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Things to do in Trois-Rivieres

    Manoir Boucher-de-Niverville Manoir Boucher-de-Niverville Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada
    In 1646, Francois de Champflour, who happened to be the commandant of Trois-Rivieres, would be given a parcel of land for his services, and within three years, he would sell it to Jacques LeNeuf de la Potherie, a local fur trader, that had served as the alternate governor of the settlement a number of times. Jacques would buy another plot of land called terre d'Amiot, that would expand his holdings to 90 acres, and in 1668, he would construct a two story house with half of it built with timbers or logs, and it would be called corps de logis, as well as a flour mill, cow-shed, bakery and barn, along with numerous outbuildings that complimented his other holdings; which would become the Manoir original. Francois Chastelain, a marine officer, would acquire the estate in 1729, making numerous significant changes to the house that included a large expansion, that gave it the shape it is today. He would give it to his daughter, Marie-Josephte, on her wedding day to Joseph-Claude Boucher de Niverville, and thus would detail how the house got its name today, since he had been a famous soldier, that died in 1805. The house and estate would be saved for many decades by his descendants, until it would be sold to a number of different owners and their families, and be saved in the great fire of 1908, adding more notoriety, since it would be one of a few saved from that terrible fire. It would be abandoned several times during the aftermath, and in 1940, it would be saved by the Committee for the 300th anniversary of the city, who had become the owner. In 1960, it would be declared a historic monument, and then rejuvenated within eleven years by the Historic Monuments Commission of Quebec; designated a protected area and a Euro-Quebec archaeological site, and is today a major attraction in the city, being restored to its original condition, and an extraordinary witness to the history of the city and New France, that had been a great influence on the course of the province's history.

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    Musee des UrsulinesUrsuline Lace Musee des Ursulines Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
    In 1639, the Ursuline convent would open in Quebec City and become the oldest institution of learning for women in North America, that is now a teaching center and historical museum. The Ursulines are a religious order of the Roman Catholic faith that had been founded in Brescia, Italy by Saint Angela de Merici in 1535, for the education of girls and the care of the needy and sick, whose patron saint is Saint Ursula. The Viceroyalty of New France had been the region colonized by France in the new world that began with the exploration of the Saint Lawrence River by Jacques Cartier in 1534, and later, the French explorer Samuel de Champlain would found the city of Quebec in 1608 as the administrative seat of New France, located within the Algonquin nation. The colonization would be slow and hard, with many of the new settlers dying from extremities, and by 1630, there were just 103 colonists in the settlement, but within a decade, that number would rise to 355. The history of the Ursulines in Quebec is a very interesting read, and will be enjoyable when you visit the historic museum. The foundress of the convent, Marie de I'Incarnation would manage to master the local dialects and even compose dictionaries in Algonquin and Iroquois, that included a sacred history in Algonquin and a catechism in Iroquois. The first superior that would be elected after the conquest would be Esther Wheelwright, a New England captive, that had been rescued from the Abenakis by the Jesuit Bigot and a protégé of the first governor, Vaudreuil. The convent today has a majority of its original walls still standing, and contains a small chapel and museum, situated in the historic district of Quebec City that has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage District. The school associated with the convent has two campuses, with over four hundred girls enrolled from pre-school through primary, in Quebec City, and a coeducational campus in Loretteville.

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Local Restaurants in Trois-Rivieres

    Entrees; spaghetti Bolognese or Napoletana is spaghetti Bolognese sauce & served with Napoletana parmesan grana padano & chives; haddock pomodoro is roasted haddock in crust of asiago cheese bruschetta, served on linguine sautéed with pesto rosso (sundried tomatoes), cherry tomatoes, basil, white wine & Napoletana sauce; whole wheat penne primavera is whole wheat penne with sautéed zucchini, asparagus, red onion, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, shallots, white wine & black olives topped with Napoletana sauce & topped with touch of pesto Genovese basil; linguine with shrimp is linguine & shrimp sautéed with garlic, white wine & accented with a touch of Napoletana sauce; grilled shrimp salad is mixed greens wrapped in lemon vinaigrette topped with skewers of grilled shrimp; lasagna Oceano is lasagna rolls smoked salmon, creamy tomato sauce topped with shrimp & scallops, asiago cheese gratin; veal cutlets di parma is grilled veal cutlets, red wine sauce & roasted garlic enhanced with prosciutto & mushrooms, accompanied by linguine sautéed with extra virgin olive oil & zucchini parmigiana or fries. 




Spaghetti Bolognese Pacini Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada

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    Pointe-du-lac Seigneurial Mill Pointe-du-Lac Seigneurial Mill Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada
    The seignorial mill is really two mills sitting adjacent to each other, including a flour mill and sawmill, constructed between 1765 and 1784 to replace the region's first mill that had been constructed in 1721. The village mill would grow into a small business, with the Point-du-Lac flourmill purchased by the Freres de I'Instruction chretienne, a religious community, in 1927. This brotherhood still owns it today, and is responsible for annexing a small sawmill to the main structure at the close of the 1940s; with both mills used to fill the needs of the FIC until its businesses would be stopped a short time ago. For over three decades, the site has been used for an art gallery, and lately, a historical site; and in 2002, two permanent exhibitions would be opened called Sawdust and Master Miller. The first exhibit showcases the flourmill, how it works, secrets about flour making and details of the miller's lives, with skilled craftsmen and dedicated workers, these millers would be men of significance to the community because their expertise would help the community's pantry stay filled. The mill, like the church steps, was one of the main meeting places in older times, since the majority of the community would come here to have their grains milled, and the associated waiting time could be quite long sometimes. Farmers would come here to have their grain milled and talk about bartering their livestock, foodstuff or farming equipment, along with many other conversations about the town, the inhabitants and the state of affairs, since most of them would be at their respective properties taking care of their own business. Sawdust, the next major exhibit, looks at the daily lives of forest workers during the last century, since the small sawmill was much the same as many others spread around the country, with the wood produced here used for different purposes, like ornaments for the brothers' chapel or a skating rink for boarders, and for many years, the sawdust would be saved for use in making intricate designs all along the road of the Corpus Christi parade.

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    The Old Prison of Trois-RivieresThe Old Prison of Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada
    This old prison is one of the oldest structures in the region and city of Trois-Rivieres, and many of the major exhibits include personal accounts and faithful reconstructions of the Musee quebecouis de culture populaire Go to Jail exhibit that provides visitors with strong and very real experiences that are quite often disturbing. When you visit the old jail, you are visiting much more than a historic structure, you will get a glimpse into prisoner's living conditions as they endured during their time in the penal system. Visitors are guided through the old structure by expert guides, some of them actually had been inmates, and through their personal testimony, you will get the best idea of what it had been like to live in that prison years ago. The many cells and isolation cells will definitely change your outlook on what it means to be free, and the taken for granted living that many of us enjoy every day. The museum offers a one night stay if you are interested, and when you arrive for this unique experience, the warden will greet you, where you will be booked, fingerprinted, photographed and issued prison t-shirts, and then, the warden will guide you and your group to the incarceration wing. Here, between stone walls that had once held the condemned, a former inmate will recount the penal life of yesterday and today, and you will spend the night with your cellmates under the warden's supervision, like so many hardened criminals before you. On the morning after, you will rise and clean the wing, and then head to breakfast that is only toast and porridge, the kind of meal that is fit for a prisoner, and before you leave, the warden will hand you your prisoner's file with a stamp marked RELEASED. And you will fly out of there as fast as you can, thanking God that you were only there for a night, and not in a group that would kill, maim, murder you in your sleep for something that you had and they didn't or for some small offense that you may or may not have done to them.

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    Maison De GannesMaison de Gannes Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada
    The House of Gann is located close by the Ursuline Convent, on property that had been occupied by Antoine Desrosiers in 1650, who constructed a wooden house, until Georges de Gannes, who had been an officer at Three Rivers for two years prior, purchased the estate, from master carpenter, Beriaux Jean-Baptiste in 1754. Gannes would live there for a few years, enlarging his land holdings and in 1756, he would construct a stone house. Gannes had married Marie-Francoise de Couagne in 1750, and left her in the house, with two children while he returned to France, where he would pass on. The estate would then be purchased by numerous owners, like master founder Forges du Saint-Maurice, then a canon, a judge, merchant and journalist, that had been secretary of the province as well. The house reflects its influence of neo-classicism, especially in its symmetrical facade openings, window frames, false pilasters and pediment of the entrance and returns of the cornices gears.

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    Forges du Saint-Maurice National Historic SiteForges du Saint-Maurice National Historic Site Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada
    The Saint-Maurice ironworks that is located just outside of Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, has become a National Historic Site of Canada, as well as the birthplace of the nation's iron industry, after being created in 1730, which would actually be the second company to be located there, and they would be granted a monopoly to employ the iron ore deposits in Trois-Rivieres. The forge would begin work in 1738, and continue to operate until it closed. It had employed up to a hundred craftsmen, with the majority of them coming from Burgundy, as well as 300 to 400 laborers in the production of forged and molded iron products, that included stoves, pots, pans and many other unique items. The owner, F. E. Cugnet would go bankrupt in 1742, and the state would take over, giving it over to Britain after the Treaty of Paris. It would try to manufacture cannons and steel in 1747, but fail, and from 1738 until the mid 1830s, this forge would be the most technologically advanced ironworks in North America, as well as becoming the oldest blast furnace in the same area, and very out of date, especially by the time it would close in 1883. It would become a national historical park in 1973, with archaeological excavations and research still being done there today.

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