romeo vachon

Alamo Rental Cars Quebec Aeroport Intl. Jean-lesage
 505 Rue Principale

Montreal Alamo Car Rental
 1200 Stanley St.

Things to do in Quebec

    Montreal Museum of Fine ArtsMontreal Museum of Fine Arts Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is the nation's oldest art facility, founded in 1860, it would be moved to its current location in 1912, thanks to the generosity of James Ross, who was a local businessman that donated a large sum of money. This museum is also one of the most prominent in the nation, divided into three areas or pavilions that include; the modernist Jean-Noel Desmarais Pavilion designed by Moshe Safdie in 1991, a 1912 beaux arts structure designed by William Sutherland Maxwell and Edward Maxwell, his brother, and named the Michal and Renata Hornstein pavilion, and the Liliane and David M. Stewart pavilion. The Desmarais contains works from across the globe, while the Hornstein's concentrate on Quebec's history; and together, they house some 30,000 works. The collections include masterpieces, new acquisitions, Canadian art, world cultures, international art, decorative arts and design and contemporary art. Famous artists in the masterpiece collection include; Hans Memling, Pieter Bruegal le Jeune, Charles Le Brun, Emmanuel de Witte, Rembrandt, Francois Boucher, Francisco Goya, Honore Daumier, Paul Cezanne, Auguste Rodin, Carlo Bugatti, Louis Comfort Tiffany, Louis-Philippe Hebert, Henri Matisse, Otto Dix, Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro and many more. The other collections are just as fabulous in their own genre, with outstanding paintings, sculpture, works on paper and others. Their exhibitions include many works that will compliment the permanent collections and bring outstanding works of art on a regular basis. The museum has an online boutique, photographic services, a lovely cafe, the museum library, gallery rentals, archives and catalog sales. It is a magnificent museum filled with extraordinary works of art, from around the nation and the globe, with many ancient historical relics from the indigenous peoples and many other exciting and interesting works of art.

Budget rent a car Quebec

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Budget Printable Coupons

Jean Lesage Intl. Apt. Budget Car Rentals
 505 Rue Principale
Budget Car Rental Quebec City - 1110 Blvd. Wilfrid Hamel
Quebec City Budget Rental Cars
- 2360 Chemin Ste-Foy
Quebec City Budget Car Rentals  - 7115 Blvd. Wilfrid Hamel 

    Morrin Center Quebec City  Morrin Center Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
    The Morrin Center is a fabulous cultural center located in Quebec City, which would be designed to educate the public about the historical contributions and current culture of today local English speaking citizens; housed in a former prison structure that is now a National Historic Site of Canada. The site has four various functions; including the Royal Redoubt from 1712 to 1808, the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec from 1824 to today, the Quebec City common gaol from 1813 to 1868 and the Morrin College from 1862 to 1902. The society would become the owners of this outstanding historic site through an emphyteutic lease, with extensive interior rejuvenation being done to enhance the center. It also houses the English-language library of the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec, interpretation services and heritage areas for rent during special events. The prison is over two hundred years old and today contains one of the world's most magnificent libraries, inside an old prison, which might be the best place to preserve this old volumes, since not many people were able to escape the confines of their cells, so the books kept there should be in great condition, with the old prison kept dry and tight, keeping the outside world's infirmities out. The center has become a very popular place to visit and explore, visiting the old jail cells, filled now with ancient books and manuscripts instead of criminals or worse.

Enterprise rent- a- car Quebec

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Montreal Trudeau Apt. Enterprise Rental Car
 975 Romeo-vachon Blvd. N. #317

Enterprise Car Rentals Montreal -  1005 Rue Guy
Aeroport Intl. JL Enterprise Rental Cars
 510 Rue Principale

Enterprise Car Rental Quebec -  1425 Rue Frank-Carrel

Local Restaurants in Quebec

    Cafe Sirocco
    Entrees; pan fried veal liver with onions & Madeira; braised chicken with preserved lemons & olives served on veggie couscous; flank grilled veal with shallots on potato cake with smoked bacon; sirloin roast lamb with mushrooms, honey & spiced port sauce; braised lamb shank with herbs & roasted eggplant; braised veal osso bucco with tomato on fresh pasta; grilled beef steak with FF, pepper sauce & salad; strips of duck confit & pestle with mashed parsnips, red onion sauce; grilled beef tenderloin on bed of fried onions & mustard sauce; mixed fried fish with relish of tomato & fennel; roasted cod fillet pesto in tomato & avocado salad; grilled salmon & salsa verde with sorrel; paella Valencia chicken & seafood; swimming fish & seafood with flavored muscat & leek; sautéed scallops & shrimp with veggie spaghetti with bacon & prosciutto; tuna steaks seized with sautéed bok choy & red peppers.

    Le Lapin Sauté
    Entrees; fish 'n chips; duo boots & fallen apples; pie rabbits with rabbit, potatoes, shallots, green salad with mushrooms & fruit ketchup home; chicken breast with lemon; marinated pork chops with spices & herbs; flank steak fried, with shallots & white wine; marinated salmon cooked on cedar plank; tenderloin & goat cheese based sauce of port wine & balsamic; duck legs confit; tagliatelle with fresh tomato & arugula with olive oil.


Pan Fried Veal Liver Cafe Sirocco Quebec City, Quebec, Canada




Fish 'n Chips Le Lapin Saute Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

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Hertz Savings

Hertz Rental Cars Pierre Elliot Trudeau Intl. Apt.
 975 Romeo-vachon

Montreal Hertz Car Rental - 4000 Blvd. St.Jean
Hertz Rental Car Quebec City Apt.- 505 Ave. Principale
Quebec City Hertz Car Rentals - 2825 Blvd. Laurier

    Montreal Notre-Dame Basilica  Montreal Notre-Dame Basilica Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    The Notre-Dame Basilica in Old Montreal, Quebec, Canada was constructed in the gothic revival style of architecture in 1672, and is considered to be one of the most prominent and dramatic churches in the world, with a grand and colorful exterior, and interior with a ceiling painted deep blue and decorated with golden stars, while the remainder of the sanctuary is a polychrome of gold, purple, blues, silver, azures and red, filled with priceless intricate wood carvings and religious statues. The unique stained glass windows that line the walls of the sanctuary depict historical scenes from the city's history and not the usual Biblical scenes, with a Casavant Freres pipe organ with four keyboards, 97 stops and more than 9000 separate pipes and pedal board. The parish would be dedicated to the Holy name of Mary, and would become the first cathedral of the diocese from 1821 to 1822, and by 1824, the congregation had outgrown the church, so James O'Donnell, an Irish-American protestant from New York would be invited and commissioned to design the new church, which would be constructed from 1824 to 1829, and he would become the only person buried there in its crypt. In 1858, a new pipe organ would be constructed by Samuel Russell Warren, but the interior would take some longer time, with Victor Bourgeau working on it from 1872 to 1879, and stonemason, John Redpath would become a significant participant in the new construction. Since the main church is so very grand and fabulous, a smaller chapel would be constructed, called the Chapel of the Sacred Heart, behind the basilica, with more offices and a sacristy. It would be completed in 1888, and two years before being finished, Casavant Freres would start constructing a brand new 32 pipe organ, finishing it in 1891, and became one of the first to use electricity. It is 259 feet long and 151 feet wide, rising up over 200 feet into the sky. It would become a National Historic Site of Canada in 1989, and became the setting for Celine Dion's 1994 wedding to Rene Angelil.

avis discount rental car Quebec

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Avis Discounts

Pierre Elliot Trudeau Intl. Apt. Avis Car Rental  
 975 Blvd. Romeo vachon

Avis Car Rental Brossard
- 8245 Taschereau Blvd. Local A18
Jean Lesage Intl. Apt. Avis Rental Cars
- 505 Rue Principale
Avis Car Rental Quebec City - 1100 Blvd. Rene Levesque Est.

    Canadian Railway Museum MontrealCanadian Railway Museum Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    The Canadian Railway Museum is also known as Exporail, and has become the rail transport museum located south of Montreal in Delson/Saint-Constant, Quebec. It is managed and run by the Canadian Railroad Historical Association, under the brand name of Exporail, housing the biggest collection of railroad equipment in the nation with more than 140 pieces of rolling stock; along with more than 250,000 items and documents from the country's railroading history, kept in the archives collection at the museum. The museum runs a heritage streetcar line around the grounds, along with a heritage railway that pulls a small passenger train over an old freight line to Montee des Bouleaux, and went through a large expansion in 2000. At that time, the Angus Exhibit pavilion would be opened, with many of the most valuable pieces being sent there, and is now the main exhibition building. One of their most famous relics is a former Canadian Pacific Royal Hudson 2850 that pulled the Royal train around the nation in 1939; and is now called the Royal Hudson because of it. It contains many Pullman cars, a Via Rail FP9ARM #6309 locomotive, the CN #3684, which is a MLW built Alco RS18, a Canadian Pacific 1939 Buick M235 that rode the rails in its day, the undercarriage exhibit and a rotary snowplow.

Thrifty Car Rental Quebec

  Thrifty Car Rental has been a staple in the car rental business for many years.  Our customers will get the biggest selection of new quality cars to choose from and the friendliest customer service.  Thrifty Rental Car will give you the BIGGEST discounts in the nation. Thrifty Discounts

Montreal Trudeau Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars - In-Terminal
Thrifty Car Rental Boucherville- 695 des Ateliers

Havre St. Pierre Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars - In-Terminal

    Granby Zoo Granby Zoo Quebec, Canada
    The Granby Zoo has grown into one of the province of Quebec's most prominent tourist attractions, founded in 1953 by the mayor of the city at that time, Pierre-Horace Boivin, housing over one thousand animals that represent 200 species, welcoming over half a million visitors each year. It contains animals from South America, Africa and Asia, with so many animals living here that it would take a few days to visit all of them. The zoo houses such awesome creatures like an American kestrel, barn owl, emu, ostrich, blue peacock, southern two-toed sloth, green-winged macaw, ring-tailed lemur, boa constrictor, African elephant, eastern gray kangaroo, reunion chameleon, cape eland, white rhino, green iguana, southern three banded armadillo, and many more that you'll recognize and love. It has become a magnificent classroom for educators, with students coming here to learn about all the animals from around the world, actually being able to get as close as a face to face interaction, with plenty of time to learn about these special creatures, welcoming over 26,000 students each year, with more coming in all the time, to learn more about these fabulous creatures, and the environments they live in. The zoo also has endangered species living here, with many other outstanding venues like protection of biodiversity, fighting climate change and sustainable development are just a few of the many programs and ideas that the zoo has become involved in. It also is involved in research projects with other zoological facilities, universities and research centers.

Dollar Rent-A-Car Quebec

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Montreal Trudeau Apt. Dollar Car Rental - Dorval
Dollar Rental Car Montreal Downtown - 1155 Rue Guy
Dollar Rental Car Dollard des Ormeaux 
 3671 Blvd. des Sources

    Chevalier House Quebec City Chevalier House Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
    The Chevalier House, that has become an integral part of the historical Place-Royal, was rejuvenated in 1959, and contains three houses that are now linked into what is known as the Chevalier House, which actually is one of the three houses in the group; and include the Frerot House, the Chesnay House and the Chevalier. These houses showcase the city's outstanding architectural heritage because they have fire walls, vaulted cellars and high chimneys, which they really needed, since the roof had to be pitched so that no snow could be allowed to build up and cause a cave-in. The houses are filled with 18th and 19th century decors, with many excellent antiques and fabulous furniture. They offer tours in French and English, since the populace includes both, although in this part of Canada, there are more French speaking Canadians than English, going back some four centuries to when Samuel de Champlain would found the city. Permanent exhibits include; Place-Royal: A Growing Concern, Three Centuries of Trade and No Place Like It. Many of the guides are costumed interpreters to help you understand more of what went on during those years, and the type of lifestyle that these early pioneers lived. One exciting exhibit allows you to dress up in period clothing, with many other displays and examples of how it would have been to live there in those days. The house had been built in 1752, as the home and business establishment of rich merchant and ship owner Jean-Baptiste Chevalier, close to the St. Lawrence River, so that the business would be close by the main transportation thoroughfare. It would be renovated in 1762, since it had been damaged severely during the fire of 1759, when the city lay in siege. George Pozer, a rich landowner, would purchase it in 1807, for investment, and later rented it to an innkeeper that would engrave the name London Coffee House on the facade, which it would continue to do through the entire 19th century.

National Rental Cars Quebec

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National Savings

Montreal Trudeau Apt. National Car Rental 

 975 Romeo-vachon

National Rental Cars Sainte-Catherine - 3705 Rt. 132
Quebec Intl. Apt. National Car Rental - 505 Rue Principale
Valleyfield National Car Rental - 430 Chemin Laroque

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