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Alamo Car Rentals Panama

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Panama City Tocumen Intl. Apt. Alamo Car Rentals  Tocumen Intl. Apt.
Alamo Rental Cars Panama City - Ricardo J. Alfaro Ave.
Panama City Alamo Car Rental - Calle 50
David City Alamo Car Rentals - Enrique Malek Apt.

Things to do in Panama

    San Jose Church Panama City San Jose Church Golden Altar Panama City, Panama
    The altar of San Jose in Panama City, Panama has become one of the most famous and popular attractions in the city, made even more famous by the acts of the monks that painted it black so that Henry Morgan, the infamous pirate of the Caribbean wouldn't take it when he ransacked and pillaged the city in 1671. The magnificent altar is constructed on mahogany and then covered completely in gold, in the baroque style, believed to have been built in the 17th century in Peru. It would first be installed in a small church in St. Joseph's parish, that sat in the outskirts of the city. According to the legend, a Father Juan would paint the altar black when Morgan's men came to the city, and even get a donation from the pirate for a newer altar. Eventually, it would be relocated to another church, the present one, in pieces, from the San Jose church in the newer part of the city to the colonial district of San Felipe in the old part of the city. This church is part of every tour of the city, with many visitors arriving here by taxi or going to the municipal cathedral and then walking the few blocks to the church. The San Jose Church is used for small ceremonies, and chamber music, as well as being a very popular wedding venue.

Budget rent a car Panama

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Tocumen Intl. Apt. Budget Car Rentals - Tocumen Apt. 

Local Restaurants in Panama

    La Posta
    Entrees; cannelloni di polo e bietola or Swiss chard & chicken; shrimp tagliarini with zucchini; penne regatti picone is eggplant, wood oven roasted tomatoes & ricotta salad; portobello ravioli; oxtail tortellini with asparagus & portobello mushrooms; ravioli verdi with housemade sundried tomatoes & ricotta; porcini & asparagus; wood oven roasted bacon, tomatoes & garlic; scallops, calamari, shrimp & octopus; corvina with mojo & cassava; chiricano pork chops is wood oven roasted with purple cabbage; imported braised beef short ribs boneless, with parmesan cheese; Milanese a la capricciosa with pesto, tomatoes & mozzarella; USA imported skirt steak; organic wood oven roasted chicken with lemon, herbs & polenta; Creole lechoncito wood oven roasted with corn tacu tacu; grilled lamb with cous cous salad & garbanzo puree; angus ribeye USA 20 oz. with potato, onion & pancetta.

    La Chesa
    Entrees; gnocchetti verde strozza pretti with sage & butter; casoncelli ravioli di tres carnes with beef, pork & chicken; pumpkin ravioli with macaroons; ravioli carbonara with pancetta & egg yolk; cavatelli gamberi e Pesto with semolina pasta & arugula; bucatini all'amatriciana with pancetta, onion & tomato; penne al forno is salcsiccia, olives & mozzarella; spaghetti con ragu di vitello is classic veal Bolognese; fettuccine fatte in casa with fruitti de mare alla veneziana; salmon con caponata; bistecca alla robespiere is sirloin with rosemary & garlic; Milanese di Maile; pesce del giorno con acelgas with tomato salad, fennel & turnips; trout in brodo vongole; porchetta a la Roman is suckling pig with fennel; beef ribs in barbaresco boneless with polenta; pollo alla matone is mustard & broccoli puree.


Roasted Chicken La Posta Panama City, Panama






Cavatelli Gamberi e Pesto La Chesa Panama City, Panama

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Hertz Rental Cars Albrook Domestic Apt.
 Aeroporto de Albrook

Tocumen Apt. Hertz Car Rental
 Aeropuerto Intl. de Tocumen

Hertz Rental Car Panama City - Calle 50

    Casco Viejo Casco Viejo Panama City, Panama
    Casco Viejo which is translated into Old Town from Spanish, is also called Casco Antiguo or San Felipe, and refers to the old historic district of Panama City, which would be constructed in 1673, after the near total destruction of the original city by Henry Morgan and his band of pirates. It would become a World Heritage Site in 1997, with many famous and beautiful historical sights in the district. Panama City would originally be founded in 1519, and last some 152 years, before being almost completely destroyed by the governor, Juan Perez de Guzman, when he had the town set ablaze before the pirates of Henry Morgan arrived to ransack and pillage the village. Within a year, Antonio Fernandez de Cordoba would begin reconstruction, that would be finished in 1673. The new city would be constructed on a peninsula that was entirely isolated by the sea, and a strong defensive wall. Now, the buildings that survived that burning are considered the district of the Old Town or Casco Viejo. There are almost eighteen attractions in the old city area, that includes almost a dozen churches and official buildings.

avis discount rental car Panama

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Marcos A. Gelabert Apt. Avis Car Rental  - Albrook Field
Avis Car Rental Tocumen Intl. Apt.
- Panama City
Enrique Malek Apt. Avis Rental Cars
- Chiriqui

    Fort San Lorenzo ColonFort San Lorenzo Colon, Panama
    The ruins of Fort San Lorenzo sit high on a cliff that looks out over the Chagres River, from a perch that would give it a commanding view of the river in hopes of discouraging pirates and other invaders from coming into the city to ransack and pillage it, leaving a path of terrible destruction. In 1981, they would be made a World Heritage Site, that are the most fascinating ones on the country, with a few interior caves that are great for exploring, and fantastic views of the shoreline. The ruins are located in the midst of a national park, that has many trails to explore, and one that goes on down to the Chagres River, when many visitors come and enjoy after visiting the fortress. The fort had been constructed around the end of the 15th century and the beginning of the 16th century, after King Phillip II of Spain ordered a fort to be constructed that would overlook the Rio Chagres, that was being used heavily by commercial and slave ships. This entry would also be the easiest route for invading and marauding pirates to take, looking for treasures, but was made from wood that would soon be deteriorating due to the high amounts of humidity and moisture. It would finally meet its demise in 1596, when Francis Drake attacked it and dominate the populace. The fort would be reconstructed in 1671, but then captured by Joseph Bradley, 2nd in command, from Morgan, who had ordered him to destroy it. Over 200 people would die from this order, with only thirty left, without a commander. Morgan would come a week later, with Bradley dying from his wounds, and Morgan and his men pillaging the town for almost a month, and stay at the fort; but before he left, he put it to fire as well. It would be rebuilt in the 17th century, but not face any more threats from pirates.

Thrifty Car Rental Panama

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Panama Domestic Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars
 In Terminal Marcos A. Gelabert

Thrifty Car Rental Tocumen Intl. Apt.
 In Terminal Panama City

    Portobelo National ParkPortobelo National Park Colon, Panama
    The Portobelo National Park is located on the Caribbean coast of Panama, in a protected area, with more than 86,000 acres of fabulous tropical rainforests and the meeting place of the sea and forest. Over one fifth of the land mass is marine, along with many miles of outstanding beaches, becoming more popular with the local and visiting scuba divers. It would become a national park so that the many aspects of culture, history and natural items could be protected and preserved. By 1980, the huge colonial complex that had become known as the Monumental Complex, and include numerous cultural, military and civil structures are located, would be designated a World Heritage Site. The site would be opened in 1976 protecting the headwaters of many natural rivers, and more. The park has four species of marine turtle, that include the hawksbill that come here to nest on its gorgeous beaches and the iguana is seen is great numbers here. The most common cat found here is the manglatero cat, and in the marsh areas of the mangrove swamps you'll find crab eating raccoons. Other animals include the river otter and white-throated capuchin monkeys. Favorite birds include the osprey, plumbeous kite, tiger heron, black hawk and kingfisher. There are a few spectacular diving spots located in the park that include; the Three Sisters, Playa Blanca, Salmendena Reef and Drake's Island. During the colonial period, there had been many warehouses located in the area that stored the massive amounts of gold and silver that would be shipped to Spain. It is one of the most popular regions that the old pirates would envision, with a few even able to come here and steal some of it.

Dollar Rent-A-Car Panama

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Dollar Discounts

Tocumen Intl. Apt. Dollar Car Rental - Main Terminal
Dollar Rental Car Panama Domestic Apt. 
 Marcos Albrook Gelabert
David Chiriqui Malek Apt. Dollar Rental Car 
 Enrique Malek Apt.

    Pozos TermalesPozos Termales or Caldera Hot Springs Caldera, Panama
    The Caldera hot springs are a welcome place to unwind and relax, with four wells containing hot springs that offer great relaxation and health purposes that are sure to take any kinks or stress from your body. The environment is also very beautiful, with outstanding natural surroundings to help you enjoy the hot springs even more. The area is famous for its square trees and gold frogs, situated in a cool climate with outstanding views of the countryside and beautiful waterfalls nearby, including El Chorro de Las Mozas and El Macho. Nearby also are the La Pintada hieroglyphics that are still waiting for some intelligent person to come and decipher their meanings. Although the springs are located on private property, about two and a half miles from the center of town, they do allow visitors to come in and enjoy the springs for a small fee. There are two pools with high walls, for privacy, and two others that are in plain sight and available to anyone that wants to enjoy the health giving waters. These pools are between 104 and 108 degrees Fahrenheit, and offer the best way to relax in the country.  The springs have been studied by the students of the Autonomous University of Chiriqui, as well as geologists and engineers, so that the temperature is known for each one of the springs, and the kinds of minerals that are found in the healing waters, that also cleanse you, providing excellent therapy for those that visit them. The Chiriquí River is close by so that when you get too hot, you can leave the heat of the springs and jump into the cooling waters of the river that is a great way to relieve all the body stress you have and give you a better outlook on life.

National Rental Cars Panama

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Panama City Tocumen Intl. Apt. National Car Rental 
Airport Counter
National Rental Cars Marcos Albrook Gelabert Apt.
 Canal Area

Enrique Malek Apt. National Car Rental 
 Aeropuerto Enrique Malek Cuidad de David

Cocle National Car Rental - Farallon de Rio Hato

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