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Things to do in Sherbrooke

    Musee De La Nature Et Des Sciences Nature and Science Museum Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
    The Sherbrooke Nature and Science Museum in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada houses outstanding collections of amphibians with an alligator captured in 1870, birds with nests and eggs contain some 4000 specimens that represent over 400 species, fossils that number about a thousand that include dinosaur bones and mammoth tusks, mammals that include more than 500 specimens including a blue whale vertebrate and a deer mouse, archeology collection with thousands of specimens with a birdstone and other fabulous objects, invertebrates with more than 30,000 specimens, with many hundreds collected before 1900, rocks and minerals that house more than 4000 pieces that come in various shapes and sizes, with many antique collections included, plants and fungi that number some 2000 representing almost 250 specimens of plants and fungi from the province with quite a few from the 19th century. The specimens of various collections have been preserved perfectly, with the majority of the taxidermied animals being represented in motion. Other plants and animal specimens have been preserved with just the air around us drying them out, while a new method, called lyophilization or freeze dried is being experimented with. The museum's current exhibitions include; what's for dinner, a River runs through it, the cycle of the seasons, archaeological collection, Watt's Up renewable energy, collections from storage, hidden treasures and terra mutantes. The museum has a virtual exhibition going on at their website, where you will be taken to a special reserve that houses 65,000 specimens and objects, with many of the collections well over a century old. The museum opened in 2002, in a former silk stockings factory, constructed in 1915, with outstanding and informative collections that are sure to bring the scientist out in you and your family.

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    Sherbrooke Museum of Fine ArtsSherbrooke Museum of Fine Arts Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
    The Sherbrooke Museum of Fine Arts is situated in downtown Sherbrooke, in a very splendid historic structure that had at one time housed the Eastern Townships Bank, until it was converted into this museum, that showcases about 12 exhibitions a year. It has been open for three years and become the finest arts museum in the region, sharing great works of art and information with the community. The museum has various departments or galleries that feature many works of art, especially those created by the artists living and working in and around the city. Besides having an excellent collection of impressionism, a great local favorite is Joe Fafard, a twelfth generation Canadian, Joe is an excellent sculptor with over 40 works showcased in the museum. One of their permanent exhibits is about space and astronomy, with numerous works from ancient art, and those of great inspiration of today. There are many great landscapes in this collection that will surprise you and pique your interest, with more to come and bring the visitor great joy and insight. The dozen or so temporary exhibitions that are hosted here each year bring complementary images to the permanent collections, as well as adding more insight to the current collections. The museum also has many beautiful artworks for sale in their museum shop, that help to fund many of the temporary exhibits and other fantastic items that have been created or produced by the many artists located in the area.

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Local Restaurants in Sherbrooke

    L'arlequin Restaurant
    Entrees; raviolis of stag, sauce dew with spinach & parmesan; rillettes of duck & stewed pears & long pepper tepid salad with apples, mushrooms & bison; smoked house escalope of sausage, livers of rabbit, fruits of the field; crusty shrimps with salmon cream smoked; cream burned with the foie gras & stewed apples with spices; mussels marine with smoked salmon & virgin sauce; square d'lamb roasted with honey & grilled almonds; trout fillet poached with dill & peel of lime; medallions of rabbit stuffed with apples & brandy; aglets of duck with strawberries & large marnier; medallion of stag stove, oporto sauce & chocolate; ox stove with crystallized onions & cheddar.

    Cafe Classyco
    Entrees; Creole rougaille with tomato sauce & sweet herbs, garlic & fresh ginger; curry Mauritius with cumin, curcuma & sweet herbs; coconut Seychellois coconut, cumin & curcuma fresh with Cajun carrot; sweet pepper, celery, paprika & cayenne pepper tandoori massala; mixed Indian spices with peppers of Madagascar cream, peppers pink & green with parmesan cheese, cream, garlic & sweet herbs with Italian tomato sauce & fine grasses.


Rabbit Medallions L'arlequin Restaurant Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada




Creole Rougaille Cafe Classyco Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada

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    Historical Interpretation Center of Sherbrooke Historical Interpretation Center of Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
    The historical society of Sherbrooke was started in 1927, as the Historical Society of Eastern Townships, and since its beginnings, it has strived to fulfill its dual mission of preserving the local and regional histories of the Eastern townships and Sherbrooke, as well as bringing that information to the community, in an understandable and informative way. That society would become the Sherbrooke Historical Society in 1989, with a stronger focus on the region around the city, which would be reflected in its new name. In 1990, it would begin archiving many of its historical documents and information, while at the same time acquiring new ones that are made accessible to the public. It would move into a newer structure in 1992, located in the Interpretation Center of Sherbrooke, where other museums and archives have been relocated. In 2009, a new permanent exhibit would open featuring the history of Sherbrooke, with many cultural contributions being donated from around the region that will give the community a better understanding and knowledge of their city, from its earliest start to the current day. A new temporary exhibit has opened that concentrates on the foods that people have eaten in the past and why they eat these particular foods. One of the finest permanent exhibits is the Central Frontenac that is the oldest hydroelectric plant in operation in Quebec today, filled with excellent examples of old electrical parts and the details of a hydroelectric plant. Here is where many visitors take a few moments and sit down for a snack or cup of coffee while viewing magnificent views of the city. Another exhibition located in this exhibit is the Electric City that opened in 2010, that provides visitors with a better understanding of the hydropower experience and views, while taking a journey back to the beginning and going forward to the present day. There are many photographs that will help you to envision the various stages of this process and ones that are sure to be of great interest.

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    Sherbrooke MuralsSherbrooke Murals Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
    Attempting to showcase the history and culture of Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada, the city has begun a magnificent way to depict these old scenes, in a thoroughly new way, that is both informative and educational to visitors, as well as bringing out the city's culture in a most unique way. This process includes creating colorful wall murals that showcase the city's heritage and culture, on many of the city's most historic structures, located in the downtown area. One outstanding example of this process is the L'Hotel Des Voyageurs that is 15 feet wide and 41 feet high, depicting what the hotel might have looked like back in its heyday. It was finished in 2008, and honors the former hotel district, opposite the first railroad station that had been constructed in the city in 1852. The hotel wouldn't be constructed until 1877, and called the Railway Hotel, as can be seen from the image to the right.  The scene of the old hotel on the left is what it looked like before the mural was painted, and the one on the right is what it looks like today, showing the unique difference this fabulous mural applies to the hotel's exterior, making it much more interesting and informative, much like it must have been back in the day. There are at least a dozen of these murals painted on the sides of buildings that are much more informative and show that a picture is definitely worth many words. 

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    Parc du Domaine-HowardParc du Domaine-Howard Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
    This lovely park in the center of Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada offers the most beautiful flowers, both annual and perennial, set up in the Carl-Camirand greenhouses that sit on the park's land, showcasing over a thousand trees showing forty species of trees, with hundreds of ornamental shrubs, beds and plants of many colors that beautify the gardens of the park, and 200 species of perennials and annuals. The greenhouses use as many as 50,000 plants each year to create magnificent mosaics, with another 60,000 annuals and perennials that will be taken to various parts of the city to be shown and enjoyed. The fabulous park has a pond with fountain, many flower beds, exquisite floral mosaics, a hundred year old oak tree, and the fantastic rare flowering plant called the one night or epiphylhem oxpetalum. This plant will bloom just one night, during the night, anywhere from June to September, with a scent so strong that you can't imagine, and many say it is much more pungent than a jasmine. It is certainly worth a visit when you are in this part of the country, with fabulous colors and plants giving visitors a beautiful day filled with colors and many aromas. The park is filled with many outstanding trails that offer beauty everywhere you go, filling your eyes and nose with more than you could possibly take in one day.  As can be seen by the image to the right, many of the flowers have been arranged in such a way as to represent various animals in and around the city and province, giving visitors a more enjoyable and remarkable experience.

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    St. Benoit-du-Lac Abbey St. Benedict-du-Lac Abbey Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
    This abbey was founded in 1912, and now has a bit over fifty monks living under the guidance and rule of Saint Benedict, separated from the rest of the world, to seek God, in the celebration of the liturgy of the church, in private prayer that has been and is constantly being nourished by the meditation of the Bible and the manual and intellectual labor, forming a community of brothers under the leadership of an Abbot. By the end of the French Revolution, Benedictine life had all but disappeared in the country of France, until in 1833, Dom Prosper Gueranger became inspired. He had been a young priest, filled with deep faith and an acute sense of the needs of the church community. With the help of God, he began to try and restore the monastic life in the old Priory Saint-Pierre de-Solesmes, and in 1853, with his first disciples, he would be able to rejuvenate the Abbey of Liguge, that would also restore the Abbey of Saint-Wandrille in Normandy, which in turn would create Saint-Benoit-du-Lac. Anticlerical laws would be passed in France in 1901, that would drive out the monks and send them into exile, with the monks of Saint-Wandrille moving to Belgium, but it wouldn't be much better, so they began thinking of going to Canada. Dom Paul Vannier would be sent to the country in 1912 to see if this would be possible and to get ready for the other monks to come if all went well. Paul would buy a lovely farm that looked out over Lake Memphremagog, after getting approval from the bishop of Sherbrooke. A number of monks would arrive before WWI, to strengthen the new community, but it would be cut off from the rest of the world, while the war continued on. In 1914, Paul would die from drowning in the lake on his way to Magog in a motor boat. The monks from the abbey had to do some big talking to keep the abbey going, since the main office in France again, decided it should be closed, since they now had a permanent home and would not be going to the new lands for any reasons. The monks persisted and as history proves it, they would continue growing into the marvelous community that they have become today.

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