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Is there a more beautiful country in the world than France? I think not! Whether you're headed to Paris to check out Notre Dame or down to the south of France to relax on the Riviera or just flying in for the Cannes film festival, French deals on car hires can be found at Advantage car rental.

Alamo Car Rentals France

Alamo Discounts and will get you the best prices on your next car hire when you decide to take a vacation to France. France is a beautiful country to explore, and with a ton of things to do and see, you are going to want to make sure that you can get around to see them. Well, when you use discount Alamo Car Hires, you will be able to get around to all of these places in a reliable vehicle. Be sure to check out more amazing car hire specials by clicking on this button:
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Paris Orly Airport Alamo Discount Hire Cars
Aerogare D'orly Sud

Discount Alamo Car Hire Bordeaux Airport
Aeroport De Bordeaux Merignac

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Aeroport De Roissy C D G Term 1+2

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Aeroport De Cherbourg

Nice International Airport Alamo Hire a Car Specials
Aeroport De Nice Cote D' Azur

Things to do in France

  • Eiffel Tower
    Eiffel TowerThe world-renowned Eiffel Tower rests just off the river Seine on the Champ de Mars in Paris. This iconic structure, designed by Gustave Eiffel, was built to act as an entrance archway for the World’s Fair in 1889. 7,300 tons of metal make up the skeleton of the Eiffel Tower, which reaches up into the sky to a height equal to that of an 81-story building. To this day, it is the most visited paid monument in the entire world. Imitations of the Eiffel Tower have been made constantly, taking appreciation for its design and beauty. Tourists are able to reach the second level as well as the third level if they wish, so long as there aren’t any restorations or repairs going on during a visit. Tickets are sold either to climb to stairs up the monument or you can take one of two cable cars that carry you up the tower. If you feel a bit hungry while on your Eiffel Tower visit, the two restaurants located in the tower itself are great choices. Jules Verne is a more upscale restaurant on the second floor of the tower, needing a private lift to access it. Altitude 95 is a more popular choice, being located at 95 meters above sea level (hence the name). A visit to Paris can’t happen without a visit to the Eiffel Tower. 

Budget rent a car France

You know that when you schedule a vacation to an amazing country like France, that you are going to have to schedule time to get around to see everything that this magnificent country has to over. Although, it may seem overwhelming at first, but and discount Budget Car Hires are here to help you get around to see everything, hassle free. When you get a discount hire car from Budget, you will have the freedom and the time to see the country on your own. Do not miss out on any of the car hire savings, so click on the button below for more information about  Budget Coupons:

Budget Hire a Car Specials Paris C. De Gaulle Airport
Paris C. De Gaulle Airport
Nice, France Airport Budget Car Hire Coupons
Aeroport Nice Cote Dazur
Toulouse Airport Budget Hire Cars Discounts
Aeroport De Toulouse Blangnac

Budget Hire Car Coupons in Cannes, France
Angle Rue Latour Maubourg
 Bordeaux, France Discount Budget Car Hire
Aeroport De Merignac

  • Notre Dame Cathedral
    Notre Dame CathedralThe Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the most well-known and prime examples of Gothic architecture on Earth. The entire cathedral was completed in the middle of the 12th century. The journey to the top isn’t an easy one, though, requiring the conquering of 387 steps to the top of either one of the towers. It is here that you can find one of the most gorgeous views of Paris available in the city. There are more than just panoramic views to see here however. The amazing detail in each of the many gargoyles found at these heights is breathtaking. Seeing the architect firsthand gives visitors an idea of how precise the creators of the Cathedral were in both the actual architecture as well as the artistry of the building. Perhaps the most amazing part of the Church is the bells in the towers, specifically Emmanuel, the cathedral’s great bourdon bell. Emmanuel weighs in at approximately 13 tons. This incredibly sized bell is found in the south tower. Whether you are admiring Emmanuel at the peak of the Cathedral or being awestruck by the architecture and stained glass art, the Notre Dame Cathedral is a fantastic stop on your way through Paris.

Things to do with a rental car in France.
  • Louvre Museum
    Louvre MuseumThe Louvre is arguably the most popular museum in the entire world, found on the right bank of the Seine River in Paris. Originally built as a fortress, the Louvre Palace was initially built in the 12th century with renovations and additions being built up until as late as the 1990’s. The various glass pyramids in the Palace courtyard were built from 1989 to 1995. Of these, the main pyramid acts as the museum’s entrance. There are over 35,000 objects and artifacts available for viewing in the museum’s 652,300 square feet. It is said that it would take over a month to view every piece of art in the Louvre! Of course, if you’re on a tight schedule, there are certain pieces of art that may call for attention sooner than others. Leonardo DaVinci’s famous paintings such as the Mona Lisa and Madonna on the Rocks are on display here. Sculptures can be found here too, including the Venus de Milo. It would be nearly impossible to truly appreciate every piece of art in the Louvre Museum, but even a day in this incredible Palace would blow your mind with wonderment.  

Hertz Car Rental France

A trip to France will prove to be a once in a lifetime opportunity, so you want to make sure that you take in everything that this wonderful country has to offer. The very best way to get around the country-side is to get a discount Hertz Car Hire and see the country how it was meant to be seen, on your own terms. Hertz Discounts will get you into a quality hire car in no time at all, so you will have more time to see the important things.

Hertz Discount Hire Cars Charles De Gualle Intl Airport
Charles de Gaulle Airport Roissy

Bordeaux/Marignac Airport Hertz Hire Car Discounts
Merignac Airport
Hertz Car Hire Discounts Cannes Intl Airport
Mandelieu Airport
Nice International Airport Hire Car Rental Coupons
Cote d'Azur Airport
Discount Hertz Hire a Car Toulouse Airport
Blagnac Airport/Toulouse

  • Arc de Triomphe
    Arc de TriompheOne of the many faces of Paris, the Arc de Triomphe stands smack in the middle of place Charles de Gaulle. Seemingly impossible to miss, the Triumphant Arch honors those soldiers who had fought for their homeland of France. Specifically, it was made to honor those who died during the Napoleonic Wars. It’s nearly as wide as it is tall, standing at a height of 50 meters with a width of 45 meters, making it truly triumphant in design. It has become the centerpiece for a series of monuments known as the Axe historique. If desired, visitors can take the 243-stair trek to the top of the monument or pay a small fee to take a lift up near the top of the tower, where it would only take 43 more steps to reach the summit of the massive structure. Either means of reaching the top is completely worth it when you experience the panoramic view of the beautiful city of Paris. Seeing as the Arch is located at the center of a very busy roundabout in metro Paris, an underground walkway was created for pedestrian access. This longstanding symbol of Paris is magnificent to see firsthand, well worth the time and effort of any visitor.  

avis discount rental car France

A trip to France will bring you much needed relaxation, as well as a great appreciation for this most amazing country. You certainly want to make sure that you get into a reliable car hire and you can get that and more with a great discount Avis Car Hire. Avis and have teamed up to bring you the very best bargains that you can find on car hire discounts anywhere on the web. Avis Discount Offers an amazing variety of quality car hires that you will be most pleased with. Be sure to take full advantage of the best deals that you can get right here at this website.
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Avis Discount Hire Cars Charles De Gaulle Airport
Terminal 2 A B C D Charles De Gaulle

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Railway Station Gare SNCF

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Merignac Airport

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Cherbourg/Maupertus Airport

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Cote DAzur Airport

  • Moulin Rouge
    Moulin Rouge The Moulin Rouge is a late 19th century cabaret built by Joseph Oller near Paris’ red light district and can be easily spotted among the many cramped buildings by its distinctive red windmill that sits upon the roof. It is here that the world famous can-can dance is said to have originated, being used by the performers to seduce and arouse the male audience that the cabaret attracted. This also led to the alleged creation or origin of the striptease, where female performers would slowly remove clothing, revealing more and more of her body to the audience and leaving the spectators always wanting to see more. Today, the Moulin Rouge is known for the shows they put on called revues. A ticket for dinner and a show is very coveted, coming in at a pricy amount. A ticket for just the show can still be purchased for a much more wallet friendly price. There are plenty of great shows that are put on around Paris, but it is very likely that none surpass those performed at the Moulin Rouge.  

Thrifty Car Rental France

 Thrifty Car Hire coupons are your very best way to get the most out of your next hire car when you are vacationing in France. There is no better feeling than making the most out of or visit to France, and to ensure that happens, be sure to check out the amazing deals that you can get, at a great price, with a discount Thrifty Car Hire. With Thrifty Car Rental Discounts, you will be able to get around to all of the landmarks and hotspots with relative ease in a great vehicle. You will save the most money on your next car hire right here on this web site.

Thrifty Car Hire Coupons Paris/Orly Airport
4, Avenue Charles Lindberg
Marseille Intl Airport Discount Thrifty Hire Cars
Aeroport Marseille Provence
Thrifty Car Hire Discounts Nice, France Airport
Nice Airport In Terminal
Mauguio/Montipellier Airport Thrifty Hire Car Coupons
Montipellier Airport France
Thrifty Hire a Car Discounts Gare De Lyon Railway Station
Garde DeLyon Railway Station

  • The Seine
    The SeineMany people acknowledge that it exists, but hardly any visitors take advantage of what the Seine has to offer in its own. This river runs all throughout Paris, covering a lot of ground along the way. Boats created for your viewing pleasure take tourists along the Seine, announcing and describing the various landmarks and attractions in Paris as it passes by each one. They are very “touristy”, but it’s a very easy way to see a good chunk of Paris all in one place. If the opportunity is available, a night tour makes the Seine trip that much more incredible. Paris lights up when the sun goes down, and soaking it all in becomes easy with an evening voyage on a Seine boat tour. Besides the famous attractions you visit along the way, the river is beautiful in its own. The Seine river cruise and tour may not be a bad choice while stopping in Paris.

Dollar Rent-A-Car France

You know that when you use Dollar Hire a Car that you are going to receive the very best service in the car hire industry. With discount Dollar hire cars, you know that you are going to get the best vehicle with the best service and you will get it all at the most amazing price. Do not get stuck trying to get around the country with unreliable transportation. Use  Dollar Coupons and Discounts to save the most money and get the best bargains that you can find anywhere on the internet. Enjoy your trip to France.

Dollar Hire a Car Discounts Paris/Orly, France
Holiday Inn 4 Ave Charles Lindenberg
Marseille Airport Discount Dollar Car Hire
Aerport Marseille Provence
Dollar Hire Car Discounts Montpellier Airport
Aeroport De Montpellier

Nice International Airport Dollar Car Hire Specials
Nice, France Airport On Site
 Dollar Hire Car Coupons Toulon/Hyeres, France
8400 Airport Blvd

  • Au Bon Accueil
    Au Bon AccueilIf there’s one thing Paris is known for, it is without a doubt its fantastic dining. France is extremely popular worldwide for its genre of food, so its capital city would undoubtedly be full of delicious restaurants to take your taste buds on a ride they will never forget. One suggestion I might make for a delicious luncheon is a little restaurant by the name of Au Bon Accueil. It has transformed into a fantastic little restaurant, taking its personality to a white tablecloth direction. This shift in feel gives you the sense that you are definitely having the fine dining you expect in Paris while still having the casual atmosphere of a café. One of the great things about this great little restaurant is the amazing view: The Eiffel Tower sets the background while enjoying your lunch or dinner. It’s nearly impossible to be unable to find a great place to dine in Paris, so go ahead and try out a place you wouldn’t think first about eating at. Au Bon Accueil is a great choice if you have some trouble with making a decision between too many awesome places to eat.

National Rental Cars France

There is a reason National Car Hires has maintained on of the highest recommended and on of the most reputable names in the car hire business and that is because that they know how to treat a customer and the know how to provide the best bargains. The professional and courteous staff at National will get you right passed the counter and straight into your discount car hire so you can get on the road and see the beautiful country and all of its beauty. You will enjoy the instant car rental savings that you will get with National Rental Car Coupons while you are in France.

Charles De Gaulle Airport National Car Hire Discounts

Aeroport Roissy Cdg Term 1 Et 2

Discount National Hire Car Coupons Paris Gare De Lyon
193-197 Rue De Bercy Tour Gamma

Montpellier Airport France National Hire Car Discounts
Aéroport De Montpellier

National Car Hire Car Specials Marseille Aiport France
Aeroport De Marseille Provence

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Aeroport De Toulouse Blagnac

  • The Latin Quarter
    The Latin Quarter A very quaint attraction located on the left bank of the Seine, the Latin Quarter is filled to the brim with historic landmarks such as the Pantheon and the Sorbonne. The name of this section of the city comes from the fact that Latin used to be the spoken language in this area of Paris, particularly at the University of Paris. The Pantheon is a popular attraction among most visitors. This church acts as the last resting place for famous Parisians or French natives such as Victor Hugo, Marie Curie, and Voltaire. If you’re looking for a more peaceful stop while visiting Paris, the Luxembourg Gardens may be the place for you. A serene stroll through these beautiful gardens is a popular preference among many visitors. It can get pretty crowded around noon, though, since lunch in the gardens is very common among the locals. If you feel as though you just need to recharge your batteries, there are hundreds of café’s in the Latin Quarter that you can grab a bite to eat in, sip on some coffee, and rest your legs. The outdoor seating allows the patrons to enjoy the gorgeous scenery that Paris has to offer while taking a break. The Latin Quarter shouldn’t be passed upon while visiting Paris.