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    Things to do in Tacna

Cathedral of San PedroCathedral San Pedro Tacna, Peru
The Tacna Cathedral of San Pedro de Tacna was designed by the famous architect, Alexandre Gustave Eiffel, and it is well known for its magnificent stained glass windows and onyx high altar. The cathedral is of a simple design, with twin towers flanking the center facade, and a clock in the left tower. The towers are capped by cupolas, with crosses on each dome, as well as above the center of the facade, and rose window. It is a lovely church in its simplicity, well loved and visited by the locals and visitors alike that come here to view one of the finest works by Eiffel in the continent. The facade is devoid of windows, in the usual sense, but do have circular ones in each of the towers. A large double wooden door leads into the center aisle, going up to the nave and altar. It is a marvelous architectural structure constructed in the neo-renaissance style during the late 1880s. The cathedral occupies one side of a large plaza, called the Plaza de Armas, that has the large brick cathedral on one side and an arch that honors a few Peruvian generals, as well as a fountain that was also designed by Eiffel when he was here visiting. It seemed that Eiffel would travel to various places in the world, and while staying in those cities, attempt to design and create magnificent structures that are well beloved today.  The stones used to construct this inspiring church would be quarried from the Intiroko and Aruntal hills.  

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Hertz Rental Cars Chacalluta Apt.- Apto Chacalluta
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Local Restaurants in Tacna

    La Limon
    Entrees; costillas nikkei is St. Louis style pork ribs with spicy sesame seed/soy sauce glaze & cole slaw; anticuchos de res is beef heart anticuchos grilled & served with corn & yucca; calamari rellenos is tacu-tacu stuffed calamari sautéed with artichokes, English peas & spinach in saffron sauce; chicharron de pollo is crispy pieces of chicken marinated in soy sauce, garlic & aji amarillo, served with salsa criolla; seco de costillas is braised beef short ribs boneless with huacatay & cilantro, served with potatoes, carrots & English peas; jalea is mixture of crispy seafood, yucca & salsa criolla served with huacatay tartar sauce; quinotto de vegetales is quinoa, carrots, zucchini & mushroom risotto style with corn-butternut squash sauce & crispy housemade sweet potato chips; empanadas is crispy pastry dough filled with carne hand cut top sirloin, onions, tomatoes & finished with hard boiled eggs & raisins; veggie sautéed mushrooms, corn, spinach & mascarpone cheese; pescado limon is snapper fillet, over crispy potatoes & spinach.

Costillas Nikkei La Limon Tacna, Peru

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    Caves of ToquepalaToquepala Caves Tacna, Peru
    The Toquepala Caves are about 95 miles from the city of Tacna, Peru, situated in the western parts of the Andes Mountains, high above the sea and valleys offering magnificent views of the region. The caves are rather small upon entering, some three yards deep, almost two yards tall and about a yard high, well known for their magnificent cave paintings that showcase the walls. It depicts a group of hunters corralling and killing a group of guanacos, or camelids, something like a llama. This kind of hunting has been going on in the mountains for centuries and is called chaco in the region, which involves the human hunters forming a circle and driving or corralling the animals in towards the center, where they will either be killed or captured. These marvelous cave paintings use colors like orange, red, black, green and yellow and a researcher named Jorge Muelle, states that these scenes would be painted to bring good luck or hunting to the group. The paintings have been carbon dated to about 7650 BC, or sometime before, but are definitely old, and show the type of society that lived back there.

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    Train MuseumNational Train Museum Tacna, Peru
    The National Railway museum in Tacna, Peru showcases the various types of cars that the railroad used to get passengers from one city to the next, in the early days of railroading. Over 90% of its artifacts are the original materials and equipment used by the railroad in its early days, and showcases the historical evolution of the railroad in this region of Peru, and is believed to be one of the finest in all South America. As you can see from the image to the right, even automobiles would become useful on the railroad, bringing small groups from one area of the country to another, as well as transporting important materials or items to the country.

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August 15, 2011