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Things to do in Saguenay

    La Pulperie de Chicoutimi The Pulperie Chicoutimi Museum Saguenay, Quebec, Canada
    The Pulperie Chicoutimi is a huge complex of cultural facilities and tourism devoted to the preservation and history of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, that sits next to the Chicoutimi River, with numerous structures that had belonged to the Chicoutimi Pulp Company, that converted mechanical wood pulp to meet the demands of a European market that began in the early 2oth century. This plant would cease its operations in 1930, and then be severely damaged by the flood in Saguenay during 1996. In 2002, the Musee du Saguenay moved here, and houses the majority of works by Arthur Villeneuve, who was a naive painter that lived in the region, and began painting the interior and exterior of his home with his amazing naive artworks. Naive painters don't have any type of schooling, and have become artists of great abilities through self teaching methods to obtain their great works of art. In 1984, this site would become a National Historic Site of Canada, and the following year made a historic site. Joseph-Dominique Guay, the mayor of Chicoutimi in 1896, would form the company called Chicoutimi Pulp, that would become the first French-Canadian company that would work in the pulp and paper industry, building a mill on the Chicoutimi River, with an immense stand of woods encompassing the region upstream, that would help the company grow very quickly during a short period, and become an exporter of international reputation. As the company grew, it would construct three mills altogether in the complex, with the river helping to transport the lumber, and become a source of energy for the region, so that it would become the world capital of pulp that would provide its products to England during WWI. In 1920, after the war was over, and many other companies around the world were growing, it would decline, until 1930, when it would close its doors forever. The flood of 1996, would devastate much of the area, including the museum, century old stone walls, landscaping and infrastructure, and more as the rushing waters of the flood went through all the structures, destroying everything in its path.

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    The Little White House MuseumThe Little White House Saguenay, Quebec, Canada
    To better understand why this small house in Saguenay, Quebec, Canada is such a phenomenal miracle, you must understand the background or great flood that hit the small town in Quebec. Included in the Saguenay flood of 1996, there had been a number of flash floods that gushed through the town on July 19 and 20th, 1996, that would become the largest overland flood in Canadian history and create a national monument to courage, persistence and determination. After receiving two weeks of rain, that had already filled the region with thousands of gallons of water, the rivers and reservoirs were overflowing, and because of the geological layout of the region, it would be amplified by what is known as a geological graben; and in just a few hours, more than eleven inches of rain poured down on the town and surrounding area. More than eight feet of water would flood through parts of La Baie and Chicoutimi, at one point leveling a complete neighborhood, with more than 16,000 people being evacuated. After the flood's barrage, it would be discovered that the dams and dikes that were supposed to help protect the area and especially the towns, were not maintained properly, and by the time all was said and done, 488 homes would be lost, over 1200 damaged, and ten people killed, because of the terrible mudslides that occurred after the torrential rains. At that time, many in the small town of Saguenay, realized that a small white house, referred to in French as La petite maison blanche, had stood in the midst of this horrendous destruction, with water flowing, gushing all around it, that has become a symbol of that flood, now preserved as a historical park and museum commemorating the flood, and even though a fire would rage through it in 2002, it still refuses to be destroyed. One good thing was discovered about the flood, that had covered heavily contaminated sediments that lay at the bottom of the Saguenay River and the Ha! Ha! River, with a new fairly clean amount of sediment that was anywhere from 4 to 20 inches deep; so that the old deeper layers are now considered a problem to the region's ecosystems.

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Local Restaurants in Saguenay

    La Cuisine Restaurant
    Entrees; fresh salmon with cream, white wine, red onion & capers choice of pasta, penne, linguine, spaghetti, fettuccine; matriciana is creamy tomato sauce, prosciutto ham & mushrooms with choice of pasta, penne, linguine, spaghetti, fettuccine; mussels in white wine with veggies & thyme; Italian mussels with tomato sauce, white wine, pesto & olives; salmon crusted with fresh herbs & beurre blanc with parsnip brown butter & seasonal veggies; chicken breast roasted grain with orange confit, bourbon & Madagascar green peppercorn with baby potatoes & seasonal veggies; seared sea scallops with garlic cream & sweet vanilla fleur de sel with fried sweet potatoes & seasonal veggies; grilled beef steak sauce porto is 8oz. sirloin aged 21 days, served with seasonal veggies & baby potatoes; grilled beef steak sauce blue is 8oz. sirloin aged 21 days, served with seasonal veggies & baby potatoes.

    Artis Resto Lounge
    Entrees; filet mignon is 6oz. filet grilled with sauce demi-glace Artis; sirloin 12oz. grilled with Dijon sauce; ribs Artis is ribs marinated in Jack Daniels grilled; chicken breast with baked beans, grilled with cream sauce; chicken brochette is skewer of marinated chicken grilled with cream sauce; red tuna steak is Atlantic blue fin tuna 6oz. grilled with Asian sauce; salmon is fillet with sundried tomato pesto cream sauce with citrus; osso bucco is knuckle of veal demi-glace & Artis; The Portofino is dried tomatoes, mushrooms, pine nuts, spinach & provolone; the parmigiano is tomato sauce & parmesan; the Artis is artis demi-glace, Dijon, mushrooms & parmesan.

Mussels in White Wine La Cuisine Restaurant Saguenay, Quebec, Canada


Osso Bucco Artis Resto Lounge Saguenay, Quebec, Canada


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    Musee Louis HemonLouis Hemon Museum Saguenay, Quebec, Canada
    This museum is dedicated to the development of literature, founded in 1938, that commemorates the creation of the novel, Maria Chapdelaine, in 1912, taking a journey into the mind of the author, with outstanding themes illustrated through literary fine arts, ethnology and literature, written by Louis Hemon and is one of the biggest regional museums in the province, with three excellent pavilions that include a historic house and two contemporary pavilions. The museum sits on a small hill overlooking the Peribonka River, encompassed by wild blueberry fields and an exciting and interesting bicycle path. The museum houses collections of Quebec literature, a literature collection, ethnology collection, the Louis Hemon, Maria Chapdelaine and other works, regional literature, artists' books, paintings, works on paper and sculptures, another collection of the same categories but from Canada and Quebec, Breton literature, Quebec and European works from the 19th and 20th centuries, fine arts collection, works pertaining to literature, objects related to the settlement in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean at the start of the century and more, totaling more than 2500 pieces. There is also a marvelous archive collection with textual and photographic archives that pertain to Louis Hemon, architectural records, prints and drawings, electronic records, films and video, photographs, sound recordings and textual records, a decorative arts collection, a fine arts collection, a human history collection and research services.

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    Mashteuiatsh Amerindian Museum Mashteuiatsh Amerindian Museum Saguenay, Quebec, Canada
    Mashteuiatsh, found in Quebec, in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region, some four miles from the center of Roberval, is a headland that juts out onto the western shores of Lake Saint-Jean that is called Point-Bleue and contains the old Ouiatchouan reserve that would be renamed Mashteuiatsh in 1985. It has its own health care center, library, fire station, community and sports center, arena, community radio station, water and sewer system, social services and police department made up of aboriginal natives; and home to the Mashteuiastsh Amerindian Museum that had been founded in 1977 dedicated to preserving the Innu cultural heritage. Before the European immigrants, fur traders and explorers arrived in the region, it had been used for a stopover place and camp for the indigenous Innu, until 1775, when a trading post would be established there, owned by English merchants John Gray and Thomas Dunn. The Commissioner of Crown Lands, John Rolph, would suggest that the Innu should be assigned a reservation near the Peribonka River, in 1853, that totaled some 16,000 acres and those that lived near Metabetchouan township, lying south of Lake Saint-Jean, would be given 4000 acres. However, since the Innu had traditionally lived around Pointe-Bleue, and loggers refused to honor their boundaries, they would petition the government to exchange lands where they now lived for those in the Ouiatchouan township that had Point-Bleue within its region; which would be granted in 1856, so the Innu would be given more than 23,000 acres of land in the region that became known as the Ouiatchouan Reserve. But like the Native Americans in the United States, it would be valuable lands that were coveted by the white settlers, traders and fur trappers, Hudson's Bay Company would open a trading post there in 1867, that would attract more white men to the region, with their families, so that by 1869, the Innu would have to give the government over 15,000 acres, and then another 2400 acres in 1895. By 1901, the reservation would be reduced further with the selling off of lots, and in 1911, the James Bay and Eastern Railway would be constructed through it, and when the Duke Price Power company came in in 1933, and raised the water level of Lake Saint-Jean, by more than 15 feet, only the lands surrounding the lake would be inhabitable.

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    Center for History and Archaeology of Metabetchouane Center for History and Archaeology of Metabetchouane Sanguenay, Quebec, Canada
    The history of life that happened around the mouth of the Metabetchouane River has been uncovered by archaeology, and features outstanding exhibits of bartering items and archaeological relics; as well as a reconstructed Hudson's Bay Company trading post for a permanent exhibition. The center also has a marvelous exhibition that looks at the lives and works of the Jesuit priest, Jean de Quen, in 1647. They have an excellent summer program that contains many exciting and interesting outdoor activities that pertain to many different historical or heritage themes. Exhibits include the school of applied arts, a trading post, thematic exhibition, a historic site, temporary exhibitions, school visits, archeology, information and a historical novel. The museum opened in 1995, as a center for interpretation and tourist attraction, that has been evidenced by a thousand years of history and archaeological discoveries. It is a magnificent history center, that discusses and describes the events leading up the evangelism of the natives, and the changes that occurred when the territory would become a British colony after having been a French possession for many decades. The region would change from a thriving native land into a place of business for the French and British settlers and traders that thronged here.

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    History Museum of Lac-Saint-JeanHistory Museum of Lac-Saint-Jean Saguenay, Quebec, Canada
    The Alma Historical Society would be founded in 1942, during the 75th anniversary of the city, that had been called the Historical Society of Lac-Saint-Jean, and its museum would open in 1986. During 1991, it would undergo a marvelous upgrade as well as enhancing the permanent exhibition, with a new theme room that would showcase new exhibits every year. In 1994, it would double its size by adding an archives center, and the society would begin publishing a tour guide and heritage interpretation. During this period and afterwards, the museum would continue to grow and acquire excellent relics and other materials, while still entertaining and informing visitors and residents alike. The museum is housed in the former town hall, that had been the council seat until 1962, and is now a historical site.

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