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Occupying the greater part of North America, Canada is the world's second largest country. Formerly established French colonies among the aboriginal people, it became a union of the British

Quebec at Night

Quebec at night

empire during its expansion in North America. Slowly but surely the French Canadians won their independence from the UK in 1982.

Canada is based on a parliamentary system where there is no clear separation between executive and legislative powers giving more of a flexible response to the French people. Included in the fabric of the government is a constitution consisting of written and unwritten conventions which guarantees a basic bill of rights for it's citizens. Now you can get a 15% discount on Canada Truck Rental.

Temperatures in Canada near the Prairie provinces can have a daily average 5F and drop as low as -40F during the winter. Sharing borders between the United States and the US state of Alaska Canada is just smaller than Russia. Canada showcases many beautiful lakes such as the Great Lakes and the Saint Lawrence river producing the Horseshoe Falls in Ontario and Niagara Falls.

Niagara Falls

A member of Organization for Economic Development, Canada is said to be amongst the wealthiest nations in the world. With perhaps more government intervention, Canada is considered to be a free market economy with wealth more evenly divided amongst its citizens. Low employment of 6.3% and large government surpluses is a key signature of Canadian wealth. Oil and logging have created a dominate service sector which has kept a large number of Canadians employed. In addition, vast natural resources as well as gas and oil reserves are centerpiece factors in Canada's rich economy.

Some of the major cultural influences have been those of British, French and aboriginal which have also had a major impact on American culture as well a symbiotic cultural exchange of resources, entertainment, language, media are popular both in Canada and the United States. Interestingly, many diverse changes are evident between provinces of Canada due to immigration from all over the world.

Canadians enjoy a wide variety of entertainment including its national sport Hockey. Perhaps due to

Canadian Hockey

the colder temperatures, hockey seems to adapts very well  in Canada with over 1.5 million people participating in the sport. Next to hockey are Canadian football and curling which are the countries second professional sports. Like hockey, Canadians spend a good part of leisure time at in other types of  entertainment such as theme parks, water parks and zoos which dominate many provinces such as Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island and Quebec.