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The second largest area continent, Europe is bound by the Artic Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean Mediterranean Sea, Black  Sea and the Caucasus Mountians. Europe covers approximately 10,180,00 square kilometers hosting the largest quantity of sovereign states. Being the cradle of Western Civilization, Europe was instrumental in global affairs during the 16th century.

Later, after WWI & WWII,  Europe's dominance  was ceded over to the United States and Russia. Today, the European economy is the largest globally consisting of a vast diversity of wealth. Sharing the Euro as the common currency, the EU intergovernmental body consists of twenty seven European states and comprises the largest economic area in the world.

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London rnetal carsUnited Kingdom Car Hire Savings - Getting a car hire in the UK has never been easier and cheaper than when you go with Rental Car Momma.  Our discount coupons and rates extend across the pond in most cases and can save you plenty on your next trip. From London to Leeds, our UK rental car coupons are the best you'll find.

France Car Rental Bargains - Whether you're heading to Paris (the city of Lights) or to the South of France, we can help you with car hire coupons.  We work with all of the major rental car companies in Europe to provide you with France rental Car discounts and coupons.

Belgium Car Hires - From Antwerp to Brussels, Brugge to Liege, Beligium is a diverse and magnificent country to explore by car.  Using our rental car coupons, we can help you save money on your next Belgian Car Rental.

Germany Rental Cars - The German countryside seems endless at times.  And exploring it in a rental car makes it very easy to find those hidden gems.  We have German car hire discounts for virtually every major city in the country with airport and in city pickups available.

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